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The Aligned AF Soulpreneur Podcast

Author: Vanessa Dewing

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A raw, uncensored and spunky deep dive with Host Vanessa Dewing into Life, Spiritual Laws and the Magic that is our birth right. The Aligned AF SoulpreneurPodcast is truly a podcast that is YOURS. Practical tips + tricks, reframing our mindset, and simply teaching YOU to remember your power within; Vanessa has a super relatable and casual approach with a massively heart felt energy to empower you! This is your 15 minute dose of a SOUL RE-CHARGE, and all the energy you will need to jump start your day, or simply have a feel good chat together!_________________________________New to the spiritual journey? Feeling that craving to discover more about yourself? Curious about how the World works and how YOU can master it? Join Host Vanessa Dewing in this power podcast to shift your vibrations, help you open your mindset to a higher quality of living and have a hella good time along the way!_________________________________What people are saying:"Your energy is so real and authentic, I can literally feel like you are sitting right next to me!""You have such a unique and charming style, it's invigorating!""Vanessa, you have shifted my days so much I listen and re-listen to all your episodes and I just love how I feel afterwards!""You just naturally RECHARGE ME, and man did I need that!"New episodes out weekly with a special MINI SERIES on the Trinity Coaching Lives that are in divine collaboration with the Calling Uncensored + Beyond Coincidence Podcasts to elevate your life and soul aligned business leveraging the X factor of creation!WELCOME, to "HEY WORLD, IT's ME"!____________________________________________________________Follow and connect with Vanessa on IG: @vanessamariedewing
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This INCREDIBLE story of how two strangers fit together came to me last week, when a beautiful girl (out of the blue) personally messaged me about something magical that had happened to her! I want to PERSONALLY thank every person involved in this story.  The fun it was for me, the magic it will be for so many, and the way it is going to HANDS DOWN help us remember... there are no "coincidences". There is only a force of love beyond words that has Her hand in each one of our lives and knows EXACTLY what needs to be done for each person's personal journey!Cheers ya'll!!Love and laughter to you!xoxo VGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
Little drops of MAGIC

Little drops of MAGIC


Something that could have been SUPER dangerous happened to me the other day, and the GIFT that it showed me is this, there is magic and support that surrounds us, all the time. Will you look up and notice? What I have found to be true, the more we can.. .the MORE miraculous things happen to YOU. Now THAT is something pretty epic, and I gotta tell ya... YOU ARE SO WORTHY OF SOME PRETTY EPIC THINGS. * This one was fun! Cheers legends!!xoxoVGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
BOOM! How many times do we ask a question and seek the answer, yet wonder are we really answered? YES. We ASK, and it is GIVEN. NO QUESTION. BUT, are we in that space to actually "hear" the answer.....* Tune into this quick n' epicly refreshing episode with a story that seems so small, yet holds profound power in a lesson for all!*Huge thank you to the inspiration and now EXPERIENCE in real life action, the truths from the amazing book by Abraham; Esther and Jerry Hicks. Find their amazing books at for more personal discoveries.You hold the power within.Cheers, love and light!xoxoVGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
In this quick and epic listen, dive into a mind-blowing story of manifestation, and how we can practice finding the things that are lost, and having the things we desire.  When we change the perspective and frequency we have about the situation, watch the miracles that can happen to YOU.Get charged and get ready for the fun that awaits YOU, when we have a little change of how we do things! Cheers ya'll! This one is EPIC, enjoy!xoxoVGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
You have heard it before, you know it deep within you, but YOU are one powerful being! Host Vanessa Dewing takes you through an epic happening and shares how powerful we all are when we learn to CREATE our days and lean into that ease and flow life is meant to be. Creating your day can be the game changer.... you ready?! Fully understand why masters like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, and more are sharing this gold nugget!For you, through you and in you.... this is YOUR podcast. Your life starts NOW.#heyworlditsme Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
      YOU are a powerful being, wanna feel it? In this quick and intimate late night chat with me, together we remember our POWER. And ohhhhh it is so so good!       Feel the energy, listen to the messages from Dr. Joe Dispenza, and know in your heart that it is never too late to start working towards a life and a self you LOVE.      Start from where you are, and know you are loved!Cheers,xoxoV!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
Here for YOU for the first time, two phenomenal techniques by the profound speaker, Mel Robbins, help us remember the power within us to take charge of our life! Ideas from Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor and Heart and soul from your host, Vanessa Dewing really pull you into the feeling of greatness as we find ways to take back our life and move towards greatness. It is YOUR life, but we are in this together! We remember what beautiful Co-Creators we are with the Universe and Source as we FEEL the love that surrounds us and the worthiness that is our birthright.  I believe in you! Get to work on yourself, you will surprise you ;) Cheers and love always,xoxoV! Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
Dive in with this intimate and multidimensional talk with a beautiful story on sadness and how to deal as we all come together and help each other heal.   *New techniques are given for a practical way to start your day and bring conscious awareness to the emotions you want to feel for the day   *Brand new flare of some rap positivity and creating sadness into fun with a song    *Speaking on surrendering our pain to the higher Source and learning to accept where we are, and how to elevate from THERE. Accepting we all are on our own unique and beautiful journey- and THAT.IS.OKAY!  Cheers and love ya'll!xoxo VGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
Are you ready to be LIT and feel SO powerful!  Are you willing to remember the truth that is already in you? This truth is for YOU. I believe you are ready and more than capable of taking your POWER back and shifting your life in the direction YOU desire. The question is, are you ready to own the truth that has been around since time began?*Grab some coffee, dive into this AMAZING episode on the Universal TRUTH that governs our life and how we ALL have the POWER inside us- no matter what situation you are in!*I know in my heart the greatness of us all- now it is time for YOU to remember it. You are so worthy of it!*Come along this beautiful journey as we unpack what has been circulating more than 5,000 years ago!*With truth from Oprah, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gabby Bernstein, Abraham Hicks, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Neville Goddard, Joel Osteen,  Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and more.*The truth is simple and already IN us, the question is: are you willing to allow your heart to remember it?* Keep the faith, claim your strength, and OWN the truth of WHO. YOU. ARE!!#powerful!  Love and light always to you!     xoxo -V!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
Take a refreshing break and lean into the FACT that there is a powerful flow of energy source connected to YOU, loving YOU and ready to give YOU what you desire! -Can you be a mom that has a business?-Can you have more than one niche?-Can you begin to be open to the abundant feeling of HAVING BOTH?YOU CAN HAVE, BE, AND DO ALL YOU DESIRE. It starts with feeling safe and free to show up as YOU, and ALL the beautiful layers that you are!Breathe in this great listen to help shift your energy for a better day. Breathe in the beautiful #layers that makes you unique!Cheers and love, always!For YOU.Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
 I take us through a challenging question as I share MY personal inner story, and how and why it has been serving me in a detrimental way for years.  We got this life! Stay strong and challenge yourself in this beautiful episode of inner stories!     This episode challenges us to ask how our inner stories are serving us? The thoughts we think, the sentences and ideas we say to ourselves in our mind or out loud to others are all our "inner stories" that are creating what we see show up in our physical life.  Cheers,   xoxoV!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
GREAT NEWS! Some real stories have been happening, and I know speaking more about this great news begins to spread  to others! Enjoy this real and raw story telling of what has been happening lately, and begin to open your mind and heart... let YOUR story be NEXT! Deep down in us all, I know we feel the greatness that IS our birth right. I love you enough to challenge that fear and doubt, and to be open to experience the limitless possibilities. Let go of the fear, doubt, and just have FUN with it! Why not try it this way for awhile, see how you feel?! And if you totally hate it, hey- at least you tried some different way of thinking, great on you! Be free to do you, live your life, and all is well.  Cheers to YOU,  xoxo -VGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
This is a FANTASTIC episode on trusting we CAN get to anywhere we want to go, from where you are. A great idea to unpack from Masters on how things can work out for us! Giving yourself a break when you feel off, or stuck in life, and working together on new ways to get in a better direction. Throw your hands up, trust all is working out for YOU, have some fun, and love on yourself. You are worth it!    Cheers and love,xoxo -V!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
Hi, do YOU know how amazing you are? Time to start to realize it my friend! With new attitudes about how greatness is within us all, we open space for more love for ourselves, each other, and the world. With THAT energy, there are endless possibilities with how well your life can turn out. When we teach ourselves to trust in the power of good, and  know how it is supposed to go well for us... try it and see what good can happen for you! Teachings from Universal Masters of love, God Source, Self.I believe in you, do you? Cheers and love to you, this is your world!xoxo-VGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
We work together with some real stories and a fun game to play, to see what it feels like to begin to treat money like energy. We start realizing how easily abundance surrounds us in this World. We see how easy it is for money to come, no matter who you are, where you are, or how you have messed up in the past. You are just as worthy!     Open your heart to a new way of looking at money, because you ARE worth it, and it's flat out more fun than worrying about where it is.Cheers and love to you,   xoxo   -V!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
What if ALL your power in creating your future was RIGHT NOW? What would you be saying, thinking, feeling? Giving you 15 minutes to get in a better space to allow a great day for you. Super quick, fun, forward thinking!      Cheers to YOU!  xoxoGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
A quick 15 minute power up, feel good- ready to go-asking new questions- staying open to anything- believing the impossible- keeping the faith- but knowing it's all okay- hug from the Universe...episode for YOU. Let's start speaking some greatness into our lives.... ALL is well, and you are doing just fine. Stay tuned, to some news in the end! Things CAN work out if you believe they can.      Cheers to You. You are loved.xoxo    -VGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
When situations come up, how do YOU handle them? Know all is well, and everything is working out for you even if you can't see it yet! We continue to practice growing that muscle of positive thinking and moving our lives in the directions we desire as I share a personal story that recently happened, and we all await the outcome! Stay tuned, and keep believing in the power that resides within you! Also a huge thank you shout out!  Cheers!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
It's so easy to get ourselves in that same routine, but what if there was a better routine we could start right NOW to help guide our life in a direction we love more?  Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, with an AMAZING story gets us asking different questions, behaving differently to open up the possibilities for our future!  With our free will, we have the power within us to start over in any moment. We live in a beautifully orchestrated quantum field of energy, pulsing and ready for us to experience endless possibilities! Be open to asking new questions... it could literally change your life! Have fun!Great work today! Stay connected, xx V
"Perspective is reality". How do you view this world? Your life? The people around you? Questions so crucial because that in turn creates the thoughts that are running through our mind, and then what is showing up in our life.     Follow me through this AMAZING clip with Dr. Wayne Dyer on perspective, and how slight shifts can turn into HUGE improvements in life!     xoxox  VGreat work today! Stay connected, xx V
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