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Author: Jace D. Young

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Join your host, Jace D. Young, as he leads you through the truth about being a Modern Day Farmer, Rancher, Entrepreneur, Married Spouse, and Parent.
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The one definition of success that resonates with me is creating better problems. There is so much that comes with leveling up your business, the world opens up and there are so many opportunities present themselves it becomes difficult choosing where to invest your time. This, to me, is what success looks like.   Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
E252 | Fear of Success

E252 | Fear of Success


Problems stem from two possible places; failure and success. Either from things that you need to change because they aren’t working or from things that have changed and you need to adapt to. In the farming industry we are often raised to resent and think money and success are bad; once we achieve both we run into the problem of not thinking we should have either and it can have drastic consequences on our business. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
What is the long term cost of not taking action inside of your life? What is that dollar value? Not taking action today could have massive long term costs financially for you, and for your family. If we want to see different results inside of our lives, we need to be willing to take different actions.  Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
E250 | The Peak

E250 | The Peak


It took about 45 minutes to get to the top, and I kept looking up, waiting for the peak to come. I kept seeing what I thought was the peak just to arrive and see that it was a false peak, and I wasn’t at the top yet. I constantly was focused on the end result instead of the immediate step in front of me. Where else are we looking at false peaks in our lives? Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
It’s common when you are from a family with an established operation that you feel completely trapped because the older generation holds all the power and control. In this way, those starting from nothing actually have a leg up because they are solely responsible for everything they build. Beyond that, building something yourself brings with it a level of understanding and appreciation that can’t be obtained otherwise.  Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
The second we think we’re entitled to guaranteed results, we probably have a whole stack of problems we have that we’re not solving. Being entitled, is a breakdown. Expecting guaranteed results without taking action, is a breakdown. We need to look at taking actions to produce a result, one that is fruitful, or one that teaches us a lesson. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
Here we are again, my wife says something to me and then boom, the rest of the day goes out the window. I react emotionally, and then I need to spend days after trying to repair the damage from the storm. Yet, this very simple strategy I use has saved me days and weeks of time having to repair the damage. Imagine where I am able to direct all of this energy I saved? Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
A simple want, or desire to do something is a good place to start but if you want to see change you’ll need to move beyond it and demand change of yourself and what you are doing in your life. Hopes and prayers are quickly replaced with demanding things change and doing what is needed to make those changes. If you don’t move to demand you’ll end up in destruction. Are you ready to start demanding action of yourself? Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
Why do we go through these hard times in life?  Could it be possible that God is telling us that the direction we’re trying to take is the wrong direction? Yet we continue to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result and it never comes, it gets more painful, until one day we wake up and realize the lesson we’re supposed to get. I ignored this in my life, and went through this pain three times. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
E244 | Let Go to Grow

E244 | Let Go to Grow


What it was like for our dads and granddads when they were growing up is completely different than how it is for us in today’s marketplace. In today’s world, we need to be willing to put the blinders on and focus on what we know we need to do to make a difference for our family, regardless of other people’s perspective. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
When you feel like you have no time and you are bleeding money, where is the majority of your time spent during the week? If you can locate the area where you are spending a lot of effort doing the day to day tasks, then you can take action to free yourself up, so you can focus on the moves that really make a difference in profits and your business.  Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
Just because nothing lasts forever doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the effort into fixing or solving the challenges you are faced with. The clock is ticking, our time here is limited. Where in your life are you allowing your problems to consume the one resource that cannot be replaced; your time?   Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
How many times do you find yourself with someone who talks a big game, but when it comes down to it, they don’t take the action? Surrounding ourselves with action takers will, in turn, inspire us to take action. We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, as they say, so make sure those people are people who are up to something, not people sitting around blaming everything under the sun for their lack.  Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
Once you become committed there is a high chance that you’ll succeed, because you will not stop until you have found the solution to every problem you run up against. It all comes down to just making a decision to be committed. Making a decision to not stand where you are anymore and do what is necessary to make things happen. If you aren’t happy with where you are, it’s up to you to be committed to changing it. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
The ability to make a decision is the first step in doing whatever is required in order to go down the path towards our goals. Our ability to make a decision is our ability to decide for ourselves what the path ahead of us is. If we are not making decisions, then someone else is deciding for us. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
E238 | Time to Sell

E238 | Time to Sell


Sometimes the massive mental, emotional, and financial weight of running an operation becomes too much and massive changes need to be made to save you from a mental, emotional or financial breakdown. Many times it comes down to selling things off now and completely restructuring the business or losing the entire thing a few years down the road. Your legacy is so much more than just the ground you own. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
We all try to act or appear as perfect human beings when in reality we are not. We make mistakes. We fail. In order for us to understand who we are, we must go through a phase where we understand who we are not. Where in your life are you judging others for making mistakes on their journey in their life? Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
E236 | The True Gifts

E236 | The True Gifts


The greatest gift you can get is not having anyone to save you. Having others swoop in to save you, robs you of the experience, determination, knowledge, and appreciation of the process to save yourself, which all forces you to level up once you’ve gone through it. You must have the guts to walk through the fire.  Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
If you are unwilling to put yourself in networks or places you can learn from others that have walked a similar path; where they can push and challenge you, then you’ll stay stuck exactly where you are for the rest of your life. How much could you save on costly mistakes, or better yet, how much could you earn above what you do now by gaining some knowledge today? Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
The problem with sitting with your problems and not taking action is that it only breeds more problems. This negative feedback loop keeps people in a spiral of stasis where they cannot see their way out. A hot seat with me helps to gain insight and clarity, and this allows you to go back into your life, see new opportunities, and take the actions to go after them. Apply For Legacy Farmer Academy Here:
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