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Author: Matt & Ashley

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Matt, Ashley, and occasional guests podcasting our thoughts and opinions on films both new and classic.
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Criterion: Holiday

Criterion: Holiday


We've got a lot to say about the 1938 classic Holiday in our latest episode! Will joins us again (becoming an annual December tradition), and we talk about the Depression-era dramedy about mismatched lovers, what we want out of life, and the importance placed on money. It's a long discussion, so settle in and give our latest Criterion episode a listen! 
Criterion: The Killing

Criterion: The Killing


Before Noirvember ends, we wanted to bring you a new episode about one of the later efforts during the peak of the film noir genre -- it's Stanley Kubrick's The Killing. This 1956 lean and mean movie follows a a cadre of fellas as they plan to pull off a heist at a racetrack. Grant joins us in this Criterion episode. Listen at the link below.
The Holdovers

The Holdovers


A teacher, a cafeteria worker, and a student stay together at a boarding school over the holidays in Alexander Payne's latest film. Ashley, Matt and Rachel review The Holdovers in this episode.
It's a Wonderful Knife

It's a Wonderful Knife


Taking its cues from the classic It's a Wonderful Knife, this movie sees Winnie (Jane Widdop) find out what life would be like if she'd never been born. And the results... aren't good. Rachel joins us to review the new Christmas slasher film, It's a Wonderful Knife.
Tom Hanks plays a widower living in Seattle. Meg Ryan plays a woman who is engaged, but decides that her destiny is with the aforementioned widower whom she's never met. This is the premise for a classic '90s romantic drama celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Ryan joins Matt & Ashley to talk about Sleepless in Seattle, in our latest Retro episode.
What Happens Later

What Happens Later


Two old flames bump into each other at an airport 25 years after they broke up, and try to reconcile their past. In this episode, Matt & Ashley review the new movie What Happens Later.
In this episode, Ashley, Matt & Ryan dive into a (spoiler) review of the new Martin Scorsese epic, Killers of the Flower Moon. It's about the life, death, love and murder on Osage Nation land in 1920s Oklahoma. 
We wrap up this year's 13 Days of Halloween with the fifth entry in the series started by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Ashley, Matt and Grant talk about Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers in today's episode. As always, thank you for listening, and Happy Halloween!
A group of amorous couples decide to stay overnight at the local mall, at the same time that the mall's new robot security force is on duty. Things... don't go well. Sean joins us again to talk about Chopping Mall, in our penultimate episode of the 2023 edition of our 13 Days of Halloween series.
That mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein is back in the lab, this time trying to create a mate for his "monster," who in this film is spending his time roaming the countryside. Ryan is back with us to discuss the 1935 classic Bride of Frankenstein.
In REC, a TV news crew follows the local fire department on their overnight shift, ending up at an apartment building where things quickly escalate into a hellscape. Our pulses were racing by the end of this found footage movie, and we're so happy to have Grant back again to talk with us about it!
An adolescent girl is suspected of murdering her sister, and attacking (and murdering) others in this mid-1970s proto-slasher film. Gus joins Matt & Ashley to talk about Alice, Sweet Alice in today's 13 Days of Halloween episode.
Every year we include a Hammer Horror classic in our 13 Days of Halloween, and today's episode is all about this year's entry! We welcome Sara to her inaugural episode on the podcast as we discuss The Devil Rides Out.
A scrawny young man is mercilessly bullied at the gym where he works, until the bullying leads him to a grotesque transformation. Then, he becomes... The Toxic Avenger! Matt, Ashley and Sean review this 1984 Troma classic as 13 Days of Halloween continues.
A stage company busy with rehearsals are locked in a theater and stalked by a killer dressed as an owl. If that sounds bizarre, then know that this whole movie is bizarre. Ashley, Matt and Grant talk about Stage Fright in today's 13 Days of Halloween episode.
Vincent Price runs a wax museum where the figures are a little too real. First time guest RyanCam joins Matt & Ashley to talk about the 1953 horror classic House of Wax, as 13 Days of Halloween continues!
Anthony Hopkins plays a mentally disturbed ventriloquist with a killer dummy in this 1978 psychological thriller. Ashley, Matt and Grant review Magic in our latest 13 Days of Halloween episode.
13 Days of Halloween shuffles along as Sean, Matt & Ashley discuss the 1979 Fulci horror film, Zombie.
Today we focus on the 1973 classic celebrating its 50th anniversary. Ryan joins us to talk about The Exorcist, as 13 Days of Halloween continues.
Two American friends find themselves face-to-face with a werewolf on the English moors. A tragicomedy then ensues, as one of them begins living a lycanthropic life. Grant joins us as we kick off our annual 13 Days of Halloween with An American Werewolf in London. Stay tuned for more spooky content in the coming weeks!
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