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Author: Matt & Ashley

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Matt, Ashley, and occasional guests podcasting our thoughts and opinions on films both new and classic.
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In our latest episode focusing on films available from the Criterion Collection, Matt & Ashley are joined by Sundiata to discuss To Sleep with Anger. Danny Glover plays a man who causes trouble for a family the moment he shows up on their doorstep. It's a layered, complex drama that unfolds in this 1990 Charles Burnett classic.
Dating Amber

Dating Amber


Life is difficult in mid-90s Ireland for a young man and a young woman who are coming to terms with their sexuality. To alleviate the stress of taunting from their peers, the two decide to pretend-date each other. Ashley & Matt review this new movie, now available for streaming.
Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters


A young man living in a post-apocalyptic world full of giant frogs, crabs, slugs and snails decides to travel 85 miles across land to find his girlfriend from when life was normal. Matt & Ashley review this new movie, available for streaming.
Rebecca (2020)

Rebecca (2020)


A young woman marries a widower and soon finds herself living in the shadow of his late wife, the titular Rebecca. Ashley & Matt review the new Netflix movie that's an adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier novel. 
On the eve of the U.S. election, Ashley, Benny and Matt discuss what each of their favorite political movies are.
Young people in rural Texas are terrorized by a family of cannibals -- one of them with a chainsaw -- in this gritty horror film that has often been imitated, but never been matched. Sean joins us again for our final entry in this year's 31 Days of Halloween series. Happy haunting!
Bela Lugosi bits Lon Chaney, Jr. and thus passes down the curse of the werewolf! Ashley, Matt and Aaron discuss this 1941 Universal monster classic in our penultimate 31 Days of Halloween episode.
Gus joins us again to discuss a pseudo-documentary from 2014. Filmmaker Adam Green is contacted by a man who claims that monsters are real, and that he knows where they're at. Green and his assistant follow the man into the woods, and things get strange(r) from there. Just a few more days left in our 31 Days of Halloween series!
A spaceship full of killer clowns lands in the woods, and the evil aliens wreak havoc on a  nearby small town in this '80s gem. 
Matt, Ashley and Benny talk discuss the follow-up to the 1978 slasher classic, which picks-up on the same Halloween night in Haddonfield, Illinois. Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Dr. Loomis are back.
A family is torn apart by infidelity, a small box, and Cenobites. Gus joins us to discuss the Clive Barker classic on today's entry in the 31 Days of Halloween entry series.
A woman starts receiving threatening phone calls from her 8-year-old nephew who's been dead for many years. Is what's going on truly supernatural, or is it more earthly-bound? Matt & Ashley talk about this 1972 made-for-TV movie in the latest 31 Days of Halloween episode.
A group of friends on a way to game take a detour to a small town with a prominent wax museum. Danger is all around them, and terror ensues.
Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Reba McEntire, the dad from Family Ties, and several others band together to fight off slug creatures that travel through the ground, and Ashley, Matt and Aaron are here to talk about it.
Small alien creatures known as Crites escape from a penal colony, land on Earth, and wreak havoc on a rural family and the nearby town. Ashley & Matt talk about this 1986 movie in this 31 Days of Halloween episode.
Sean is back with us to discuss Wes Craven's directorial debut. It's a rough (in the truest sense of the world) film about the innocent meeting the depraved, and about pure revenge. 31 Days of Halloween continues here at Mashley at the Movies.
It's pretty simple: there's Dracula, and he rises from the grave and begins terrorizing people. Ashley & Matt discuss this Hammer Horror film from 1968, as 31 Days of Halloween rolls on.
A morgue attendant guides the audience through three stories of the macabre and the bizarre, in this made-for-TV movie from 1993.
Things go awry when a woman (Tawny Kitaen) starts using a ouija board and contacts the wrong spirit. Matt & Ashley discuss this spooky thriller.
A tragic boating accident, a summer camp far from home, and murders are all part of the bizarre Sleepaway Camp. Matt, Ashley and Garret have a lot to say about this somewhat controversial 1983 slasher film.
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