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Sharing my experiences to empower, uplift, and remind everyone no matter what you may experience in life, you aren’t the first, won’t be the last, and most importantly won’t have to face it alone.
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This week I have the opportunity to interview Singer, Producer, Engineer and Song Writer Lee Ackred. This week Spotlight goes out to the new Florida laws that took effect July 1. This week tea is Blue Jasmine by Rishi Tea & Botanicals. Blue Jasmine is a blend of Butterfly Pea Flowers from Thailand and green tea from China. This tea was beautiful and very sweet. However it is on the pricey side because it is organic. Join me as I discuss music, being a creator and being resilient with Lee.
This week we talk about being half way through the year and I’m ALMOST 25. Two Spotlights this week. First spotlight goes out to Shay Mitchell who is expecting with her lover of two years. Second spotlight goes out to the story of Marshae Jones who has been indicted on a manslaughter charge from the death of her unborn fetus. The charges against the shooter has been dismissed. This week I talk about quarter life crisis, having a personality outside of social media and 5 year goals.
This week we talk about forgiveness. The spotlight goes out to my high school friend Heavenly. She gave me a lot of positive reinforcement and encouraging words. Don’t give up, you never know who is watching. This week tea is Organic Burdock Root Tea. Burdock root is a well-known medical herb, but it can also be an herbal tea. This tea was sweet, thick and smooth. This week's topic is forgiveness, the steps to forgiveness and what does it look like.
This week we discuss budgeting. This week the spotlight goes out to the beauty industry for creating microblading. Microblading is a semi permanent eyebrow that can last typically 1 to 3 years. This week I’m breaking budgeting, responding to the most common questions and sharing some of my budgeting hacks.
This week I cover the topic of post-graduation. This week the spotlight goes to the Netflix series “When They See Us.” This series is based on a true story about five teens from Harlem who are falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park that stripped them of their innocence. This week tea is one of my favorites Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea from Yogi. As stated before this tea is great for relieving stress and soothing the mind. This week I sit with a middle school friend of mine Kraig and we discuss post-graduation, relationships and the sad reality of getting old.
Happy June! Its interview time. This week I cover the topic of being a veteran in America. This week spotlight goes out to Spike Lee for creating Netflix series “She gotta have it.” This show is about a Brooklyn based artist named Nola Darling who is struggling to stay true to herself and her dreams while juggling friends, work and her lovers. This week tea is Roasted Dandelion Spice Detox from Yogi. This tea is used to help support the body’s natural cleaning process. Some ingredients include cocoa shell, yogi spices, ginger and cinnamon. Let’s talk about the army and the impact it has on some featuring a good friend of mine Victor.
This week we discuss being whole prior to being with someone. This week spotlight goes to Tamekia Swint. She is the Executive director of a Chicago based company, Styles 4 kids to provide education to moms and dads who aren’t experienced in working with black hair. This week Tea is Sweet Clementine Stress Support. This Tea helps the body ability to cope with stress and helps promote long term health. Ingredients include Lemon balm, lemongrass, and orange peels. Let’s talk about being trained to look after men, women today and single life.
Happy Haitian Heritage Month. This week we discuss my pansexual experience and being in a relationship with a girl for 4 years. This week spotlight goes out to the 25 diverse group of men who passed the strictest law on abortion in Alabama. This week tea “Haitian Tea asoci.” This tea is good for cleaning out your system and helps with weight loss. Let’s talk about being pansexual with Haitian parents, what I identify as now and the journey.
Happy Mental Health Awareness month. This week we cover new relationships vs old relationships. This week spotlight goes out to Mental Health Awareness and things to say to when someone is dealing with mental health. This week tea is Yogis Woman Raspberry Leaf Tea. Raspberry leaf has been used for discomfort of menstruation and to support the uterus. Le’ts talk about Ayesha Curry comments, new relationships and old relationships.
This week is graduation week! The spotlight goes out to Ty for graduating with honor and being accepted into the Advanced Masters of Social Work program. This week we cover graduation journey, picking the right major and time management.  
This week I sit with Real Estate Investor Chuck Frederick. This week spotlight goes to where is all the millennials debt going to? Why are women are behind in investing? This week tea is Yogi Peppermint Tea. Peppermint helps with indigestion and helps with heartburn. This week episode we cover budgeting, debt to income, investing and retirement.
This week topic is Colorism. Spotlight goes out to Blue Vain Society and the Brown Paper Bag Test. Blue vain society is a social club light skin African Americans created to separate themselves from darker skin African Americans. Brown Paper Bag Test was pinned on the door of an event, if you were lighter or equal to the bag test you were allowed in. If not, then you would be denied entry. This week Tea is Green Tea as I have mentioned in a previous episode Green Tea is good for has natural antioxidants and help improve physical performance. I cover the topic of Colorism with some friends Naomie, Michelle and Dayana.
This week I sit with the Co-founder of New Era Prep Kenny Stephens to talk about a little bit of everything from business, career and dating life. This week spotlight goes out to Sylvester McNutt lll. Sylvester is an author, creator and inspiration speaker. He shares his journey about stepping into his purpose, self love and depression in his books. This week tea is Yogi Ginger Tea, ingredients include Lemongrass, peppermint and black pepper. Some benefits include supporting healthy skin, liver and throat.
This week topic is Run your own race. We introduce Pick A Topic Tuesday, the first Tuesday of every month you the audience has the opportunity to pick a topic and if chosen you receive a free Real Life With Ty mug. Spotlight goes to Jordan Peele and the movie “US”. Tea is Yogi Detox some ingredients include Ginger, Cinnamon, Black pepper and long pepper. Some benefits include cleaning you from within, supporting digestion and circulation.
We continue Social Work Appreciation Month. This week spotlight goes out to Camden Myers, a 9-year-old boy who open a coffee shop ran by people with special needs. This week tea is Chamomile Tea which is made from dried chamomile flowers. This week we sit with Brittany Carter, the South Florida Program director of Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship program.
This week we cover Situationships. As we continue Social worker Appreciation Month, this week spotlight goes to my field instructor Brenda Lopez. She is the social services coordinator at Caridad Center and also has a nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico. This week Tea is Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief, includes herbs such as Lavender, Chamomile and Lemon Balm. Some benefits include eliminating inflammation, balancing moods and healing skin. Let’s discover the definition of Situationships and identify UFB and UFG’s.
This week topic is Depression. We continue Social Work Appreciation Month. This week spotlight goes to Tamara Grigsby, she is 29th out of the 30 most influential people in Social Work. She was active in politics and public policy. This week Tea is Yogi Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin Tea which has skin friendly ingredients to help rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. A friend of mine Paco and I discuss the topic of depression and how to get out of it.
Episode 6 | "Masculinity"

Episode 6 | "Masculinity"


Happy Social Worker Appreciation Month. This week topic is masculinity. This week Spotlight goes to Jane Addams, the founder of the U.S. settlement House Movement. In the social worker field she is considered one of the first to create Social Work. This week Tea is Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea which is high in vitamin C, helps protect the heart and slows down the advancement of age related diseases. Join me and the members of the Broken Panel Podcast as we discuss masculinity.
This week topic is Boundaries. With this being the last episode in the month of February, the spotlight goes out to Jahkil Jackson. Jahkil Jackson from Chicago created Project I am to build awareness to homelessness and help the homeless population by offering “Blessing Bags.” This week Tea is Tazo Chai Vanilla Caramel. It has black tea, cinnamon, vanilla and caramel. Some benefits include boosting your immune system, relieving pain in different parts of your body and improve your eyesight. Join us as we cover the topic of setting boundaries.
This week topic is Taxes. We continue our Black History Month spotlights. This week spot light goes to Antoinette “Toni” Harris, the second woman ever in college to receive a football scholarship. This week Tea is Tazo Chai organic which has many benefits such as improving digestion, supporting your immune system and improving heart health. This episode is our first interview, where we sit down with Luke Gibbs the general manager of Taxology.
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