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You know those deep conversations you have late at night, when your guard is down and everyone is just letting the truth spill out? That is what I am hoping to cultivate every day here. This experience we call life is a winding, bumpy and sometimes challenging road, especially if you are on the path of becoming more conscious, wakeful, contemplative, and purposeful. I want to talk about it, I want to share stories and insights that inspire us all to keep rising up into a powerful, purposeful, soulful life. The intention of this podcast is to offer support, to be a voice in the chaos, a reminder that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that you are NOT alone. Let's get down and dirty and talk about real life, what it means to awaken, the ugly truth of the challenges we face, and how we navigate them. Let's unravel the conditioning, limiting beliefs, and bullshit that keeps us from creating our most meaningful and wakeful life. Let's delve in deep with others as they walk us through their path, their trials, and tribulations and follow the breadcrumbs that led them to create a meaningful, soulful life. There is so much power in stories, truth-telling, and thoughtful conversations and this is the space for them. It is time to wake up to your divine nature, your dharma, your purpose, and your light. Let's get lit together and illuminate the world!
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David Bedrick is a psychologist, speaker, teacher, and attorney, and author, but that does not sum up the heart of David and his work. He is a deeply gentle, thoughtful, and compassionate human being who shares an insatiable curiosity to both understanding human beings and advocating for those who are oppressed. Together we share stories, deep questions, and a loving look a the world of body shame,  and the expansive world of diet and body obsession masquerading as wellness. He has written a beautiful book of women's stories through the lens of a compassionate witness. Not only are the stories he shares relatable, but they also hold the wisdom of looking into our own hunger to find the answer to what it is we really crave. I have worked diligently to lean away from conversations on body, diet, and weight-loss because I do not want to give more energy to what has consumed so many of us. However, this conversation is different, it is deeper, more radical, and an invitation to look beneath the story for your own body's innate wisdom.https://www.davidbedrick.com his book "You Can't Judge A Body By Its Cover" at your favorite bookseller. 
Did you love taking quizzes in teen magazines when you were a kid? I always wanted to know more about myself, what made me tick, what was in store for me.  Ros is an expert in human design, a system that offers in her words" the most incredible and accurate interpretation of personality and life calling." Admittedly, I was impressed with my own human design map and its accuracy.  This system and the way it was created is pretty fascinating, a bit trippy and totally worth a listen. Perhaps it will speak to you! Find Ros Isabel:
Lindsay's heart is in sharing her life story in order to help others see that they are not alone. She is the byproduct of young lovers who never belonged together. Her father, a born again Christian who traded heroin for Jesus. Her parents traded her back and forth her entire life and she often felt like a pawn. She was gaslit, abused,  and suffered a myriad of challenges because of it. She has learned to lean in, to forgive and also to create a chosen family of friends. We talk about the current world and how triggering 2020 has been for so many who have a shared history of abuse, trauma, bullying and gaslighting. Marble Jar Friends reference:
Kacee Must is the owner and founder of Citizen Yoga and a dear friend. Six months into a global pandemic and the chaos of 2020 we decided to sit down for a chat. I am not sure who was interviewing who, but we had a great conversation on life, business, scarcity, authenticity, and the weight of the world right now. I hope you listen in and enjoy. I sure did. 
Linda T. exudes strength, poise, and power. She is an incredible human being and someone I am grateful to call a friend. Linda gives us a heartbreaking and inspiring snapshot of what it means to be a black woman in America. Just wait until you hear the cafeteria story. It will blow your mind and break your heart. This conversation is honest, raw, and eye-opening. I hope that this conversation calls you to listen, to seek to understand, to look at the bigger picture, and find hope in our ability to create actionable change. Follow Linda: Linda recommends: How To Be A Strong White Ally: Does Not Matter If You Are Good: in the Age of Black Death: About Racism in the Workplace with Black Friends:
Meet Jen Tindle, an incredibly bright, cerebral, and thoughtful human being. Jen walks us through her life experiences as she has grappled with the complexity of identity. Jen is a biracial woman, gay, adopted, and raised in a loving black Christian family. She bravely talks about the challenges she has had to confront along the way and how she is managing life in the midst of the Black Lives Matter uprising and the fight for true justice and change. I am so grateful to Jen for taking the time to share her story with us. Resources: Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation to Be an Antiracist: Ibram X. Kendi
Rabbi Tamara Kolton Ph.D. is the author of Oranges for Eve: My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine. Tamara tells her incredible personal journey to becoming a Rabbi and the uphill battle that ensued. She got a kick in the ass from the Universe that resulted in her leaving the Temple she grew up in and deeply loved. These dark times led to a beautiful metamorphosis and the birth of a renewed sense of purpose. Tamara is an independent rabbi, psychologist, and feminine mythologist.  As a prominent rabbi in Michigan, she is known for her warm, inspirational style and deep capacity to help people heal.I LOVED this conversation and truly could've gone on for hours.  Keep your eyes peeled for round 2. Follow:https://rabbikolton.com HER BOOK
Our favorite astrologer is back to give us the March 2020 update. Who are the major players this month, what to look out for, mercury in retrograde, pisces influence and more! Want to hang with Carly in person? Join her at Drifter Coffee in Ferndale, MI on March 24th from 6-7pm. out her website: 
Rasia Pouncie has many titles: Priestess, Seer, Diviner (shells,tea,tarot), Crystal Therapist, Quantum Healer, Student and Practioner of Sacred Psychology, Plant Medicine enthusiast. Her calling is in mentoring others in an effort to support them in reaching their highest timeline and frequency. Rasia’s goal is to fan your souls desire to inspire you to be honest, real, fun, sexy, wise, and loving to yourself.She was raised by her father who was a spiritualist and led the way for her to explore many mystical traditions. He also rooted her in her personal ancestry that has now led her to exploring plant medicine on a regular basis. This conversation spans wide. Rasia talks about her connection to the Church of Daime, her experiences with nearly weekly plant medicine and how it has transformed her anxiety. We talk about cultural appropriation in the spiritual world and how to navigate these issues with sensitivity and awareness. Keywords: Orishas Church of DaimeSanto DaimeAyahuasca Pantheon/Spiritual systemFind RasiaInstagram:
Lauren's tattoos tell you her story over the last 3+ years. Her first tattoo ever has the words "begin again" and the date her life changed forever. Have you ever struggled to remember that you are more than your mistakes, you are more than the things that have happened to you, you are more than your upbringing? Lauren's story is vulnerable, brave and so relatable. We have all waited too long to make a change, we have all sat idly by when the Universe was offering us lifeboat after lifeboat. We have all avoided change only to find ourselves in a swift kick in the pants that forced to leap into the next chapter of our lives. Lauren tells the story of why she was had no choice but to completely reinvent herself, reckon with shame and step boldly into a life she didn't recognize only to be lead gently back to her true self. She's had one hell of a journey these last few years and is now ready to shine light into the darker corners of her life. Please listen with an open and receptive heart. May we truly learn to meet one another with love, compassion and understanding. May we hold one another up and help each other when we are down. Join Lauren and I in Costa Rica May 9-16th: Lauren on IG: her schedule out at
This is something that has been heavy on my heart and mind over the last year. After decades of being completely disconnected from my body, I have realized the profound impact yoga has had on me. I spent my childhood & young adulthood struggling with severe anxiety and depression. I spent decades at war with my body, dieting, bingeing, loathing and obsessing over my form. I am certain I own every diet book, and self help book about food, body, emotional eating and the likes. Why does this matter? Because for one reason or another almost everyone I know is struggling to live in their human form. We all have come at this issue for a thousand different reasons, perhaps it's simply the culture of disconnect, it could be trauma, or ancestry, or any other multitudes of reasons. But we I know for sure, is that we MUST learn how to integrate in order to live out more meaningful, connected, purposeful and impactful lives. We as the collective must learn how to get out of our heads and into our bodies so we can reclaim our power and change this world. It is imperative that we do both. XO, Ann
Amanda was put on her spiritual path, over twelve years ago, with her own recovery from drug addiction that was the catalyst to her spiritual awakening. Throughout the years, she has developed spiritually through her work within the Twelve Step Programs, being an active student and teacher of the metaphysical text, A Course In Miracles, work with The Laws of the Universe and ongoing intensive self study. Her intuitive abilities have been enhanced in her work with prayer, meditation, energy work, divination, crystals, the chakra system, body work, astrology and other metaphysical and intuitive practices.Amanda's personal mission is to help others heal and attune to their own inner voice. Amanda shares her story of addiction & recovery. She walks us through her own evolution that has led her to being a lightworker and spiritual teacher. We talk about faith and how she transformed her personal understanding of who Jesus was a teacher and spiritual master. Amanda is a trained, licensed therapist within the state of Florida, holding a Masters degree in social work, with a specialization in treating addiction. In addition, she is an intuitive coach and mentor, with a strong focus on spirituality and well-being. She is certified under Gabby Bernstein's Level 1 Spirit Junkie Masterclass. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and also holds a Usui Reiki Level Two Certification of Attunement. Amanda's personal mission is to help others heal and attune to their own inner voice.
Elizabeth Atkins has spent most of her life working to bring the experiences of mixed race persons into the narrative of American culture. She is the daughter of a interracial couple whose fascinating journey includes a story of love, defying the catholic church, breaking rules & barriers while consciously raising two daughters who now work to do the same.  Elizabeth has spent the last decade or more healing her own pain around her identity, her deep need for spiritual connection and learning to make peace with her body. She has become a voice in the conversation around purpose, growth and the profound benefits of meditation. Her recent memoir expands on her personal journey: publishing company:
Barbara Payton is a sultry, Detroit rock singer/songwriter with a soulful, bluesy voice. Recognized as one of Detroit’s most powerful and engaging live performers, Barbara has rocked stages, festivals, arenas and private listening rooms for more than 25 years. In addition to her solo career, Barbara has toured as a background singer for both Bob Seger and Kid Rock. But Barbara is so much more than this bio. She is thoughtful, articulate, honest and open about her life, the growth she has dedicated to, loss, pain, parenting aging adults, reclaiming her life and what it means to her to be living more wakefully. We talk about the trappings of religion, what it was like to come out, being a local lesbian icon for decades and the role the Salvation Army played in her life. I think you love her more than ever after this deep & stirring conversation. I know I do. Event: Army LGBQT statement:
The incredible, wise, funny and loving Lori Lipten is back with another enlightening conversation. Lori is a teacher, author, shamanic, medium, intuitive guide, healer and so so much more. She is a bright light in the world and this conversation is illuminating in so many ways. WARNING: We go really deep, I ask some hard questions of the Universe and Lori answers with honest, humility, ease and grace. We talk about much that may challenge your current paradigms, how you see your life and what it really means to be alive, now, on earth, in this plane of experience. Connect with Lori: www.lorilipten.com Links coming! 
Juliet Tang is a feminine business mentor for conscious and ambitious women service-based entrepreneurs – coaches, consultants, holistic doctors, therapists, practitioners, and transformational leadersAfter being raised in communist China, Juliet found her way to liberation and had many awakenings and breakthroughs along the way that has led her to her current work. We talk about life, the common hang ups and pitfalls spiritually driven women face when trying to launch into their unique soul's purpose. Juliet is a powerful, intuitive, heart centered woman whose mission it is to inspire other women to step forward into their passions & purpose by learning to harness masculine energy in a positive way that allows us to boldly do the change-making work we are called to. This conversation was important for me and I will be listening several more times in an effort to really embody these powerful reminders. Find Juliet here: up for a free master class: with her:
Do you believe that the stars somehow dictate or guide the shifts that happen earthside? Have you often heard people blaming life's mishaps on MERCURY in RETROGRADE? Have you wondered what in the world that means? Do you find that this time of year leads you to feeling low? Do you feel like uncomfortable truths are asking to be exposed, do you feel called to heal? Do you feel ready to unearth some of what you have been keeping down for a long time? Welcome to Scorpio season with a bonus of mercury in retrograde. Carly helps us unpack what this all could mean as we traverse the shift into the depths of Fall. Follow Carly on Instagram OR check out her new website:
Kelli McMullen is the firecracker owner of an eclectic and electric movement studio called The Space in Brighton, MI. Kelli is a self-proclaimed "Cheerleader in a Yoga Teacher's body." Her studio is part yoga, part HIIT, part dance with an anchor in soulful conversation on the meaning of life. Kelli is the my kind of person, she is brave, messy, radically honest and full of F-bombs. Our conversation goes from authenticity, the raw truth on how challenging relationships are for those of us who are really showing up in them, parenting and so much more. Connect with Kelli: Space: references this book: Heart Talk by Cleo Wade.Also referenced: Brené Brown & Braving the Wilderness Join the Becoming Community.
The lovely Rachel is back with another vibrant conversation on all the big questions of life. We talk about the purpose of suffering, oppression, healing, love, soulmates, twin flames, energy and how it moves the world and so much more. This is another life changing conversation and I am so grateful for my time with her and her willingness to share her wisdom. Rachel is always very clear to let us know she is still a student of life and to take all she says and check it against your own truth. I hope this conversation gets you thinking and inspires you to see your life from a different perspective. There are some deeply thought provoking and challenging concepts presented here. I encourage you to have an open mind and an open heart. If you are triggered by her words, dig in, look inward, find your own truth. To contact Rachel for a session email her:
It seems so many of us have moments of lifetimes that we believe we don't belong. We spend our days trying to fit in, and our nights feeling the deep sadness of having compromised our selves to make it work. There is so much power in being seen, soulful authenticity and showing up as ourselves. Let's all learn to disappoint others while showing up in our own truth. It is powerful work and not for the faint of heart. Work I reference: and
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Tracey Robbins

I could listen to Rachel for hours on end. Every time I meet with her and listen to her voice I immediately get a sense of peace and well being. Thank you for having her on your podcast! 🙏

Oct 9th
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