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Author: The Cats

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Two women called Cat, plumbing the depths and the shallows of culture and measuring the stuff of life against God's truth. Usually in the car. Often with guests.
89 Episodes
They're justified and they're ancient and they're... Cat S's parents! We ask Lizzie and Hamish what they've learned over the course of the christian life, becoming christians in their 30s, friendships, evangelism in later life,  and whether retirement is all cruises and M&S food. It's a good one (but then I am a bit biased ) Listen wherever you get your podcasts and do share!Plumbcrumbles--------------------Lizzie: Turning of Days: Lessons from Nature, Season and Spirit by Hannah AndersonHamish: Immerse books and Bible Reset podcast, both from the Institute for Bible ReadingSupport the show



Come and listen to 'friend of the stars' JJ as he gives us a whistle stop tour of his life so far...Support the show
The One about Football

The One about Football


In this episode Cat regales us with tales of the difference between different types of bras and we talk about the end of the Euros. Support the show
We're both hot in this episode. Support the show
In this episode, we have a quick catch up! Support the show
we're a bit sad in todays about several things which all become clear throughout the episode. Support the show
today we talk about the recent documentary about Britians strictest school, love bombing, church abuse...just a few light topics! Support the show
In this episode we talk about our recent jolly on the CWA. Support the show
Join us as we talk to Karen Soole about her new book: Liberated. Support the show
WDPDAD? Georgie

WDPDAD? Georgie


Join us as we talk to Georgie about owning a wine bar and cafe. Support the show
In this episode we talk about how Cat W has become a cuber and Cat S a reader of Leviticus. Support the show
Join us for the first in our new series: what do people all day? In our first episode we speak to Rowena, a Lady Trucker from up North who lets us in on all the secrets of a successful trucker. Support the show
Join us once again as we dangle our plumbs in plenty of quality output!Support the show
In this episode we FINALLY get back in the car and talk nonsense for a while. Support the show
Stui and Katherine talk about Sovereignty. Support the show
In this episode Val talks to us about the doctrine of Adoption. Support the show
In this episode Andrew - husband of Cat S! - talks to us about the doctrine that made him.Support the show
In this episode we talk to Ian about Christ's return, hot tubs and boring Christians conferences. Support the show
In this mini-series Jo talks to us about the Doctrine of Sin and then leads us to consider her salvation as she Plumb Crumbles Love Island. Support the show
Ben speaks to us about the Doctrine of God, specifically Impassibility. Support the show
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