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Author: The Cats

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Two women called Cat, plumbing the depths and the shallows of culture and measuring the stuff of life against God's truth. Usually in the car.
76 Episodes
In this episode we FINALLY get back in the car and talk nonsense for a while. Support the show ( )
Stui and Katherine talk about Sovereignty. Support the show (
In this episode Val talks to us about the doctrine of Adoption. Support the show (
In this episode Andrew - husband of Cat S! - talks to us about the doctrine that made him.Support the show (
In this episode we talk to Ian about Christ's return, hot tubs and boring Christians conferences. Support the show ( )
In this mini-series Jo talks to us about the Doctrine of Sin and then leads us to consider her salvation as she Plumb Crumbles Love Island. Support the show ( )
Ben speaks to us about the Doctrine of God, specifically Impassibility. Support the show (
A Summer Goodbye

A Summer Goodbye


A good bye for summer. Support the show (
To really buck the plumb trend, we finally bring you an episode full of words like 'joy' and 'blessing', Cat S once again blatantly avoids committing to a best friendship with Cat W and she reveals that she's got a podcasting hat. And sometimes she puts it on. We talk to these ladies all about the life of podcasters; the good, the bad, the ugly and the godly. We hear some of the highs and lows of podcasting with biological and spiritual sisters, the unexpected places that we have found encouragement and we all agree that basically, podcasts are great fun but LOADS of work. We finish out with some Plumbbiscuits and enjoy an extended discussion about biscuits and America. Support the show (
In this episode we talk to Dr Sharon Dirckx about her book, 'Am I just my brain?'Support the show (
The One about Radio

The One about Radio


In this episode, Plumb friend Chloe Wilson joins us in a tell-all episode on the glamourous life of Christian Radio Presenting. Chloe is a presenter UCB2 radio, a Christian and fellow (to Cat S) Ginger. We Plumb Chloe's depths for some expert trade advice and in turn, she pretends that she listens to us. We talk about all sorts of stuff, but we finally get down to it when we ask why Chloe has been described as: 'blond on the inside, ginger on the outside'. Chloe takes us on an historical mission praise journey, recalling some great songs and looking forward to one day being able to better her best guest so far, Graham Kendrick, with the even better Stuart Townend. We finish off with the usual Plumb Crumbles. Support the show ( )
In this episode we talk about Stephen Kneale's recent article about church being boring. We talk about some his conclusions and then Cat S leashes a torrent of librarian-induced propaganda about the necessity of libraries. Plumb crumblesCat S: The Librarian by Allie MorganCat W: The Studying With Dyslexia BlogSupport the show (
After over a year we finally got to record in person in the car in our fave (ie convenient) pub carpark. We talked about topless sunbathing, exhibitionism, hid from some passers-by and made the usual hash of plumb crumble - plum hash, anyone?PS Anyone else love Thelma and Louise? No, I feel an episode coming on... although when I lent it to Cat W, she never even bothered to watch it Support the show ( )
The One about Gospel Unity

The One about Gospel Unity


In this episode we speak to Ben and Ben about Gospel Unity. We talk about what it is, what it isn't, what is the cost involved? Is it too great and does it come at the expense of true Gospel work? Are we too comfortable with our definition of Gospel Unity? Support the show ( )
In this episode we are privileged to be joined by Dr Sharon Hastings to talk about her journey with coming to terms with a diagnosis of a psychotic illness. We hear a bit about her story and then talk about some of the questions we had after we had read her book. We have a good discussion about medication and mental health and, spoiler alert, Sharon's take is that she would be much less Christ like without her medication! We talk a little bit about what it means to walk with someone through mental illness and then we finish off in the usual way. Support the show ( )
In this episode, we continue our series 'With All Her Mind' where we talk with women in academia about their work and experiences. Amber Bowen tells us all about her academic trajectory and then we get down to the nitty gritty of everything Kierkegaard.  Support the show ( )
In this episode we talk to Lela who has survived and endured a harrowing life in the slums of Uganda. Lela's book Ashes of a Childhood is the remarkable story of Lela's journey out of a life of abuse and pain. Support the show ( )
In this episode we have extended Plumb Crumble time and announce our next Patreon evening.Plumb crumblesOver The Wall which puts on camps for children with a range of limiting health conditionsNär livet inte följer manus by Sophie DowMorgan's Wonderland the world's first ultra-accessible theme park. Sadly (for most of us), in Texas...Gulliver's Kingdom a great entry-level theme park in Derbyshire, ideal for under-13s. The Body Shop especially Vitamin E Hydrating toner (Cat W) and Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Oil-In-Gel (Cat S)Deeplight by Frances Hardinge  'A magisterial maritime fantasy from the Costa Award-winning Frances Hardinge, Deeplight probes the treacherous undertow of obsession and greed. Wrapped tight in evocative prose and sinuous, slithering atmosphere, this is a marvel of construction and technique'. - WaterstonesSupport the show ( )
With All Her Mind:Val Hobbs

With All Her Mind:Val Hobbs


In this episode we talk to the twitter-infamous Val Hobbs. We talk to her about how lonely it can feel to be a woman, Christian and academic and Val teaches us about what 'Theolinguistics' means. She give us a crash course in language and inconsistent living, and tells us about her new book, An Introduction to Religious Language.Val closes us out with a couple of Plumb Crumbles:A book: The Dictionary Of Biblical ImageryA band: The Porter's Gate Support the show ( )
Sydney Tooth kicks off With All Her Mind, conversations with women applying their gifts in the world of academia. Sydney is a Pauline scholar who has worked all over Scotland and is about to take up the post of Lecturer in New Testament and Greek at Oakhill College. We talk about the opportunities and the challenges of being a Christian, a woman and a Christian woman in the academic world.Sydney closes us out with a couple of plumb crumbles:A podcast: The Two CitiesA TV show: The Queen's GambitSupport the show (
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