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Author: Clay Neely

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NTH co-publisher Clay Neely talks to those with a finger on the pulse of Newnan and Coweta County – sharing stories from the past, news of the present, and ideas for the future of our region.
30 Episodes
It's been a pretty long time since Toby and Clay have caught up. Hopefully, something interesting has been happening in 2020 so they'll have something to talk about for their lucky 13th episode.
Newnan resident Mike Stiles recently spent time at Piedmont Newnan Hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19. In this episode, he talks about his experience with coronavirus and what truly matters in the end. 
Steve Quesinberry, head of the Newnan High School history department, has spent nearly a decade attempting to preserve the memories of the 23 local men who were lost to the Vietnam War.He hopes to connect with families and friends of those Cowetans killed in action from the Vietnam War. "I felt that if I didn’t do something, they would be forgotten as family members gradually passed away from that time period,” he said.
In this episode of That One Time, Phov Nix (Toby's wife...also known as 'Mean Phov') talks about her escape as a child from Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge in 1980.After coming to live in America, she describes her recent journey back to her home country almost 40 years later. 
A Sharpsburg native, Blue Cole was elected after the resignation of former mayor Wendell Staley, who resigned due to health reasons and later passed away. Cole says Sharpsburg is a fast-growing area with the potential to become a vibrant, active community with a small-town feel.Cole said his vision for Sharpsburg includes careful, deliberate growth guided by the engagement of citizens, property owners and the business community. Expanding town services and amenities are key goals and in this podcast, Cole talks a little about his vision for the future of the town.
Since 1993, Keith Brady has presided as the Mayor of Newnan and in this episode, we take a look back on the last ten years as part of the Newnan Times-Herald’s Decade In Review. We talk about how things have changed in Newnan since 2010 and what to expect in the next decade. We also talk about some commonly asked questions, including “When are we getting a Krispy Kreme” and “Why can’t we have liquor stores.”
On the latest episode of “Movers, Shakers, and History Makers,” Renea Lynn and Melanie Gramling from Chatty Newnan Women talk a little about their Facebook group and shed a little light on how it works and how they decided to help to sponsor a local family in need this Christmas. 
Coweta County is a community that loves its veterans and a good chunk of fan base includes local students. This in part due to the work of Steve Quesinberry and Frank Henderson at Newnan High School who are part of the history department that continues to showcase the amazing stories and sacrifices of veterans, both local and from across the country.In this episode, Steve talks about the history program, why students gravitate towards veterans affairs and a little about his love for the Beatles.
In 1984, Judge Mary Cranford made history by being elected the first female judge in Coweta County. In her 35 year tenure as probate judge, she’s overseen quite a few changes in the county and how probate court is handled. With over 40 years of working and serving inside the Coweta County Court System, she now prepares to retire and reflects on her career in the service of others. “There’s a lot of helping people involved in the court, and I liked that,” she said.
Mr. Carl Ware is one of the greatest success stories to come out of Coweta County. Born in Arnco back in the segregated south of 1943, he grew up on a sharecropper farm and eventually ascended into the world of Atlanta politics, revolutionizing how city business was run with the implementation of the "25-percent policy."Ware, The Coca-Cola Company’s first black group president, talks about how he used his power to hasten the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa.Ware helped revolutionize the corporate work environment for women and minorities with a legacy built on inclusivity. He recently published his autobiography - “Portrait of an American Businessman” - and he was kind enough to drop by to speak about the book and his incredible journey.
It's still hot outside, but Toby and Clay can still daydream about chili, cornbread and "fall" in the South. 
With Labor Day upon us, Toby and Clay get excited about college football, the possibility of cooler temperatures (someday...) and family estate planning! 
After a brief summer hiatus, Toby and Clay return with a new podcast, catching up on all the good stuff happening in life and in Newnan. 
In the latest episode of “Movers, Shakers, and History Makers,” Dr. Joel Richardson shares his experiences of living in Coweta County after arriving in 1984 to become the pastor of Central Baptist Church.For the next 30 years, Richardson served as pastor of the historic downtown church where he became a spiritual advisor to hundreds, including Gandy Glover. ​In this episode, Richardson talks about his career as a pastor, the people who make Newnan what it is and shares a few good Gandy stories too. 
In this episode, Toby and Clay talk about doctors, getting older and eating local. Pretty typical fare for these guys. 
Anissa Patton and Scott Berta from the Coweta County Chamber of Commerce talk about the great "Goat Rodeo" that is driving in Coweta, along with findings from their study regarding the future of transportation and infrastructure. 
Faced with a crippling case of podcasters block, Toby, Clay and Elijah fall back on what always works – talking about what's going on downtown. It inevitably leads to something, right?NTH Podcasts are sponsored by Ace Beer Growlers.
In this episode, we're talking Lewis Grizzard by two people who knew him well – Jim Minter and David Boyd Sr. Jim Minter was managing editor of the Atlanta Constitution and oversaw the consolidation of the Journal and Constitution newsrooms in 1982, and in 1986 was named senior editor of the Journal and Constitution and Vice President of Cox Newspapers. Minter talks about discovering Lewis, bringing him to Atlanta and watching his career take off.  Joining Jim is Coweta’s very own David Boyd Sr. A political cartoonist first at the Newnan Times-Herald, Boyd also illustrated several of Lewis’s books and calendars. Friends and golfing buddies, they traveled twice to Scotland to golf at St. Andrews.  "Movers, Shakers, and History Makers" is sponsored by Ace Beer Growlers.
Lenn Wood, a Coweta native and current candidate for the office of sheriff, has served for a number of years as the president of the Georgia Association of SROs and was sworn in as acting sheriff after Mike Yeager’s retirement earlier this year.Wood rose through the ranks at NPD where he ended up as a detective sergeant before joining the sheriff’s office in 1995 based on his interest in the School Resource Officer program.
In this episode, we take a look back to last year when Newnan was ground zero for a standoff between Neo-Nazis and a large group of counter-protesters. With memories of the tragic Charlottesville rally still vivid, the city was under the microscope of global media. In this episode, Toby and Clay welcome special guest Elijah Lees who made the decision to live stream the entire event from his Facebook account. All three take a look at the day from their unique vantage points and discuss how they think the city fared and what they learned from the event.
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