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Author: Dr Jay Khorsandi

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Your best mornings will always start with a great night of sleep! Dr. Jay Khorsandi, the sleep and life-hack expert with over 20 years of clinical experience transforming the lives of patients invites you to join him and world-renowned experts to talk tips and tricks that will help you sleep better, be healthier and live a more energetic and productive life! Learn how to make sleep your best friend. Explore ways to wake up feeling more refreshed and discover how to carry that new found energy throughout your day. If you feel like your sleep and daytime performance could use a shot in the arm you'll want to tune in as we uncover cutting edge sleep science, traditional and even ancient practices, as well as game-changing technologies and biohacking tools that will help you revolutionize your life game.
60 Episodes
Every day we breathe in over 2000 gallons of air. That is enough to fill a normal-size swimming pool! And to do that, we'll take about 20,000 breaths per day. But what if that air is full of mold and toxins?In this show, I chat with Christeen Hodson, who is the Customer Excellence Manager at a company called Air Oasis. That means she gets inundated with questions, everyday, from customers regarding air filtration and purification. As a result, she’s an expert at the importance of healthy air.In this show we talk about:Why it’s more important than ever to have healthy airThe change in public perception of how and what we breatheMasks vs filtersThe difference between air filters and purifiers What to look for when shopping for a systemWhy a proper system is an investmentOptimal locations for air purifiersThe different filtration methods and technologies and how they work And much more.If you are interested in learning more about improving the air around you, or placing an order you can go to my website: where I have links to Air Oasis along with a discount code: “bestnightever” for 10% off.USE CODE: “BESTNIGHTEVER” FOR 10% OFF YOUR ORDER!Lastly, if you would like to support the show, please share with a couple friends or give us a quick review so we can help spread the word. It would mean the world to us.Cheers, and enjoy the show!Support the show (
Have you heard of the term “biohacking”?In this episode Dr. Jay has an in-depth conversation with Elias Arjan about all things related to health optimization. Elias is a personal friend and fellow health enthusiast. He's recognized as an expert in corporate training, talent optimization and business development. Elias draws upon his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, sales professional, actor and speaker to develop high performing leaders, teams and organizations. He’s also the senior vice president of Biostrap which is an incredible sleep tracking tool that we discuss in the show as well.In this show we discuss:His background from circus performer to corporate trainerWhat he considers biohacking to beThe problems and pitfalls with with biohacking The path of the health enthusiastWhy you want to be “antifragile” and what that meansHis relationship with coffee (which is very unique)Some of his sleep hacks (coming from the senior executive of a sleep tracking company)And more!We are also going to mention the Biostrap (which is awesome) and I’ll have a link set up on my page where you can get early access to the new upgraded version that they are releasing.So if you go to and scroll down you’ll see it there and just follow the link!You can also find me on Instagram as @sleepbiohackerIf you find this show helpful, please leave a review or share it with a friend or 2 or maybe on a social media group that you may be in. I’d love for more people to learn about all the great health options out there and this show grows with love from you all out there.Thank you and enjoy the show!Support the show (
We can all agree that if we don’t breathe, we don’t live. But have you given much thought on how you breathe? Have you heard of the term “functional breathing”? In this episode, Dr. Jay goes deep into the world of sleep with a pioneer in the world of functional breathing. His name is Patrick McKeown and if you’ve ever wondered about breathing you may have read his books called “Close Your Mouth” or “The Oxygen Advantage”.Patrick McKeown is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading breathing re-education experts.He’s been on just about every major health and wellness podcast including Bulletproof radio, Ben Greenfield, London Real, and many many more. He’s also a TEDx presenter, so you’re going to want to listen in on his incredible body of knowledgeA quick warning: we did a deep dive into sleep apnea medicine and talked about things like arousal thresholds and loop gain which got pretty technical in the first half of the show, but if it’s too technical you can fast forward to the second half where we talk about:mouth tapingbreathing for performance,kids and breathingwhy breathing hard and yoga may not be the best idea and moreThis show was brought to you by me and if you want to support the show please share or tag a friend online and include me so I can share it as well. You can also visit my website to see all the products that I’ve talked about in the past.Feel free to follow me on my IG @sleepbiohacker as well if you are into that platform.So I invite you to take a small breath in through your nose (not deep) a small exhale and on to the show!Support the show (
More than ever, we all want to feel better. And if you’re a long-time listener to my show you probably want to live longer and healthier. My guest on today’s show has combined the ancient practices and wisdom of Oriental (Or Chinese) medicine along with modern day solutions like full spectrum botanicals to help people feel better, sleep better and live a more peaceful life. Her name is Chloe Weber and she is the co-founder of Radical Roots. USE: BESTNIGHTEVER to get 20% OFF your first order!Chloe is a mama on a mission to bring the safest and most effective hemp oil to the market, Her first formula, called  Remy's Revenge was created to help her sweet son, named Remy,  who we talk quite a bit about in this show.Her son has an impressively rare genetic disorder causing global neural delays and catastrophic epilepsy. As a medical provider, herb nerd and as a mother, Chloe knew that the current one-size-fits-all approach to hemp was not the most effective way to work with this powerful plant. So she took matters into her own hands and you’ll discover her journey was not easy but has become her passionIn this episode we discuss:Her background and training as an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctorWhat exactly Chinese medicine isHow it may not be what you thinkSome of the strange health challenges that we both have hadYou’ll want to hear her story about her song and the lengths she has gone to get him helpHer sleep routine and tipsAnd more.We also mention her company and I’ve got a great discount code for you: USE: BESTNIGHTEVER to get 20% OFF your first order!As always, if you want to learn more about me, you can find be on my Instagram @sleepbiohacker or my website sleepbiohacker.comI hope you enjoy the show, if you have comments, questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me online and I’d love to hear from you!Support the show (
My guest on this show is extreme bodybuilder turned awoken yogi and I can’t wait for you to hear about his journey.I’m speaking with Ryan Evans @ryantheholistichealthcoachHe’s known as the holistic health coach on his IG and if you saw pictures of him from a few years ago and compared them to today, you’d swear you were looking at two different peopleFor those of you long time listeners, you know I like to geek out on biohacking technologies and sleep. And we talked a little bit about those but we took a bit of a tangent and really went down some rabbit holes of awareness, meditation, breathwork, morning routines, sleep hacks, fitness, gut health and more.We even chatted after the show ended and realized that every single thing we talked about was #FREE.So, if you’re looking to learn more about yourself and make easy yet powerful changes you’re going to want to listen to this show.Learn more about me at www.sleepbiohacker.comLearn more about Ryan @ryantheholistichealthcoachEnjoy the show!Support the show (
What’s the first thing we do to express empathy to someone else? We say “my heart goes out to you”. But what does that really mean? In this episode, I had the privilege of picking the brain of one of the world's top experts in the field of Coherence and the connection between the heart and the brain. His name is Dr. Rollin McCraty. He is the director of research at the HeartMath Institute, a professor at Florida Atlantic University. McCraty is a psychophysiologist whose interests include the physiology of emotion. One of his primary areas of focus is the mechanisms by which emotions influence cognitive processes, behavior, health, and the global interconnectivity between people and Earth’s energetic systems. He has been with HeartMath Institute since its founding in 1991 by Doc Childre. You’re going to want to listen closely to Dr. Rollin as he goes deep into the world of intricate connections and pathways between the heart and the rest of our body. We talk quite a bit about HRV (heart rate variability) and what that means as well. You’re going to learn how the heart has its own brain. How the heart connects to the brain and how breathing in certain ways can make you more coherent, resilient, and a better human being. This show was brought to you by me. If you would like to support me and the show you can find my website at and @sleepbiohacker on Instagram to learn more about me and my products and services.Also a quick heads up...We talk about a unique device in this show called the Inner Balance and I’ll have links to that on my site if you’re interested in learning more.That’s it for now. Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and off we go!Support the show (
Let’s face it. Health and immunity are on many peoples minds these days. In this episode, I chat with someone who has unlocked many of the secrets to health and longevity and sprinkled it with some biohacking tech to help us all feel better, sleep better and live more resilient lives.I’m chatting with Eileen Durfee who is the founder of Eileen Durfee is an ordained minister (Statement of Faith) and Practitioner of Nutritional Balancing Science, business owner and inventor. She founded Creatrix Solutions during her journey to recover from her own allergies and environmental chemical sensitivities. She was previously a residential real estate developer, home builder, and realtor with over 30 years of experience. She understands toxic home environments and has created healthy solutions to optimize her own health and protect her clients and family members. In this show we discussHer journey through a number of wildly different careers Her challenges with health and how she overcame themWhat she considers to be “Nutritional Balancing Science”Ways to help optimize your healthThe low hanging fruit when it comes to better health quicklyHow she would build a new home, knowing what she knows nowTo learn more visit: the show!Support the show (
We’ve all heard of the term “diet” and we know how they work. But have you tried a "light diet"?That’s the question we are going to explore with our guest today. Joining me on the show is Rose from SIIZ Health. SIIZ is the manufacturer of the world's most eco-friendly, sustainable, and highest quality blue-blocking glasses on the market.We are going to learn about why you should be paying more attention to the quality of light and light sources around you as well as the optimal and worst times in the day to have light exposure.Tune into this episode to learn about:The meaning of the color spectrumThe benefits and drawbacks of certain light wavelengthsHow our relationship to light has changed over timeHow light exposure affects our sleepHow to go to the beach all day and not get burned!Why sunglasses may not be the best idea What “junk light” is and how to mitigate itAs well as some effective sleep hacking strategiesTo learn more about the glasses you can click here.More info about Dr. Jay Khorsandi and links to other recommended products here.Support the show (
In this show, the co-founders of Higher DOSE - Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri join Dr. K. to discuss all things related to heat and health optimization. Their company, Higher DOSE,  is an Infrared Sauna Spa with multiple, and very popular, locations across New York. Using heat to increase your body temperature has numerous health benefits including detoxification, better mood, clearer skin, and more. You’ll learn why this therapy has become the darling of high performers, athletes, corporate executives, and anyone who wants to feel better and look better.Of course, there are a ton of sleep benefits as well which we will get into in this show.In this episode you’ll learn:What motivated Lauren and Katie to leave lucrative careers and decide to open sauna spasWhy should you consider an infrared sauna if you’ve never done it.What to expect before, during, and after a session.What is the best way to take a sauna and tricks to hack the experience Their innovative infrared sauna blanket. Use code: BESTNIGHTEVER75 for $75 off!What are some of their favorite immunity hacksWhat are their nightly routines and how to stay healthy at homeAnd of course, their awesome sleep hacks.To learn more about their awesome infrared sauna blanket go here:’t forget to use code BESTNIGHTEVER75 for $75 off your order!Or to learn more about Dr. K, please visit: again for your support!Support the show (
In this episode, Dr. K speaks with Nutritionist, Health, and Performance Coach Angela Foster. Angela is the host of her own podcast called the High Performance Health Podcast and works with high performing clients including top CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and athletes and helps them optimize their lives through a combination of modern science, biohacking, and epigenetics.Dr. K was recently featured on her show and the two had so much in common that he invited her to be on his show to share her perspectives on DNA testing, epigenetics, health optimization, and more.In this show you’ll learn about:What “epigenetics” are?Why a diet is not “1 size fits all” and ways to find out what could work best for youThe role stress on our gene expressionHow to improve our circadian biologyWhat “personalized fitness” meanSome of Angela’s favorite biohacksAnd her nighttime routine for optimal sleep!And here are some resources mentioned in the show:Here are the links to the resources I mentioned:My website: Intro to Biohacking your DNA : Immunity Guide: www.angelafosterperformance.comInstagram: @angelasfosterFacebook @angelafosterperformanceLinkedIn: The High Performance Health PodcastSupport the show (
Two sleep doctors for the price of one!In this episode, Dr. K is joined by his dear friend, a pioneer in the sleep world, mentor, and colleague Dr. Michael Breus to dive into sleep like you’ve never heard before.Get ready to have your minds blown as they both uncover all kinds of science behind sleep as well as ways that you can improve your sleep tonight!Here is a little about Dr. Breus (or as he’s known across the world as The Sleep Doctor)Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 168 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show (39 times in 8 seasons).Author, The Power of WhenAuthor, The Sleep Doctor’s Diet PlanAuthor, Beauty SleepHundreds of presentations to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 CompaniesInaugural Sleep Technology Ambassador at Health 2.0, put on by The National Sleep FoundationConsulted to brands such as Advil PM, Breathe Rite, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Dong Energy (Denmark), Merck (Belsomra), IHome, Princess Cruise lines, Disney, Phillip Stein, Zeo, SleepScore Max and moreSleep Expert, WebMD for more than 14 yearsWrites for The Insomnia Blog, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Sharecare, and The Oz BlogPrincipal Researcher on numerous grant-funded projects and clinical trialsInterviewed many times on CNN, Oprah, The View, Anderson Cooper, Rachael Ray, Fox and Friends, The Doctors, Joy Behar, The CBS Early Show, The Today Show, and Kelly and Michael.Writes for The Insomnia Blog, The Huffington Post, and Psychology TodayExpert resource for most major publications doing more than 100 interviews per year (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and many popular magazines)Appears regularly on Dr. OZ and Sirius XM RadioTo learn more about Dr. K, be sure to visit his website: are the websites mentioned in the show:Curve pillow:  Chronoquiz: or www.thepowerofwhenquiz.comWebsite: blog: the show (
Can you use magnets to help you heal? How can something that has EMF in its name be good for you?If you are wondering what magnetic therapy is and how it can help you feel better and heal, you’re going to want to tune into this show.In this episode, I interviewed a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapies. His name is Dr. William Pawluk. He’s recently released a book called Power Tools for Health which goes into great detail in how PEMF devices can help your body heal.If you’re looking for “outside the box” ways to help the body get stronger or recover from injury or illness then you’re going to want to listen to this info-packed episode.Here’s a little more about Dr. Pawluk. Dr. William Pawluk, MD, is a formerly Board-Certified family physician with a practice near Baltimore, Maryland. He has had academic appointments at a number of universities, including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. He has had training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, and bodywork and is considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy in North America.In this episode we are going to discuss:His journey in the magnetic sciencesHis thoughts on the Covid19 conditionThe science behind PEMFsHow to stay healthy and avoid illnessHis top hacks for sleepA discussion on brain wavelengths and what may help you feel less anxious these daysAnd more!Here are some resources mentioned in the show:His Book: Power Tools For Health ( A Guide To PEMFs) website: the show (
A leading pioneer in the world of healthcare, functional medicine and chronic illnesses therapies, Dr. Petra Dorfsman joins Dr. K as they explore what it means to be healthy, sleep healthy and live a vibrant life!In this episode you’ll learn about:Her thoughts on the Covid19 PandemicWhat you can do to stay healthySleep tips to help your body healWhat deuterium is and how it affects your bodyWhat foods contain higher levels of deuterium that you should avoidWhat foods have less deuterium that can lower your levelsWhy so many people are dealing with chronic health issuesAnd more!As always, you can learn more about Dr. K, on his Instagram @sleepbiohacker Please don’t forget to subscribe, review and share this podcast if you find it helpful.Support the show (
Looking to get better sleep during the Covid19 crisis?We know that healthy sleep will boost your immune system!In this episode I explore some easy ways that we can get better and healthier sleep.This is a recent solo-podcast where I share my top 7 tips that you can do right now to help boost your sleep quality and your immune system!Be sure to stay tuned to the end where I reveal 2 next-level biohacker style tips that can help you get the Best Night Ever!Support the show (
Special Episode Alert! This is a double podcaster interview with one of the leading fellow health researchers and friend Kayla Osterhoff. If you want to learn what it means to be optimally healthy or how to take your sleep to the next level you’re going to want to listen to this show!Kayla is the host of the BioCurious podcast, she is also a health scientist, researcher, professional biohacker, nationally ranked athlete, and integrative mind-body medicine coach. Kayla has dedicated her life to sharing useful knowledge, empowering people to take responsibility and control of their health, wellness and life. She employs a holistic approach across the spectrum of mind-body medicine, biohacking, naturopathy, neuroscience, and functional nutrition to harness the body’s innate power to reach its full potential! In this episode we discuss:Our morning and night routinesThe definition of biohackingSome best tips and takeaways from guests that we have had on our showsWhat to do if you are just starting your journey into health and wellnessThe coronavirus and how to navigate your life accordinglyEMF concerns and what to think about when you hear 5GThe power of mindset and the “no-cebo” effectAnd a whole lot more!Be sure to check out her podcast “BioCurious” and to learn more about me, you can follow me on Instagram @sleepbiohackerSupport the show (
Have you heard about infrared sauna therapy? Looking to take your health to the next level? Join Dr. K in a very informative discussion into the science of infrared saunas with Kevin Halsey. Kevin is the CEO and founder of Sunstream Saunas. His company is known for making one of the highest quality units along with having some of the lowest EMF’s in the industry. Don’t know what EMF’s are? We’re going to go over those as well.If you’re in the market for a sauna, you’re going to want to listen to this show as we’ll talk about what to look for and what to look out for when buying a sauna. Kevin has 20+ years experience in this industry and we tap into his wealth of knowledge to learn about why you would even want to put yourself into a wooden box and have your body heated up and sweat like you probably haven’t sweated before!In this episode we’ll discuss:What led Kevin into this industry and why he still loves itWhat is the purpose or benefits of sauna therapyWhy is it becoming so popular latelyWhat is the difference between infrared sauna and traditional saunaWhat are some items you should be aware when shopping for a saunaWhat “full spectrum” means in the sauna industryEMF concerns and exposure levels in saunasBenefits to sleep and detoxing with a saunaAnd much more!As always if you’d like to learn more about me you can visit my Instagram profile @sleepbiohacker to see a lot of these things that we talk about in action. You should also visit to learn more about these amazing saunas and how they can change your life!Support the show (
DOUBLE DENTIST GEEK OUT ALERT! This podcast is extra special. It’s not often that I get the chance to sit down and go deep with a fellow dentist who is hyper-focused on helping people optimize their health. In this episode you’ll hear from Dr. Dominik Nischwitz. Dr. Dome is the founder of the first center for Biological Dentistry in Germany. He specializes in ceramic implants, the treatment of cavitations, the removal of amalgams (silver fillings) and a total A-Z approach to health optimization beginning with addressing the problems in your mouth.His office isn't your normal dental office. He’s created a healing sanctuary for people who are looking for help getting better and for those who want to take their health to the next level. He is able to identify the toxins both in the mouth and in your body and develop a specific plan to systematically remove the stressors while also simultaneously increasing the body’s own ability to heal itself.If you have been dealing with some chronic issues that won’t go away and have tried numerous health protocols with not enough improvement you’re going to want to pay extra attention to this episode.In this episode we are going to discuss:How Dr. Dome found his way into this fieldWhat does biological dentistry meanWhat does the term “health starts in your mouth” meanThe diversity and importance of the oral micriobiomeHow gum disease bacteria can show up in Alzheimer’s patientsWhat are the challenges with general dentistryWhy root canals have become controversial and is thoughts on themWhat is a cavitation and what problems can it causeHow do dentists use ozone in dentistryWhat’s in the future for dentistryAnd more!As always, if you want to learn more about me and my sleep recommendations and all the things I do for sleep you can follow me on my Instagram @sleepbiohacker.Also, if you find this show or others in the past helpful, please share with a friend or 2 or hit subscribe. That helps me grow my audience and continue to get amazing guests like this to share their knowledge with you!Support the show (
Do you like a warm bed and your partner needs it to be arctic cold to sleep? Feel like you are on a totally different sleep schedule compared to your spouse?Join Dr. K as he breaks down why men and women sleep differently. Find out some simple tricks that can help level the playing field when it comes to sleeping with someone who sleeps completely different than you!Support the show (
Dr. K. invites the Chief Science and Clinical Officer Dr. Jeff Marksberry of Alpha Stim to join him to uncover the world of "electro-medical" products. Learn how sending a micro-current of electricity across your brain can help you with anxiety, insomnia and depression. Find out how the device works, when to use it, who it's intended for as well as why it was created. If you already have a sleep supplement stack, a mindfulness practice, mushroom coffees or any of the above, then you need to pay attention to this emerging technology.Interested in boosting your HRV, want to hack your meditation? Alpha-stim has both clinical indications and is now being introduced to the biohacking world as another option to help you feel better, sleep better and have more productive days.Support the show (
People and experts are always telling you what you should do and need to do to improve something or get an outcome. In this episode we flip things around and Dr. K outlines the things you CANNOT do if you want a good nights sleep!Find out what habits, rituals and routines that we all do on a daily basis affect our sleep as well as the next day.We'll also go over why these habits can be so bad as well as ways to mitigate them.Now sit back, relax and enjoy "The Epic Fail" episode!PS. This episode was brought to you by Snore Experts.Support the show (
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Fantastic content in easy to digest format. I've had troubles with my sleep and the information has helped me improve my sleep. I've recommended this to friends and family who are looking to get better sleep. thank you!!!

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