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The Individual One Podcast focuses on news regarding U.S. President Donald Trump. The show chronicles his presidency and possible impeachment/re-election, and takes a hard look at Trump from a conservative perspective. Using unique commentary and compelling guests, the podcast tells truths about Trump few others can, or will.
146 Episodes
Our Final Episode

Our Final Episode


John wraps up two years of the podcast with an expanded final episode. He provides unique analysis of Trump's 2nd impeachment trial, the death of Rush Limbaugh, the state of the pandemic, and the future of America.
John breaks down the 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump. He then does a fascinating interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf, a prominent liberal author who has taken a strong contrarian position on our reaction to the pandemic.
John reviews all the news leading up to Trump's 2nd impeachment trial. He then concludes the podcast's final "Ask John Anything" segment with a very compelling Part 3.
John reviews the news from the first week of the Biden administration and Trump's coming impeachment trial. He then continues answering listener questions for part 2 of "Ask John Anything".
John reviews all the events of the inauguration of Joe Biden, and the final days of the Trump administration. He also previews Trump's second impeachment trial and why the perverse political incentives could work in his favor, unless Republicans figure out their future depends on getting rid of the Trump cancer.
John reviews all the craziness of the past week since the assault on the Capitol. He breaks down the cancellation of Trump and his looming 2nd impeachment. He also theorizes about whether Mitch McConnell is making a strategic mistake if he really wants Trump convicted.
John recaps a completely insane series of events as Trump supporters storm the Capital ahead of him being officially declared the loser of the presidential election. He also details how, just as he feared, Republicans lost both of the Georgia runoff elections and what that means for the future of America.
Ask John Anything, Part #1.

Ask John Anything, Part #1.


John reviews all of Trump's recent insanity with regard to having lost the election he still claims was rigged. He then begins answering your questions for "Ask John Anything".
John goes through all the latest news proving that even Trump knows he lost the election. Then he discusses the coming Senate runoff elections in Georgia and the latest on the pandemic.
John reviews all of the crazy news surrounding Trump's pardon of Mike Flynn and his continuing claims that the election was stolen from him. He also examines whether Trump REALLY believes he won.
Why Trump Lost

Why Trump Lost


John reviews Trump's latest bogus claims of a "stolen" election, and how half of all Republicans have been duped by them. He then explains why he thinks Trump actually lost the election.
John reviews all the craziness of the last week and how Joe Biden declared victory, but Trump refused to concede. He details why Trump's claims of a stolen election are absurd, and where things are likely to go from here.
Trump Loses... Or Did He?

Trump Loses... Or Did He?


John gives his unique perspective on what happened on election night, where things currently stand, and how we may be headed for a perfect storm of chaos moving forward. He also explains why Trump may not be done quite yet.
John predicts what is going to happen in the upcoming Presidential Election, offers a quick review of the last Presidential Debate and highlights Biden's latest blunder where he clearly referred to Trump as George. John also describes a poster his daughter Grace created about the need for freedom and voting for Trump while eliminating "libs" from her circle of friends, all on her own. He closes with a few scenarios for the electoral college.
John details a dramatic shift in Trump's tone in the final days of the campaign and previews the upcoming last debate with Joe Biden. He then breaks down the state of the race and Trump's chances of pulling off a miracle.
John reviews all the latest news, including the Amy Barrett nominating process. He also explains, in detail, why he can not vote for either Trump or Biden for president.
John breaks down all the insanity surrounding Trump getting COVID. He then explains how and why he is now convinced that there is no viable path for Trump to win re-election.
John takes a deep dive to review the first (only?) presidential debate between Trump and Biden in a way in which no one else possibly can. This episode is a must - listen for anyone who cares about the election.
In an extended addition of the podcast, John takes a look at how the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will impact the election. He then details how his theory about Robert Mueller and Bill Barr has been vindicated in a new book.
John reviews the big news involving The Big Ten football conference reversing its decision not to play and the possible impact on the election. He also explains in detail how Trump REALLY blew the COVID response and why it hinders his re-election bid.
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Naveen K

love this podcast. moved it to my favorites

May 22nd

Craig Pohlmann

loved listening to this POD.!!

Mar 7th
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