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The Taller Lying Down Podcast is a no holds barred look at music, movies, entertainment news, and sports of two fairly funny, opinionated middle aged dudes. We also go off on wild tangents and diatribes at random! Listen now!
112 Episodes
Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are not dead from the 'Rona. They're back and better than ever? This episode we are talking Covid, New cars, and Bike riding as an adult. Enjoy the glorious return.
Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are hitting each other with a "Rapid Fire" Question and Answer session. Nothing is off ,limits and the off the top of their head responses come quick....ish. The subject of micro penis may have also played a role however none were harmed in the recording of this episode.   
You're still stuck at home so you might as well listen to the hosts of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, Adam and Craig, ramble on about TV, Being stuck at home, and what generally they dislike....Enjoy 
Join hosts Adam and Craig as they discuss "Macho Men" in film. From Classics like John Wayne and Rock Hudson to Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone and Denzel Washington, all the way to today's Macho stars like Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth. How have the Leading men in film changed? How have the looks and Feeling these actors give you about being Macho morphed with the times? Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself to be swooning over "Macho Men" in film through the years.  
In this episode of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, hosts Adam and Craig are discussing "Bugging Out." From how to make a Bug Out bag to where and how to "Bug Out" the boys are going in depth on what the survival essentials should look like. We know Covid-19 has you and yours on edge but after listening to this episode you should be much more informed on how to be fully prepared. 
In the second installment of "Artist Spotlight" Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are bringing you all things....Mel Gibson.  Mel Gibson has made a career out of being an on screen gem, from Mad Max, to William Wallace, he has proven he is a talented actor with range. His success as a director is nothing to be scoffed at either. His self funded film Passion of the Christ is one of "Hollywood's" most profitable movies to date. Love him or Hate him you're sure to enjoy this one.   
Are you sad that the NCAA tourney was cancelled? Disappointed that all the sports you love are "Offline." Well have no fear the TALLER LYING DOWN PODCAST is here! On this episode Adam and Craig are taking you through the "Fast Food Bracket" to decide who each host believes is the ultimate fast food champion. From Burgers and Fries to Shakes and Bowls a winner must be crowned.  
Stuck at home? Can't go anywhere? Bored out of your mind? Well never fear Taller Lying Down Podcast is here! On this episode we are talking....You guessed it Coronavirus. From the people panicking to those who couldn't care less we break down whats breaking your immune system down. Enjoy you sick freaks. 
On this episode of Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are beginning a new series entitled "Artist Spotlight." Artist Spotlight will be an in depth look at a famous Actor who's work speaks for itself. Who better to begin this series with than TOM HANKS! From goofball comedies to brilliant character acting to Epic War films, Tom Hanks stands alone as one of the greatest actors of all time. We hope you enjoy this in depth look at some of his greatest achievements and upcoming hits!  
On this very special Episode of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, hosts Adam and Craig are talking to the "Not Suitable 4 Adults" Podcast hosts Rich and Natalie! Rich and Natalie's Podcast is described as " Two parents review the shows their kid watches and break them  down....Sometimes too far." Adam and Craig pose some great questions from the hosts such as "How is working with your spouse?" "What are your favorite shows?" and "What do you think of Billie Eillish?" Make sure you stay tuned from beginning to end for this one as questions are answered, Laughs are shared, and Sponge Bob is explained?
On this episode of the Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are throwing it back.....Way back....To the year 2000. Both men are discussing the top 100 songs from the year 2000! From Britney Spears to Tim McGraw and everything in between. Make sure you give this one a listen as the guys sing some of the favorites from old Y2K. 
Do you like Valentines day? Are you excited about the Matt Reeves Batman? Does Billie Eillish piss you off? If the answer to any of these is yes then this is the episode for you. Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are discussing these topics as well as Ray Liotta and Chantix. 
Fresh off of the 2020 Oscars Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are discussing the winners and losers. Adam and Craig both picked some winners and were surprised by some of the losers.... No 1917 didn't win Best Picture but if you want to know what film did make sure you listen closely. Also, did you want to go see DC's newest film "Birds of Prey"? Well Don't!!!! 
You've heard the original now listen to the 2020 version! Adam and Craig are talking about the big game commercials from this years "Big Game." From Doritos to Cars, Beers to Smart Park this is the place to hear about all things commercials. Also big shout out to Denny's for letting us record....
On this very special episode of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, hosts Adam and Craig are recording live at 27 Bar + Kitchen for the 1 year show anniversary. Both hosts are talking about each's top 3 favorite episodes of season 1. Make sure you listen to this one for a special "Thank You" to all of our family and friends. We couldn't do any of it without you.....Well, we could but we probably wouldn't. Special thank you to everyone who attended this event, Fuller Cakes for making an amazing and delicious cake, Mary rose photography, and 27 Bar + Kitchen for being an amazing host as always.  
Birthday Bash January 25th, 5pm at 27 Bar and Kitchen, 720 Monmouth Street Newport Ky. You are Invited!
In this episode of the Taller Lying Down Podcast, hosts Adam and Craig are giving you a preview of the Oscars! From Best picture to Best Original screenplay, the guys are telling you who they think should win and who they think WILL win in each category. Make sure you listen all the way to the end as Adam and Craig are also giving you a surprise review of "Bad Boys for Life." 
On this episode of Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig are talking the #1 rated movie of all time on IMDB. Agree or not this one is hard to dispute. The guys are also talking about the newest film from Director Sam Mendez, 1917. Is it the greatest war film of all time? Is it the greatest film in the last 20 years? the answer to those questions and more.....
Hang onto your butts as the Taller Lying Down Podcast is back! Hosts Adam and Craig are talking this years Golden Globes as well as a preview of winter movie releases. This kick off for the 2020 season is sure to have you laughing as well as well informed on the Golden Globe winners. Our Winter movie preview is sure to peak your interest as well. We are glad to have you all back and we hope you enjoy!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Taller Lying Down Podcast hosts Adam and Craig want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and extend our most sincere thank you to all who have made this amazing Podcast journey with us in 2019. 2020 has lots of fun and exciting changes on the horizon and we hope to continue bringing you a great podcast!  
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