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Author: Kirstie Taylor

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The Wellness Hustle is a weekly podcast empowering a shift in focus to what truly matters: ourselves. Work hard play hard isn’t cutting it anymore; we’ve been focusing on the wrong hustle.Intended to inspire a true shift in your life, this podcast will cut through the wellness BS that’s out there, chat with industry leaders, and have candid talks with real people who went through real struggles and how they overcame them.Real talks. Real advice. Real change.
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Today's episode is just me, myself, and I! All three of us are talking about something that plagues us all: expectations. Whether it be expecting our life to turn out a certain way or a person to react how we think they should, expectations cause us unnecessary stress and resentment. I read aloud an article I wrote on Medium, "I Didn't Upset You; Your Expectations Did"If you like what you hear, please rate me on iTunes. Also, let me know what you think about the solo episode/reading past articles format. Follow The Wellness Hustle Podcast & Kirstie at:InstagramTwitterWebsiteSubscribe to TWH newsletter and have each week's episode sent straight to your inbox! Subscribe to Kirstie's writing newsletter for all her articles and weekly advice column. 
Purpose in the Youth is a podcast focused on unfolding the stories of people who are passionate about what they do. Host Bobby Hobert aims to have conversations with people that have a strong sense of purpose in order to inspire his listeners to find the same in their life. On this week's episode we talk about:Bobby realizing corporate America isn't for him and the steps he took after thatWhy Bobby decided to focus on interviewing young entrepreneursHow dedication can create something big The first steps for creating a podcastYou can follow Bobby and Purpose in the Youth over at:Purpose in the Youth's InstagramBobby's InstagramFacebookYouTubeWebsite iTunesFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast & Kirstie at:InstagramTwitterWebsiteSubscribe to TWH newsletter and have each week's episode sent straight to your inbox! Subscribe to Kirstie's writing newsletter for all her articles and weekly advice column. 
LIVELY is an empowering lingerie brand, or Leisurée as they call it, that was founded by an even more inspiring woman. This week I had the pleasure of talking with Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder, and CEO of LIVELY, about the company and her work empowering women. Michelle spent the tenure of her career creating brands and products for some of the world's largest retailers including Federated, VF Corporation, Limited Brands/ Victoria's Secret and Thrillist Media Group. While working with Victoria'sSecret, she learned that this $13B lingerie category, in the US alone, was dominated by this one brand, with one point of view. Grant was inspired to create a completely new experience for the category,—one she coined Leisurée—and so LIVELY was bornOn this episode, we discussed:Fears of getting into a new vertical of a well-established industryHow important a community isEmpowering women to feel sexy about more than just their looksThe first steps to take for starting your own businessYou can follow Michelle on Instagram. You can follow LIVELY at:InstagramFacebookWebsiteFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast & Kirstie at:InstagramTwitterWebsiteSubscribe to TWH newsletter and have each week's episode sent straight to your inbox! Subscribe to Kirstie's writing newsletter for all her articles and weekly advice column. Also, check out Kirstie's Harness Magazine article that she mentioned in this episode 
As you all know, mental health is near and dear to my hear. So I was very excited to talk with Megan Gallagher this week about her work with helping teens work through their anxiety. Megan Gallagher is from Northern California and works as a motivational speaker for teens about mental health. She is also a TedX speaker, and you can listen to her talk here. On this week's episode we talk about:What it feels like to live with anxiety Why more people don't talk about mental healthThe mental health epidemic happening with teensThe first steps to take towards getting help and feeling betterFollow Megan along at:InstagramWebsiteYouTubeFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast at:InstagramTwitterWebsiteSubscribe to TWH newsletter and have each week's episode sent straight to your inbox! 
This week we're discussing how plants can be used as medicine, the ins and out of the new world of naturopathic doctors, and how doctors should work to be educators. I had the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Jean on this week's episode. Tyler is an aspiring Naturopathic Doctor, who attends the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. His journey in medicine began in college when he fell in love with food.We discuss: How a Naturopathic Doctor differs from a Medical Doctor The idea of doctors being educators Treating the body as a whole system Preventative vs. disease care Simple tips that you can apply to your life today Tyler had always been a firm believer in educating others about their health. He believes that practitioners have the unique opportunity to be a teacher and a mentor that encourages others to take self-responsibility for their health and empower their patients and the general public with the knowledge necessary for living a healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyle.You can follow Tyler over at:InstagramWebsiteFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast at:InstagramTwitterWebsite
Kalina is the founder of BIG TALK, which started as a video series encouraging people to skip the small talk and make more meaningful connections. It has also been turned into a card game, and has evolved into a global initiative with people around the world "making Big Talk." You may recognize some players of Big Talk including Keith Urban, Billie Ellish and the Los Angeles Lakers! On this week's episode, we talk about: How Big Talk started Why connection is important How it feels to chase a passion project Handling the ebbs and flows of life Kalina received her degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University and spent a year as a Fullbright Research Scholar in Singapore studying ways to use Big Talk to establish empathy across cultures. Big Talk has been featured on the Huffington Post, NBC Asian America, USA TODAY, Forbes, and more. You can learn more about Kalina at and Big Talk at www.makebigtalk.comYou can also follow her and Big Talk on Instagram. Follow The Wellness Hustle Podcast at:InstagramTwitterWebsite
This week's episode is all about storytelling with Esteban Gast. He is a funny guy; we laughed, we cried, and we shared some personal stories involving the jungles of Panama. Esteban is a comedian, writer, speaker, and educator who is passionate about stories that create a better world. He is Colombian, grew up in Puerto Rico and Illinois, and currently lives in LA. He started touring as a comedian at the age of 23, taught creativity and design thinking at the college level, co-authored a book on creativity, and was president of a sustainability-focused institute in Panama. He was one of the stars of the tv show Jungletown, airing on VICELAND and has been profiled in WBEZ, Huffington Post, Brooklyn Magazine and others.We talk all about:Using humor to convey a messageThe power of storytellingWriting your story in existenceConnecting the dots looking back Follow Esteban's journey over on InstagramFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast at:InstagramTwitterWebsiteCheck out this week's sponsor and use "KIRSTIE" for 10% off your first clip-on bidet at Tushy. 
This week's episode of The Wellness Hustle Podcast is all about CONFIDENCE. Can I get a raised hand if you ever felt like you lacked confidence?I'm sure we've all been there and that's why I'm excited to bring someone on to talk about the subject. Chantelle Anderson is a Vanderbilt Alum, former WNBA Player and basketball Hall-Of-Famer.Now as a Confidence Coach, she founded Confidently His, a platform that teaches women to overcome the Cost of Insecurity, build the Skill of Confidence and apply practical techniques to confidently live their calling. Chantelle has taught her ground-breaking Confidence strategies at companies like Google and ESPNW, and spoken about the relationship between confidence and faith at churches from Los Angeles to London.In this week's episode, we talk about:Why people lose confidence over timeHow to work on confidence every day Building a confidence resumeThe cost of insecurityIntentional livingYou can follow Chantelle and check out her work here:InstagramWebsiteFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast at:InstagramTwitterWebsiteCheck out my Medium Article about Intentionally Staying Single here. Check out this week's sponsor and use "KIRSTIE" for 10% off your first clip-on bidet at Tushy. 
Have you ever considered if you live a life rooted in pain? Because we've all experienced it.This week, I talked with Caleb Campbell about the trauma coaching he does. Caleb is a West Point Graduate, Former Army Officer and NFL Draft Pick. After self-destructing in the NFL, Caleb knew something had to change and that’s when he walked away from the NFL, moved to Canada, and went on a 7 year self discovery journey that transformed his life through the healing of his emotional trauma. Caleb now spends his time traveling the country where he speaks at schools, conferences and churches as well as coaching his clients through the same process to personal freedom.On this week's episode, we talk about: Understanding how trauma can come in many formsDeciding to own your pathHow toxic masculinity can be passed down in a familyRealizing Narratives that don't serve you anymore and rewriting themYou can follow Caleb and read about his work here:InstagramWebsiteFollow The Wellness Hustle Podcast at:InstagramTwitterWebsite
Born and raised in small town Mansfield, Connecticut, Alexa Curtis knew she wasdifferent. When she entered middle  school, all the bullying she endured led her to needing an outlet to escape. In 2011, at just 12 years old, she started a fashion blog; A Life in the Fashion Lane. As Curtis evolved as a person, her blog naturally shifted from fashion to discussingsensitive topics that teens and young adults face every day.  A Life in the FashionLane was changed to Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis and became a lifestyle websiteand podcast for teens & parents discussing topics such as social media and mentalhealth. On this week's episode, we discuss: How to overcome negative self-talkCreating the life of your dreamsRe-writing your story and embracing your pastThe impact of social media on our mental healthCurtis has spoken at numerous colleges; Northeastern, UConn, EasternConnecticut, Rutgers along with high schools. In October 2018, Curtis spoke alongside Amal Clooney and Serena Williams at Penn Women and in Sept 2018, Curtis added ‘host’to her arsenal as she launched her own radio show on Radio Disney called “FearlessEvery Day” with Alexa Curtis. “Fearless Every Day” is the first of its kind and isbreaking new ground for the Radio Disney brand. You can follow along with Alexa here:InstagramFacebookWebsite
This week's episode of The Wellness Hustle Podcast, Kirstie is going solo-- talking all about her experience redefining what success means to her. She dives deeper into:- What does success mean for you?- Redefining how we view happiness and success- Why uncertainty can be fun- How to live a life with an unclear pathFollow along on her journey:InstagramFacebookTwitterWebsite 
Ever wondered about the products in your home? It should be our safe haven but we may have a toxic home causing us much more harm than good. This week I spoke with two of Branch Basics cofounders, Marilee Nelson and Allison Evans. In this week's episode we discussed:- How they overcame chronic illness through the products they use everyday - Why and how they started Branch Basics- The kinds of chemicals often found in our products - The shift in paradigm that is needed to rid toxic chemicals from our food supply and household products - Tips for switching to non-toxic livingYou can follow their journey and buy Branch Basics' cleaner here:WebsiteFacebook Instagram
On this week's episode of TWH, I interviewed a good friend of mine. Jodie Elmer is a fitness instructor at Barry's Bootcamp and someone who hustle's hard for self-love. I was inspired by her vulnerability when we first met on Thanksgiving and she opened up about the rough year she had. Jodie and I get into the real stuff this week. We discuss her journey into the fitness industry, how she used rejection to better herself, the way that she was able to find her voice, and her struggle with body image. Jodie also recently teamed up with Nike Los Angeles to help promote female sports role models, since the number of women staying in sports has decreased. Follow Jodie on Instagram here. Check out the Nike Legacy Summit for Women Coaches here. 
Rob Lawless is on a mission, Robs10kFriends, to spend 1 hour, 1:1, with 10,000 different people to learn about their lives and see what comes of opening doors for no particular reason. Since starting his project in Philadelphia in November of 2015, he's taken it full-time and has met over 2,475 people across 17 different cities throughout the country (mainly Philly & LA). He's also been covered by a range of press sources including Philadelphia Magazine, TimeOut LA and Ryan Seacrest on his nationally syndicated radio show, "On Air with Ryan Seacrest." In 2019, Rob hopes to expand internationally so he can begin meeting people from all different parts of the world on his way to 10,000!On this episode, we discuss:Leaving a corporate job to pursue your passionThe importance of human connectionHow to get past small talk Choosing how you want your life to look Follow Rob On: Instagram
Lindsey Hall is an award winning eating disorder + addiction speaker and writerHaving struggled with the eating disorder cycle for many years, Lindsey has actively been in her coined "flexible recovery" since 2014, and is the author behind "I Haven't Shaved in Six Weeks," a blog written to humanize the stigmas of eating disorders and treatment. Through her published writing, she has had the privilege of speaking around the world on nuanced topics such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Drunkorexia, Exercise Addiction, Orthorexia and other eating disorder behaviors, and has been featured in publications including TODAY Show, CBS, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, SheKnows, NEDA, SHAPE Magazine, Refinery29, and more.On this episode, we discuss:The eating disorder cycleWhat is orthorexia and body dysmorphia?Men and eating disordersHow to use regret as a drive to keep you goingFollow Lindsey On: InstagramWebsite
Ali Bonar is a foodie and founder of a company called Kween + Co.Ali is a nutrition-fiend, recipe developer and above all: foodie. After struggling for over 10 years with restrictive and binge eating, Ali was inspired to start Kween + Co, a wellness company with the aim of empowering women to reimagine their relationship with food and ultimately, bring fun back into eating. Kween + Co's main product is the world's first spreadable granola butter. It's a one of a kind product and absolutely delicious. On this episode, we discuss:Intuitive EatingBody ImageStarting a businessThe struggles of work/life balance Follow Ali On: InstagramFind Kween + Co at:WebsiteInstagramFacebook
Stevie Wright is a Certified Body Image Coach, personal development junkie, healer, and coffee lover. On this week's episode, we discuss:Body Image and the deeper issues that play into itThe importance of learning to be present The essentials for creating true change in your lifeStevie has spent the last several years constantly working on herself to go from disconnected, playing small, and not ever feeling good enough, to free, empowered, and self loving. Stevie realized she wanted to help women do the same and now offers high level coaching to individuals and groups. Stevie also hosts transformational women’s retreats. Her mission is to help women ditch the drama with food for good and come back home to their bodies. Follow Stevie Wright On: WebsiteInstagramFacebook
Dr. Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and the period revolutionary—leading the change to better periods.On this episode we discuss:Women's HealthBirth Control Myths surrounding PMSHormone Health Informed by a strong science background and more than twenty years with patients, Lara is a passionate communicator about women's health and alternatives to hormonal birth control.  Her book Period Repair Manualis a manifesto of natural treatment for better hormones and better periods and provides practical solutions using nutrition, supplements, and natural hormones.  Now in its second edition, the book has been an underground sensation and has worked to quietly change the lives of tens of thousands of women.Articles Dr. Lara Briden References in the show: Dr. Lara Briden: WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterOrder Period Repair Manual Here
Eva Gutierrez is a freelance writer and digital nomad. While traveling the world, she has amounted over 1M+ views and worked with seven-figure businesses to write articles that showcase their expertise within their niche. You can find her reluctantly climbing volcanos, in the corner of a coffee shop, and on Instagram at @TheRandomLifeofEva.In this episode, we talk about:- Life as a Digital Nomad- How to get into freelance writing- The impact that travel has on you Follow Eva's journey here:Instagram: @TheRandomLifeofEvaWebsite:
Welcome to the first episode of The Wellness Hustle! I got to chat with Dr. Lisa Upshaw about her experience going against the herd and pursuing a career in natural medicine. Dr. Lisa Upshaw is an acupuncturist who’s intention is not just to help alleviate symptoms but show others how they can become their own best healer. By learning how to pay attention to the body's signals and approaching wellness care from a mind-body-spirit perspective, she believes that true health can be attained.Holding a Doctoral degree in Chiropractic and a Master's in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, Dr. Lisa’s specializes in holistic acupuncture but uses her background as a chiropractor in most cases.Acupuncture changed her life and improved symptoms related to asthma and reproductive wellness. What made the biggest difference was taking a true holistic approach. Once Dr. Lisa regained optimal wellness her mission became to empower others to feel their best.Follow Dr. Lisa's journey or sign-up for the waiting list for her online course here:Instagram: @drlisaupshawWebsite:
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