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Welcome Seahawks fans! Seahawks Forever is where I get to take all my passion, knowledge and insight into the Seattle Seahawks and roll it into one. I've been covering the team in one form or another since 1991, as a television journalist, web writer and podcaster. What you'll find here is my analysis and opinions on what the team is doing, or SHOULD be doing, on the field and off. From the draft and free agency, to everything that happens once the pads go on..... join me and my roster of fellow journalists and analysts for what I feel is the best Seahawks content around. Go Hawks!!
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The NFL just passed a new rule that allows teams to carry a 3rd "emergency qb" on gameday How will the Seahawks approach and use this new rule? Who's the front-runner to be that guy for the Seahawks? They worked out yet another young QB this week, who is he and what are his chances of being signed? How about a surprise dark-horse candidate for the Hawks to bring in as their 3rd QB? --- Send in a voice message:
Griffin Sturgeon, co-host of the outstanding Seattle Overload Podcast, joins me to give his analysis of the Seahawks rookie additions on the defensive and offensive lines. How do they fit, and how much can we expect them to contribute as rookies? We also tackle the question of just which scheme ARE the Seahawks running on defense now? --- Send in a voice message:
When the Seattle Seahawks selected Jaxon Smith-Njigba with the 20th pick in the NFL Draft, no one was more excited than Cigar Thoughts Podcast host Jacson Bevens, and not just because the two almost share a first name. Jacson had selected Jaxson in his pre-draft mock draft and looked at him as the perfect fit for the Seattle Seahawks offense. Re-live (or enjoy for the first time) his live reaction to the pick the day of the NFL draft, and much more. Jacson shares his insight on the state of the Seahawks roster, where he thinks the teams stands relative to the rest of the NFC, and how he sees the recently released NFL schedule shaking out for your boys in blue. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show for notifications and downloads any time a new episode is posted! --- Send in a voice message:
The Seahawks schedule is officially out and there are some interesting storylines mixed in among the 17 games. I'll break down the 4 phases of their 2023 slate of games and give you my early range of predictions.... how many wins do I see in there? Only one way to find out.... listen in! --- Send in a voice message:
My former co-host Dayna O'Gorman joins me to provide her first-person account of what the NFL Draft was like in Kansas City: Her initial, live reaction to the Seattle Seahawks picks Accounts of her interviews with Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Njigba Who did she think the Seahawks were GOING to pick at #5? Based on what she witnessed, can the NFL Draft work IN Seattle? Overall thoughts on the Seahawks draft haul Favorite non-Seahawk draft moment --- Send in a voice message:
You read that right. According to a detailed, behind-the-scenes piece just written by Seahawks reporter John Boyle, the Hawks believe they got not two, but three players they had graded as first-round talents. I'll break down how the process went, and what it says about the way John Schneider and Pete Carroll have locked in their successful recent draft strategy. Plus, and under-the-radar yet VERY intriguing late addition to the Hawks rookie mini-camp invite list. --- Send in a voice message:
Cap Guru John Gilbert from Field Gulls joins me to discuss the Seattle Seahawks current salary cap status. We discuss.... Why is John Schneider talking so much about "cash and cap" this offseason, and is it cause for concern? Where does the team currently sit with cap space? Is there enough to sign their 10 draft picks? How can they add more veterans, what's the easiest path to creating more cap space? How does the cap stand as we look forward to 2024 and even 2025? --- Send in a voice message:
Despite nearly universal praise for what the Seattle Seahawks did in the just-concluded NFL Draft, there is much consternation among fans that the team didn't do enough to address their interior defensive line, a notable weak spot in 2022.  But.... are they actually better off there than you might think?  I'll break down the players currently on the roster and answer that question, using a couple recent examples of how they've handled their roster construction. --- Send in a voice message:
It's that time of year! I unveil my "shadow draft," where I chose who I would pick at each spot when the Seahawks were on the clock. What did I get right? Who's draft is actually better? Also.... reacting to Poona Ford signing elsewhere. Where does Seattle turn now, and where will the money come from? Jordyn Brooks 5th year option declined.....what's the future at LB? --- Send in a voice message:
Special Guests Bill Alvstad and Keith Myers, co-hosts of the Seahawks Playbook Podcast, join me to break down the 2023 Seattle Seahawks Draft: Favorite and least favorite picks Who will be this year's biggest surprise? Our best guesses as to who John Schneider referred to as the "upset,"..... players they wanted but didn't get Too high for a running back? Overall state of the roster, and what's left to address? Did Seattle gain ground on the 49ers? --- Send in a voice message:
They made us wait, but Seattle attacked the trenches on both sides of the ball with some HUGE players filling HUGE needs. I give you my immediate thoughts on what they've done through the first 6 rounds, how the roster looks as a whole, and what might lie ahead in undrafted free agency. --- Send in a voice message:
The Seahawks added two more rookies to the fold on the second day of the NFL Draft, but serious roster questions still remain. Can they do enough in rounds 4-7 to address the thin defensive line? I break down the selections of Derick Hall and Zach Charbonnet, assess where the roster is as a whole, what I think the plan might be moving forward, and take a look at the best available prospects who may be good day 3 fits for the Seahawks. --- Send in a voice message:
The Seahawks took two dynamic talents in the first round of the NFL draft, but opinions are mixed. Are Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Njigba future All Pros, or were they luxury picks the Seahawks made at the expense of more pressing needs? Draft Analyst Michael Thompson of 12th Man Rising joins me to break it all down and look ahead to what the Hawks may do on Day 2. --- Send in a voice message:
With the NFL Draft just hours away now, it's crunch time! **My FINAL Seahawks 7-round mock draft, and this one is "perfect"!!!! **Why the Seahawks should target plug-and-play players and not developmental prospects in THIS draft **My list of "My Guys" - late-round players flying under the radar I'd pound the table for **What is the "Owen Schmitt reaction" and who would get it if the Seahawks draft him this year? **Behind the curtain with a couple of my biggest journalistic "pet peeves" **Are we thinking about the QB-at 5 scenario all wrong in regards to Geno's contract status? --- Send in a voice message:
CBS Sports Draft Expert Emory Hunt, author of the Football Gameplan draft guide, joins me as we look ahead to the NFL Draft. Among the things we discuss: **Is Jalen Carter worth the "risk" at pick #5? **Would he take a QB if he were John Schneider? **Some of his favorite defensive line fits for the Seahawks **His top-rated Center prospect is a shocker! **Day 2 and late round gems And much more!!!! --- Send in a voice message:
My former co-host Dayna O'Gorman returns to give us her thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft: "No QB at 5!!!!!" She explains.... Her current feelings about drafting a certain Georgia Defensive Tackle Dayna's favorite potential Seahawk draft picks Her view from the front lines - host city Kansas City is already buzzing. Could Seattle be a suitable future site? Mock Draft Monday! Trying to align Seattle's reported interest in players with fan favorites. How do I do? --- Send in a voice message:
Long time Seahawks beat writer and author Chris Cluff joins me for our annual look ahead to the NFL Draft. Where does Chris stand on the Seahawks interest in Jalen Carter? Evaluating Best Player Available vs. need, and how that might impact their early picks. Looking for clues within John Schneider's comments about player evaluation. Lining up first round grades by positional value and matching it up with Seahawks needs. Could the Seahawks take a CB in round one? Chris' favorite Seahawk prospect...... who is it? --- Send in a voice message:
Among the topics on today's show:  With several scouts in agreement that this year's NFL draft lacks top-end talent, is it a case of unfortunate timing for the Seahawks to have so many high picks?  How did the Jalen Carter visit go, and why is it so crucial for Seattle's draft plans?  If they don't have a player they see as a fit at #5, what would a trade-down scenario look like? Is that potentially the right move?  My breakdown of how I see the perfect distribution of positional picks in this year's draft. Do they NEED to add more picks?   And, Mocking The Mocks. My take on a couple of interesting new mock drafts, including an advance look at one that hasn't even been released yet! --- Send in a voice message:
Corbin Smith, host of the Locked On Seahawks podcast and lead writer for All Seahawks, joins me to provide his thoughts on how Seattle might approach the upcoming NFL Draft: His latest idea of what they might do at pick #5, and a deep dive into one particular prospect that might be the choice. The mystery of the 20th pick. Is this where the Hawks throw us a curveball? His favorite Day 2 prospect. Spoiler Alert: There's a TON of talent to choose from. Who's his LEAST favorite prospect? And so much more! --- Send in a voice message:
With 3 weeks until the first round of the draft, the Seahawks are finalizing their draft board. Is Jalen Carter on it? He's trending on Twitter today.... let's talk about why. Are the Raiders poised to throw a wrench into Seattle possible QB plans? Bobby Wagner spoke with the media this week and divulged that he wants to retire a Seahawk. So is 2023 his swan song? And are there any ILB's in this draft who look like the "next Bobby?" I'll unveil my "Fav 5" list at the EDGE position, which includes a couple day 3 sleeper-types you should keep an eye on. Finally, with all the attention surrounding Anthony Richardson as a potential Seahawk target, what about Will Levis? There are reasons to believe John Schneider might just fall in love with the Kentucky QB above all others. --- Send in a voice message:
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Tom Swanson

Loren Kissick of Puyallup, WA is the WWII Vet at the Seahawks' game. He is a D-Day soldier. On a field of professional football players, he is definately the biggest badass.

Oct 7th


Great stuff from Brandan and Adam

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