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Author: Corey Winfield

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The 217 Recovery Podcast is an Inspiring, Helpful, & Fun Recovery Podcast based in Traverse City, Michigan, and features Corey Winfield & his wife, Marney, as Co-Host.

The 217 Recovery Podcast was started by Corey Winfield in April of 2019, at Nathan's House, a sober living home for men located in Boyne City, Michigan.

Since starting the podcast, 217 Recovery has become a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that helps people in early recovery and those still in active addiction. is full of resources and the 217 Recovery App makes it possible to get new episodes and blogs even faster.
473 Episodes
Saying no, not reacting, & thinking logically played a key role in the success of Corey's day.
Situations that used to baffle me, taking control, & a few good events to check out.
Marney selects the episode "Short & Sweet" from 3.14.2020 for tonight's replay.
Props to our Mothers and Corey tells two classic stories!
When you finally surrender, The promises are real, Someone's got it twisted, & Fantasy Football got a little more awesome for the 217 Recovery Sober League!
Corey & Marney talk about mental health, suicide awareness training, events, & how fun meetings are on the 217 Recovery App.
Marney and Corey talk about memories and life in early recovery.
Marney selects the episode "We're Official" from 5.12.2020 for tonight's replay.
Excuses, Blame, Acceptance, Ownership, & A school project Corey has planned for the kids!
What goes through our mind during our lowest moments and how that affects people living on the streets.
Corey talks about that moment when you have to make a choice.
Marney selects the episode from June 23rd, 2020 "Our Day In Court"
Defending Shane, New App is Live, A movie review, & Trying to figure out what we were thinking before a relapse.
Corey talks about his guest appearance on the Radio Dayz Podcast and how it brought back memories of the good days and the dark days of his addiction.
Shane talks with Corey about his recovery. His growth, his fear, & the acceptance that's kept him sober for 10 Months!
Marney selects the episode from August 6th, 2020 "Family Matters"
Yesterday was good, New merch, Waiting on the new app, & Problems.
A Michigan business supports recovery, Corey talks about his vaccination, & the "2 Birds, 1 Stone, 7 Thoughts" Podcast is born!
Corey has a new plan for getting vaccinated, Moving on, & Tension mounts...
Marney selects the episode from March 12th, 2020 "Know Your Place"
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sugar Shane D

you might actually be a terrible server

Mar 14th

sugar Shane D

Corey... it's Shane give me a call sometime soon

Jan 20th
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