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Author: Paudeville

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A family-friendly variety show hosted by entertainment power couple Corbin and Julie Miller.
43 Episodes
We still exist! And we did a trip! And it was a trip! It also inspired our new game where we tell you all about the best roads from The Nowhere, PA.
Alright everyone, grab your Love Buckets! It’s love day and we got you covered with some nerdy pickup lines of multiple vintages. Go out and woo!
Hey! We’ve been doing this ding-dong-dang podcast for a whole year! To celebrate, we bring you a normal episode, a week and a day late! Get ready for some math! There are no wrong answers in Vector? I Hardly Know...
Everybody has a fever! And the only cure is more D&D! So, we’re going to finally put out the next section of Dungeons and Dad Puns where Corbin and Theo play a Pokemon-themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign.
Happy New Year from Paudeville! Join Corbin and Julie for a rousing game of New Years-themed Categories that is very strict on the rules and goes at lightning speed! What mental acuity they have!
It’s Christmastime in Paudeville! We’ve been busy with fun family Christmas activities, regardless of how much sleep we’ve gotten!
Lots going on in this episode! We busted out the nifty thrifty mobile recording center 3000 and enjoyed a nice stroll in Vienna, VA. Also, Corbin started playing D&D with the kids and we thought about waiting until they figured...
Are we still tired? You tell us! Tell us yes. The answer is yes. We’re tired.
You guys…we’re tired. We have a very cute reason to be tired and we’re a little loopy in this one.
Hey all you Boos and Ghouls out there! Here’s a short, sweet, trick-or-treat episode for you! Join us for some spooky stories and bone chilling sound effects.
The day has finally come! Time to pit all 16 of our animal freaks against each other to see who is the freakiest freak of them all! You can find the bracket we’re using here.
Did anything interesting happen in our family recently? Hmm, let me think…Oh yeah! We had a baby! Valley Opal joined us this past week and it’s been a grand adventure. We’ll tell you about it! Just listen!
You guys, we have babies on the brain! This episode comes out on Julie’s due date, so when the next episode happens…we shall be enbabied! And we have real big plans! This time we have our sweet Ruby on to...
We have an extra special three way Animal Freakshow battle this time! Seven-year-old Theo brings his best game in the form of the box jellyfish. He’s up against a mind controlling flatworm and an adorably terrible mother, the quokka! Who...
We’re headed back to school this week and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We have a special back to school round of the categories game and even a school-themed Twue Cwimes. We’re excited to release the first episode of our...
This is an episode of truth! Don’t get exploded by all the truth bombs! First we play Truth or Truth, which is a much better version of Truth or Dare. Then Ruby makes her triumphant return with a new set...
We’re back for our first episode on our new biweekly schedule and we have been busy! Birthdays! Adventures in DC! Leftover food!
Big announcement on this episode. We’re saying, “Bye Weekly” and “Hello Biweekly!” Get ready for episodes half as often but 17 times as good!
It’s the long-anticipated return of Animal Freakshow! This time we pit the hog-nosed snake against the horned lizard! Who will win the title of the Freakiest Freak of the Week? You decide! Actually…we decide!
It’s that time of year! Everybody’s talking about it! It’s one week past Paul Bunyan day! The traditional day for setting off fireworks and other forms of merriment…right? Our 3-year-old talks about the ultimate prank he’s going to play with...
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