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Author: James Christopher

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America's past time from those who enjoy it: the fans. We're gonna spend the spring, summer and fall going to check out the best game at all levels: MiLB, MLB, Independent Leagues, College and High School.
136 Episodes
INTO THE WOODS: The Northwoods League PreviewAt the end of the month, the Northwoods League kicks off! And we’ve been to two of our favorite ballparks for the first time in….well…too long. 0:00:46 - The First Pitch: Why I love the Northwoods League.0:01:41 - On Deck: Ryan Voz, president/commissioner of the Northwoods League and co-owner of the Willmar Stingers.Follow them: 0:13:39 - The Tangled Webs of the Dock Spiders: Chris Ward, GM of the Fond Du Lac Dock Spiders - Who’s On First: Britani Eaton of the Traverse City Pit Spitters - Who’s On First: Conor Caloia & Vern Stenman of the Madison Mallards - Who’s On First: Brian Colony of the Kalamazoo Growlers - From The Bleachers: We had an emotional night at the Round Rock Express. They’ve allowed us to include their welcome back video and got great footage of one of my favorite ballpark traditions. Then we headed down to Corpus Christi for the first time in over 600 days. 1:09:43: Holler and a Swaller: Live from the ballpark and Nathan and I went traditional Texas.St. Arnold’sShiner Bock1:11:53 Show. Me. The. Merch: We take a live look at the Hook Line and Sinker and we got great swag from Round Rock and Corpus.1:13:32 Good Wood: ESPN tried to hip up baseball with some Star Wars and it came off as well as Steve Buscemi trying to be a high school student.1:27:41 Go Go Astros: Brian Arbour went to Yankee stadium…and survived. 1:39:46 Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Andrew looks at the past of the Northwoods League. 1:50:30 Closing It Out
After over 500 days, we’ve got Minor League baseball back. Let’s get into it. First Pitch: Presented by, we’re out at Del Diamond. 0:00:57 Show. Me. The Merch:  Shoutout to the good folks at Ballnine for the cool shirt!  We’re ranking Star Wars night jerseys and talking about the way I marathon the films.Teams included:Sugar Land SkeetersErie Sea WolvesNormal CornbeltersBrooklyn CyclonesCharlotte KnightsDaytona Tortugas0:08:35 The Minor League Mind: Jess is ready to kick off his career with the Harrisburg Senators0:22:22 This Just In: Jeff Lantz, Senior Director of Communications for MiLB is here to preview 2021. 0:34:10 Eye of the Storm: Omaha Storm Chasers president Martie Cordaro joins the show. 0:50:12 In The Birdcage: We’ve got Victoria Huggins of the Fayetteville Woodpeckers0:59:43 On Deck: MiLB guru Ben Hill is here to talk fatherhood and the new season1:11:40 In The Tacklebox: Seen those Corpus Christi Hooks ‘Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit’ jerseys?  Amy Johnson of the Hooks is here to talk about them.1:18:50  Frisco Rough Riders: Riders’ Play by Play voice Zach Bigley is here.1:28:27 Tulsa Drillers: We’re joined by Drilllers GM Mike Melega1:37:42 St. Paul Saints: Sean Aronson, Saint’s play by play voice joins the show. 1:48:33 Tacoma Rainiers: Rainiers creative director and friend of the show, Casey Catherwood is on the show. 1:59:08 Closing It Out: Baseball in 2020 and kudos to Geoff Blum and the crew behind the Astros Youtube broadcast on making me eat some crow. 
The baseball show from the fan’s perspective.0:01:01 The First Pitch - The fair weather fans are out in force already and it’s only April. Don’t be the guy or gal I wouldn’t want in my foxhole. Sponsored by www.thebaseballmapper.com0:06:46 Holler and a Swaller - Presented by The Hitter Sports, we’re drinking Alamo Bourbon from Alamo Distillery and toasting a great friend to the show. On Deck - We’re joined by one of the most influential people in baseball, Former Astros President, current CEO of Ryan Sanders Sports and Entertainment and the newly named member of the Minor League Executive Board, Reid Who’s On First: Friend of the show, Kevin Watterson is here to talk Keene Swamp Bats and the 2021 NECBL season. 0:34:45 Go Go Astros - New main contributor Brian Arbour checks in to talk about the ’last Astros unpleasantness.’0:48:11 Good Wood - Andy and Jim take on the sometimes incomprehensible MLB COVID policy.1:03:48 The McEntire Mule - The Atlantic League might be pushing the mound back.  Say Whaaaaa?1:16:56 Closing It Out - April is #NationalPoetryMonth and we’re reading “The Double Play” by Robert Wallace. Thank you to my Mother In Law, Cheryl, for the recommendation.
Packed episode. Let's go around the horn! 0:00:44 The First Pitch - I talk about one of the most tired subjects in baseball: should Pete Rose be in the hall of fame.0:05:05  Show. Me. The Merch - Check out these teams for some great gearPORTLAND SEA DOGSFind them here: OTTERBOTSFind them here: DRILLERSFind them here: BISONSFind them here: RAILROADERSFind them here: TIMBER RATTLERSFind them here: Who’s On First - Emma Tiedemann of the PORTLAND SEA DOGS is here to talk about the upcoming 2021 season.Find them here: The Pullman’s View -  Our new segment dedicated just to the ROUND ROCK EXPRESS.  Andrew Felts is here with some great news on the ballpark capacity.Find them here: Into the Maze - A new segment just for our friends in Normal. Matt Durkin is here to talk about the new Cornbelters kids’ club.Find them here: Go Go Astros - Tim made it to the Home Opener.0:38:58 Good Wood - Andy and Jim talk about Bauer’s Balls. 0:59:30 - Raiders of the Lost Diamond - Andrew and Jim talks about the 1:12:24 Closing It Out: Enjoy the ballpark, but remember, if you don’t like the COVID adaptations, it’s not the ushers/ticket takers/beer vendors fault. So don’t take it out on them. 
‘Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical’ - Yogi Berra0:00:44 The First Pitch - The season is starting for the major leagues! Up next, the minors. So remember to support your local ball club.0:04:48  Good Wood - The MLB pulled the All Star Game from Atlanta. We think, for once, the MLB made the right move and in a timely fashion.00:17:14: On Deck - Hannah Huesman serves as a Mental Skills Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies. She’s here to talk about working on the mental side of the game.00:33:43 Who’s On First - Tyler Stamm, the GM of the Astros Triple A club, the Sugar Land Skeeters, talks about the preparations for his first season as GM of an affiliated minor league club. 00:47:07 Adjust Your Scorecards - Alex Cannata, freshman infielder for the Southwestern Pirates checks in.00:55:08 Go Go Astros - Andy breaks down the Astros hot start.1:12:08 Raiders of the Lost Diamond - Andrew Nelson takes us to the East Texas city of Beaumont.1:25:19   Closing It Out - Oh, the crack of bat.
It's beginning to look a like baseball....opening day is here!0:01:03 The First Pitch- Opening day! Let’s GOOOOO.0:05:12 The McEntire Mule - A Missouri based Razorback in a Longhorn’s Diamond.0:15:34 Who’s On First - Amy Johnson from the Corpus Christi Hooks0:24:30 On Deck - Patrick and Cory created the ultimate baseball traveler’s tool: baseballmapper.com0:43:20 Holler and a Swaller - We’ve got a new bourbon to toast the new season, from the back yard of the Hall of Fame, no less.0:45:20 Good Wood - The Void is over! Andy lays down his picks for MLB 20211:05:24 Adjust Your Scorecards - Tim is here to talk fond memories of Opening Days past.1:16:08 The Big League Chew - Emily Nyman of Breaking Balls Pod is here to preview the Yankees quest for number 28!1:27:17 Go Go Astros - Rob and Michelle from the Astros Baseball podcast preview the Astros quest for, among other things, their 5th straight ALCS appearance. 1:41:31 Closing It Out - Put the stress aside and enjoy opening day.
OPEN: I’m turning 45 and I have had a lot of wonderful experiences so far: a military career, a film career, a cool ass film festival and this baseball show. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day and I share a limerick that got me sent home from school in the 2nd grade.0:08:10 - Who’s On First: Tom Kelley from Baseball Ireland is here to talk about growing the sport on the Emerald Isle.Find them here: by Zumer Sports0:24:51 - On Deck: John Fitzgerald from the Irish American Baseball Society talks about the organization, building baseball from the ground up and recognizing the Irish Americans who have helped grow the game from the early days. Find them here: - Holler and a Swaller: Because I don’t drink Guinness from a can, having a Smithwicks. Presented by The Hitter Sports. 0:41:10 - Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Andrew goes looking for clovers for St. Paddy's Day. 0:48:42 - McEntire Mule: Scott has a new segment and we’re talking College Baseball! Fall in love with the ping!1:01:51 - Go Go Astros: Tim is here and we’re talking the new pitchers and new contracts.1:17:55 - Good Wood: Andy dives into why the MLB seems to not want anyone to actually watch the product. It seems weird. 1:39:35 - This Just In - We’re joined by David Schmoll of the CarShield Collegiate League to talk the new teams as they continue with the successful pod.1:48:02 - Closing It Out: End of the ep and looking back at the first 44 years of his life, Jim gives a shoutout to some of the folks who have made a difference.Including:AndyTimothyScottAndrewJessThe Hitter SportsErik the Peanut GuyHardy the Hat GuySpencerPaulJason Cedric Mike CarloLukasJourdanAnd of course:JessicaIt’s been a great life so far. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it.  
OPEN: Spring Training as started and the joy and euphoria over the beginning of baseball has led to the inevitable overreaction of Spring Training results. In this, as in all things, we turn to Lou Brown. 0:05:21: THIS JUST IN - THIS JUST IN: Matt Durkin from the Kernels Collegiate League is here to unveil the new teams and they are amazing.  Twitter.0:09:44: LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAY BALL - Jim saw BOTTOM OF THE 9th with Joe Manganiello and Sofi Vergara and he dug it. 0:12:31: WHO’S ON FIRST: Portland Pickles owner Alan Miller is here to talk the Pickles 2021 campaign and the continuation of the Wild Wild West League. Portland PicklesWild Wild West LeaguePickles TwitterWild Wild West League Twitter0:23:27: GOOD WOOD: Andy Tomczeszyn has a new segment and its his take on the MLB. And we start easy with the future of the CBA negotiations. 0:43:29: MINOR LEAGUE MIND: Jess Knaster gives us a glimpse of the minor league baseball landscape now that contraction is finished. 0:56:12: GO GO ASTROS: We’re joined by Astros historian, Mike Acosta. 1:34:07: CLOSING IT OUT: Alex sent me some baseball cards with express warning not to eat the gum. Will I listen?
OPEN: A new season is upon us. And it’s time to be dipped in ‘magic waters.’ Jim’s opening quote is from FIELD OF DREAMS and we need it now more than ever.0:06:07: SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Jim is finally revealing his#NationalHatDay haul:Erie Sea WolvesTri-City ChiliHolly Springs SalamandersSpearfish SasquatchWaterloo BucksDaytona TortugasWilliamsport CrosscuttersPeoria Chiefs0:12:40 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We’ve not a new brew from Texas Leaguer.Follow them here.0:14:45 WHO’S ON FIRST: Matt Durkin from the Normal Cornbelters is here to look at the upcoming season!0:24:51: LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAYBALL: We’re talking Roman Weinberg from the Field of Dreams Movie Site on how people can visit the set of the best baseball movie ever. Check them out. 0:35:52 - GROUP THERAPY: Scott, Timothy, Jess, Andrew and I talk baseball movies as we near the end of The Void. 01:06:50 - CLOSING IT OUT: A big thanks to the Mississippi Braves, Jim talks about the new format of the show and Jim’s boycott of the MLB this season. 
Open:We’re dedicating the episode to baseball fan and hat aficionado Jon Laurendeau (12/3/1960 - 12/28/2020). Jon was a a great friend to Erik Mertens. Check out Erik’s segment. For more about Jon.Since the finale, we’ve got new lids from:Hagerstown SunsAsheville TouristsNorfolk TidesMadison MallardsCorpus Christi HooksVermont. Lake MonstersMahoning Valley ScrappersEverett Aqua SoxWilmington Blue Rocks 0:06:48 - Show & Tell: Scott, Tim, Andy, Jess and I show off and tell the stories about our favorite hats.0:37:31 - Erik The Peanut Guy: Erik is here to talk his hat collection, what makes a good hat and more.0:57:23 - Hardy The Hat Guy is showing off his hat collection and talking baseball in Indiana.1:11:29 - Spencer Schwartz is talking Yankees caps and the Twitter hat community. 1:25:12 - Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Andrew takes us through the history of the baseball cap.1:49:51 - Closing It Out: Jessica is here with Quint as we reveal her middle names. Hint: the Tacoma Rainiers,  Bowling Green Hot Rods and Turbo the Bat Dog should pay attention. 
Open: My take on the realignment of the minor leagues and the decision to boycott the MLB next year. 0:09:31: Jeff Knaster, Andy Tomczeszyn and James Christopher discuss the realignment of the minor leagues and its affect on baseball longterm.0:42:18 Eric Jarinko (Greenville Drive)0:58:38. Jeff Lantz - Senior Director of Communications, Minor League Baseball1:13:27 Tom Resienweber - Erie Times-News1:23:06 Closing
The LET’S GET TWO Holiday Episode(OPEN) It’s finally here! Our holiday episode! And we have a gift for all of our listeners!!!(0:3:24) HOLLER AND A SWALLER: As this season of Let’s Get Two winds down, we’ve got Rogue Brewery from Newport Or and Saint Arnold out of Houston, Texas. (0:08:38) SHOW ME THE MERCH:  Baseball Santa game early and left me some cool gear from the Spokane Indians, Frisco Rough Riders and the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. (0:13:56) ON THE SLEIGH: SANTA! Now I know him! We had Santa in studio and we looked wearing gear from the LeHigh Valley Iron Pigs, Modesto Nuts, Corpus Christi Hooks and O’Fallon Hoots.Santa and I spoke about his love for baseball and his thoughts on basketball.We talked North Pole efficiency and ‘Elf-Alytics”Jose Altuve short jokes, the Naughty and Nice List (He is NOT a Joe Kelly fan) and he listened to requests from some of his favorite people in and around baseball:Shoutout to the St. Michael’s Film students.  (0:34:11). BASEBALL-AKUH: For Hanukkah, Jess Knaster builds a lineup of the best Jewish ball players (0:47:49) BASEBALL FESTIVUS:  NSFW:  Andy, Scott and I air some grievances. (01:05:27) RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND:   Andrew Nelson takes us on a tour of baseball’s past in the Great White North.(1:19:19) ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Erik the Peanut Guy carries the spirit of baseball with him and we had to check in before 2020 ended.(01:29:11) WHO’S ON FIRST: Ottawa Titans owner Sam Katz jumps on to talk about his gift to baseball:  the new Frontier League team in Canada. (01:36:46) CLASSICS WITH THE CANUCK: A crossover with our movie show SCREEN JOKES as we discuss the Star Wars Holiday Special with Mike Donis. And he’d never seen it until now.(1:47:35) IT’S A WONDERFUL (ASTROS) LIFE:  In our new segment, EXTRA INNINGS, we’re making short films and sketches that tie to baseball. Jim uses a holiday classic to FINALLY put the Astros sign stealing scandal to bed.(2:05:46). CLOSING IT OUT: Jess joins me to wrap up the year. We talk some things from 2020 that were actually positive. We name 8 teams that we’re going to see. Tri Cities Dust DevilsSouthern Maryland Blue CrabsKeene Swamp BatsGreeneville AppyOmaha Storm ChasersTraverse Pit. SpittersFond Du Lac Dock SpidersWe also announce a new arrival to our family and a CONTEST for our favorite minor league teams.  
Open: My bold declaration and promise for the 2021 MLB season and a congrats to the Northwoods League.0:03:56: Holler and a Swaller: We’re toasting the folks in Minor League Baseball by raising a Saloon Door Brewing. 0:08:32: Show. Me. The. Merch.: We’ve got Christmas gear from the Erie Sea Wolves and an Omaha Storm Chasers Mystery Box. 0:18:30: Mahoning Valley Scrappers- Jordan Taylor is here to talk about the Scrappers movement into the new MLB Draft League.0:32:52: State College Spikes - Joe Putnam and Scott Walker are back to check in on the Spikes, the #SaveOurSpikes initiative and the future of State College in the MLB Draft League.0:47:14: Sugar Land Skeeters - Tyler Stamm joins us to talk about the transition of the Skeeters from the Atlantic League to Triple A baseball. 00:57:49 Adjust Your Scorecards: JD Davis of the Corpus Christi Hooks is here to give his thoughts on the changing landscape of baseball in America.01:11:28  Minor League Mind: Our MiLB guru Jess Knaster is here to talk about current state of Minor League Baseball.01:32:34: On Deck: Martie Cordaro of the Omaha Storm Chasers joins us to talk the MiLB/MLB situation as it stands at the moment. 01:49:06: Closing It Out: A look to our Holiday Special.  
Let's Get Two S2 E79 “Turkey Day”OPEN: Despite it being 2020 and a tough year that isn’t going to go out the easy way, there are things to be thankful for.  Wearing the sweet Baseballism cap. Shoutout to Jourdan and Jessica! (0:06:25): WHO’S ON FIRST: John and Ashlie of the Columbia Fireflies join us to talk their journey in baseball, the 2020 season that wasn’t and how they chose to react to getting “dumped on Twitter.” Great people and a great interview. Can’t wait to meet them in person.(0:31:56): HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Presented by the Hitter Sports and featuring a new branding in his honor, we’re toasting the Hudson Valley Renegades with an Anchor Brewing Christmas beer in honor of Jess Knaster. Shoutouts to:AndyScottStuJess Andrew Timothy The Hitter SportsEmily MrsStealYoBaseBraves EmilyPaul CaputoErik The Peanut GuyAlexJessica (0:38:56) SPECIAL GUEST: Matt Durkin of the Normal Cornbelters is here to talk Prospect League, KCL is back and promos for 2021!(0:45:03) TO THE DUGOUT WITH DARIEN: Darien Sills-Evans is here to talk the new Met’s ownership and the Dodgers winning it all for his adopted hometown. (0:56:58) GO GO ASTROS: Andy and I are talking the Skeeters/Round Rock switch and the Astros. We also deal with an awkward tweet I sent. Hint Jeff Passan. (1:19:50) THIS JUST IN: Andrew Nelson is here to talk Twins and the St. Paul Saints/Rochester Red Wings. (1:33:45) THE MINOR LEAGUE MIND: Things are happening the MiLB.(1:41:14) THE BIG LEAGUE CHEW: Theo Epstein has options. But what are they?(1:48:45) SWINGING FOR THE FENCES: The Keene Swamp Bats are back and thankful. (1:56:32) CLOSING IT OUT: Shameless plug for our indie Thanksgiving Comedy, Turkey Day. 
OPEN: I start out with some background on my military experience. I then talk the election results and try to add my thoughts on how we can come together. Dedicated to Nathan Bybee.(0:15:48) THIS JUST IN: The New York Yankees have cut ties with the Trenton Thunder and the Staten Island Yankees. The ‘what’ is one thing, the ‘how’ is abhorrent. (0:18:46) MINOR LEAGUE MIND: Jess Knaster and I talk the latest developments in MiLB Contraction.(0:39:55) THIS JUST IN: The Mets have settled on their affiliates.(0:41:30) RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: Andrew Nelson takes us on a trip through the Military Baseball’s past.(0:49:30) THIS JUST IN: Moral Flexibility Olympics: Alex Cora gets our first individual gold medal!(0:50:31) ON DECK: Brian Barefield, AKA “Big Sarge Sports,” talks his show, his love of sports, his military service and the importance of Vets getting help.  Site(01:11:06) HOLLER AND A SWALLER:  Drinking a Karbach “Yule Shoot Your Eye Out” and toasting Eric Adair, Tammy Adair, Jessica and, most specifically in this ep, Matt Dudley.(01:16:32)CLOSING IT OUT: A shoutout to the Lancaster Jethawks.
Let's Get Two S2 E77 “Directions to the Void”OPEN: The Election is today. Let’s try to be adults about this. (0:09:24) Big League Chew: Scott talks the fall out of the World Series, Blake Snell and why 2020 might not be the only year that sucks for baseball. (0:24:04) Minor League Mind with Jess Knaster: Some of the MiLB Dominoes are about to fall. (0:40:07) Go Go Astros:  Andy and I talk about Dusty, Qualifying Offers and the state of the Astros pitching. (0:56:45) Adjust Your Scorecards: Dodgers mega fan and podcast host, Alex Ekelund talks his Dodgers getting it done. (01:16:18) Show Me The Merch: The team in Greeneville TN is going to be a Collegiate Woodbat League next season, but we had to snatch up that sweet Greeneville Reds march before it was gone. (01:18:47) This Just In: As we recorded, Ballpark Digest dropped some news on MiLB contraction. Jess and I talk about it. (01:29:28) Holler and a Swiller: We’re having our first Christmas brew, a Shiner Cheer and toasting our Dodger fan friends. (01:33:44) This Just In 2: Excited about a new sport: the Moral Flexibility Olympics(01:38:27) Closing It Out: I’I had to talk a little Justin Turner and COVID. 
OPEN: We know who Senator Sasse of Nebraska is. And not just because of his “butt cut” and that’s a problem. (0:08:59) Big League Chew: We have a World Series match up! Scott and I make picks.(0:22:23) Go Go Astros: Andy and I start to unpack the 2020 Astros season after losing game 7.(0:47:24) Show Me The Merch: New gear from the LeHigh Valley Iron Pigs and the Lake Elsinore Storm.(0:50:06) Holler and a Swiller: Drinking the Texas Beer Company’s “OkTaylorFest” and toasting our friends at Mansplain Baseball Elsewhere with a dramatic reveal.(0:54:03) Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Andrew Nelson is. using his PKE. Meter to find the Casper Ghosts. (1:00:51) Who’s On First: Kim Foster, GM of the Greenville Appy league team talks all about the move to the Collegiate Summer League Format.(1:11:44) Closing It Out: I’m having a 4th Tap House of Torment, talking Astros and asking for some help from the Twitter baseball fam. Vader needs a new bandana. 
OPEN: Are the Astros victims of karma?(0:05:43) GO GO ASTROS: One more chicken, 27 more outs?(0:12:17) HOLLER AND. SWALLER: We’re drinking Independence Brewing’s Native Texan and toasting Joe Morgan. Presented by The Hitter Sports. (0:15:25) LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAYBALL: Andy is here to talk our favorite sports show, Ted Lasso. (0:29:24) WHO’S ON FIRST: We’ve got Anderson Rathbun of the Burlington Baseball club. He’s here to talk about the transition of the Appy league to collegiate woodbat. (0:42:29) ON DECK: Andrew Felts of the Round Rock Express is back to talk about an excited event at the Dell Diamond: and that ain’t no bull. (0:51:23) MINOR LEAGUE MIND: We check in with Jess Knaster at the updates to the changing landscape for minor league baseball. (1:05:42) CLOSING IT OUT: 
Let's Get Two S2 E72 “Innovators SummitOPEN: 162 - 60 = 16. Call in ManFraud math.(0:06:24) Holler and Swaller 1:  We are drinking Circle Brewing’s Tuxedo T Shirt and toasting Darrell Mitchell, Stu Clary, Trina and Taylor Bentley. Check out Make and Matter!(0:10:29) Go Go Astros: Andy and I are playing with house money baby. (0:25:33) Show. Me. The Merch: Hardy the Hat Guy has gifted me with an “Indiana Baseball Starter kit.”Teams:Indy IndiansFort Wayne Tin CapsSouth Bend CubsGary South Short RailcatsLaFayette AviatorsEvansville OttersDC Bombers(0:29:03) Holler and a Swiller 2: Drinking the Nine Banded  Wheated Bourbon and toasting Yankee Nation, especially:Scottie B4 The PitchThe Hitter SportsMrs Steal Yo BaseSpencer SchwartzBill HackettAlex Canatta (I said high school. Meant college. HA HA HA)Emily NymanAlexDee Zee(0:35:32) The Big League  Chew: Scott and I pick the AL and NLCS with a shoutout to Mansplain Baseball Elsewhere and an Andy Tomczeszyn??(0:52:37) Closing It Out: Shoutout to FWFIS and why Scott’s a hero.
Let's Get Two S2 E72 “Innovators SummitCold Open A new theme song? Well, I got a new sweater and I got inspired.(0:01:36) OPEN: MLB and TV: their short sighted relationship of how they program the games might end up affecting (0:05:34) HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We’re checking out a great beer from Missouri City, TX, the Texas leaguer Brewing Company’s Knuckle Bock! And it’s delicious.(0:08:52) RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMON: Andrew Nelson is bringing in the Marlins.(0:19:51) ON DECK: We talk to investigative journalist and Astros fan Michael Schwab about bias in the media.(0:31:20) ADJUST YOUR SCORECARD: Special Guest #1, we’ve got Darrell Mitchell is here to talk his love for the Marlins and his relationship to a prominent Yankee.(0:40:14) ADJUST YOUR SCORECARD: How about this for a quick break? We’ve got former Sooner reporter for OUInsider Trevor Lee Rogers to talk the legacy of the Red River Shootout and his Red Sox.(0:58:44) CLOSING IT OUT: Some final thoughts…and a time check.
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