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Author: James Christopher

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America's past time from those who enjoy it: the fans. We're gonna spend the spring, summer and fall going to check out the best game at all levels: MiLB, MLB, Independent Leagues, College and High School.
230 Episodes
The penultimate Let's Get Two! We're out to Peoria for the Chiefs then headed east for the Vermont Lake Monsters.0:01:11 PEORIA CHIEFS: Cody Schindler, voice of the Chiefs, talks all things Peoria baseball and its 40 year history in Illinois. Follow: VERMONT LAKE MONSTERS: We're hanging out at Centennial Field with Jess Becker taking in a Lake Monsters game.Follow: CLOSING IT OUT
It's Hartford Yard Goats time! 01:06 WHO'S ON FIRST:  Jeff Dooley and Ryan Sandler are here to help tell the Yard Goat's story!13:50: HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Andy and I having a beer in Hartford!21:05: LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAY BALL:  We're talking Bull Durham!28:15 KNOCKIN' THE COVER OFF:  We're talking the book about Bull Durham!32:26 ADJUST OURS SCOREBOARDS: A special visit from father/son traveling duo behind Mapping the Path: @mappingthepath5851  @MappingThePath 48:21 CLOSING IT OUT
Onward to the Empire...OPEN: Los Tigres de Quintana Roo0:03:18    WHO'S ON FIRST: We head to San Bernadino home of the Inland Empire 66ers with good friend, Steve Wendt.Follow the 66ers:    RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We look at the past of baseball in the Inland Empire.0:24:19   RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND:  How about the past of the Mexican League?0:28:06    CLOSING IT OUT:
Viva Las Vegas!OPEN: It's Dottie Award time! 0:03:25 WHO'S ON FIRST:  Vegas Baby! We're visiting with the Las Vegas Aviators. Follow them here: RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: A look into baseball's past in Las Vegas AND one of the worst film festival experiences ever!0:19:01 CLOSING IT OUT
When it comes to baseball in Syracuse.... 'Let's Get Two'OPEN: Some changes  coming to the show, but we are still going to keep growing the game.0:01:36  SYRACUSE SPARTANS: The Spartans of the New York Collegiate Baseball league are here to talk baseball and helping the community at every turn.Follow the Spartans:11:55  SYRACUSE METS: The Mets Triple-A club is a fixture in Syracuse, NY.  We chat with voice of the Mets, Michael Tricarico, about baseball in NBT Bank Stadium. Follow the Mets: Michael: CHASE ALMENDAREZ: Chase Almendarez leads the Huston-Tillotson Rams baseball team. They're an HBC in Austin Texas and working to bring their program back. We talk to Chase about his life in the game, rebuilding the Rams and importance of historically black colleges and universities in today's college landscape. Follow Huston-Tillotson on Twitter: Huston-Tillotson Baseball: CLOSING IT OUT
Where the buffalo roam!OPEN: Just a little baseball left!1:57 WHO'S ON FIRST: The Buffalo Bisons are up to bat at Sahlen Field and we've got Brad Bisbing!Follow the Bisons: Brad WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!  TCL Champs Saguin River Monsters are in the house.47:20 CLOSING IT OUT
For 5 years, we've been waiting to get into Erie. It's finally happened. 5:10  WHO'S ON FIRST:Erie Seawolves' front office gurus Greg Gania and Christy Buchar join us as we take in our first Erie SeaWolves experience!Follow the SeaWolves here:  RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: Erie baseball wasn't just about Wolves.  it was also about Fisherman and Sailors.36:11 CLOSING IT OUT:  We got around the ballpark, meet some great people, chief among them:  Liz.
Special episode of Let's Get Two.OPEN: Please consider helping the people of Vermont recover from the July floods:  WHO'S ON FIRST: We visited the Vermont Mountaineers of the NECBLFollow the Mountaineers the NECBL: 35  ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: We've got a new show launching: Let's Get Two Live.Meet the faces behind the mics:Emily Nyman Rivera McEntire  CLOSING IT OUT
We're up, up and away to Rocket City!Our episode today is dedicated to Scott, Roxanne, Emily and BenCOLD OPEN: Elton would be proud.OPEN: Why space should matter....even if you're not that into it. 2:30 - WHO'S ON FIRST: We made it! Our first trip to Toyota Field home of YOUR Rocket City Trash Pandas.  Communications Director Aaron Cheris is here! Follow the Trash Pandas: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Pat Ammons, Senior Director of Public & Media Relation for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center to talk space, the center and why we should continue to invest in space travel.Follow: Pat: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Engineer, science teacher and friend of the show, Roxanne Thurman joins the show to talk space, religion, Star Trek and Gene Roddenbarry 38:33 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We look at baseball's history in Huntsville/Madison Alabama.41:20 CLOSING IT OUT
We took the family out to the ballgame....COLD OPEN: Where did the name 'Idaho Falls' come from?OPEN: Dedicated to the best mother in law ever, we take a look at baseball and poetry.5:40 WHO'S ON FIRST: Welcome to the Idaho Falls Chukars!Follow them here: HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We've got two very special guests sharing some local brew.30:17 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND:  Looking into baseball's past.32:37 CLOSING IT OUT
We head to Indiana, not for some basketball, but for the greatest game ever invented.FIRST PITCH: Ballparks are a lot like cars...WHO'S ON FIRST: We're all about the Evansville Otters experience!Follow the Otters: LIGHTS. CAMERA. PLAYBALL.: Gary and I continue our talk of about the epic film, A LEAGUE OF THIR OWN
OPEN:  I believe in America. Not just a great Godfather quote, but something I find inspiration in.05:29 WHO’S ON FIRST/FROM THE BLEACHERS: Getting the FULL Duboise Bombers Experience.Follow the Bombers: LIGHTS CAMERA PLAYBALL: The first of TWO segments dealing with the perfect baseball movie, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.30:21 ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: The world famous Ranger Amy is here to talk about her cool nickname and signing the Anthem at a ballgame. 44:35 CLOSING IT OUT:  Ending the show with the help of a Rockford Peach!
Our first trip with the kiddos and instead of one game with the Salt Lake Bees....Let's Get Two...00:43:  OPEN: The ballpark is where memories are made.12:13: WHOSE ON FIRST - The Salt Lake Bees' own Kraig Williams to talk the bees, minor league baseball and all the fun you can have at Smith's Ballpark.FOLLOW THE BEES: FROM THE BLEACHERS:A breathtaking day at the Salt Lake City Bees filled with great views, great fun and great times with family, which all add up to two perfect days at the Park. 31:48 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: Jumping into the past of baseball in Salt Lake City.35:41 CLOSING IT OUT
It's our favorite weekend of the MiLB:  Blue Ghost Weekend!OPENING: June 6, 1944 was one of the most significant in American history.  We look at that day and Eisenhower's iconic letter.5:21 WHO'S ON FIRST: We've got Hooks Director of Marketing, Dustin FIshman on the show talking this year's Blue Ghosts look and the 24 season down on the coastal bend. Follow the Corpus Christi Hooks FROM THE BLEACHERS: From the flight deck to center field, we've got the Hooks covered!20:33 COURTNEY GATLIN: The Blue Ghosts have a SWEET new look this year.  We talk to the amazing designer who got it done and how her process works. 26:58 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Nathan Bybee is back baby!Presented by The Hitter Sports RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND:  Baseball in the Coastal Bend has a rich, rich history.Written by Andrew Nelson IRISH WOLFHOUNDS BASEBALL: John Fitzgerald of the Irish American Baseball Society is here to talk about the new Irish team, the Wolfhounds, and their debut.Follow: CLOSING IT OUT: We're out.  But not before some thoughts from our Top Sea Gull.
Our Annual Memorial Day episode.5:44 ED RIVERA of The Dad Hat Chronicles is in the house!  He's here to CEDRIC THOMAS SMITH, filmmaker from San Antonio, is here to talk his new movie LOSING LALO and researching the subject of Veteran Suicide.54:47 CLOSING IT OUT
Follow the River Monsters:
We're back to school with the Pineville Porcupines, offering some of the best in Summer League baseball! FIRST PITCH: Ted Lasso and the importance of Collegiate Summer League Baseball.4:55 WHO'S ON FIRST: Meet the Pineville Porcupines! LIGHTS. CAMERA. PLAYBALL: Summer Catch is a good movie.  No.  Really.20:43 RAIDERS OF THE LAST DIAMOND:   We look at the history of the Cape Cod League. 
We gathered with some friends to spend celebrate the show's 5th birthday and what better place to do it than Werner Park!FIRST PITCH: Jim reflects on 5 years of Let's Get Two and all who made it possible. 07:31 FROM THE BLEACHERS: The Let's Get Two team descended upon Werner Park, home of the Storm Chasers, for the 5th year party!Follow them here: WHO'S ON FIRST: Martie Cordaro of the Storm Chasers is with us in the suite for our 5th!Follow him here: HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Paul Caputo leads the Let's Get Two team in a 5th birthday drink.Presented by the Hitter Sports:Paul Caputo: Hitter Sports: CLOSING IT OUT:
A special episode of our show!  Driven by my own broadcasting students!FIRST PITCH:  MLB is overthinking how to get younger fans to like the game. 03:42 ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Brooke is here to talk about her Honors Inquiry Project about the importance of Baseball in American culture. 12:12 ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Brady joins the show to talk about his last year playing high school baseball, his future at the college level and his beloved Giants.20:36 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: Shelby takes over Raiders of the Lost Diamond  and shares some of the history of baseball in the LeHigh Valley. 26:47 WHO’S ON FIRST: Our friend Matt Bari is here to talk about the 2023 Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs season. Check it out and follow them.Follow Matt: the Iron Pigs: LIGHTS. CAMERA. PLAYBALL:  We’re taking a look at the Keanu Reeves film HARDBALL. 49:29 CLOSING IT OUT.
Special Let's Get Two!In the opening, we've got reps from MLB and the Oakland As!FIRST PITCH: What does the possibility of Oakland leaving mean for baeball?9:39 Oakland fan Stu Clary joins the show.25:59 EdRivera, of the Dad Hat Chronicles show, gives his thoughts on an Oakland-less baseball landscape.
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