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We had a great time toasting bread and gettin' dirty Charleston!Team in Focus: Charleston Dirty BirdsFollow them here: PITCH: We're taking you behind the scenes with a look at the months long process of taking an episode of Let's Get Two from inception to completion.Presented by Baseball Mapper WHO'S ON FIRST: We've got Charelston dynamo Lindsey Webb on the show to talk her journey through minor league baseball and being a Dirty Bird. Presented Baseball Bucket List: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Welcome to the Toast Man himself, Rod Blackstone!47:21 FROM THE BLEACHERS: We had a great time at the Dirty Birds game. Check out this unique, urban ballpark.51:27 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We're having a beverage and talking the best parts of independent baseball.Presented by The Hitter Sports 7TH INNING STRETCH:  Tim Brady of the Charleston CVB tells us about the adapting and changing community of Charelston. by The Dad Hat Chronicles CLOSING IT OUT:
"Smell those shrimp they're beginning to boil..."FIRST PITCH:  I ask an unanswerable question (for an old man)?Presented by Baseball Mapper   WHO’S ON FIRST: Welcome to the show, Scott Kornberg, voice of YOUR Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp!Follow the Jumbo Shrimp: Baseball Bucket List: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Welcome Jordan Price, on field host of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp! HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Patrick Noote of is joining me for brew HE wants…Presented by The Hitter Sports  FROM THE BLEACHERS: Special guest Glen Wieger and Scampi join the show!Follow Glen: SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: The Jumbo Shrimp have some AMAZING gear…. Presented by the Baseball By Design podcast 7TH INNING STRETCH: Jacksonville might be Florida’s best kept secret. Katie Mitura tells us why. by The Dad Hat Chronicles CLOSING IT OUT:  Ed Rivera from the The Dad Hat Chronicles helps me wrap things up1
An interesting first time at Jackie Robinson Ballpark...FIRST PITCH: How the Let's Get Two award work...06:04   WHO’S ON FIRST: Welcome to the show, Justin Rocke, the voice of the Tortugas. We talk his journey through the minors that brought him to Daytona. Follow the Tortugas: Justin: Baseball Bucket List: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: The worldly famous ‘Young Professor’ is here to talk how he approaches the role of IN GAME HOST.Follow him here:  FROM THE BLEACHERS: A night at Jackie Robinson Ballpark, home of the Daytona Tortugas, is not to be missed!Follow the Tortugas: RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We take a look at the history of baseball in Daytona.Produced by Andrew Nelson by Patrick Larson RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: A special addition to RAIDERS: the history of Jackie Robinson Ballpark voiced by the incomparable, Young Professor.Produced by Andrew Nelson by Patrick Larson 7TH INNING STRETCH: Andrew Booth in of Visit Daytona is here to highlight what ELSE we can do when we’re in town. by The Dad Hat Chronicles CLOSING IT OUT:
The Whitecaps have been on our bucket list for a long time and it did not disappoint…FIRST PITCH: Welcome Erik Mertens to the Let’s Get Two team!Follow him: by Baseball Mapper WHO’S ON FIRST: Welcome Steve VanWagoner of the West Michigan Whitecaps as we prepare for our trip to LMCU Ballpark!FOLLOW THE WHITECAPS: Baseball Bucket List: FROM THE BLEACHERS: LMCU Ballpark, home of the West Michigan Whitecaps is a baseball gem. But the real special part of the game experience is the front office staff and the fans.FOLLOW THE WHITECAPS: SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Few brands do it as well and as consistently as the West Michigan Whitecaps.  Presented by the Baseball By Design podcast HOLLER AND A SWALLER: A special Holler Segment. Scott McEntire is here and we’re sharing beers. Presented by The Hitter Sports CLOSING IT OUT:
FIRST PITCH: Permit to talk a little politics and the separation of Church and State. Seems 4th of July is a great time to discuss what I think the framers intended. Presented by Baseball Mapper LIGHTS, CAMERA, PLAY BALL: Andy and I chat AFTER JACKIE, the new documentary.20:41 WHO’S ON FIRST: It’s 4th of July at Whataburger Field! Dustin FIshman is here to talk the remainder of the Corpus Christi Hooks season. Baseball Bucket List: WHO’S ON FIRST: American Airlines canceled our flight, told me I couldn’t go to Lexington and tried to cancel the show about the Legends. But we can’t be canceled! (Not fully, anyway). Madison Spencer of the Legends is here to talk her journey In baseball and the 22 Legends season.Follow the Legends: Baseball Bucket List: SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Paul Caputo joins me to talk about the ‘amazing’ 4th of July hats from the MLB and the MiLB. Presented by the Baseball By Design podcast CLOSING IT OUT: Remember all those on active duty serving overseas while we’re enjoying hot dogs, baseball, fireworks and Jaws.
The PitSpitters welcomed us for a great day in Traverse City.FIRST PITCH: Collegiate Summer League baseball is a foundational, important part of the baseball landscape, yet so many casual fans don’t know what it’s all about. Welcome to the best kept secret in the minors…Presented by Baseball Mapper WHO’S ON FIRST: Hannah Bronkema joins us to talk her career, Pit Spitters and we play a little pepper. Follow Hannah: Baseball Bucket List: FROM THE BLEACHERS: Turtle Creek stadium is among the best Collegiate Summer League parks you’ll ever seen. And we had a great time on Princess Night.FOLLOW THE PIT SPITTERS: SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Pit Spitters: a great brand design with some great merchandise to match.  FOLLOW THE PIT SPITTERS: by the Baseball By Design podcast HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Scott McEntire is here and we, your intrepid reporters, explore all the Pit Spitters have to off by way of libations. Presented by The Hitter Sports  7TH INNING STRETCH: Kat Paye of the National Cherry Festival is here to give us a sneak peek of what will be an amazing event!Follow them: by The Dad Hat Chronicles  RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We take a look at the Traverse City Dune Bears of the Frontier League.Produced by Andrew Nelson by Patrick Larson CLOSING IT OUT: Did Jim find his princess on Princess Night?
When you walk into the Depot, home of the Cleburne Railroaders, you're greeted like regulars, even if its your first time....FIRST PITCH: Baseball fans need to stop gate keeping those who don’t fan ‘perfectly.’Presented by Baseball Mapper WHO’S ON FIRST: Welcome Taylor Robinson of the Clebrune Railroaders as they jump into the American Association season!FOLLOW THE RAILROADERS: Baseball Bucket List: FROM THE BLEACHERS: The Cleburne Railroaders experience is based on family. The Depot is the place where everybody knows your name…FOLLOW THE RAILROADERS: SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: A special Show. Me. The. Merch. Showing off ALL the Cleburne Railroaders merchandise I’ve acquired over the years. Presented by the Baseball By Design podcast HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We’re joined again by Anna DiTomaso of Baseball Bucket List and we’re sharing a special drink from the ballpark.Followed by Baseball Bucket List: by The Hitter Sports  7TH INNING STRETCH: Heather Juarez from the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce joins us to talk about the hidden gem of North Texas. FOLLOW VISIT CLEBURNE by The Dad Hat Chronicles CLOSING IT OUT:
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the ballpark, here's a new fish in town...FIRST PITCH: It’s June which means it’s PRIDE MONTH. We talk Tampa Bay Ray, Jack Flaherty, Pride and it’s place in Minor League Baseball.Presented by Baseball Mapper WHO’S ON FIRST: We welcome Scott Barry, GM of the Seguin River Monsters as the prepare to jump into their inaugural season in the Texas Collegiate League.FOLLOW THE RIVER MONSTERS: Baseball Bucket List: FROM THE BLEACHERS: The Seguin River Monsters experience is based on one thng. The most important thing: love for baseball and love for the fans.FOLLOW THE RIVER MONSTERS: 7TH INNING STRETCH: Seguin, Texas is a hidden gem and so much more than ‘on the the way to San Antonio.’ Kyle Kramm of Visit Seguin Is here to talk about what the amazing Texas town has to offer.FOLLOW VISIT SEGUIN: by The Dad Hat Chronicles
The fam came in from Oregon and we took them up to Frisco!FIRST PITCH: The MLB wants games to be shorter. The MiLB is experimenting with rules to shorten the game and they are working, to the detriment of the MiLB experience.Presented by Baseball Mapper FROM THE BLEACHERS: We're live from Frisco for the Rough Riders on the Defenders Of The Diamond Night.Frisco Rough Riders: SHOW ME THE MERCH: Lots of gear to choose from at the Rider's Outpost.  Order:Frisco Rough Riders: by the Baseball By Design Podcast HOLLER AND SWALLER:  Having some beers at the Rough Rider's game with Anna from the Baseball Bucket List.Baseball Bucket List: by The Hitter Sports WHO'S ON FIRST: Zach Bigley, voice of the Rough Riders joins the show!Follow him: Baseball Bucket List: RAIDERS: Anchors aweigh as we look at the Dallas Submarines! Written by Andrew Nelson! by Patrick Larson CLOSING IT OUT
New #LetsGetTwoCOLD OPEN: A spelling bee?01:07 FIRST PITCH: Talking the importance of buying your minor league baseball merch DIRECTLY fro the team in question. Presented by Baseballmapper.com  FROM THE BLEACHERS: It's baseball in Biloxi and we had a great time! Take a peek of all that MGM Park has to offer. Biloxi Shuckers  HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We're having some local brews and enjoying the Gulf breeze.Presented by The Hitter Sports  SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Get your Biloxi Shuckers gear, either from the ballpark, or from the online team store.Presented by the Baseball By Design podcast.  RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We're looking the history of baseball in the Biloxi/Gulfport area.Written by Andrew Nelson by Patrick Larson  WHO'S ON FIRST: We're joined by the voice of the Shuckers and fellow Longhorn grad, Garrett Greene.Follow him: by Baseball Bucket List  7TH INNING STRETCH: A quick snapshot of our great time in Biloxi when not in the ballpark.Presented by The Dad Hat Chronicles.  CLOSING IT OUT: 51:15  CLOSING IT OUT: A shoutout to some very special little leaguers...
New Let's Get Two!FIRST PITCH:  Oh the drama of an adult human bringing a glove to a baseball game!  Eee Gads!Presented by BaseballMapper.com FROM THE BLEACHERS:  We're in Columbia, SC for the Fireflies. What a great time we had!Follow: HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We're joined by Columbia Fireflies super-fan, Donnie Wise, Follow Donnie: by The Hitter Sports  SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: Ed Rivera of the Dad Hat Chronicles joins me to talk Fireflies Merch.Follow him here: by Baseball By Design RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We travel back in time to the history of baseball in Columbia! Written by Andrew Nelson by Patrick Larson WHO'S ON FIRST: We're joined by the voice of the Fireflies, John KocsisPresented by by 7TH INNING STRETCH: the Columbia CVB's Kelly Barbrey to focus on what else to see in Columbia, including an homage to a great band.Presented by The Dad Hat Chronicles CLOSING IT OUT
FIRST PITCH: We need to talk about (Tyler) Bauer...10:20 SWINGING FOR THE FENCES: Erik Mertens AND Paul Caputo join me for a special joint session of the baseball congress as we debate our favorite brands and a constitutional amendment banning a MiLB team having the same name as the parent club.Erik Mertens Caputo Paddleheads: Christi Hooks: Green Hot Rods: Sea Wolves: Tourists: Isotopes: Tortugas: Yard Goats: Fireflies: WHO'S ON FIRST: Friend of the show, Martie Cordaro, is here talking his Omaha Storm Chasers and the look of minor league baseball in 2022. LIGHTS, CAMERA. PLAY BALL: Andy and Jim break down the excellent baseball doc, the Battered Bastards of Baseball.1:29:04 CLOSING IT OUT: A big welcome to the Seguin River Monsters.
We made the trip to Greenville and had a (base) ball...FIRST PITCH: A special shoutout to the kids at Sisters Little League and Manchaca Little League. One player and family in particular....0:06:17 FROM THE BLEACHERS: Take a look at the Greenville Drive and their home, Fluor Field. SHOW ME THE MERCH: The Drive have a cool set up for their merch to sell their cool merch!Presented by Baseball By Design RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We look at the Greenville Spinners, the long standing baseball presence in Greenville, South Carolina.Presented by Patrick Larson HOLLER AND A SWALLER: We go a slightly different route with out segment, basically keeping it cool.Presented by The Hitter Sports WHO'S ON FIRST: Eric Jarinko, GM of the Drive, is here to talk all things Drive and to play a little pepper.Presented by Baseball Bucket List 7TH INNING STRETCH: We've got Jonathan Brashier from Visit Greenville on to talk about what the community has to offer. Then, we get a taste of Greenville ourselves. Presented by The Dad Hat Chronicles. CLOSING IT OUT: Our Quest For 50 Games in 50 States gets to cross off another state.
Baseball in Que! Our New Mexico baseball trip was great....I just can't remember what city we're in!!! (Best cold open ever)FIRST PITCH: Copa is back and it's as fun...and as ever.0:06:23 FROM THE BLEACHERS: Loving the's experience. Check it out and follow them: SHOW ME THE MERCH: Boy oh boy, do the Isotopes have as good a brand as anyone else in the MiLB.0:14:30 HOLLER AND SWALLER: We're having a margarita on Mariachi night!0:15:35 RAIDER OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We look at the past of baseball in Albuquerque, namely, the Dukes. 0:19:51 WHO'S ON FIRST: We've got Isotopes Media Relations Manager,  Forest Stulting on the show talking all things baseball in the Que. Follow him here: 7th INNING STRETCH: Jess and I are having a great time in Albuquerque. To check out all the city has to offer, we welcome Brenna Moore from Visit Albuquerque. CLOSING IT OUT
We feel like Dorothy after getting back to Kansas. No place like home.THE FIRST PITCH: I provide a guy to all of you, from sticks in the mud to down right A Holes, a guide to SURVIVING THEME NIGHTS YOU DON'T LIKE.0:06:44 FROM THE BLEACHERS: We're at our home away from home, Whataburger for opening weekend of the Corpus Christi Hooks! It's a can't miss ballpark for your next trip. SHOW ME THE MERCH: The Hooks are the most 'complete' brand in baseball. Take a look at their brands and see what we picked up at the shop. Thanks to Shelly for joining me!0:14:55 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Nathan joined me at the ballpark and we had a few! Lots of great alcohol choices at the Hooks. 0:16:45 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND: We look at the past teams to call the Coastal Bend of Texas home. Produced by Andrew Nelson.0:19:35 WHO'S ON FIRST: Dustin Fishman from the Hooks is here to talk his path to baseball, what's in store for  Hook's fans this season and we play a little rapid fire. 7TH INNING STRETCH: Emily and America from Visit Corpus Christi are here to help guide you through what else you can do when you visit the Corpus Christi Hooks. CLOSING IT OUT: On to Albuquerque !LET'S GET TWO BRIM MEDIA:
Get off the tracks! The E train is coming through!THE FIRST PITCH: We've got a refined version of the show and we can't be more excited.presented by baseballmapper.com0:01:40 FROM THE BLEACHERS: It's another season at the Dell Diamond and the Express are ready.Round Rock Express: www.RRExpress.com SHOW. ME. THE. MERCH: What's new at the Railyard in the Dell Diamond.0:08:10 HOLLER AND A SWALLER: Ballpark brew at the Dell Diamond's Bullpen Bar?  Batter up.0:09:06 WHO'S ON FIRST: Andrew Felts of the Round Rock Express is here to talk about the 2022 season!0:25:46 7TH INNING STRETCH:  We've got Chad McKenzie from Go Round Rock to talk what ELSE to do when you're in Round Rock, Texas. RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND:  We take a look at the Austin Black Senators, the former member of the Texas Colored League. 0:39:33 CLOSING IT OUTROJO JOHNSON:'S GET TWO BRIM MEDIA:
THE INLAND EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!OPENING: The classic team names are back and I couldn't be more tickled!0:03:02 WHO'S ON FIRST: Steve Wendt, voice of YOUR Inland Empire 66ers is ready for the 2022 season to start....with some normalcy.Inland Empire 66ers@66ersBaseball66ers.com0:25:02 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DIAMOND:  We're taking a look at the history of baseball in San Bernardino. 0:27:52 ON DECK:Ben Hill is back and ready to take a peek at the upcoming season and where we'll see him. @bensbiz0:46:09 SWINGING FOR THE FENCES: Our first of MANY conversations with Erik Mertens. This one, we hit on all the topics, most importantly, #EdsFund@ItsErikMertens1:08:13 CLOSING IT OUT:  Big news!
We're back!  The Let's Get Two team is ready to hit the road and continue exploring the world of minor league baseball.OPEN: Welcome to new and old fans alike. I talk the mission of the show and how I'm basically like Captain America.0:04:10:  Meet the new look for the Astros Triple-A club:  The Sugar Land Space Cowboys. Andy and I were there and we've got the whole thing Who's On First: Ryan Posner of the Space Cowboys stops in to talk to us about the process of renaming the club and the epic design.  0:27:35 Show Me The Merch:  Paul Caputo is here...and he will be all season as he joins the team. He catches us up on some cool new brands that dropped since our season finale.0:42:38 Adjust Your Scorecards: Every baseball season is about new beginnings. For Alex, Grant and Carson, this season marks the end of their high school careers and the beginning of their time in college ball.0:57:05 Closing It Out: As we wrap up the season premiere, I finally make good on a promise: a virtual tour of my office.
It's Hat Day! It's our season 3 finale! Celebrate good time...come on!OPEN: It’s National Hat Day and we’re looking at some of my favorite new looks of the past year.Durham Bulls: RockHounds: IronBirds: Sea Wolves: Green Hot Rods: Scorpions0:05:05: WHO’S ON FIRST - Columbia Fireflies: We’re joined again by our old friends the Columbia Fireflies. Amy and John join us to wrap up their 2021 season and pick their favorite hats!Follow them here: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Paul Caputo is here to talk 2021 rebrands a FUN announcement. Follow him here: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Ed Rivera joins us to talk hats and winning the Erik Mertens award this year. Follow him here: ADJUST YOUR SCORECARDS: Patrick Larson joins us to talk his love for the MiLB and the history of their hats.Follow him here: CLOSING IT OUT: That’s a wrap on Season 3.  Now a look at Season 4. We’re gonna be around.
OPEN: The elephant in the room is simple: the jackasses aren’t in there. 0:02:52: CINEMA SHOWDOWN:5 enter. 1 survives. This time, we’re drafting Christmas movies and Gary, Bella, Alyssia, Mike and Jim came prepared.0:29:47 FROM THE BLEACHERS:Nathan, Andrew and Jim head to the Arizona Fall League.0:33:06 ON THE SLEIGHBaseball Santa gives us a sneak peek on his Baseball Naughty and Nice List and we hear from some good boys and girls and their Baseball Wishes for 2021.0:48:22 Jim’s Christmas WishAll I want for Christmas is….0:49:16  WHO’S ON FIRST: DUB SEA FISHSTICKSAfter a spirited online competition, the Fishsticks are born!Justin Moster joins us to talk about the process.  WHO’S ON FIRST: GREEN BAY ROCKERSThere is a new band in town and taking center stage in Green Bay Wisconsin. John Fanta is here  WHO’S ON FIRST: SPEARFISH SASQUATCHEric Schmidt is here to talk the 2021 season, the Independence  CLOSING IT OUTThe winner of the Cinema Showdown is revealed and Baseball Escape takes us home. 
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