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The Becker's Healthcare Podcast is devoted to the people who power U.S. healthcare. Four new 15-minute episodes are released daily containing industry news, analysis and thought leadership from powerful healthcare decision-makers.
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Dr. Arthur Kellerman, Senior Vice President of Health Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University and CEO of VCU Health System, discusses the discrepancies between the number of patients and healthcare workers, highlighting the critical shortages in access to primary care and the resulting impact on emergency rooms. He explores the challenges and potential solutions to address these pressing issues within the healthcare system.
In this episode, Scott Becker discusses the top healthcare news stories of the day.
In this episode, Scott Becker interviews Dr. Nathaniel McQuay, Chief of Acute Care Surgery at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. Dr. McQuay discusses his career journey, the critical role of technology and artificial intelligence in modern healthcare, and the importance of leadership and communication in improving patient outcomes and access to care.
Alan Shoebridge, Associate Vice President at Providence, delves into how AI can extend and enhance the healthcare workforce. He discusses AI-influenced medical tools and their tangible benefits, offering a glimpse into the future of healthcare innovation. Alan also shares valuable advice for aspiring leaders in the healthcare field, emphasizing the importance of embracing technological advancements.
Suzy Jaeger, Chief Patient Experience and Access Officer at Children's Hospital Colorado, discusses the hospital's digital strategy and the importance of keeping data secure amidst technological advancements. She also explores the ongoing challenges in providing access to healthcare and the innovative solutions being implemented to overcome these barriers.
In this episode, author Judy Pearson of "Crusade to Heal America - The Remarkable Life of Mary Lasker" shares how she began her writing journey and the inspiration behind her book. She also opens up about how her cancer diagnosis paused her writing career and inspired her to establish a nonprofit organization for women battling cancer, turning her personal challenges into a mission to support others.
Healthcare executives face a unique set of challenges when transitioning into new roles. This episode of the Becker's Healthcare Podcast Series dives deep with Darleen DeRosa, a consultant in leadership advisory services, and Noah Shamosh, partner in leadership advisory services, on the biggest hurdles new leaders face, and offers a 5-point plan for organizations to ensure their success.This episode is sponsored by Spencer Stuart.
In this episode, Scott Becker interviews Nathaniel Hall, Chief Human Resources Officer at Memorial Hospital Association in Carthage, IL. Nathaniel shares his insights on maintaining employee engagement, overcoming recruitment challenges in rural healthcare, and the importance of positivity and recognition in fostering a successful and award-winning healthcare organization.
In this episode of the Becker's Healthcare Podcast, Megha Kachalia, Chief Strategic Planning at Sheppard Pratt, discusses her career journey from physician to healthcare executive, the current challenges in mental health care, and innovative strategies to address provider shortages and improve access to care. She highlights the importance of authenticity in leadership and the role of continuous professional growth in a fulfilling healthcare career.
Is access to quality healthcare jeopardized in rural areas? This Becker's Healthcare Podcast episode dives into how The Joint Commission's Rural Health Clinic Accreditation Program is supporting rural providers. Hear from Laura Smith, Senior Project Director, about the program's aims, its standards development process, and how it complements existing programs. Learn how rural healthcare leaders can get involved and ensure their communities have continued access to safe, high-quality care.This episode is sponsored by The Joint Commission.
In this episode, Dr. Murthi, the Chief, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, discusses his journey in orthopedic surgery and the growing trend of performing total shoulder replacements in outpatient settings. He shares best practices for efficiency and quality in ASCs, along with insights for surgeons new to this environment. Dr. Murthi also explores exciting developments on the horizon for outpatient shoulder replacements, including considerations for different implant types.This episode is sponsored by DePuy Synthes, the Orthopedic Company of Johnson and Johnson.
In this episode, Scott Becker talks with Alan Condon, Editor-in-Chief at Becker's Healthcare, about major healthcare stories including the proposed merger between Sanford Health and Marshfield Clinic, Steward Healthcare's bankruptcy and hospital sales, and the rise of strategic joint ventures in the ambulatory surgery center space.
In this episode, C.J. Marbley, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, and VP of Patient Care Services at New Orleans East Hospital and University Medical Center New Orleans, shares insights into his background, current nursing staffing trends, his main areas of focus, and more.
In this episode, Scott Becker speaks with Laura Dyrda, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief at Becker's Healthcare. Laura discusses hospital financial performance, the impact of the Change Healthcare breach on United Health Group, and emerging trends in the ASC space, highlighting key stories and developments in the healthcare industry.
Alexis Rolloff, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at GEHA Health, discusses the importance of empowering individuals to access high-value care. She shares her experiences and insights as an innovator in the healthcare industry, highlighting the strategies and initiatives that drive her mission to improve healthcare access and quality.
Steve Sutherland, Senior Vice President at CERIS, dives into how AI and machine learning are transforming payment integrity in healthcare. He explores the benefits payers can experience, challenges to widespread adoption, and best practices for leaders implementing these powerful tools.This episode is sponsored by CERIS,
Susan Turney, CEO of Marshfield Clinic Health System, and Anne McCune, CEO of the Carol Emmott Foundation, join forces to discuss solutions for disparities in access to healthcare. They explore various strategies to make healthcare more accessible and emphasize the importance of inclusion within the health space, highlighting initiatives and practices aimed at ensuring equitable care for all.
In this episode, Scott Becker reviews 14 significant healthcare stories, including cases of healthcare fraud, the success of Baptist Health's pharmacy initiative, the troubling maternal mortality rates in the U.S., the financial challenges facing hospitals, and the burgeoning competition in healthcare AI startups. Join us for insights into these and other critical developments shaping the healthcare landscape.
In this thrilling episode, Stephen Anderson, VP of Provider Contracting & Network Administration at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, discusses the significance of GLP-1 medications and the importance of making them affordable and accessible for those in need. He also explores the future growth prospects for Blue Cross, highlighting factors driving up costs in the healthcare system and the strategies being implemented to manage these challenges.
In this 12 minute episode we connect with the CEO of eHealth Technologies, Dan Torrens, to understand the advantages of new software solutions in maximizing healthcare interoperability. Tune in for insights on the role of AI, expected consequences in the next 5 years, and more.This episode is sponsored by eHealth Technologies.
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Dr. Castro concludes by discussing the future of AI in He believes that AI has the potential to transform healthcare and make it more accessible, affordable, and efficient for everyone.

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