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Marshall Tucker from La Choppers sits in with us and talks about all kinds of stuff.  We talk about how he made it through 2020 and how the business is booming.  We also talk about the new Sportster S, while we may have pushed Aaron a little too far.  
Pan America first ride

Pan America first ride


We talk about our first rides on the Pan America.  We also talk about the Battle of the Baggers, and so much more.  Don't for get to subscribe.
Harley Wheelies

Harley Wheelies


We sit down with @DLO_STUNTZ615, a personal friend and an excellent stunt rider.  We talk about his journey into motorcycling and what he did to his Harley-Davidson to stunt it.  Check out his Instagram @DLO_STUNTZ615.  Checkout the website for Links to all the people we talk about and more. Also check out @_blackcharlotte_, @901staxx, @Dalemoto636, @locostuntz__, @officialgagesuttonstunts, @dgsliders
We have all experienced a motor that will not start after sitting over winter.  What do you do? How can you avoid it? We talk about this and so much more.
Motorcycle Firsts

Motorcycle Firsts


We attempt again to talk about notable motorcycles firsts. Like the first motorcycle, the first production motorcycle, the first turbo motorcycle and more.  We also create a new game and get way off track.
After a failed attempt at episode actually based on a topic, we wing it.  We are joined by a couple of customers riding serious performance baggers.  We talk about their build and somebody may have had too much to drink. lol,
Season 2 last episode

Season 2 last episode


2020 has been an interesting year to say the least.  We talk about things we learned this year.  Like which clutches seem to hold the power we are producing.  What did King of the baggers give us to look forward to.  As usual, we get a little off track but we have fun as always.  Thank you for listening and we will be back before spring.
Schools are mostly designed to teach the basics of any subject.  Where do technicians go to learn beyond the basics?  Shane is in Orlando doing a Harley-Davidson University engine class.  We talk about the pace of the course and what you might expect.  
King of The Baggers

King of The Baggers


We talk about the much anticipated King of the Baggers race at Laguna Seca.  The only disappointment in this race was how short it was.
We talk with Terry Boye.  He has been actively pursuing the idea of creating an online technician training program.  He talks about where he is in the process and maybe some realizations along the way.  Follow him on LinkedIN.   
See what we think is really going on in India and China for Harley-Davidson.  We also talk about the 15 fastest 1/4 mile times set back factory production bikes.  King of the baggers is still happening and there is new about a second Indian Challenger.  We also find plenty of off topic stuff to talk about as well.
What is Dyno Tuning?

What is Dyno Tuning?


Having quite a bit of experience in dyno tuning Harley-Davidson motorcycles, We talk about what it is and why you may need it.  We do our best to not dive to deep, but as always we can get a little carried away.
Is the H-D Bronx going away? How did COVID-19 effect the 80th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?  We talk about this and much more.
Sometimes you think you ca save yourself a few bucks by buying stuff online.  We talk about why you should not buy stuff online and bring it in to the shop.  There are so many reasons, we try to cover most of the important ones.
Rohitesh Upadhyay is a professional sport bike freestyle rider in India. Roy had that chance to talk with him.  In this episode Roy, Mike, Aaron, and Woody listen to the prerecorded interview.  They give their own thoughts and all agree that Rohitesh is a young up-and-comer in the the power-sports industry.  Listen in to a great conversation and check out Rohitesh on Instagram @rohitesh_motorsports or LinkedIN. 
Professional or not, we all deal with broken and stripped bolts.  We talk about the prevention and what to do when bolts strip or break.  We also talk about things that we have learned after going for a real ride.  
Buying the wrong bike

Buying the wrong bike


So many people buy bikes for the way they look or the way they think it makes them look.  We talk about first bike choices and how there are so many different riding styles.  Shovelheads look cool but not everyone can ride one.  We talk about each of our first bikes and we also talk about some really bad choices for first bikes.  
The idea of working on motorcycles for a living is almost a fantasy in some people's eyes.  As Harley-Davidson technicians, we experience this first hand when speaking to our customers.  So many times we are asked how we got in to this business and what it is like starting out.  As with so many things in life what it looks like from the outside is not what it looks like from the inside.  In this episode we share our experiences as entry level techs and what we had to do to get into this industry.  We talk about the tools, expectations, pay and so much more.  
We talk about the COVID Pandemic a it's effect on the power-sports industry.  We talk about why everyone thinks Harley-Davidson is going under. We also get way off topic and discuss all kind of other things that have nothing to do with COVID or Motorcycles.  
Is MMI worth it?

Is MMI worth it?


Is MMI worth it?  We talk with Graduates a former Instructor about the answer to this question and much more.
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