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Let's shake things up a bit! In this new episode of The RegTech Report, we step outside of GRC and into CLM. Host Stefan welcomes two very special guests to the podcast; Peter Thomson, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) at Mitratech and Rohit Gulati, Senior Director of CLM at HBR. Listen to this episode for a full view into CLM, an automated solution used to streamline the steps associated with the contract lifecycle. Plus, how modern CLM technology can help your organization lower expenses, increase productivity, minimize risk exposure and much more. To close, Top 3: Book Recommendations. 
All things Interact! In this episode, hosts Karl, Henry and Stefan take you on a walk-through of Interact 2022, highlights within the different GRC sessions and the broader event, key discoveries and takeaways from this powerful event charged with industry expertise. Later, they go over the powerful capabilities of TAP and how it can boost your organization's GRC program. To close, Top 3: Summer Holiday Plans.
In this episode, hosts Stefan and Henry explore in detail Policy Management. The connection between this topic and the culture of the organization, effective rule setting, legal obligations and much more. Furthermore, they discuss third-parties as part of the organization's policy ecosystem and how technology can be a powerful ally that can go beyond update, distribution and review. Plus, a look into the impact of the current energy crisis in corporate policies. To close, Top 3: Amazing Live Concert Experiences.  
Cybersecurity Trends

Cybersecurity Trends


Cybersecurity is a present and future critical issue for organizations of all sizes. In this episode, hosts Karl, Stefan & Henry discuss Cybersecurity Trends in 2022, the impact of the SEC's proposed rules on Cybersecurity Risk Management Strategy, Governance and Incident Disclosure by Public Companies in the US, most common gaps in cybersecurity frameworks and building a fully comprehensive risk management program. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Personal Identifiable Information (PII). To close, Top 3: Summer Drinks.
What exactly is multidimensional Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)? In this episode of The RegTech Report, hosts Karl and Henry explore both sides of the coin: helping customers build effective TPRM programs as well as analyzing what does or doesn't work for vendors such as Mitratech. Later, they discuss about the future of TPRM, expanding the perspective of your organization in this key topic and implementing a multidimensional TPRM approach. To close, Top 3: Summer Activities.
AI technology is here to stay. In this episode, hosts Karl and Stefan welcome Peter Thomson, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) at Mitratech, to discuss current AI capabilities and future advancements in the Contract Management space. Additionally, they discuss blockchain technology and use cases. To close, a new Top 3: Best/Worst AI Exemplifications in Entertainment.
Cyber Warfare

Cyber Warfare


It's War! In this episode of The RegTech Report we shake things up a bit and game out a Cyber Warfare scenario focused in the US Energy Sector. Russia's state-sponsored hacking, the Russia /Ukraine conflict and current Cyber Security industry standards are some of the critical points discussed to set the scene of this episode. How should you prepare and what contingency plans you should have in place are some of the key questions answered. To close, Movies or Shows with the Worst Cyber Security Depictions.
ESG Risk Management

ESG Risk Management


ESG is the topic everyone is talking about. In this episode, hosts Karl, Stefan and Henry breakdown ESG risks, go over SEC's recently announced ESG requirements and the current landscape of ESG Risk Management in the US, Europe & the UK. Later, a new Cyber Basics segment, "The Cloud." All you ever wanted to know about the topic and maybe a little more. To close, Top 3: Everyday Life Sustainable Choices.
We're back and we have a brand new look! In this first episode of season 2, hosts Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo and Henry Umney discuss possible Cyber Security risks of the escalating Russia - Ukraine conflict and how to prevent your organization from becoming collateral damage. Later, an expert look into the Operational Resilience agenda. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Malware. To close, Top 3: Bucket List Trips.
After 41 episodes, Season 1 of The RegTech Report comes to an end. In this episode, hosts Karl Viertel & Stefan Sulistyo welcome their new cohost, Henry Umney, Managing Director of GRC Strategy at Mitratech. Listen to our hosts share some amazing stats about Season 1 of The RegTech Report, what can we expect of the podcast moving forward, GRC hot topics and much more. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Phishing. To close, Top 3: Podcasts You Can't Stop Listening To.
Hosts Karl and Stefan discuss Digital Legacies. Strategies, facts and everything you need to know about this topic. In this episode's Cyber Basics segment, we continue the legacy-focus conversation diving into: Email Legacies and Security. People assume emails are secure, is that really true? What's more secure: WhatsApp or Email? Then, as the year comes to an end and holiday shopping begins, we give you Top 3: Great Gift Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts. 
In this episode, hosts Karl Viertel & Stefan Sulistyo do an unfold of the RegTech Industry. How has it changed in the past years? Where were we vs where do we currently stand? Later, WTFacebook. All you need to know about the recent Facebook (or shall we say Meta) dilemma. To close, a new Cyber Basics segment: Mobile Phone Security. Then, Top 3: Productivity Hacks and Updates that can, potentially, make your life easier.
Karl and Stefan break down the topic everyone is talking about: Mitratech's recent acquisition of Alyne, an insider scoop right from the source. In this episode's Cyber Basics segment, Karl & Stefan discuss: Passwords. All you wanted to know about the topic and maybe a little more. Then, we switch our usual Top 3 section for: Love, Hate & Avoid about Octoberfest.
DNA Ancestry Pages & Data Privacy. The use of DNA information from ancestry websites that can be used to draw family trees and potentially help solve criminal investigations. One person's DNA could be enough to identify hundreds or even thousands of their genetic relatives - none of whom have consented to law enforcement checks. In effect, one person can sign up their entire extended family. Then, we introduce a new segment: Cyber Basics. In this episode's Cyber Basics segment, Karl & Stefan discuss: Cryptography and Ransomware Attacks. Plus, Top 3: Worst Stock Images.
Karl and Stefan discuss ESG Frameworks.  ESG topics in regard to placing it into a risk reporting framework, is reasonably new, which is evident in many of the currently available frameworks – perhaps more accurately, 'structures and thoughts'.  So, how do you go from assessing the Megatrends, to creating a specific methodology to report on ESG risk?In the second segment, Karl is joined by Claudia Howe, Alyne's Regional Head of Sales, to talk about the Finanzmarktintegritätsstärkungsgesetz (FISG). (Yes, this is a real word). FISG is a new German regulation that further amplifies that requirement for a well functioning ICS and risk management function. This activity however, is not just limited to Germany, but will take place in the UK too, with the upcoming UK SOX.Then, our Top 3 reasons you might cancel (last minute) your flight to space with Richard Branson.
What role do Continuous Controls play in an organisation? From preventing or mitigating potential losses to helping maintain powerful regulatory activity; all while saving money by reducing compliance costs, manual monitoring costs and costs incurred due to losses. Also in this episode, the Eastern Seaboard Fuel Crisis and the impact of cybersecurity in it. Later in our news segment, our hosts discuss Apple's accusations of using forced labor, WhatsApp's new end user agreement and N26 under the scrutiny of the German regulator BaFin. To close our episode, Karl & Stefan's Top 3: Things You Do When You Get Vaccinated.
How can organisations avoid exposure to risks directly connected to their supply chains? Lessons learned in Supply Chain Management from the crisis generated by the blockage of the Suez Canal. Also in this episode, Vaccine Passports and the potential issues they bring with them. Concerns are rapidly rising in relation to privacy issues, equality and practicality. To close our efficiency-focused episode, Karl & Stefan's Top 3: Archaic Business Requests.
ESG topics and global Mega Trends are gaining fast momentum  - with regulation increasing and likes of reporting being made mandatory in some sectors. Karl and Stefan discuss ESG Risk Management as a hot topic to watch. In the second segment, they discuss an older topic of Data Residency which seems to be gaining steam again. What is the legal view? Why is there avoidance of the public cloud and preference for own tenancy? Are we in a bubble, or is this a trend?Then, Karl and Stefan's Top 3 'Corporate email fails'. 
Karl and Stefan talk about access to the internet and how it influences various democratic processes.  In the second segment, Karl talks to Frederick Geyer, Alyne's specialist for Control Frameworks based out of the US, to discuss Financial Controls and modern assurance mechanisms. What approaches should be taken in the design and testing of internal Controls? How do you go about achieving financial integrity and resilience? How is technology facilitating this process?Then, Top 3: YouTube categories on Karl and Stefan's playlist.  
In this episode, Karl and Stefan discuss recent data privacy issues related to popular messaging apps. In segment two, they dive into the key role of RegTech in the healthcare industry, in light of the current situation.Then: Top 3 lighthearted reasons for (and against) taking the  COVID-19 vaccine. 
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