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Author: Dr. Kristin Kahle and Angie Surra

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Sail on over to learn about navigating compliance trends and topics!
20 Episodes
Join Angie Surra in this episode of The Beacon, where she talks about an ACA Benefit topic that is always relevant. 
Join Angie Surra in the latest news about ACA Compliance and other law requirements. Here's the 3rd episode of The Beacon!
As a new regulation is mandated by the law, requirements to accomplish it and penalties in case of failure appear too. That's why Angie Surra gives us a tour by the latest rule started on  December 2021. All of this information is useful for brokers, agents, and service providers.Let her guide you through the seas of compliance while you just relax in your lifevest. Happy Navigating!
I decided to forgo my regularly scheduled topic to review some interesting information and statistics around ACA, benefits, statistics and more!
In this episode, we talk about the importance of tracking your variable hour (or part-time) employees to make sure you do not miss offering benefits to an employee who has worked more than you anticipated!Failure to track will result in costly fines!Happy Navigating!
Review of the different types of section 125 cafeteria plans and nondiscrimination testing.
August 2020 episode is a brief discussion on both federal and state ACA Reporting!
COBRA has been around since 1985 but are you aware of the temporary timeline extensions due to the coronavirus pandemic? If not, listen up!
Special Health Care Notices are important to distribute!Listen in for some of those!
This episode is all about the specific Healthcare Reform notices that employers must distribute! 
Rules and guidance with the new Emergency FMLA Expansion Act passed into law on 3/18/2020.
Special segment regarding HIPAA, FMLA and pending legislation 
Welcome to episode 2 of season 2!This episode is all about employment forms, retention and best practices.Happy Navigating!
The Beacon 2020: FMLA

The Beacon 2020: FMLA


At NavigateHCR, we get questions daily regarding the proper administration with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).The Family and Medical Leave Act was passed in 1993 yet there are still many areas employers struggle with daily.This episode reviews 3 important questions we are asked!Grab a life vest, sit back and enjoy the ride!Happy Navigating!  



Plan Name- the name of the plan sponsor and general description of the benefits providedPlan Number- 3-digit number assignedPlan Year- How to determine the year
Plan Design communicationsNotices for open enrollmentCommunications to employees
ERISA Compliance FAQ

ERISA Compliance FAQ


Employers subject to ERISAPlans subject to ERISAPlans not subjected to ERISAERISA Safe Harbor
2019 Beacon Episode 1

2019 Beacon Episode 1


Compliance Deadlines for 2019
This month there were many interesting things going on in compliance matters. Join Angie Surra in this episode of The Beacon to learn the most relevant topics of July. 
It doesn't matter where our employees are physically, if they're working remotely in places that require state-based ACA reporting you should play this episode
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