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Reverse | | Topics covered in this episode: alcoholism, caffeine addiction, nicotine dependency, autism, bipolar, generalized anxiety, schizo affective disorder, smoking, drinking, veganism, vegans, vegan sex addiction, heaven, hell, schizophrenia, paranoia, psychotic episode, psychosis, jimbo, jimbonator, filmmaking, documentary, schwarzenegger delusions, true delusions, terminator 2 judgement day, energy drinks --- Send in a voice message:
Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

2021-01-1501:48 | | Customized Alarm Clock by Jimmy. This should help you get outta bed asap and get fired up for the day. --- Send in a voice message: | | A sad phonecall from Jimmy to Ryan from The Edge of The Abyss... --- Send in a voice message: | | Host tries to explain what it feels like to experience his humiliating psychosis, but struggles to express it coherently... (modern schizophrenia sufferers often feel they are inside some kind of twisted reality show, similar to The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey). --- Send in a voice message: | | The Notorious Schwarzenegger Delusion rigorously questioned + Personal medical-file conspiracy theories... hammered out crystal clear. --- Send in a voice message: | | Host forgot to renew meds and 4 days later realized the Difficulty Settings in Life had been cranked way up... while his skills are dramatically reduced. --- Send in a voice message: | | Will he man up and confess the nitty gritty details of what happened? Probably too scared... --- Send in a voice message: | | Host fighting with wife, makes decision to overdose on hotdogs and ice cream cones. --- Send in a voice message: | | Jimmy and Ryan drive around town in an early-90s Toyota 4runner, get fired up and outline some scandalous topics. --- Send in a voice message: | | Extremely late for work as usual, host takes a moment to reflect on whether or not he is an alcoholic. --- Send in a voice message: | | TED Talk on how to get your whole family's identities stolen. --- Send in a voice message: | | Jimmy: YOU MUST FOCUS RYAN, FOCUS!!!! --- Send in a voice message:
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Ryan Flowers

Lemme know in the comments if you like this podcast and also what you want to hear in a future episode! -Ryan

Jan 15th
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