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SEX COMMUNICATION is a podcast that explores how people communicate about and during sex. It features audio recordings of real sex acts, explicit conversations and mini "confessionals" where I detail all the ways I did or did not get off in the week prior. By increasing exposure to the honest discussion and demonstration of sexuality, this project seeks to change the cultural conversation around sex and inspire radical self acceptance. Visit us at for more.
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My notes for the past week: RAGE. The end.Ok fine, there were other things like STRESS and INSECURITY. Listen for the details on how feeling like shit about my outsides keeps my insides sex free! Specifically what it was like attending a fancy schmancy event while feeling like a hideous troll and how this all connects to my shaved head and vanity and needing outside validation to make up for the lack of internal validation. Blah blah blah!OH WAIT! Actually something amazing did happen but I had so much rage I forgot! SXSW!!!! I AM SPEAKING AT SXSW AFTERALL!!! A slot opened up and I am now giving the 15-minute solo presentation I had applied for! THANK YOU to every single ounce of support, I am so fucking humbled and blown away that this is happening, so much so that I fucking forgot in my rage!!Until Thursday…
Today is the first portion of my 2-part interview with “C.”“C” is in her early 50s and only recently came out as a trans woman — which means she spent decades struggling to come to terms with herself; her identity, orientation and sexual pleasure.In Part 1 we discuss her personal history: how she was introduced to sex, what her first experiences were like, what her 2 marriages were like and so on. In the later portion of the episode, “C” describes what the process of coming out has been like. We talk about the timing, the reactions, the experience with friends and colleagues as she made her transition public.Part 2 will air next week as Episode 83.***The SEX COMMUNICATION Podcast equipment fundraiser continues! Please support the project by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign.
Masturbated once and only once — no porn, no partner sex, no other anything but rage for the remainder of the week. Why am I so angry? That’s exactly my question, WHY? There are some details relating to my sobriety and the work of recovery; things perhaps difficult for anyone outside of the 12-step space to identify with but affecting all the same. It’s personal inventory time once again and as such a lot of scabbed over and still fresh wounds are poked and prodded and generally painful.Aside from those specifics, rage is human, common, normal… I’m not ashamed but I am uncomfortable. I do my best to breathe through it, to envision the best for those I would rather be cursing out, I take positive actions instead of wallowing in my misery. Still, the rage will leave me when it’s meant to; surely it is serving some purpose though I’ll be damned if I can ever tell while it’s happening.Anyway! Motivation to masturbate the madness away no?***Here’s that orgy article I mentioned; it details my experience told through the lens of sobriety.
An interview with John and “Lotta” about what their relatively new relationship is like and how they navigate ethical non-monogamy when one partner is poly and the other is poly-friendly…Previous episodes with these two:Episode 75: Sex Magic Audio PornEpisode 51: Sex Magic And Pussy WhisperingEpisode 41: “Alotta” Experience, Love And Acceptance**ExtrasArticle detailing all the foibles that come with traveling and sexThe Ollie toy referenced
Heyyyyy — new partner sex! Plus oodles of masturbation… in other words, it was a pretty great week.Porn links:Some typical Japanese nipple stuffSome meh cuckholding porn [could the cuckhold be any more bored??]Some slightly better cuckholding porn [only tolerable for me with the sound OFF]Some satisfying cheesy nipple porn with a plumber themeSupport the podcast! I launched a small GoFundMe to cover the recent costs of upgrading the podcast equipment; please consider donating in support of the project! Check out the fundraiser or visit the ‘support’ page of GRAPHICPAINT at any time.Till Thursday!***See episode notes on GRAPHICPAINT to view images mentioned…
In this episode, I speak with Andre Shakti, an absolute badass and sexual inspiration. Here is Andre’s bio as described on her site,…Andre Shakti is a journalist, educator, performer, activist, and professional slut. She is devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de-stigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously. Andre wrestles mediocre white men into submission and is the weekly sex columnist for In addition to her Ask Andre column, she writes about sex work, queerness and non-monogamy for Cosmopolitan, Rewire, Thrillist, MEL, Vice, Autostraddle, and more. She can frequently be found marathoning Law & Order: SVU under a chaotic pile of partners and pitbulls, and yes, she knows how problematic that show is.Andre graduated cum laude from Towson University in Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and LGBT Studies in 2010. She worked in HIV risk assessment, harm reduction education, and community activism in Baltimore from 2008-2011, studied at San Francisco State University’s National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) in 2010, and graduated from San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)’s Sex Educator Training in Fall 2013. She’s held educator and sales associate positions at sex-positive adult boutiques Sugar (Baltimore, MD) and Feelmore510 (Oakland, CA), and is one of the founding crew members of Atlanta’s Sex Down South Conference in Atlanta, GA.Whew! I met Andre at the Sex Down South Conference this past September and I was blown away by her presence after having the privilege of attending two of her workshops. I was even more blown away when she said ‘yes’ to an interview and so here we are!Our conversation covers both her personal and professional lives; her background, upbringing, areas of expertise, sexual preferences and experiences, SESTA-FOSTA, family acceptance, relationships, and on and on.***Speaking of SESTA-FOSTA, here is the article Andre refers to: am so grateful to Andre for being so open and available for this interview [thank you again!]. If you’d like to know more about this dynamo, she is all over the internet! Here are some easy ways to follow her:Personal site: https://www.iampoly.netPatreon: here are some links to a few examples of her professional work:As author: performer:
Guess who has a crush? It’s me and it’s a pleasant, warm and fuzzy type of crush which has inspired a different type of fantasy [the warm and fuzzy kind duh]. There appears to be mutual attraction but for now I’m just enjoying the idea of the person and the possibilities that come with the appearance of a new person.Also last night someone told me that I was their crush so that was a fun twist to the week. However, the fact that they anonymously texted makes me super skeptical about the worthiness of this mystery person.Anyway! Masturbation level was pretty normal with three days of action, so much better than last week ;) I finally remembered to charge the insertable vibrator so that helped things tremendously. Also am I growing? Because I watched nipple porn that featured women with fake tits. It worked so maybe the tides are shifting? Or maybe the activity trumped the aesthetics? I suspect the latter but I will also continue to believe I am growing.Porn links:Nipple stuff, even with fake breastsSame same but different, also with natural breastsSupport the podcast! I launched a small GoFundMe to cover the recent costs of upgrading the podcast equipment; please consider donating in support of the project! Check out the fundraiser or visit the ‘support’ page of GRAPHICPAINT at any time.Till Thursday!
Some magical audio porn in honor of Spooktober! Ok it’s not spooky or magical like witches magical but still…Anyway! Here’s the recording description from the submitters, both of whom have been interview guests of the podcast:“The intention behind this was sex magic — kind of a manifestation thing as well as a test of concept. There is light race play, primal sex, roleplay, things like that.”Well there you go… If you would like to hear more from these two, check out their individual episodes:Episode 51: Sex Magic And Pussy WhisperingEpisode 41: “Alotta” Experience, Love And AcceptanceAlso — as promised, I launched a mini GoFundMe to cover the recent costs of upgrading the podcast equipment; please consider donating in support of the project! Check out the fundraiser or visit the ‘support’ page of GRAPHICPAINT at any time.Till Monday!
A sloooooowwwww week… i.e., little to no sexy time. Ok, there was one time I actually self satisfied, Tuesday night, and it was successful (I came) but underwhelming (used porn, and a clip I’ve seen and used before).Aside from the inactivity with my nether regions, I did get some exciting news yesterday! I’ve been accepted as a speaker at my first conference!!! I will be presenting on the topic “Using Sex And Porn Online To Change The World IRL” at the Positive Sexuality Conference 2020 in Burbank CA!I’ve been battling some roller coaster emotions this week so the news of my proposal acceptance couldn’t have come at a better time.Oh! And another thing — I have recently invested in some upgraded equipment: dynamic mics, a mixer dashboard, freestanding boom arms, etc… It wasn’t cheap but definitely worth it as now I am able to record higher quality in-person and remote interviews! I used it all for the first time this past Thursday and I think you’ll be pleased to hear the difference when that episode airs, sometime in a few weeks.As I am 100% self-supported, I will be launching a small GoFundMe campaign to cover the equipment costs. Until that goes live, you can always donate to support both the SEX COMMUNICATION Podcast and GRAPHICPAINT via our donation page.Till Thursday!Porn links:Same old same old
What is it like being 27 and in the middle of a sexual metamorphosis, or “awakening”?Current stats: 6 partners over 15 yearsHe remembers first being introduced to sex via a VHS porn tape introduced by his cousin. He was later raped by an older woman when he was 13 and she was 19. Following that experience, he had sexual/romantic relationships with single partners for several years at a time.Some specific details: he was a pro wrestler for a few years (which comes with a fair amount of debaucherous activity), a former girlfriend has come out as trans, and he’s been - he feels like if the coming out had happened while they were dating he would have still been with the person romantically accepting and capable of falling in love with any person. He’s kissed a handful of guys over the years. He is currently more actively exploring sexual attraction to people of other genders or on the spectrum of gender.Newly single, what does he have in mind as far as what is on the horizon, what’s left to try, how is his sex drive, what is his mental state like?Diving specifically into threesomes > with brief transgression into the possibly played out nature of MFF > what is his vision about a MMF threesome? What types of interactions is he looking for? What past experiences with men have informed what he’s looking for?Another brief discussion of a past opportunity for a MMF threesome that didn’t come to be.And then a dive into the porn he watches; voyeur, POV, bondage, some “classic” scenarios, Russian public sex, natural women (breasts, hair, etc.).Speaking of pubic hair and being newly awakened to the joys of going down on another person, how does he navigate hair in his mouth or throat. His tip: spit it out and on the genitals of your partner as both lube and a means of getting rid of the hair.The role and benefit of communication in a healthy relationship — especially when it comes to sex.How does the age of potential female partners play into his life now, i.e., how has the rape at the hands of an older woman affect his relationships with women?What is dating like? What is his experience with apps and meeting people? Why is his age range so wide? And speaking of, what is it about younger men being attracted to much older women?Wrapping things up, we talk about his attraction to monogamous relationships, and why he feels it’s counter to what’s “normal.” He has this idea that being more casual with sex and relationships is the new standard > this leads to some discussion as to what other things seem “new” but really aren’t i.e., polyamory, gender fluidity, etc. Also, why is he judging himself for the way he prefers to relate to people? How can he be more accepting of himself, especially as he moves ahead in his sexual exploration?
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