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Author: Gina Meyer, DPT

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If you are open to being inspired by gritty women who have pushed through difficulties and finding motivation in the way we are all connected, this podcast is for you. Prepare to be inspired as Gina Meyer, Doctor of Physical Therapy and leader in the health and wellness industry gets up close and personal with athletes who have made it through seemingly insurmountable challenges. Connect to their struggle, find out how they were able to RISE, and apply their lessons to push past even your own expectations for your life. Come RISE with us.
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Connect and Rise with Lindsley, runner, mom and wife as she describes some of the struggles she has experienced.  We discuss the power of a positive attitude (that it's always a choice) and how important it is to stop comparing and really focus on your own life and goals. Lindsay speaks more about her mantra: “Be the energy,” and how we can all apply it to own own lives in order to live more joyfully and to be a positive force in the lives of others. 
In the final episode of 2020, connect and RISE with Jewellette Bazemore, a participant in ARC who is finding her wings as a runner. Jewellette shares her story of joining the running community having come from a non-athletic background. She discusses some of the barriers she experienced when starting a running program including sometimes  feeling alone and isolated. We talk about the power of connection and being supported in our wellness goals (or in anything we do in life). Sometimes we don’t even know what we need, but ARC brought her tools she could use to keep going. And just when Jewellette wanted to give up, she surprised herself by running “the fastest mile of her life.” As we move into a new year, believe in all that you can do. Good things are ahead. Don’t give up. 
Connect and Rise with Linda, athlete, runner, outdoor enthusiast, wife and mom.  Linda describes her running journey and the challenges of balancing taking care of herself/following her passions with her responsibilities as a wife, mom and educator. She poignantly shares that we can’t inspire our children if we never pursue our own dreams. Linda also discusses how we can all work to make the running community more welcoming and inclusive. She shares that love changes everything because it helps us to shift our perspective. Often what matters most is the way we perceive what’s going on in our lives and the world. When look at life through the lens of love, we see things differently. Linda encourages all women to believe in the power of consistency and perseverance, which can help each of us accomplish more than we ever imagined. 
Connect and Rise with Jennifer, runner and USATF Track and Cross Country Coach. Find out more about Jennifer’s life journey and what brought her back to running. Jennifer also shares how she was shaped by events that happened even before she was born. She motivates us all to dig deep, to remember where we came from, but also to make a commitment to continually evolving. It is important to nurture all aspects of who we are as individuals and to be open to receiving love (before we can give it well). Each season of life can be an opportunity to rewrite our future. 
Connect and Rise with Tia, cyclist and woman in automotives.  Find out more about Tia's journey in a male-dominated field and the self affirmation techinque that has been working for her since her youth.  Tia shines a light on what it looks like to be one of the only females in an organization and how we can draw on our own self love to find the confidence needed.  You will be inspired by Tia's empowering outlook and desire to be the best version of herself.
Connect and Rise with Rocky Kitzmiller, Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor and Russian Kettlebell Instructor who has been involved in the health and fitness field for almost 20 years. Rocky is the founder and owner of RockBody-Fitness—a home studio gym that started in Kailua, HI and moved to Virginia Beach, VA. She is a military spouse of 18 years with two teenager daughters.Rocky shares her journey both professionally and personally, which was a windy road at times, and encourages each of us to remember how important it is to nurture who we are and take care of our health both mentally and physically. We also discuss A.R.C., a nonprofit designed to empower women through running. Rocky serves as a Military Outreach Coordinator and Virtual Run Coordinator for A.R.C. and discusses the importance of the mission of the organization.  She concludes by reminding us to break a goal down into its pieces and stay hopeful.  Many of the best things in life require hard work. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it. 
Connect and Rise with Lindsay Walter, Charlotte based marathoner and ultra runner, who shares her story of grit and perseverance.  At a very young age Lindsay was diagnosed with Alopecia. This resulted in the loss of her hair.  Lindsay wore a wig as a child and was teased and made fun of by her peers.  She felt emabarassed and alone.  At the time, she believed she could never be beautiful without hair.  Lindsay found herself in athletics.  She played basketball as a youth and took out any negative emotions shooting hoops.  Lindsay later went on the play basketball at the collegiate level.  She also found solace (and much success) in running and continues to use running as a way to process and manage emotions.  Through her journey she has realized that it's okay to feel emotions, but then we have to "lace back up." Don't ever settle for anything but being the best you can be.  Never be one dimensional, but work to grow in all areas of your life.  Lindsay's story will uplift and inspire you to embrace your unique beauty. Never quit on yourself.
Connect and Rise with Mary Rice-Boothe, runner, educator, wife, and mom. Mary shares her journey through the loss of her father and how it shaped her life.  She also discusses donating a kidney to her husband in August of 2020.  You will be uplifted by her strength and compassion! Mary also works with school systems across the country to “dismantle systemic racism one brick at a time.” She gives some excellent strategies to apply in our own lives.  Mary will inspire you with her insight and encouragement to have the “unpracticed conversations” and also to remember to give yourself grace.  When we realize that we can't control the future and open ourselves to be flexible and tolerant in the moment, the beauty of the collective arms of those around us becomes even more apparent and propels us onward.   
Connect and Rise with Jessica, Breast Cancer Survivor and Figure Body Builder. Jessica shares her absolutely amazing story of beating the odds and will stun and inspire you with her grit and perseverance. She became a bodybuilder during cancer treatment (she didn’t even let radiation burns stop her from going to the gym). Jess shares how she found the courage to compete as a Figure Body Builder for the first time with only one breast and a chemo port. She will make you believe in the power of indomitable will. Now, one year out, she continues to compete. May we all have that kind of dedication and heart. In Jess’s words, “no one can stop you but you.”
Connect and Rise with Addi Zerrener, Elite Runner, Olympic Trials Marathon Quailifier, Running Coach, and Personal Trainer as she describes her struggles as a runner.  Addi shares how she navigated and continues to navigate anorexia nervosa and reminds us how important it can be to open up to others. Sharing our struggles and our journey helps remind us that we are not alone. We also discuss social justice and the importance of ongoing efforts to educate ourselves while also committing to being kind always. When love and compassion are our focus, great things happen.  
Connect and Rise with Joy Miles, Pilates Instructor, Triathlon Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Running Coach, and US Masters Swimming Coach.  Find out what happened when Joy registered for her first triathlon not realizing she didn't know how to swim. Her strength and perserverance will inspire you to do the thing you think or are told you cannot do.  Joy also shares her unique perspective on running and biking to work in Chicago during the pandemic and the fear she faces at times.  It is an important message for us all to hear in order that our eyes can be opened to the changes that must be made.  Joy's outlook will lift you up and inspire you to be you, be authentic, and be fearless.  You say I can't do it? Just watch me.
Connect and Rise with Cindy Rakowitz, fitness enthusiast and Founder/Executive Director at Fit 4 the Cause.  Cindy shares her pathway to prioritizing health and eventually founding Fit 4 the Cause, which brings exercise therapy and wellness education to the underserved. Cindy also opens up about the losses she has experienced, sharing how she recently decided to commit to working on her mental health to navigate the loss of her husband. Her advocacy for mental health services and breaking any stigma associated is very powerful. We also briefly discuss the state of our world and Cindy offers the most amazing insight: if we are at a loss for what to do or how to help, the best thing we can do is love each other. She puts love out into the world every day through programming with Fit 4 the Cause and her description of the joy she sees in the smiles (over Zoom for now) of those she is able to help will make you a believer. Please check out and donate if you are able. 
Connect and Rise with Becky, mother,  runner, teacher, and track coach. Becky poignantly discusses the seasons in her life which have revealed her true strength. She starts by describing her journey through infertility. Becky and her husband eventually adopted and now, many years later, she has two awesome boys who are almost ready to finish high school. She can now look back with gratitude, knowing that she was always meant to be their mother. Becky then describes her diagnosis with breast cancer and her ongoing battle against the disease. She became an even more deliberate runner over the course of her treatment, deciding that she would run for anyone who was not strong enough to run and for those who did not win the battle against breast cancer. Her story of bravery and grit will bring a burst of positivity to your day. Becky would like to also remind each of you to do your self exams and get your mammograms. Early detection can save lives! 
Connect and Rise with Leila, runner and entrepreneur who recently moved to the United States. Leila describes some of the challenges she faced growing up in South Africa and how it shaped her into the determined and strong woman she is today. After experiencing great sadness and difficulty, she made up her mind to take the hard things that happened to her and use them as fuel to become her best self. Leila helps each of us realize the value of asking ourselves: “If my situation is hard, how do I not live there in the hard? How can I work on myself and my life?” Leila shares powerful insight telling us each that we are alive for a reason and it’s not to be sad and angry. We can channel our emotion and passion into doing the most we can with our time on earth. Stay awake in your life and “never sleep on yourself.” Every day is precious time you can use to work towards your own personal greatness. 
Connect and Rise with Shannon Mulcahy, Sport Psychology Consultant and Mental Performance Coach, who discusses her journey through the loss of her father. Shannon also shares her insight on how we can navigate difficult times by remembering to ask ourselves what really brings us joy. When everything else is stripped away, we each have to build the skill of self reflection to become clear on who we are and what we want. Shannon offers an excellent reminder about how to filter what you take in on a daily basis, based on whether it inspires you or brings you down. It’s important to tap in to your physiological response to what happens in your day and adjust your thinking and behavior accordingly. This helps maintain a positive outlook and keeps us focused on our true self and our goals. If you stay true to who you are and what you want out of life, there are no limits.
Connect and Rise with Adina Crawford, Runner, Yoga Instructor, Certified Power, Vinyasa, and Sculpt Instructor who guides meditation weekly.  Adina serves on the Honeystinger Athletic Advisory Committee, is a BLACK Girls Run Ambassador, Black Girls Do Bike Lady Shero, Zooma Ambassador, Honey Stinger Ambassador, Nuun Ambassador, TERRY Bicycles Ambassador,Trek Bikes Advocate, and a Micro Campaign Influencer for various brands. She shares her fantastic insight on facing challenges as a female leader in the fitness world who also is African American.  She describes the importance of dispelling the idea that someone who exercises should look a certain way. Exercise is for everyone, every shape, size, and color. We also discuss recent events in our world. Adina’s powerful words urge us to embrace one another, to always choose happiness, and to own your craft.  When it comes to your life, YOU write the story. Check out more on Adina at:
Connect and Rise with Cora Fahy, Physical Therapist Assistant, cyclist for charity, avid paddleboarder and Cancer Survivor.  Cora takes us through her battle with Breast Cancer and so poignantly discusses how all of struggles in her life (including a considerable amount of loss) prepared her with the tools to handle her diagnosis.  She also talks about the foundation she now realizes her family and ancestors gave her upon which to build her strength.  Cora describes that we all have a warrior within and when we are faced with a battle, we can access the strength we need to get through.  She beautifully reminds us that grief happens to all of us in life, whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one, a marriage, a job, our health... but it's how we respond to that grief that reveals who we are as people.  It's always a choice.  We can choose to pull on all that we've learned through our struggles to choose bravery.  We can choose to show up even when it's uncomfortable.  You can choose to remember: you are the strongest person you know.  Choose to say it and feel it and then you are it.
Connect and Rise with Enna, wife, mother, cervical cancer survivor, Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer.  Enna shares her journey through cervical cancer and what she learned along the way, including the moment that she realized that she needed to take charge of her health.  Enna also discusses strategies for life that are very relevant as we continue to battle COVID 19 and gives us her perspective on what we can do to be be more active in the pursuit of social justice.  Enna reminds us that true change starts in the home, that we have to educate ourselves, and most importantly that we must always strive to choose empathy.  She has learned through her struggles that we are all so much stronger than we think, not just as individuals, but also as communities and as a nation.  She encourages each of us to evaluate our lives and truly ask not only if we are racially biased, but also if we are actively involved in our community to help change the racial biases of any with whom we come into contact.  Lastly, Enna reminds us that despite all of the hard things we are facing on a daily basis, it is still important to take the time to enjoy life.  It's all about balance.  Don't wait for a gut punch.  Make changes now to be more healthy, to protect the vulnerable and to work for justice... but while you're at it, don't forget to eat the cake too.
Connect and Rise with Kendra Chambers, Pro-USA Track and Field Athlete (sponsored by Oiselle) and Athlete Advocate. Kendra’s insight and perspective is so powerful! She discusses how important it is to be patient with yourself, especially during the pandemic. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is not to look too far into the future but instead to focus on the 24 hours in front of us and what we can do in that day. Kendra takes us through her journey as an elite runner experiencing kidney failure. She reminds us that each new level of our lives will require the next level of our strength and training. In hindsight, you will see that the little things turn out to be a big things, so stay focused on the small things you do on a daily basis. Kendra also shares some very powerful insight about what it means to be seen and heard as a Black female athlete. She provides excellent strategies to get involved and be a part of change. Kendra encourages us all to embrace the beauty that can be found in personal growth. In the pursuit of your “why,” make sure the little things you do every day align with that mission. 
Connect and Rise with Hafsa Kamara, 2016 Rio Olympian, Founder of the BrandMe Program, and youth advocate.  Hafsa shares her personal journey of becoming an Olympian representing Sierra Leone even when the odds were stacked against her (including her own father's belief that Muslim women did not belong in Track and Field).  She reminds us that anything is possible with hard work and determination, even when you think a dream is so big it may never be realized.  Hafsa also talks about her current goals which include empowering youth as we continue to demand social justice.  She encourages each of us to do what we can because "now is the time for your voice to be heard; now is the time for your actions to matter."
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