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Connect and Rise with Tonya Bradley, ultramarathoner, Lupus patient/ Lupus awareness advocate and health equity advocate. Tonya discusses what it means to her to be audacious and tells us more about running the Berlin, Chicago, and London marathons and her plans to also run the New York City Marathon. She reminds us that in running and in life we need to embrace the “I will cross the finish line” mentality- even if it takes longer than we planned or unexpected challenges arise. She discusses how making positive changes in our lives can bring positive people and circumstances our way.  Tonya will inspire and encourage you not to wait on pursuing your dreams. It’s never too late! 
Connect and Rise with Rette Green, triathlete, mom, and autoimmune warrior.  Rette shares some of her journey and reminds us to take the chances. Always take the shots. She reminds us that the things that we value deserve to hold space in our lives; our actions should be bold. Rette also discusses carrying gratitude through it all, honoring the energy within you to press towards your goals. She tells us that on race days (or any difficult situation in life) the grit and bravery we develop through the struggle can be drawn on when needed later in life. Rette calls us to ask ourselves: when the audience goes away, what still matters? Hold those things close and also remember to have ALL THE FUN.  
Miriam: Joy awaits.

Miriam: Joy awaits.


Connect and Rise with Miriam Gilbert, ultrarunner and retired professor, as she discusses life, strength through struggle, and her book: Come What May, I Want to Run: A Memoir of the Saving Grace of Ultrarunning in Overwhelming Times. Miriam discusses what courage and boldness mean to her, shares some of her personal struggles and how they propelled her forward, and tells us how ultrarunning (or anything in life that is truly challenging) can push us to grow in endurance and strength.  Miriam believes in embracing everything (the good and the bad, the struggles and the triumphs) in life and reminds us all that no matter what we are going through, JOY awaits.
This is a sweet little episode with my niece Juliana that was recorded earlier in July before our shared birthday. She has such a big heart. The idea of the episode was to talk about an amazing song she knew from a dance performance. She felt very connected to the lyrics which simply put remind us that we are not alone. I love you, Juliana! 
Connect and Rise with Adriauna Davis, Founder and  Executive Director of The Harmonie Grace Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at empowering and supporting families of at-risk infants to inspire hope and serve those affected by preterm pregnancy and infant mortality.  You will be be inspired by Adriauna’s story and her desire to take what she learned from a  very difficult time in her life and use it to serve others. She reminds us that boldness builds confidence, to connect  with yourself and acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses, and that you honor yourself and  others by sharing your authentic story. As you go through difficult times, remember  the mission. Remember your why and don’t stop there. More information on The Harmonie Grace Foundation: Website: www.harmoniegracefoundation.orgEmail: admin@harmoniegracefoundation.orgDonationsCashapp: $HGBFoundationPayPal: theharmoniegracefoundation@gmail.comChecks and money orders accepted also! 
Connect and Rise with Anne Chang, marathoner, coach, mother, and Saucony Canada Ambassador. Anne opens up,  sharing some of the struggles she has faced and the strength she has developed through those struggles. She is an advocate of taking the time to process loss and also remembering to live life to the fullest. Anne encourages us to both be objective through difficulty and to choose to have fun (which she reflects on  so beautifully after running the Boston Marathon only a few days before the London Marathon). Anne will remind you to be ambitious while staying  true to yourself. All things are possible. 
Connect and Rise with Jessie Wolinsky @badassblindbabe who has lost most of her vision to retinitis pigmentosa but who has NOT lost her desire to continuing evolving and living an expansive life. She will encourage you to do the same. Jessie shares her journey, including finding out about her diagnosis when she was fourteen and  developing her capacity for self love through the challenges that have come in the years since. She reminds us that emotions are not permanent and that we need to get in the habit of asking if an emotion (or how we are spending our time) serves us. Jessie notes that we are all given a lot of ideas on what we should do, but too often we don’t ask ourselves what aligns with our innermost selves or who we want to be. She reminds us to be unafraid to walk with fear. The point of life is to evolve and to continue becoming whoever we want to be. 
Connect and Rise with Kriste, runner, writer, producer, meditator, speaker, ambassador, and advocate of changing our narratives on wellness.  Kriste describes how internalized  ideas and lived experiences sometimes hold us back. She discusses the importance of being receptive and curious- this allows us to continue growing. Kriste will inspire you to “come home to yourself” and do something (even one small, brave thing) that is the next step towards your dream and to “mine the depths of the hard places within you.” You have no idea what opportunities will unfold if you call yourself to be bold. 
Connect and Rise with Ashley Davies, movement coach, run club leader, and community connecter in Seattle, WA. Ashley shares how struggle shaped her, how she has learned to create boundaries to protect her space, and the way she is allowing herself to continue to grow. Ashley has a passion for creating an inclusive space for people to “move and be themselves.” She believes deeply in the power of connection and the power of creating welcoming spaces because she believes that we are meant to walk together. So make eye contact, share a smile, and let those you meet feel seen.  Ashley encourages us to be bold by always working for change, pushing beyond spaces that are comfortable. This helps us to progress towards building a new tomorrow in which we all feel less alone and more empowered to live vibrant lives.  
Connect and Rise with Amanda Sullivan, childhood cancer mom and advocate who is also a health & wellness coach.  Amanda shares her story including how she returned to wellness to  show up better for herself after her journey through cancer treatment with her daughter.  Amanda reminds us that when we set a new goal or dream a new dream, we don't have to be confident as we start, we just have to be courageous.  She encourages us all to practice boldness and to continue exploring our purpose. She will inspire you to embark on a “made for more” journey. 
Monique: You are rich.

Monique: You are rich.


Connect and Rise with Monique, Body Positive Advocate and Fitness Entrepreneur, who shares her  journey of opening fitness studios aimed at empowering ALL women through movement. Monique responded to a game-changing “no” in her life. She refused to accept that no and moved forward with persistence and passion to make her mark on the fitness world. Monique will encourage you to trust  your “knowing” within because each of us has something unique to give the world. She reminds us that we have to speak power and life over ourselves. We are all rich- full of blessings, capability, love, strength, and the beauty of connection.  
Connect and Rise with Amanda Fludd, Mental Health and Wellness Speaker, Licensed Psychotherapist, High Performance and Leadership Coach, and runner.  Amanda shares incredible insight on the importance of developing the mental tools needed to become the highest version of yourself.  Amanda says, "we are brilliant women.” This  episode will leave you ready to trust your inner brilliance and move forward with living the life you're meant to live.  The world needs you.
Connect and Rise with Breanne Smedley, Elite Competitor Coach for female athletes.  Having been an elite volleyball player herself, Breanne went on to pursue sports psychology and now serves as a mindset coach for female athletes and their mothers.  As we begin season five with a focus on boldness of spirit, Breanne's insight and tips are sure to propel you forward into a fulfilling year of trusting yourself and embracing what feels right despite what anyone else may think.  This episode is packed with amazing insight! Making the shift to more productive thoughts can be a game changer.
Connect and Rise with Kim, host of the Fit Girl Magic Podcast and Health/Wellness Coach specializing in working with women over 40. Kim shares her journey and describes how we can all benefit from changing our game plan for health at different stages of our lives. “We all want the habits but we don’t want to do the work it takes to get there.” Kim will motivate you to stop longing for the dreams you can see “on the opposite bank of the river” but may feel afraid to swim towards. She cautions us to be careful about comparing our day 1 to someone else’s day 100 and reminds us that consistency is key. Find your why and it will motivate you to get out of bed for that workout or to stop standing on one side of the river looking longingly at the beauty on the other side. 
Connect and Rise with Dr. Heidi Lovett, triathlete, ultra-marathoner, author, humanitarian, BGR Ambassador and so much more! Heidi discusses loss and how important it can be to slow down and learn to prioritize healing. She shares her story of completing an Iron Man after an initial DNF (she continued on and eventually completed an Iron Man successfully). Heidi discusses how to reset goals and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. She invites us all to “get out of our space” and encourages us to find the courage to move past negativity. One cause particularly dear to Heidi is to help more young Black women learn to swim. We need more girls to learn to swim for the health benefits and also to prevent drowning related deaths. Heidi is also an advocate for young people to think of themselves as global citizens. She will remind you: on your journey of development, start by forgiving yourself. Then move forward towards a better you and ultimately a better world. 
Connect and Rise with Martha M. Garcia, a fully dimensional woman who is passionate about sports, movement, mindfulness, and being a human above any title or identity. Martha discusses embracing the duality of life and reminds us that everyone’s lived experience is different. This allows us each to bring something different to the table. Martha describes courage as taking action to honor what you truly think and feel. She will encourage you to live boldly, with actions that match your words. 
Caitlin: Do it afraid.

Caitlin: Do it afraid.


Connect and Rise with Caitlin Keen, Olympic Trials Marathoner, winner of the Flying Pig Marathon (twice) in Cincinnati, Ohio and advocate of exercise and movement.  Caitlin shares some of her journey and describes the power of making it through challenging situations because being pushed past comfort shapes us for the better.  Caitlin encourages us to be our authentic selves and to remember that courage is finding the strength to try even if you're afraid.  When we find that courage, amazing things can happen.
Connect and Rise with Jaye, runner, attorney, wife, mom, and breast cancer warrior. Jaye shares her journey, describing how she detected her own cancer through self examination and advocating for the importance of early detection. Jaye beautifully describes how her definition of courage has changed through the stages of her life. Currently,  courage is facing each day (as she continues to go through chemotherapy) with an attitude to fight. She reminds us to have the courage to trust ourselves, knowing  we are capable of hard things. Jaye will remind you that you CAN keep going even when you feel like you can’t and that staying positive during dark times can be transformative. We are so much stronger than we could ever imagine. 
Ashley: Don't settle.

Ashley: Don't settle.


Connect and Rise with Ashley, military veteran, military wife, mom of four, triathlete, runner, and pre/postnatal exercise specialist. Ashley shares her journey after winning a Half Iron Man World Championship at 22 years old. She describes how challenges “are the biggest thing that will make us grow.” And that she always seeks to allow herself to be uncomfortable. Ashely encourages us to do the same, reminding us that we will become so much stronger if we can allow ourselves to push past comfort. We can pour that strength into all facets of our lives. Ashley also shares her faith which is at the center of it all for her. The episode will remind you never to settle for where you are if you’re unhappy. You can put in the work to change. Let this be your next DAY ONE.
Connect and Rise with Adina Crawford, Yoga/Meditation Master and voice for inclusion across all exercise and wellness platforms.  In this, her second interview, Adina discusses that courage can be found within each of us.  She dispels the idea that there are things we "can't" do and encourages us all to keep pushing past comfort into feeling present and truly alive.  Adina discusses a global vision to help one another and reminds us that we expand our opportunities by leaning on one another.  This episode is bursting with joy and connection.  Living a life we love is possible and together we can and we will.
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This is such an incredible testimony. I am so thankful I listened. thank you for sharing!!

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