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Author: Gina Meyer, DPT

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If you are open to being inspired by gritty women who have pushed through difficulties and finding motivation in the way we are all connected, this podcast is for you. Prepare to be inspired as Gina Meyer, Doctor of Physical Therapy and leader in the health and wellness industry gets up close and personal with athletes who have made it through seemingly insurmountable challenges. Connect to their struggle, find out how they were able to RISE, and apply their lessons to push past even your own expectations for your life. Come RISE with us.
25 Episodes
Connect and Rise with Sam Moulding, Barrel racer, horse woman, rancher, and survivor.  Sam shares her story of survival after trauma.  Her insight is so very powerful.  Sam shares that the strength we need is already in all of us.  She talks about the life-changing effects of gratitude.  She encourages listeners to stop comparing themselves to others and to be brave enough to be themselves.  Sam reminds us that we all have a choice, that between stimulus and response there is a space where we can choose how we respond.  When we realize this, Sam describes that we can come to a place of power to decide how we choose to live our lives. "If you're humble enough to keep learning, the sky is the limit."
Connect and Rise with Lindsey, scientist, researcher, instructor of first year medical students, former competitive alpine skier, mother and wife as she describes how being unafraid to be different has paved the way into living a life that she loves.  Lindsey takes us through her formative early years, which laid the foundation for resilience, including her time as a competitive alpine skier. She then describes her path to a career in science, creating her own sunshine when needed, and embracing the ways that she is different.  Lindsey's story is one of true woman empowerment. "When someone says you can't do it, do it twice and take pictures."
Connect and Rise with Hanna Kallmaier, Professional Soccer Player and Coach as she takes us through her journey, which started in Germany when soccer was dominated by males.  She then describes the great honor and struggle of moving to the United States to attend college and play soccer at the collegiate level.  She will inspire you as she describes how she was able to continually put things in perspective and push through even when she wanted to quit.  "You didn't come this far only to come this far." 
Connect and Rise with HT, collegiate javelin thrower as she shares her journey of growth.  Find out how breaking down your individual process can make all the difference.  She also discusses getting real with yourself (because comparison does no one any good) and how attaining your goals comes down to consistent daily decisions made in line with that goal.  HT's dad always told her, "if you have a dream, you'd better go get it." This episode is a truly inspiring statement about how to live boldly, persevering through challenges, to become the best version of yourself.  
Connect and Rise with Lauren LaRocco, 7 x All-American and Professional Runner for Track Republic.  Lauren shares her story of becoming a runner (despite those who told her she wasn't fast enough) how she got through hard times, and the her current struggle with an injury.  She has powerful insight encouraging listeners to recognize the things you can control and those you can't, negate your self-doubts, and believe in yourself.  "There are no short-cuts and you can't rush your destiny," but don't give up because your dreams are within reach.
Connect and Rise with Kaili Alvarez, Muay Thai Fighter and Title Boxing Club Trainer, wife, and mother. Find out what it’s like to conquer fears and step into the ring as a Muay Thai Fighter. We discuss harnessing your inner fire and how important it is to remember that everyone we encounter (just like opponents in the ring) is a real person like the rest of us. Kaili’s insight is powerful fuel to step into the ring (even figuratively) in your own life. Kaili also shares how becoming a new mother can be one of our greatest challenges as we try to navigate the unpredictable. She shares the power of realizing there is no perfect answer or perfect timing. Her great insight will give you the boost you need to embrace today and trust in the magic of finding your own unique way. 
Connect and Rise with Karelle Edwards, Canadian 100 meter Hurdler who has set her eyes on the Road to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games.  Karelle's authenticity will inspire you as she discusses how adversity can take us to destinations we couldn't have gone otherwise.  She also shares how her father's belief in her (that was stronger than her own at the time) propelled her forward to continue training and pushing herself towards her goals.  Most poignantly, she explains how looking back though there are things that her current self may have done differently, she has a firm belief in the value of adversity. Her struggles prepared her for where she was going. How can you embrace adversity and use it as inspiration? Don't miss this episode!
Connect and Rise with Dani Aravich, Adaptive Athlete and runner who is in the process of trying to qualify for the Team USA 2020 Paralympic team. Dani shares her powerful story of being born without her left hand and how focusing on what she can do instead of what she can't has given her the confidence to pursue her dreams. This fantastic episode will propel listeners to believe in their own inner strength. You can do anything; don't be afraid to be uniquely you.
Connect and Rise with Robin Smith, competitive mid-distance runner, co-owner of Specialized Timing, mom, and wife as she shares her stories of loss and her powerful insight on getting through some of the most difficult times.  She discusses the value of a strong support network and how never giving up can make all the difference.  She will speak directly to your heart with the message: "It's not over until it's over." Don't miss this episode.
Connect and Rise with Jackie Reseigne, avid mountain biker, Marketing Manager for Sky Park Bike Park at Santa's Village, and the founder and director of Trail Social (a local mountain biking club for women). Jackie shares her fantastic insight after surviving a huge life challenge and coming out on the other side with a newfound love for mountain biking and an incredible, supportive community. Find out how “playing” outside can make all the difference. Jackie will motivate you to push through life’s struggles because “only you can make your life better.” You are the boss of your life. 
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Holly Cannon

This is such an incredible testimony. I am so thankful I listened. thank you for sharing!!

Jul 18th
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