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Author: James Christopher

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The podcast formally known as Movie Bark, A wide ranging podcast about filmmaking, writing and film festivals from the perspective of the TRULY independent filmmaker. wide ranging podcast about filmmaking, writing and film festivals from the perspective of the TRULY independent filmmaker.
61 Episodes
It's Halloween!I give a quick review and then rank all 12 movies in the Halloween franchise!  Some great, most pretty good and a few stinkers.0:23:20 CINEMA SHOWDOWN: The Horror Edition: Emy, Daniel and Jaysen join Jim for a new regularly appearing segment: the Cinema Showdown. Watch their picks for the perfect horror movie marathon then tune in to see who won. 0:47:41  TOMMY FAIRCLOTH joins us to talk filmmaking, horror films and his film festivals. Find them here:
OPEN: I talk about the Craig movies in scope...where do they fit?HEAVY SPOILERS IN THE DANIEL BALDWIN SEGMENT10:46:  Daniel Baldwin then joins the show to talk NO TIME TO DIE and the future of the franchise. 
SCREEN JOCKS OPEN:  Memorial Day means a lot of things to a lot of people. Jim gives a veteran’s perspective. 0:07:22 Classics With The Canuck: Mike and Jim discuss the ultimate summer blockbuster: Independence Day0:17:01 Auteurs On The Air: Bob Celli and Laura Delano discuss working together, the pandemic and The Keeper. 0:40:34 Binge Worth: Carlo has a real with Jupiter’s Legacy. 0:59:37 The 3rd Rail: No, remaking a movie doesn’t kill your childhood. If you think it does, seek help. 1:03:12 And. That. Is. A. Wrap: The 2022 festival is going to be a blowout. Submissions are open. 
OPEN:  It’s baseball season and who doesn’t love a great baseball film. I talk some under the radar baseball flicks including Summer Catch, Fever Pitch and 50 Summers.(0:04:12) Lights, Camera, Playball: An excerpt from the baseball show Let’s Get Two featuring the head of the Field of Dreams Movie Site, Roman Weinberg(0:14:12) Classics With The Canuck:  We’re talking Field of Dreams. (0:28:20) Auteurs on the Air: ARFF Hall of Famer Cedric Thomas Smith is here to talk new projects and filmmaking in the pandemic. (0:039:28) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I saw Snyder’s ‘opus’, Justice League. (0:56:07) The Third Rail: We have to be careful when we start viewing relationships as transactional. (01:17:06) And That’s. A. Wrap: Excited to be back. Excited to the top reviewed festival on Film Freeway and excited for 2022.   
The Austin Student Film Festival presented by the Austin Revolution Film Festival invites Cedric Thomas Smith, Scott McEntire and Hoyt Richards to join James Christopher to talk filmmaking and film festivals with students.Submissions for the Austin Revolution Film Festival:
Open: I have scene “The Godfather Code: The Death Of Michael Corleone.”0:04:40 Emily Joseph of the Austin Revolution Film Festival stops back to talk about the changes to the Austin Revolution Film Festival.0:11:06 Binge Worthy: Carlo Rodriguez and I talk about the Hulu original Happiest Season.0:21:04 Classics with the Canuck: Mike has seen the 1970s Star Wars Holliday Special0:30:21 David Reyes talks “First Day In Hell”0:37:48  Jay Pennington talks about his script “Vinegar To Honey”0:48: 30 Venita Ozols-Graham talks her short “Who Wants Desert”0:59:00  Wrap: I’m talking “ A Chance of Snow” and the relationship with Texas Renegade. Find them on iTunes and Spotify.
We've got two episodes until Christmas!OPEN:  I saw Fatman. It was honestly, a blast.(0:02:52)  CHRISTMAS MOVIE COUNTDOWN:  Here are my top 12 Christmas movies. (0:08:43)   BINGE WORTHY: Carlo and I go on a mission. Operation: Christmas Drop.(0:20:43)   CLASSICS WITH THE CANUCK:  DIe Hard. Is a Christmas movie. But does Mike Donis agree?(0:29:23)   RYAN BINSE: We. talk to the producer about the short A Rodeo Film.(0:39:45)   SAV RODGERS:  Sav is here to talk about his work with Transgender Film Center. Follow them on twitter: (0:54:43)   CLOSING IT OUT:  Check out our Christmas flick A CHANCE OF SNOW on Amazon Prime.  
Open: I talk 2020, things to be Thankful for and how to move on. It’s great to be the top reviewed festival. It’s better to have the people in your life that make it special.Shout outs to:Jessica Bybee DziedzicJourdan ColeJason TostevinMike DonisCedric Thomas SmithLukas HasselScott McEntireHoyt RichardsBilly and Elizabeth KringSav Rodgers(0:17:40) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I are finally getting a little Psycho as we discuss Psych.(0:38:47) Classics With The Canuck: Planes, Trains and Automobiles is THE classic Thanksgiving movie. Made by and starring some Canadians. Mike’s reveal will shock you.(0:50:14) Thankful for. Arff: Our festival is ran on the heart, sweat and love of these people:Nathan BybeeEmily JosephAlyssia RiveraGrace HathawayEmily ReynaBrendan JohnsonMike DonisBella Marco Tim and MaddyThanks to:The Marcos Melissa and Roel at the Crowne Plaza(0:55:58) Drew Dammron talks FRUIT LOOPS(1:02:15) Jaysen Buterin kills clowns for fun.(1:18:45) Lisa Belcher went on a Javelina Run(1:28:28) Closing In Out On Turkey Day. Ten year’s ago we made it and we’re giving into you for free this week.  Hopefully makes you laughs we close out the year.Watch it here.Use code: DonorOnly for a free week long rental.
OPEN:  It’s Devil’s Night: The Crow and how it’s influenced me. (0:03:33) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I take a look at some Shudder Originals including:“The Shed”“Belzebuth”“Z”“Blood Quantum”(0:20:04) Classics With the Canuck: We're talking about THE THING.(0:26:20)  J. Budro Partida - “Bewere”(0:35:56) Mike Gallant - The Duchess of Cancun”(0:45:22) Derek Carl and Hank Huffman - “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”(0:55:35) Charlie Neal - “Out of Character”(01:02:23) Jess Paul - “Galatea”(01:17:06) My GO TO Horror movie list. (Franchises only allowed to be on the list once)Halloween (all but 5,Resurrection, H2)The Exoricist (1 and 3)ScreamThe OmenTrick or TreatRosemary’s BabyPsychoPoltergeistA Nightmare On Elm Street (1,3)Christine/The Thing/Fog
OPEN: The ‘Laurie Strode’ arc. I talk Halloween 6 and H20, both underrated entries in the most impactful horror franchise of all time.  We also talk Halloween 2018,  a movie we love, but a movie that, without the narrative connections to Halloween II and H20, it leaves Laurie Strode’s character situation in 2018 lacking narrative depth.(0:09:22) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I watched The Haunting Of Bly Manor and we discuss some Gothic horror.(0:26:24) Classics With the Canuck: Mike saw House based on Jason Tostevin’s recommendation. We talk about it here.(0:30:35) Hudson Phillips - Screenwriter(0:40:04) Eric Zoa - Screenwriter(0:49:58) Heather McPhaul - Screenwriter(0:57:05) Trish Dotson - Screenwriter(1:02:59) Sam Platizky - Screenwriter(1:11:42) Fade Out: Let’s talk fest relationships. More importantly, the relationship between the festival and the filmmaker. Halloween Movie RankingHalloweenHalloween 2Halloween H20Halloween 2018Halloween 4Halloween (Zombie)Halloween 6: Curse of Michael MeyersHalloween 3: Season of the Witch Halloween ResurrectionHalloween 5Halloween 2 (Zombie)
Open: It’s getting close to Halloween! Check out indie horror. Nightmare’s Masquerade for one.We also offer our thoughts and prayers to ARFF Hall of Famer and family member, Tommy Faircloth. He’s strong and he will beat this.Check out his work for some Halloween fun.A Nuns Curse Family Possessions Dollface: Binge Worthy: Carlo and I watched The Exorcist tv show because the power of Christ compelled us.(0:16:40) Classics With the Canuck: Mike and I discuss the first horror movie he remembers seeing. (0:28:02) Greg Cuoco - Screenwriter(0:35:50) Mike Messier - Screenwriter(0:42:58) Ron Clemons - Screenwriter(0:50:15) Jenness Rouse - Creator, The Shannon O'Brian Chronicles(0:59:28) Fade Out: Let’s talk Psych horror. 
(0:02:08) Jason Tostevin: The cofounder of the Nightmares Film Festival joins us to talk all things “Masquerade” presented by the Nightmares Film Festival.For a chance to attend, LISTEN to this segment. Then LISTEN to the last segment of the show.(0:16:41) Classics With The Canuck: Mike Donis is back and talking a film that he grew up with. (0:22:40) Jeanine Bartel: We talk to the Prodigals’ Road actress about the film and why it’s important for actors to go to film festivals. (0:33:19) Erin Keefer: We talk to the How to Be DysFunctional After Divorce writer about her script. (0:41:31) Binge Worthy: Don’t let the horrific segment design fool ya, Carlo and I found the most delightful show. (0:52:41) Closing: Tune it to find out how to win the passes to the Masquerade. Put your answer in the ORIGINAL Facebook post on the Screen Jocks page. I also make some folks mad with my ranking of the Nightmare On Elm Street series. And a little fun at Daniel Baldwin’s expense. 
SCREEN JOKES Episode 1 “Everybody Is Karate Fighting”Open: Daniel is not the villain of Karate Kid and Karate Kid 2 is a great follow up.(0:07:30) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I have finished Cobra Kai Seasons 1 & 2(023:43) Classics With The Canuck: Mike and I have related the original Karate Kid. (0:35:29) Aimiende Negbenebor Sela joins us to talk about her film HERMIT. (0:51:28) Trey Hugley visits to talk quarantine filmmaking. (1:06:27) Kasio Violet Drake is here to talk her new script GUARDIAN ANGEL.(1:15:34) Lauen Cox visits with me about her script and future feature, TRAVELING SOLDIER. (1:26:05) Closing it out with news from both the Austin Revolution Film Festival and exciting word from the Nightmares Film Festival. 
Welcome to the show formally known as Movie Bark, Screen Jocks!We're welcoming  members of the Austin Revolution Film Festival family to the inaugural episode. (0:02:20) Rachel Thomas-Medwin, creator of THE SQUIRRELS IN THE ATTIC(0:13:26) Mike Donis, creator of SCATTERED(0:23:25) Mackenzie Edmondson, creator of STAGEFRIGHT(0:33:05) Cedric Hill, creator of NOISY(0:45:45) Chris White, creator of ELECTRIC JESUS(1:02:06) Binge Worthy with Carlo Rodriguez
Full episode! Honored to be joined by great friend and talented actor, Alejandro Patino. (0:02:48) Carlo and I draft you into watching Space Force because well...its great. (0:40:26)And in the 3rd Rail, some tips for submitting to the Austin Revolution Film Festival. (0:58:52)
Jim reflects on the meaning of Memorial Day, his time in the Army as a 13Fox and movies in the Army.(0:14:13) Filmmaker of the Week: Army buddy Eric Adair joins the show to talk service and some great military comedies in this time of Memorial Day coronavirus. (0:25:45) Binge Worthy: Carlo and I are all over some good military TV shows. (0:45:35) Third Rail: 
01:58: Filmmaker of the Week: Ivan Klousia and I talk movie musicals, both musicals that became movies and movies that became musicals.28:21: Binge Worthy Carlo and I are diving into our favorite 'small screen' musicals.Also, he's helping to save some cats. Check out his venmo if you want to help him feed some of the cats left homeless when the Sam Houston State kids left for Covid. Venmo - @Carlo-Rodriguez-10 and via PayPal - carlo@cyberclone.net52:22: The 3rd Rail: For the love of all things holy, let people like things. 
We're going back to the 70s, 80s and 90s(0:02:19) - Nathan on Vacation: Austin Revolution Film Festival Co-Founder Nathan Bybee and I settle an old family score! (0:24:27) - Binge Worthy: Carlo Rodriguez and I look at some of our favorite raunchy comedies of the 70s. 80s and 90s. (0:57:35) - The Third Rail:  Friend and collaborator Elena Weinberg joins me to talk her new film A Room Full Of Nothing. See it here. 
new Movie Bark!Open: I talk briefly about the HBO mini doc that wasn't brief enough, McMillions.0:02:40 - Filmmaker of the Week: Christopher Watkins III talks his short film and feature script Hats and his love of baseball. 0:22:15 - Binge Worthy: Carlo and I suggest some great sports movies to watch on the break. 0:48:14 - Thrid Rail. Mr Ds Movie Club. A new club I started to assist families with kids trying to get through the pandemic. If we're gonna watch TV, we might as well make it purposeful. 
We look at the most iconic genre in American cinema: the western.0:03:26: Writer/Actor/Filmmaker Billy Kring joins us to talk favorite Western movies. 0:30:29  Carlo Rodriguez and I talk Western inspired movies and TV.0:50:22  3rd Rail
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