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Ros Jones' Bold Business Bits

Author: Ros Jones

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Welcome to Ros Jones' Bold Business Bits Podcast. In this podcast series, Ros Jones speaks with phenomenal female business bosses about the bold stuff they do, adversities they’ve overcome and the fun they have building their businesses.
50 Episodes
Embracing and embedding The 5 Principles of Business Wellbeing.
It's all about values. "Who cares wins!"
We need to communicate in creative ways in order to stand out
The lemonade we've made from Lockdown is revealing how important wellbeing is for the workplace.
To give back is amazing: the secret to living is giving.  
Stretch your capacity until you enjoy it, it becomes normal and is fun.
Dressed for work and stepping into your power with a win-win mindset. 
We put limits on ourselves that block our success
Don't put stuff off; accountability is key!
Being self-employed is such an adventure. Rise to the challenge!
Live life one day at a time, today.  It's always about choices.
Why it's important to ask yourself what choices you can make now to help you progress.
It's fun looking for opportunities to promote local businesses 
Building relationships and taking care of customers makes all the difference. 
Turning passion into a business to interrupt the generational cycle of abuse
The importance of aligning personal and business values to change lives and create a great place to work.
On getting York accredited to White Ribbon status and other things to be grateful about.
How hard work and determination pay off when you believe in what you have to give
Believe in yourself and trust your intuition - making magic happen in this real-life spiritual business
Starting your own business? "Take as much professional advice as you can to set off on a stable footing." 
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