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Dorothy worked at a secure military base, and had been educated on scams, when her world was turned upside down by a scumbag. Many romance scam victims are embarrassed to come forward. Even though some of her family members won't speak to her after the scam, Dorothy was brave enough to write a book about her story. The book is called Scammed in America by Dorothy Harding.Buy the book HERE!
Chloe says she started seeing a counselor who referred her to sex anonymous and other groups to get over her scammer. The first night we spoke she had just blocked her scammer for the 16th time. 
Family members of a romance scam victim stage an intervention. It worked, but that's not the only thing they tried. Loved ones need to take multiple approaches to get through to a victim. 
Like so many young people, "John" spends most of his time with friends he's met online. He describes how difficult it is to be a male romance scam victim and how he made it through to the other side of it in tact. 
A Nigerian scam ring was able to milk $4.3 million out of 45 victims in the United States. Now at last one of the scumbags will spend his days paying the money back after he gets out of prison in Wisconsin.   
Every romance scam victim has a different way of dealing with their trauma. This is the story of two women on separate coasts who decided they weren’t going to just sit down and take it.   If you would like to share your story on the documentary, email If you'd like to reach me, email 
The FBI knows very well about money mules. If you think you can't get caught, you're wrong. Some woman are now battling jail time. 
Have you ever questioned an email from your boss? You should. The business email scam costs billions of dollars every year. There's a very simple solution. Former FBI agent Roger Campbell is dedicating a lot of his time these days to make sure everyone is aware of the signs... and how to avoid being a victim.
This veteran isn't your typical victim. AJ is actually a published author on how social media could change the future. His insight can help victims, their family members and other veterans who are going through the same nightmare.To read more on AJ, go to Here's how you can buy the book:
Dr. Peter Lichtenberg is one of the first board certified experts in the field of elderly mental health. He’s researched the topic for decades. I wanted to know if there was something more to what leads a person to become a victim, other than loneliness and isolation.  You can call Dr. Lichtenberg at 313-664-2633. His email is
Retired FBI Agent Roger Campbell spent years fighting scammers targeting your ATM and credit cards... as well as at the gas pump. In this episode, he reveals how he keeps himself safe and how you can identify skimming devices. 
One of the biggest problems in fighting scams in the U.S is the lack of attention by social media giants and the government. So what do they do in any countries? Enter Brownwyn Groot. She’s a one woman scam fighting machine in New Zealand. Her story starts years ago when online scamming wasn’t on people’s minds. Check out a ton of scam fighting information she's compiled at 
Brett Johnson got the name Original Internet Godfather after setting up a network of scammers to steal people's money. His story is so unbelievable that it's destined for the big screen. Be sure to check out his podcast called AnglerPhish. 
Alex is a young women who was scammed twice. The first scam was kind of the run of the mill that we hear on this podcast. Then, she signed up for Seeking Arrangements. I had a hunch about what actually happened, but wasn't sure until last week. The puzzle was solved with an arrest. See if you can solve the case.
Debbie Montgomery lost her husband suddenly after 26-years of marriage. Her friends encouraged her to go online to find love. She went on a couple of unremarkable dates when she noticed someone who really caught her eye. She never could have imagined how that click would change her life... and not that way she was thinking.*This episode sponsored by Best Fiends
I can count on one hand how many people I’ve interviewed with a story just like mine. Now that my mother has passed on, I often wonder if I should have done more. Here's a story of what happens when a daughter fights her mother's scammers with everything she's got.
A Canadian doctor gets stuck in the Middle East after moving her family there to take care of a sick loved one. She thought she found the right person to help her family return. She ended up without enough money to do anything with thoughts of suicide. Fortunately, she found the right woman for the job and it didn't cost anything. This episode sponsored by Best Fiends. Have a story to share? Email Scammer Stories at
Scammers are getting better at their job. No one is immune. In this episode, we delve into three different lives to see how scammers can get their hooks into anyone. Felicia fell victim to a rich woman at a glamorous hotel. Greg lost his home in a mortgage scam. And an Army veteran, from New York, deals with scammers stealing his pictures and trying to steal his life. This episode sponsored by Best Fiends.
Julie started Scam Alert, which now hows 14,000 followers. There isn't a scam she won't fight. She's helped men and woman all over the world and has big plans to help future victims.
Chris is starting over after falling victim to a romance scammer from Nigeria. Her story has a twist that we haven't heard before on Scammer Stories. She was on the way home from work when she got a message that would send her world into a spiral. If you have a story you want to share, email
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