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As the Member of Parliament for the East end, which covers from Carmyle up to Stepps and from Barrowfield right out to Bargeddie, I’m bringing you this podcast to keep you up to date with what’s going on around this side of Glasgow, as well as my work here and down the road at Westminster.

So please, hit subscribe, and I look forward to keeping you informed with East End Ears.

David Linden MP
46 Episodes
This year’s 16 day campaign of global action which aims to combat violence against women and girls is drawing to a close. This week’s podcast takes a look at the […]
Autumn Budget

Autumn Budget


The Autumn Budget can be summed up in one phrase – Austerity 2.0 Recorded on 25th November 2022 To find out more about my work:Visit my website – https://davidlinden.scotFollow me […]
A rundown on Rishi

A rundown on Rishi


We have yet another new Prime Minister and this week’s episode of East End Ears takes a look at Rishi Sunak, what he stands for, the challenges he faces coming […]
Economic Chaos

Economic Chaos


In this week’s episode of East End Ears, local MP David Linden takes a lot at the current economic chaos and explains what it means for our communities. Recorded on […]
Spring Statement

Spring Statement


The cost-of-living crisis is now a full-blown emergency. Households are dealing with a huge rise in their energy bills. The price of a weekly grocery shop is noticeably increasing and […]
Benefit sanctions

Benefit sanctions


The DWP is pushing ahead with a turbo-charged sanctions regime, punishing people for not finding work before they’ve even had their first Universal Credit payment. This episode takes an in-depth […]
This episode takes an in-depth look at the cost of living crisis currently gripping the UK. Rising food prices and soaring energy bills are causing anguish, so why isn’t the […]
Budget 2021

Budget 2021


This episode takes an in-depth look at the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget – both what was announced and the hidden shocks that were buried in the detail of the red book. […]
This episode takes a deep dive into the imminent crisis about to hit millions of families across the UK as the British Government prepares to slash Universal Credit by over […]
Recorded on Thursday 8th July 2021 In this episode:0:29 – Universal Credit uplift3:08 – BBC Politics Live10:15 – Pensions11:28 – Meetings To find out more about my work:Visit my website […]
Recorded on Friday 2nd July 2021 In this episode:0:30 – McVitie’s update2:40 – Jobcentre safety4:17 – The looming Universal Credit cut6:05 – PMQs: HGV Driver shortage8:36 – Parliamentary Armed Forces […]
Recorded on Friday 18th June 2021 In this episode:0:57 – Time called on tariffs1:45 – Poor pandemic border control4:07 – McVitie’s petition presented6:20 – Vitamin D supplementation8:13 – Meetings9:58 – […]
Recorded on Friday 11th June 2021 In this episode:0:41 – AJAX programme failures2:43 – International aid cuts4:25 – Universal Credit uplift campaign6:14 – Jobcentre safety7:57 – Meetings13:42 – Back in […]
Recorded on Friday 21 May 2021 In this episode:0:30 – McVitie’s4:15 – DWP questions6:31 – The latest coronavirus variant8:32 – The situation in Palestine and Israel10:45 – All-Party Group work12:43 […]
Recorded on Friday 14th May 2021 In this episode:0:12 – Election results1:59 – Queen’s Speech7:17 – Legacy benefits9:20 – McVitie’s factory closure proposal10:58 – Alcohol duty13:23 – MP in the […]
In this episode:0:32 – Local economy re-opens2:00 – Universal Basic Income3:24 – Asylum accommodation5:19 – Supporting Glasgow cabbies6:27 – Foreign Aid spending8:01 – Back up in the East end8:56 – […]
Recorded on 20th and 23rd April 2021. In this episode:0:55 – The pension gender gap6:44 – Reusable Nappy Week9:10 – Foreign Aid & Afghanistan10:43 – BT Group redundancies12:10 – Immigration […]
Reusable Nappy Week

Reusable Nappy Week


It’s Reusable Nappy Week and in this special episode, I’m joined by Magnus Smyth from Queenslie-based reusable nappy company TotsBots as well as Sarah Moyes from Friends of the Earth […]
Recorded on 16th April 2021 In this episode:0:31 – Easing of lockdown1:59 – Both Votes SNP3:25 – BBC Politics Live7:27 – Greensill scandal9:10 – Furlough support for disabled people10:27 – […]
Recorded on 26th March 2021 In this episode:0:50 – Big pay rise for NHS Scotland staff5:57 – Stopping double-jobbing MPs7:36 – DWP stakeholder meetings13:24 – In the East end To […]
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