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Spring Statement

Spring Statement


The cost-of-living crisis is now a full-blown emergency. Households are dealing with a huge rise in their energy bills. The price of a weekly grocery shop is noticeably increasing and […]
Benefit sanctions

Benefit sanctions


The DWP is pushing ahead with a turbo-charged sanctions regime, punishing people for not finding work before they’ve even had their first Universal Credit payment. This episode takes an in-depth […]
This episode takes an in-depth look at the cost of living crisis currently gripping the UK. Rising food prices and soaring energy bills are causing anguish, so why isn’t the […]
Budget 2021

Budget 2021


This episode takes an in-depth look at the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget – both what was announced and the hidden shocks that were buried in the detail of the red book. […]
This episode takes a deep dive into the imminent crisis about to hit millions of families across the UK as the British Government prepares to slash Universal Credit by over […]
Recorded on Thursday 8th July 2021 In this episode:0:29 – Universal Credit uplift3:08 – BBC Politics Live10:15 – Pensions11:28 – Meetings To find out more about my work:Visit my website […]
Recorded on Friday 2nd July 2021 In this episode:0:30 – McVitie’s update2:40 – Jobcentre safety4:17 – The looming Universal Credit cut6:05 – PMQs: HGV Driver shortage8:36 – Parliamentary Armed Forces […]
Recorded on Friday 18th June 2021 In this episode:0:57 – Time called on tariffs1:45 – Poor pandemic border control4:07 – McVitie’s petition presented6:20 – Vitamin D supplementation8:13 – Meetings9:58 – […]
Recorded on Friday 11th June 2021 In this episode:0:41 – AJAX programme failures2:43 – International aid cuts4:25 – Universal Credit uplift campaign6:14 – Jobcentre safety7:57 – Meetings13:42 – Back in […]
Recorded on Friday 21 May 2021 In this episode:0:30 – McVitie’s4:15 – DWP questions6:31 – The latest coronavirus variant8:32 – The situation in Palestine and Israel10:45 – All-Party Group work12:43 […]
Recorded on Friday 14th May 2021 In this episode:0:12 – Election results1:59 – Queen’s Speech7:17 – Legacy benefits9:20 – McVitie’s factory closure proposal10:58 – Alcohol duty13:23 – MP in the […]
In this episode:0:32 – Local economy re-opens2:00 – Universal Basic Income3:24 – Asylum accommodation5:19 – Supporting Glasgow cabbies6:27 – Foreign Aid spending8:01 – Back up in the East end8:56 – […]
Recorded on 20th and 23rd April 2021. In this episode:0:55 – The pension gender gap6:44 – Reusable Nappy Week9:10 – Foreign Aid & Afghanistan10:43 – BT Group redundancies12:10 – Immigration […]
Reusable Nappy Week

Reusable Nappy Week


It’s Reusable Nappy Week and in this special episode, I’m joined by Magnus Smyth from Queenslie-based reusable nappy company TotsBots as well as Sarah Moyes from Friends of the Earth […]
Recorded on 16th April 2021 In this episode:0:31 – Easing of lockdown1:59 – Both Votes SNP3:25 – BBC Politics Live7:27 – Greensill scandal9:10 – Furlough support for disabled people10:27 – […]
Recorded on 26th March 2021 In this episode:0:50 – Big pay rise for NHS Scotland staff5:57 – Stopping double-jobbing MPs7:36 – DWP stakeholder meetings13:24 – In the East end To […]
Recorded on 19th March 2021 In this episode:0:33 – Lifting the ban on asylum seekers working2:11 – Scotland’s constitutional future6:05 – The impact of Brexit7:13 – Out and about in […]
Recorded on 12th March 2021 In this episode:0:29 – International Women’s Day2:17 – Easing out of lockdown4:28 – Frozen pensions6:30 – Grilling the Prime Minister on legacy benefit inadequacies9:14 – […]
In this special episode for International Women’s Day, I’m joined by Kirsten Oswald MP who is the SNP’s Westminster Deputy Leader and our spokesperson for Women & Equalities. We discuss […]
Recorded on Thursday 4th March 2021 In this episode:0:30 – Budget 20214:02 – Pension enrolment5:45 – Meetings with ABI, the Nappy Alliance, WASPI, the People’s Pension, Brighter Bailliestion & Connect […]
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