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Luke 23:26-43Support the show
Romans 4:4, 14Support the show (
What means the most to God?Support the show (
Romans 4:14. What does it mean to be adopted and heirs of Christ?Support the show (
1 John 3:1-3. Understanding the christian's role in the kingdom of GodSupport the show (
What was Jesus' purpose in his ministry? Was Jesus the Son of God?Support the show (
What is the job of the Holy Spirit? What is His Role? Looking at how the Holy Spirit fits into the plan of God. 1 John 3:3Support the show (
How do we know that Jesus came to save us? Exploring the plan of GodSupport the show (
Choosing between God and manSupport the show (
Looking at how Diety handled the prodigal son and Their rolesSupport the show (
Self-willed, self-indulgent and giving up on God... what we can learn from the story of the prodigal son and the phrase "and he came to himself" Luke 15:17Support the show (
Why Did God Create?

Why Did God Create?


Why did God bother creating mankind and the earth? Acts 15:8Support the show (
Why did God bother to create man?Support the show (
Examining the three parables given in Luke 15Support the show (
Will the Bible continue to last through the ages?Support the show (
Examining Luke 15Support the show (
Thriving under unjust rulersSupport the show (
Why would God forgive?Support the show (
Seeing the way mega-churches are operating... is an acceptable form of worship?Support the show (
Avoiding hypocrisy and looking at the roles of preachers & elders Support the show (
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