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Author: Eric Twiggs and Ted Fells

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The 30 Minute Hour is a personal development podcast for authors, entrepreneurs, and career professionals who are looking to become UNSTOPPABLE! This is NOT Your Everyday Podcast!
114 Episodes
Michelle Cox is the author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series, a mystery/romance saga set in the 1930s Chicago often described as “Downton Abbey Meets Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” To date, the series has won over fifty international awards and has received positive reviews from Library Journal (starred), Booklist (starred), Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and various media outlets, such as Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Redbook, Elle, Brit&Co., Bustle, Culturalist, Working Mother, and many others. Cox also pens the wildly popular, “Novel Notes of Local Lore,” a weekly blog chronically the lives of Chicago’s forgotten residents. As you listen to our interview, you will discover, How To Write A Best Selling Book Series!
She has experienced homelessness, abuse and losing everything in a house fire. Sheila Mac has an innate ability to find a glimmer of light in even the darkest of situations and has paved the way through her personal journey for others to follow. For over 25 years Sheila has been a leader at helping people to BREAKTHROUGH using the Boots Formula© and take their lives to another level through solid lifestyle consulting, and accountability programs. Her new book, Bootstraps & Bra Straps – ‘The Formula to go from Rock Bottom and Back into Action in any Situation!’ is a resource for those who need the guidance and assistance to take their life back into their own hands. Listen NOW to discover, How To Bounce Back From Rock Bottom.
Sometimes you don't see the result you want because it's hidden in the opportunity you already have. Meghana Giridhar launched a business to help artisans around the world get the result they want by leveraging their current opportunity. She's the founder of Let's Curate, a global curator platform showcasing independent artisans. Let's Curate gives voice to those who focus on unique, handmade high-end designs, curated art, crafts, textiles and lifestyle products steeped in tradition and contemporary interpretations, for audiences worldwide. Press PLAY to discover, How to Get The Result You Want.
Most Entrepreneurs are boring, confusing, and inconsistent . . . and Jane M Powers is the only one who will tell them that. With decades of successful speaking and coaching, and perhaps most important of all - real-life experience founding and running multi-million-dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your message. With nearly 30 years of sales success as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur, she brings you everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool around to make money - Speaking! Listen Now to discover, "How To Transform Your Message To Money!"
A unique opportunity in 2009 encouraged Kelly Hoey to stop playing it safe. Prior to this encounter,  Kelly was moving along a predictable corporate career path with her law degree and business cards in hand. The opportunity to work alongside the visionary leader of a global business network for women, set off a series of events that led to her becoming a published author and keynote speaker. Today Kelley is the author of "Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In a Hyper Connected World. " She has appeared on CNBC's Power Pitch, and has contributed to publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, and more! Our interview with Kelly will help you to discover, How To Build Your Dream Network! Press PLAY to hear what we had to say!
A car accident nearly killed Carolyn Dickinson and her two daughters. She realized that this was her "wake up call" to do MORE! Her burning desire to help other professionals overcome their challenges and get clear on their vision and goals, led her to create the highly successful executive coaching, training, and speaking business she owns today. Carolyn Dickinson is Joining us LIVE from Toronto Canada on episode #109 of The 30 Minute Hour Podcast. Listen NOW as we discuss: "The Starting Point of Your Success."
Dr. Lynda Ulrich is being interviewed by news media around the world about the opening of a new era. Her bestselling book, positive news website, app, podcast, education website, TEDx Talk, public speaking & consulting website, and the recently launched Conspiracy of Goodness Network, are all helping to do just that. She is the founder of Ever Widening Circles (EWC), a Positive Global Media Company that began publishing articles in 2014 about remarkable insights and innovation going uncelebrated. Now Dr. Lynda is on a mission to bring us all together around an enormous wave of goodness and progress well underway in the world that almost no one knows about. She is calling that global wave “The Conspiracy of Goodness.” LISTEN NOW to hear what she had to say!
Her partner of almost 20 years passed away after a battle with Cancer, Tracie Root and her two toddlers were left with no family nearby, a house “underwater” from the housing crisis of 2008, and she couldn’t see how anything was going to change. Ever. She ended her career in corporate America and found her new calling. Today Tracie helps women remember their best selves.  She helps her clients to SET & GET their goals in LIFE! Tune in to Episode #107 of The 30 Minute Hour Podcast! As you listen to our interview with Tracie, you will discover:  How To Set & Get Your Goals In Life!
Rael Bricker is joining us all the way from Australia. From being 6000ft underground, to starting an education business (that grew to have 4000 plus students) to spending years working in venture capital, Rael has seen it all. He's listed companies on two international stock exchanges, and his financial services group has settled more than $3 billion in loans in 18 years. With over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, Rael helps businesses succeed by delivering a series of dynamic talks on building businesses by thinking outside the box. Our interview will help you to discover, How To Achieve Business Excellence!
The doctors told him he’d never walk again. In 1993 Rodney Flowers was a star football player determined to reach the NFL. But one night, a bad tackle left him paralyzed from the neck down. Today, Flowers is no longer wheelchair bound. Since his traumatic injury, Flowers graduated college, earned his MBA, and enjoyed a productive career with the U.S. Department of Defense. He is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, thought leader, and resilience trainer. As you listen to our interview, you will discover, How To Become A Game Changer Who Beats The Odds!
Bo-Dean Sanders transferred from Cheyney University, the oldest Historically Black College-University (HBCU) in America, to Villanova University, where he played football on a majority white team. He writes about diversity & inclusion in sports and the positive impact multiculturalism had on his personal relationships in college. Bo-Dean is the author of "Race Against Race" his memoir about transcending stereotypes through the foundation of sports. He provides a unique perspective on building relationships with teammates and classmates from different socio-economic backgrounds and races by reaching out, talking, and listening. After listening to this episode, you will discover,  How To Talk To Anyone From Anywhere
Robert Elliot joined us all the way from Australia!  He is a sales & business coach, speaker, and podcaster, who helps people to improve their sales performance and achieve their goals using first principle thinking and disruption. He’s the host of the Real Journeys of Success podcast where he interviews a global selection of guests that range from a Chef, to the stars in Los Angeles, a Venture capitalist in London, an ultra-marathon runner from Australia or a communications lecturer from Monaco He came a long way to reveal the Shortcut To Improving Your Sales!  Listen NOW to hear what he had to say!
Jack McColl is a 27-year-old entrepreneur who has scaled two multi-6-figure businesses within the last year while traveling full time. In 2020 alone Jack went from zero business cards to getting approved for $300,000 in credit lines while maintaining an 805+ Fico score which helped fuel his businesses. He has specialized in teaching people the strategic tools to scale fast in business with leverage 0% interest credit. These strategies help his clients get approved for the top credit cards on the market, with exceptionally high limits, in as little time possible so they can start and scale businesses. LISTEN NOW he shares, "How To Go from ZERO To SIX Figures in 12 months!"
Vanessa Zamy is a business expert, keynote speaker, and bestselling author dedicated to helping full-time employees' transition to entrepreneurship by building their business while employed. Her consulting company, Your Vision's Catalyst, coaches and advises 9-to-5ers on how to build a profit-producing, purpose-driven business without the overwhelm. Her motto: keep it simple, then keep it movin’! Vanessa’s background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. If you apply what she shared during the interview, you will gain an unfair advantage in your field!
This is the 100th episode of The 30 minute Hour Podcast!  Recording 100 episodes is a major achievement.  The key to achieving 100-episode recordings is THE SAME KEY that will unlock the personal achievement that you aspire to. Listen NOW to discover the key as Eric & Ted share the most important lesson they have learned from their guests! This is NOT your everyday podcast!
Purdeep Sangha is an internationally acclaimed personal advisor and coach to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs. He has significantly increased the performance and bottom lines of businesses ranging from startups to seasoned corporations in countless industries. He is the “ideal” coach for businessmen as he has a vast understanding of how work and life fit together to complete a man’s life. Listen NOW we will reveal, The Secret To Achieving Ultimate Performance!
Rick Heyland wrote his purpose statement as a 26-year-old and has been perfecting his goal accomplishment system for the last 50 years. Rick has achieved success in all areas of his life. He has run 14 marathons including qualifying and running in the 2003 Boston Marathon. Together with his family, he recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. He also has biked a 206-mile one-day road race, LoToJa, among many other bike races. Rick is the founder of a coaching company, CI4life (Continuous Improvement 4 Life), to help others achieve their goals and dreams. He also has a CI4life podcast with over 27,000 downloads. After listening to our interview, you will discover "How To Achieve The Impossible"
Doug C. Brown is a highly acclaimed Sales Revenue Growth Expert and international bestselling author. He has coached, consulted, and advised thousands of people in business as well as companies including Enterprise-Rent Car, Nationwide, Intuit, Proctor and Gamble, CBS television, and others. He has collected an impressive amount of experience throughout his life in different fields, especially sales. During this period, he created over 35 companies. Doug served as an independent President of Sales and Training for Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Russ Whitney, and others. He has generated over $500 million in sales; his last client made $3 million in 5 weeks. Today we will reveal, The Secret To Seven Figure Selling!
Samantha Buckley-Hugessen  is an American Certified Coach originally from Seattle Washington, now as an expat she lives in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, she just happened to have a 7 year lay over in Whistler, B.C- Canada. She has been managing and leading people her entire adult life and started “Personal Life, Sales and leadership coaching” full time in 2011. Her Coaching Business is perfectly named “A Designed Life, LLC” In October 2019, Sam released her first Book UNS*UCK YOURSELF – The Guide to Designing a life you love, gaining AMAZON Bestseller status in 4 categories! Today she will help you to discover, "How To Design Your Ideal Life!"
Mark Graban has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) He serves as a consultant to organizations through his company, Constancy, Inc and also through the firm Value Capture. In addition to authoring & contributing to four books, Mark is the host of podcasts including “Lean Blog Interviews, “Habitual Excellence," and “My Favorite Mistake,” LISTEN NOW to discover "The Billion Dollar Gift That You've Overlooked!"
Comments (20)

Jan Cavelle

I loved being on the show. It was such an honour to meet you guys and listen to you both

Jan 21st

Kurt Mueller

What a GREAT discussion with Eric & Ted! I really enjoyed my time on the show. They ask fantastic questions and provide wonderful & actionable tips. Well done gents!

Nov 30th
Reply (1)

Clarity With Tabitha

Thanks for the interview Eric and Ted. I was so excited to share financial tips and share about my summit The Resilient Woman Series. You both have great personalities and bring so much value to the podcast space.

Sep 26th

Paulette Harper

Thanks Eric

Sep 21st

Lucy Coutinho

I have been invited on the show, twice so far and absolutely adore these guys. They ask excellent questions (listen) and make while making their guests feel vaued and seen. I applaud this show and wish both Ted and Eric, continued success!

Jul 19th
Reply (2)

Genesis Amaris Kemp

It was such a pleasure to be featured on this podcast segment. Great conversation and chemistry between Eric and Ted. It felt so natural and as if I knew them for a century or longer. I would definitely love to do another collaboration and work on future projects. Both of these men are gifted, talented, and have a vast knowledge of expertise.

Jun 28th
Reply (1)

Nancy Waring

Thanks Eric for allowing the opportunity to share my passion and commitment to helping adults feel amazing!

Jun 8th
Reply (1)

Linette Michelle Howard

Mannn!!! This podcast is so incredible! Being on this podcast has truly enlightened me on how I have been sleeping on podcasts, I never really took them serious before being on this show, and now because I am so highly impressed with Eric, Ted and Britt, I am motivated to be on more shows. The range of topics mixed with their intelligence and laughter was EPIC!

Apr 27th
Reply (1)

Tinasia King

Great show! Definitely not your everyday podcast!

Oct 21st
Reply (5)
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