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Patricia Winkel-Pedersen, Marketing Director at LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW brings her unique experience working with one of Denmark's most beloved brands, to the Social Media Sucks studio. We talk about the challenges facing marketing a niche product that has hardcore fans that have strong opinions about the brand. And how to get the product to break into the mainstream bigger markets across Europe and North America. Useful links Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blogs:
In this episode, we sat down with Dennis Korsbæk Præst, Global Brand Manager for Starbucks at Arla Foods. Arla Foods and Starbucks are in a partnership with a licensing deal for retail products in Denmark. Starbucks is a global coffee distribution, roastery, and cafe company currently present in over 80 countries, while Arla Foods is a Danish-Swedish cooperative, dairy producer, and distributor. The partnership involves an in-house marketing agency in Viby, where Dennis has been in his position for nearly 3 years. He accumulated knowledge from creative agencies and years of experience in marketing and communications from the field. He invites us into the marriage of these two giants and explains the unique challenges he tackles on a daily basis, and some of their methods to resolve problems leveraging their holistic understanding of business, marketing, and communication to maintain the premium image of Starbucks in the Danish landscape.   Useful links Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blogs: YouTube podcast: 
We sat down with Anders Holvøe, Head of Marketing & Digital at Telenor, Denmark.  Anders has an immense portfolio of business, marketing, and management experience which he accumulated over the past 15 years, working with creative agencies and in-house marketing teams.  He joined the Telenor team in Denmark two and a half years ago. Telenor is one of the largest telecommunications companies worldwide, with over 172 million subscribers, while being the second largest in the Danish market in terms of market share. Anders explains the company’s current marketing approach which enables them to remain relevant and top-of-mind in a highly competitive environment, with over 14 companies competing for industry relevance in Denmark.  As budgets have been squeezed due to the recent global market conditions in the post-pandemic era, unique difficulties emerge which require high-level optimization and problem-solving skills. He also talks about the future and how he sees the industry developing in the coming years, based on technological advancements and consumer trends, and gives his predictions about the “Metaverse”.
In this episode, we sit down with marketing expert Charlotte Høgh Damgaard from the Carlsberg Group and take a deep dive into the complicated world of marketing alcoholic beverages. Charlotte is the Head of Marketing at Carlsberg’s Alcohol-Free Beer, Cider & Cocktails Department in Denmark. She is a marketing specialist with over 8 years of experience working with the Carlsberg Group. Her contributions to the company include communication material and strategy for brands like Guinness, Grinbergen, and Kronenberg. Here's what you'll learn: How does an alcohol brand balance selling to bars, restaurants and events and selling to the consumer? How does a large beverage brand use Data to do better marketing? When too much data can become a problem What are the challenges with social media and regulations? How the growing non-alcohol segment is growing and the marketing challenges of it? How to get the right channel mix?  Carlsberg is the world’s largest brewing company, with a presence in over 150 markets worldwide, and over 50% market share in Denmark. A beverage company at this scale has its own unique challenges, including country-specific regulations and limited access to certain media channels. Carlsberg’s core values demand that promoting alcohol has to come with the caveat of responsible consumption. The company sells to retailers but markets to end consumers, which puts them in a difficult spot when it comes to communication strategies. Their selection of products includes soft drinks, ciders, cocktails, and most importantly: beers.  Useful links Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blogs:
On today's episode we sat down with Sebastian Lillelund, Marketing Manager at POWER, and Joakim Sigvardt, E-commerce Manager at POWER, and unpacked a crucial topic - How to get all elements of your marketing aligned and working towards the same goals. They shared their experience building the POWER brand from the ground up and where they focus their attention on today. We covered social media, live streaming, live shopping, authentic marketing, and much much much much more... Tune in and don't forget to subscribe.
Brands are flubbing Liveshopping BIG time! Our podcast episode will show you how to nix your Liveshopping issues and take it to a whole new level in 2023. Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus enjoyed an eye-opening hour with Tim Frank Andersen, co-founder and Chairman of Liveshopper. We delved deep into how retail brands can finally stop giving away their customer data to Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc., and hone in on an intense connection through Liveshopping—critical listening for all retail brand marketers out there! Find out more about Liveshopper and liveshopping. Discover more about social media agency Kubbco.
L'Oréal, the world’s leading beauty brand was awarded in 2019 for the 10th time as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies. They’ve positioned themselves as an inclusive beauty brand focusing on diversity, transparency, and authenticity in a social landscape where being canceled is one negative comment away. How do they do it? What does it look like regarding campaigns, brand reputation management, positioning, and customer segmentation? To answer all these valid questions, we have L'Oréal Nordic Digital Media Manager Shirley Nordenskiöld with us where we’ll also uncover the following... The no-photoshop trend. Nordic brands are behind in community management. The worst thing about social media. L'Oréal’s brand positioning strategy. Making the world a better place vs. selling products. Shirley’s cat reached 25K followers on social. Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧
We had the honor of having Jacob Weinreich on the Social Media Sucks Podcast Jacob Weinreich was awarded the CMO of the year in 2021. And in this episode, we talk about the TV transformation and how viewers' behavior changed over time.  People moved from traditional media to social media. Considering that transformation, how can TV2 still make timeless campaigns and influence people's behavior? 
  Mila Hvilshøj, Domino’s Pizza Danmark’s Chief Marketing Officer sat down with us to talk about the unconventional campaign Domino’s launched to tackle a rather difficult problem they have been facing for years.  Domino’s Pizza is an American brand with over 18000 stores worldwide. They deliver pizza since the 1960s, and they do so while thriving for operational excellence. In Denmark, there are currently 26 stores, but they have the ambition to open up another 74 by 2030. Prior to the current franchise attempt in Denmark, another Domino’s initiative have already failed and went bankrupt in the country, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the public. The new team, therefore, arrived in Denmark with a pre-existing stigma on the brand’s name. Mila explains the strategy behind their recent campaign that addressed the unfortunate reality the brand faced in the local market, which tainted their brand image ever since. They chose to address their predecessor’s incompetence by launching a communication campaign nationwide, in an attempt to start with a clean slate and finally change the public perception of the brand. Useful links Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Media Newsletter (Social media news weekly):
Do you remember the Virtual Reality craze of the early 2010s? Well, technology is getting better by the day, and if you are like most businesses, you probably have no idea how to leverage it to your advantage.    Katrine Konyher, Business Developer and Marketing Specialist of Khora, a Virtual Reality Production company, tells us how businesses of all industries can use VR and AR to boost sales, create more immersive experiences for customers, and go viral on social media. She also describes how brands like IKEA reduced returns by applying Augmented Reality to their online sales process, and how the technology opens up new avenues for medical research and enables therapies we never thought were possible.    Be sure to listen in if you want to learn more about:   How brands already take advantage of AR/VR New opportunities created by the technology Cyber Space and Metaverse applications How to utilize True 360-degree experiences Snapchat filters that make a difference How IKEA changed the way we view online shopping AR-enabled sustainability in fashion What does VR mean to healthcare professionals   Our guest is accompanied by Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus, CEO of Kubbco.Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks Podcast.  
Do you know your audience? Better yet, do you even know yourself? Businesses should be able to answer these questions to survive and position themselves for long-term success. Kathrine Weicker, the latest guest of the Social Media Sucks Podcast, is a Business Consultant with over 20 years of experience in three different countries. She tells us about the problems creative businesses face in the 21st Century, and how they can differentiate themselves in oversaturated environments. With the consumer expectations of today, willingness to change while preserving the company’s identity is not just nice-to-have, but essential. Kathrine also talks about market conditions, the importance of failure, customer loyalty, post-pandemic cultural shifts and behavioral changes. Your customers expect passion and quality, but they also expect a “why” behind your products. Without a clear communication strategy around your brand, you are unlikely to succeed in the cruel world of modern-day consumerism.Be sure to tune in to the Podcast if you want to learn more about:   Which trends are influencing Creative businesses in 2022 The most crucial ingredients for success When is the right time to seek help and why How did Covid-19 change the landscape of Retail businesses Why did customers gain more control over business decisions How can industries adapt to changes in the environment What happens to creatives when communication channels disappear Our guest is accompanied by Yu Zhao and Hawra Hashem.Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks Podcast.   Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media newsletter):
What happens if your mission, as a company, is to help reduce traffic congestion and have a positive climate impact… and people use your cars to get to their transatlantic flight nice and early?    In this video, Steffen Frølund, GreenMobility’s Chief Marketing Officer, discusses their social media strategy and how they tailor content to different audience segments. They also emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making, experimentation, and evolution to stay ahead of the curve.   Questions, questions, and more questions were answered today, here are some of the best ones:   How can you find a creative approach to advertising cars? How can you communicate about your environmental commitments without sounding like everyone else? What are some advantages and problems of a Public Listed company? How many stakeholders do you need to change a lightbulb? What’s happening with TikTok’s growth?  GreenMobility is on a mission to reduce traffic congestion and promote sustainability by providing an efficient car-sharing platform. The platform helps connect drivers with vehicles, making it easy for anyone to get around town without having to own a car. Thousands of trips are made each day through their platform, and they're committed to continuing to grow and improve their service.   GreenMobility operates a platform for efficient free-float carsharing in multiple European cities. Their electric cars have been available in Copenhagen since 2016, and today they have hundreds of cars across several cities. The concept offers an attractive mobility service that makes transportation easy, convenient, and cheap for users.   Useful links Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief Newsletter (Social media news weekly):
If you win, you get likes. If you lose, your audience ignores you. How do you market a sports brand on social media when next week’s content is determined by the outcome of 90 minutes on the field? On the other foot, you have a loyal fanbase as followers who (almost) no matter what, stand in your corner. The club works as a media platform, casts players for campaigns, pitches new ideas to sponsors, and feeds multiple channels with high-quality content. How do they maintain a healthy balance between football and business? The trick is to take data and statistics from game days and use them to monetize the fanbase. It works on social, as well as in business.    Catch this episode if you want to hear more about:  ⚽️ Social trends sports brands can tap into ⚽️ How data helps you get to know your fans ⚽️ Why Chris calls the club a mini-agency  ⚽️ Why merch is essential  ⚽️ How F.C. Copenhagen became a lifestyle brand   We have Mads Jefsen, Marketing Director at F.C. Copenhagen, who will guide us through the ups and downs of marketing a football club. And yes, we’re talking about soccer for all of you Americans listening.  F.C. Copenhagen has over 580K followers on social, has won the Danish Super League 14 times, qualifies yearly for the Champions League, and reached the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals in 2019/20. The club also partners with international brands like Carlsberg, Adidas, Audi, and Unibet.    Happy podcasting!    Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news):   This episode was recorded on 2022.08.04
  Do tires fuel your creativity machine? Nah, most consumers find it a little tiring... Trying to market a low-interest product like tires to consumers with zero interest can be a challenge. Yet, Continental tells stories from the road like no other that consumers relate to and engage with. The company takes consumer behavior and observations into their digital marketing strategy successfully builds brand awareness and engage the audience. The million-dollar question is – how do they do it?    Casper Neumann Svanemose, Marketing Director at Continental lets us in the front seat of how an automotive company does purpose-driven marketing.    Other pit stops on the podcast:  How you work with storylines A thousand puns about hats What curiosity does to a marketer  The BTS story of the campaign “Share the Road”  What safety is for drivers and cyclists   Creating empathy so the SoMe comments explode   Enjoy the ride and thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧   Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news): 
Wholesale B2B. Wholesale B2C. From push to pull and then back again. NOS. Live-stream shopping. Physical retail. Multi-brand online retail. The in-store experience. Social media. Personal shopping. Offline multi-brand retailing. Department stores. Brand building. Omni-channel.    Companies have a buffé of sales and marketing decisions to make. Which one is the right one? Is there a right one? We’ve invited Henrik Spandet, international expert in sales and marketing with +30 years of experience, to guide us through the digital evolution of sales and marketing and how we’ve reached a scenario where physical and online don’t have to compete but can build on top of each other.    Give this episode a listen if you want to  Learn what a multi-brand environment is  Hear how you effectively enter a new market  Discover the interplay between physical and online stores Use social media as a sales tool  Tap into showrooming and webrooming  Gain some insights into Omni-channel   Bring knowledge from an expert into your business    Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧   Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news): 
What’s in style this season for fashion brands on social media? Beyond the Y2K style that is. Together with Henrik Eppers, owner of multiple fashion brands and lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology we’ll dive into the role of social media in the fashion industry. We uncover the interplay of social media and the fashion industry, how they influence one another to change culture and trends, and where we're headed in the future. Prepare to get the answers to  🔹How trendspotting has changed with social media  🔹What fashion marketing's role in the metaverse is  🔹What the latest consumer trends you should incorporate into your social media strategy are   🔹Why buyers are becoming marketers  🔹And lastly, who wears meme-fashion This conversation holds a lot of insights, learnings and giggles that you’ll be a part of when you listen to or watch the latest episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast.  Alongside our guest, you find the always smiling Christ Kubbernus and Yu Zhao.  Happy podcasting!    Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news):
In this episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast, we’re discussing the benefits and different approaches to SOCIAL SELLING. A not-so-new but still untapped marketing strategy where employees' expertise is the "ad" and their personal network the audience. Our guest, Laura Erdem, Account Executive from the B2B revenue attribution platform Dreamdata, shares tips and tricks on how she grew her personal following on LinkedIn by implementing social selling. At the same time, she created more inbound leads that led to new customers for the company. Win-win for both “brands”.      You should give this a listen if you want to learn more about:   what social selling is NOT.   the difference between traditional cold calling and social selling.  what a zombie sale is.  the rise of B2B influencer marketing.  how management should handle social selling.  the benefits of training your employees in social selling.   how social selling generates sales.  how you improve your personal brand on LinkedIn.  As always our guest is accompanied by the charismatic hosts, Yu Zhao and Christ Kubbernus.     Thank you for listening!    Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news):  
What is great social media content? How do you generate thumb-stopping social media content ideas? And what do you need to build an amazing social media content strategy – one that’s sure to achieve the right kind of response from exactly the people who most need to engage with your content and brand? There may be no better person to put those questions to than Kubbco’s very own Chief Creative Officer, Emils Lukasevics. Emils Lukasevics guested this episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast to share his thoughts and experience from a career dedicated to creating content for social media and other channels – from small documentaries to community-building SoMe campaigns for major international brands. Tap into this long-awaited episode brimming with data, advice and fascinating shout-outs. And sample Emils’ many personal highlights collected as a result of studying brands who set the standard for, and reliably put out the best social media content. Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast. Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news):
How does a heritage brand live on social media? In this episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast, we have Maja Fabech, Head of Social Media and Influencers at Matas with us. And if you don’t live in Denmark, you’re probably wondering what Matas is? Matas is an institution when it comes to beauty and health products. The audience is as versatile as the product catalog, the in-store customer experience is a trademark and the company date back to 1949. So what can this 73-year-old brand teach us about social media strategy? The answer is… A LOT.    Matas has become a huge success on TikTok with its insightful, creative and relatable content that resonates with both Gen Z and boomers. The brand is also an inspiration for utilizing the social platforms' shopping features in its social media strategy. In this episode, we go behind the scenes to discuss how a heritage brand lives (and thrives) on social media.     Give this episode a listen if you want to learn about: How you grow your social media team TikTok production VS. other content production  How to be diverse without being overly cringe  Matas impressive TikTok saga  Streamlining the in-store experience with social commerce  Ideating and creating content for social media  Gen Z humor, is it that different?  Create synergy between platforms  Matas in-house TikTok stars  How to listen to your social media community   Alongside Maja Fabech, we have the brilliant duo Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus.    Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧   Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news):  
Malthe Cederborg, CMO at Miinto, guested this episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast to talk about social media commerce, luxury fashion retail, paid social media and why you need a strong social media strategy to run a modern retail e-business. This episode is for anyone with an interest in content creation and marketing strategies for social media. As the conversation shows, Malthe is a knowledgeable speaker about everything from social media ads and social commerce to, say, Instagram paid promotion, paid advertising on Facebook and social media KPIs. Although his tenure at Miinto has only just entered its sixth year, Malthe has got his finger squarely on the pulse of social media ecommerce and the luxury fashion industry. The wealth of actionable knowhow he brings to this conversation is sure to benefit anyone looking to reach, target and inspire their social media audiences. Thank you for listening!   Useful links Instagram: @teamkubbco TikTok: @kubbco Twitter: @KubbAndCo LinkedIn: Kubbco Blogs: Audio podcast: YouTube podcast: Social Brief (Social media news): 
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