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We're called Across the Other Pond. I'm in China, Cody's in America, so we're not across the pond... but Across the OTHER Pond.

In this show, each week, we'll be talking like buds do about different subjects and adding some improv elements to it to extract some precious funnies. So we're going for a more "edutainment" of a vibe, but trying not to make it too here-comes-the-broccoli-choo-choo-into-the-tunnely. We gots to make academia warmer than at least an ice cube.
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Today on the podcast, Laz and Cody are back with our great friend Austin to discuss the application of games to real life. Big topics include: playing with incomplete information, improvising, and are puzzles games?
Someday the human race is going to explore the stars. What is that going to look like? Join Laz and Cody as they discuss what living on a moon colony might be like and what other planets could be suitable for human colonization in this new episode of Across the Other Pond.
Are you having trouble staying focused in these tough times? We're here to help you! Come listen as Laz and Cody talk about how to stay sane while you're self isolating and the benefits of having a daily routine.
On today's episode of the podcast we're taking another crack at soundtrack commentary.  This time we're talking about the hourly music of the wonderful new game, Animal Crossing New Horizons.  While discussing the sounds and feelings of the music that changes hourly in Animal Crossing we cover some general musical topics, including musical trends, spacing, and how to use instruments to their fullest.
Now that everyone’s comfortably (or maybe not so much) in quarantine, let’s talk about the treatments that are in development right now for the coronavirus. Today, we invite our long time guest, Austin Tjaden, to the show as our first expert. Dr. Tjaden has a doctorate in pharmacy and comes on our show today to educate us on the drugs being used to treat the COVID-19 disease as well as the vaccine.
On this week’s episode of AOP we are doing something a little different… we’re trying our hands at video game soundtrack commentary! Our first commentary is on the Sci-Fi space survival game Risk of Rain’s soundtrack written by Greek composer Chris Christodoulou. The soundtrack features amazing uses of sound effects, a single leitmotif, and out of this world synth sounds. Please excuse us for being noobs at this since it’s our first time. Feel free to give us comments, criticism, or compliments! If you want to follow along with the commentary check out the music at this link:
On today's episode we say good bye to a huge influence in our lives. We also come back to improvised stories that we haven't done in a while.
On today's episode, Laz and Cody talk about their resolutions for the new year. We know it's about a month late, but hopefully hearing about some resolutions might help you keep yours going, or to get back on track!
35: Cybernetics and Me

35: Cybernetics and Me


We're rapidly heading towards a future where body parts can be added and tied to our brain stems. We're excited to see what the future holds so we decided to talk about that on this episode of Across the other Pond.
Right now in China the Noval Coronavirus is spreading its nasty tentacles across the country and slowly to other countries in the world, and it picked the worst time to happen... during the Chinese New Year when hundreds of millions of people are moving all throughout the country. Listen to this weeks podcast to get a first-hand experience from our co-host Laz.
On today's episode of Across the Other Pond, Laz and Cody reminisce about the music that sculpted our musical minds. We talk about bands that we love and the bands that we grew up listening to.
We know it's past October, but we're keeping it spooky through November. Listen as Laz and Cody tell some spooky made up stories and talk about their favorite types of horror.
31: The Afterlife Place

31: The Afterlife Place


Join Cody and Laz as they discuss what happens after we die. It's true that nobody knows where we go, but it's a fun exercise to think about what happens.
30: Doomsday

30: Doomsday


The end of the world may be closer than we think. Are you prepared? Join Laz and Cody as they discuss the end of the world and if it's even possible to be prepared for it.
29: Voice Acting

29: Voice Acting


Cartoons aren't people. They are imaginary, but the people who give them life aren't. This week we're talking and surmising about the magic of the voices behind our favorite anime and cartoon characters.
Minimalism, the art of cutting out all the "extra stuff" in life, has been taking the world by storm the past couple years from Scandinavian concepts like lagom and hygge all the way to the "Spark Joy" of Japan's Marie Kondo. In a world where being bombarded by information 24/7 is the norm, what role does minimalism play?
Back by popular demand are the convo cards! (Based on a sample population consisting of Cody and Laz). This week Cody and Laz do some long not-done improv with questions you’d ask at a kid’s dinner party. Laz also reads an excerpt from his debut AI romance novel. It’s bound to make you feel the love AND things bestial.
The word of the eventual take over of AI is spreading more and more rapidly, like a modern plague seizing the imaginations of global figures such as Elon Musk. Things that once were solely done by humans now are being done by robot-kind, and being done better for that. Even things like musical composition, coding, and medical diagnosis will eventually be put into the cold, metallic hands of the machines. Once we get there, how should humanity go forward?  Subcribe: Itunes: Spotify: Audioboom: Youtube: Soundcloud: Social Media:  Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Music (Made by Laz):  Soundcloud: Facebook:
It’s the anime that you, me, and everyone else in the 90’s grew up with, and it holds a dear place in our hearts. We told our parents to skip the allowance and give us booster packs instead. We screamed at our parents to take us to see every movie that came to a theater near us. We could sing that theme song that seemed blessed by the heavens themselves word for word. Yeah. But did you know how different the American version was from the original Japanese one? Listen to this weeks podcast for more!  Facebook: Twitter:
24: Cyber-Security and Me

24: Cyber-Security and Me


Ladies and Gentlemen, strap in for an episode about security in the digital age. Laz and Cody discuss viruses and phishing and other devious methods that unscrupulous individuals use to make everyone else's life worse.
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