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Author: Tom Nolle & Justin Gagnon

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The Let's Talk Smack Sports Podcast is a comedy/sports podcast where people can tune in to hear Tom, Justin and friends break down all the fun / dumb s*** about sports going on in the world today. We cover the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL, FIFA, World Cup, Parcheesi (etc. etc.) and also whatever your favorite team is! Send a question to and we'll knock it out of the park, just foul.
15 Episodes
The latest and greatest from Tommy and Shwaggers, in which Justin gets married! They also chat about the NFL, Patriots being slightly less invincible, and the rise (or fall?) of one Mitchell Trubisky.
Just in time for Sunday's games, here's Michael Pepe returning with week 4 NFL picks! Thanks for listening, everyone! We'll feature a full episode very soon.
Check out Tommy and Shwaggers as they get down to the nasty business of figuring out what happened to Delonte West, what's going to happen to Antonio Brown, epic lightning round questions about who will be last place in the NFL, MLB Playoffs (Playoffs!?) and more! Also our first merch contest has arrived. If you'd like to buy merch, hit up and click the merch tab!00:00:11 Tommy Bananas (!?)00:00:35 New merch site up - check it out at smacktalkpodcast.com00:01:21 First free hat contest is now live!00:02:44 Shwaggers Says Sorry00:03:40 Cam Newton’s shawl00:04:45 Tommy and Shwagger’s Picks for Fantasy Football00:07:10 The Antonio Brown debacle + his ridiculous timeline of events00:12:05 The takeaway is AB is out of the league, maybe for good00:14:16 College players coming into the NFL need a class to explain real life00:15:15 Mitch Trubisky shows a lot of signs of regression, and Nagy’s covering for him00:17:30 Bears are monsters on rushing and D00:17:51 Steph Curry agrees to play for Team USA in the 2020 Olympics00:20:09 WTF Happened to Delonte West?00:22:21 What happens next for AB?00:23:31 QB injuries in the NFL - Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Sam Darnold, Ben Roethlisberger and more00:25:17 Josh Rosen starts for the Fins00:25:52 Patriots Defense is insanely good00:27:25 Is Pittsburgh the new Florida? Especially with Felipe Vasquez’ allegations00:29:46 The reason we support sports is that the logo you wear on your jersey represents the fans00:31:08 Dodgers clinch NL West after only 146 games, Braves in, Astros in, wild cards are bloodbaths00:32:25 Yankees look like they’re going, plus Mariano Rivera got the Medal of Freedom00:33:45 Pepe’s Picks Week 3 NFL00:41:17 Pepe’s Picks: MNF Bears at Washington00:42:05 Tommy reacts to Bears kickers / double-doink00:43:04 Lightning Round: Which Ryan Fitzpatrick do you like the best?00:43:51 Should there be a limit on fashion in post-game NFL interviews?00:45:16 What’s the worst player name in the NFL?00:46:33 Who will have the worst record in the NFL this season?00:48:00 More contest info
Justin and Tommy can't believe their eyes (!) as the Steelers fall apart on Sunday night in week 1 of the NFL. They also chat about surprises throughout the league like the Browns' implosion, laugh at Chris Collinsworth's obsession with a certain QB, and get Pepe's Picks for the Way Too Early Super Bowl Odds.00:00:15 Rapid Reactions: Patriots vs Steelers00:02:19 Donte Moncrief dropped 7 of 10 passes00:04:43 Injuries left and right, Tyreek Hill and Nick Foles hurt00:05:41 Myles Jack fight00:06:33 Tommy and Shwaggers say sorry for not picking the Patriots00:07:09 AB is now a Patriot00:09:36 NE is rehab for ego in the NFL; also, what gives with the Raiders?00:12:05 Collinsworth can’t let Aaron Rodgers go00:15:17 Fake sponsors - Lagunitas this time!00:15:39 What happened to the Cleveland Browns?00:17:40 The Baker Mayfield culture00:18:06 Lamar Jackson looks like an animal00:19:40 Mitch Trubisky looked really bad00:22:12 Bears traded Jordan Howard, seems like a bad move00:23:15 Ben Roethlisberger had a QB rating of 65.6, one of worst starts of Steelers of all time00:24:28 Is it Big Ben’s last season?00:25:50 Does Mike Tomlin get fired this year?00:28:19 Jameis Winston threw two pick 6’s00:29:12 Kyler Murray looked pretty good in his debut, Cousins looks good as well00:30:08 49ers looked pretty solid on D, can they make the playoffs?00:30:42 Devin Funchess breaks his collarbone after getting a $10 mil contract00:32:13 Is the Jags season over?00:33:49 Carson Wentz looked good, is he back to form? Will he get hurt?00:36:05 Implosion of the Browns and the Falcons00:36:54 MLB - Yankees, Astros, Twins, Dodgers, Cards and Braves likely to be in - get excited for good October baseball00:39:01 Pepe’s Picks for the Way Too Early Super Bowl Projections00:40:55 Let’s talk about odds to win divisions in the NFL00:43:28 AFC North is likely a close match by the end of the season00:44:40 AFC West seems like it’s all for the Chiefs00:45:08 NFC Championship predictions00:45:50 AFC Championship predictions00:46:50 Odds to win the Super Bowl - Chiefs, Pats, Bears, Rams, Saints, Eagles00:49:03 Lightning Round - how soon do the Steelers win a game?00:50:14 Lightning Round - Best UFC Fighter of all time?00:51:49 Lightning Round - best boxer of all time?00:54:07 Jon Gruden - is he worth the hype?
Tommy and Justin have been renewed for a second season, just in time for the first week of the NFL! They're also joined by Michael Pepe for a brand new Pepe's picks for week 1. They discuss Andrew Luck, yell about bird poop and cocaine, chat about the Rich Paul rule, DeMarcus Cousins, ask WTF Happened to Freddy Adu, and basically just talk a lot of smack.00:00:00 Welcome to Season 2!00:01:14 Brand new logo for the podcast, merch on its way00:03:29 Brand new website smacktalkpodcast.com00:04:29 Shout out to Bronson00:04:52 Shwaggers Says Sorry00:07:50 NFL free agency moves - Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks00:09:54 Andrew Luck retires00:10:14 The mobile QB is a decades-old storyline00:14:20 Jacoby Brissett is slated to start for the Colts00:14:43 There’s a lack of depth of talented QBs in the NFL00:17:43 LeSean McCoy just got picked up by the Chiefs00:19:29 Seahawks cut both Paxton Lynch and Geno Smith00:20:48 Broncos only have Joe Flacco and no backup QBs00:22:42 Demaryius Thomas technically off the Patriots but will probably be back on the team00:23:00 Josh Gordon is back (!)00:24:50 WTF happened to Freddy Adu, MLS’ alleged savior from 2004?00:30:04 If Freddy had been who was hyped up to be, US soccer would be more powerful00:31:43 Freddy has similarities to TO and Ochocinco00:32:53 NCAA’s Rich Paul rule controversy - agents were told they need to have a bachelor’s degree00:36:14 A lot of college athletes don’t go to class00:38:00 It’s incredibly difficult to balance all the responsibilities of being a student-athlete00:41:13 Players’ unions are decent at teaching incoming players some level of financial understanding00:42:09 Mike Tyson and his team smoke $40K of marijuana at his ranch every month00:43:42 Tyler Skaags did die of an overdose00:46:00 The Dave Chappelle special00:46:53 There is an epidemic of drug use that includes fentanyl00:48:07 With that type of salary, you should get help00:48:44 MLB is doing a Field of Dreams game in 2020 at the original field from the movie00:50:51 Police arrested a college QB for having bird droppings on his car00:56:00 Tommy didn’t swear for once00:56:18 DeMarcus Cousins has a warrant out for his arrest due to domestic violence00:57:03 Lakers got problems, y’all00:59:52 Intro to Pepe’s Picks - NFL Week 1!01:00:26 Pepe’s Picks - Thursday Night - Green Bay vs Chicago01:03:05 Pepe’s Picks - KC vs Jax01:04:00 Pepe’s Picks - Rams vs Panthers01:05:52 Pepe’s Picks - Pittsburgh at NE01:08:13 Houston Rockets just re-signed Eric Gordon01:09:20 The Warriors run may be over01:09:50 Gronk’s coming back! Tommy predicts it01:10:35 Lightning round - Bears or Packers?01:12:20 Lightning round - Steelers or Pats?01:13:42 Lightning round - Worst scandal in NFL history?01:15:26 Lightning round - Worst MLB scandal?01:16:40 Lightning round - Best part of our new logo (self-promotion FTW!)
Tommy and Shwaggers are back from their summer hiatus with a vengeance! Lives will be destroyed, smack will be talked, and sports comedy gold will ensue! Also, they address US Women's Soccer, Tyler Skaggs, Carmelo Anthony, fallout from the NBA and NHL Finals, NBA trades including KD, Westbrook, George, Kawhi, and more! Also they hit on the Dodgers and Yankees, and have a very fun lightning round about predictions for the future - of mankind! Or just, you know, the NBA, beer prices and the NFL.00:02:15 Tyler Skaggs’ untimely death - we’re all sad about it00:04:14 The earthquake game in Dodgers Stadium - Tommy was there00:05:46 The pitcher was unaffected and threw a strike!00:06:47 New segment - WTF Happened To … Carmelo Anthony00:10:25 Carmelo has to be the star00:12:10 The NBA Finals - what happened to Golden State?00:13:35 It was Kevin Durant’s decision to play hurt, and now he’s on Brooklyn00:15:10 How did the Warriors beat themselves?00:17:08 Any way the Warriors come back next year?00:17:42 NHL Finals rehash - how did the Bruins lose?00:20:30 If you drop 3 straight in the NHL, you don’t deserve to win the series00:21:34 The US Women’s World Cup00:22:40 Shout out to women athletes everywhere00:26:45 The best coaches teach you to be loose under pressure00:27:28 The Dodgers are first in the entire league - can they win the World Series?00:28:37 Are the Yankees this good because they’re so stacked? (Yes, but no)00:29:59 Red Sox are kinda sorta creeping up on the Yankees00:30:15 What’s going on with the Cubbies?00:31:05 Why is the Wild Card Playoff 1 game a thing??00:31:50 Training camp is starting for the NFL - what’s up with Zeke?00:32:50 Is Prescott really a true leader for the Cowboys?00:34:19 Is Jason Garrett a good coach?00:35:26 Is it safe to bet on a running back in the modern NFL?00:36:44 Aaron Rodgers was called out in the press as not being a top-5 QB00:41:28 Is Gronkowski un-retiring right away?00:44:50 Gronk’s agent seems to think he’s coming back to the NFL00:45:33 Kawhi wins a championship, and leaves to the Clippers00:46:35 Anthony Davis is now a Laker, along with DeMarcus Cousins00:49:43 Kevin Durant and Kyrie to the Brooklyn Nets00:50:43 Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets00:52:01 Milwaukee Bucks should be right back in the thick of it next season00:52:34 Kemba Walker going to the Celtics00:54:20 Pepe’s Picks is coming up in the next few episodes00:55:55 Maxim Dadashev dies from a boxing match00:56:57 Lighting round: is Space Jam 2 going to be any good?00:58:20 Lightning round: who will be better in 2020, the Lakers or the Clippers?00:59:01 Lightning round: how much are beer prices going to rise at Dodgers Stadium?01:00:16 Lightning round: who will win the Eastern Conference in the NBA next season?01:00:50 Lightning round: who will win the NBA Finals?01:01:39 Lightning round: who will win the Super Bowl?
Tommy and Shwaggers talk about the NBA and NHL Finals while laughing about the ugliest logos in the NFL and the NBA. They also chat about Steph Curry and his ego, the weird Klay Thompson injury, dirty hits by hockey goons, and more!00:50 Tommy and Shwaggers say sorry (but actually, would like an apology!)02:47 A lot about why talking about marijuana for athletes isn’t that big of a deal05:27 Joe Montana donated $$$ to marijuana research to help prevent the opiate crisis06:06 Does Tom Brady smoke weed?06:28 Does Gronk smoke weed?08:03 Steroids10:54 NBA Finals - do the Raptors have what it takes to beat the Warriors?11:40 Kyle Lowry and Rajon Rondo have some similarities / streakiness12:50 The Warriors had a looooot of time off in between series14:03 The Raptors needed to win both games at home against a mostly healthy Warriors squad14:39 Klay Thompson’s key injury - was that a split???15:09 Who wins game 3?17:28 How would you bet on Game 3?17:48 Steph Curry and his ego19:35 Steph and Kobe have some similarities to Harden in creating contact to earn fouls20:08 Klay Thompson’s weird splits might have been a Kobe-type situation24:26 There might be $100,000 tickets to game 4 of the NBA Finals - rumor says it’s Jay-Z and Beyonce29:39 NHL is getting chippy in the Finals with the Blues and Bruins30:05 The Blues have a history of playing dirty in this playoff series, knocking out a lot of the Sharks31:14 The 7-2 game … in St. Louis - did they pull the goalie too early?36:18 Binnington has looked mostly really good for the Blues36:39 Bergeron looks to be in championship mode38:34 Almora’s fly ball hitting a young fan - how do we fix this?41:10 Catching a foul ball is kind of baseball tradition though45:18 MLB Standings - Yankees on top, Red Sox creeping back into the race45:56 What happened to the Mariners?48:49 A lot of teams are struggling with pitching this season - tons of runs are being scored49:33 Why have the Dodgers lost the last 2 World Series in a row?50:35 Lightning Round - What’s the best NHL logo?52:25 Lightning Round - What’s the best NBA logo?55:05 Lightning Round - What’s the worst NBA logo?56:03 Lightning Round - Best NFL logo?58:49 Lightning Round - Worst NFL logo of all time?01:00:26 Lightning Round - Santa Clarita Horse Racing deaths - should we get rid of horse racing?
Justin and Tommy discuss the NBA playoffs including the Bucks and Raptors, Warriors and Blazers, the NHL playoffs (Bruins, 'Canes, Sharks, Blues), the NBA Draft (Zion + Pelicans), Xavien Howard the highest paid CB, hope for women's hockey, the Champions League, and marijuana as a medicinal treatment for athletes. All this, plus some awesome lightning round questions submitted by Brian and Ash!00:01:54 Shwaggerz Says Sorry00:02:40 Ending to 76ers / Raptors / Kawhi Leonard shot heard ‘round the world!00:03:50 Game 1 Bucks vs Raptors - does Kawhi still have the magic?00:04:24 Brooke Lopez00:04:51 The Bucks are just taller - would the Warriors have a problem guarding them?00:05:57 The Western Conference Finals are kind of a letdown00:07:00 Owner of Golden State doesn’t seem to care that Kevin Durant might be leaving00:08:00 How do the Celtics get Kevin Durant?00:09:06 Pelicans have the #1 pick and will probably draft Zion - but how does that even work?00:10:00 Anyone who goes to the Lakers right now is going to struggle - but will they trade everything to get Zion?00:12:02 There’s a good anti-tanking strategy by the NBA now00:14:02 NHL Playoffs - the Bruins, one game away from sweeping the ‘Canes - How old are these guys?00:15:39 San Jose advancing past the Avalanche was very questionable00:16:34 Sharks may be going to the Finals - but do the Blues even have any business being this far into the playoffs?00:17:57 Do the Bruins have an edge because of playoff experience?00:19:25 Xavien Howard (25 year old) on the Miami Dolphins is now the highest paid CB in the NFL00:21:43 Is CB that high value of a position?00:23:33 The Dolphins need to fix their offense first00:23:57 Josh Rosen and the Cardinals - such an odd miscommunication00:25:34 Yankees have wayyyy too many people on the IR right now - but they’re still winning (!)00:26:51 The Cubs have been on a winning streak00:27:47 Christian Yelich and his home run total (16 already) + the Juicin’ era of baseball00:29:54 Jose Canseco’s steroid reveal / baseball players are better now00:31:00 Why is the NFL policy so anti-weed for injured players?00:31:42 The NHL has one of the best marijuana policies for their players00:33:16 The effects of alcohol vs the effects of marijuana00:35:23 All the old wrestlers were drunk in every match, in a way they were self-medicating00:37:23 Should marijuana be legalized across all sports for injuries? + effects of heavy drinking and Ricky Williams00:39:57 The NHL might be the most progressive league00:40:20 Champions League final in soccer - Liverpool beat Barcelona!!!! All English final00:41:36 Could aggregate scoring be used in the NFL for the playoffs?00:44:56 So many other playoffs (MLB, NHL, NBA) have multiple games per series - why not the NFL?00:46:33 Helmets in football - why doesn’t Tom Brady want to update his helmet?00:49:45 The search for a TE on the Patriots post-Gronk - does Gronk come back out of retirement?00:51:43 LB Jamie Collins is probably going back to the Patriots00:53:21 Women’s Hockey League - they need more pay and they are severely under-funded - there is a genuine crisis for professional athletes00:56:03 Watching the NHL in the ‘80s, it used to be really hard to see the puck on TV00:57:41 It’s shocking that the Canada Women’s Hockey League folded00:59:32 The Lingerie League is depressing as hell01:00:16 Lightning round - favorite Avenger and how would they play in the NFL?01:01:53 Lightning round - what’s the worst sports movie?01:03:56 Lightning round - Thoughts on current MNF announcers01:07:16 Lightning round - Best TD celebration?01:09:24 Lightning round - Most clutch NBA player of all time?
Tommy and Shwaggers dish about the latest released audio recording from one Chiefs player named Tyreek, smack-talk their way through the NHL and NBA playoffs, have loud opinions about the NFL draft, and have their first visit from Michael Pepe for his new segment, Pepe's Picks! Plus this episode contains your host's usual dynamic lightning round of fury (special shout out to Ash for our first submission), and you get an episode with all of the humor and several of the opinions, most of them dicey at best.02:15 Tommy Says Sorry About The Angels04:20 A little bit about Tyreek Hill’s audio recording06:53 Adrian Peterson’s sordid history and please don’t hit your kids!!!10:03 NFL Draft recap10:35 Kyler Murray and the Cardinals plus Rosen to the Dolphins11:18 The perils of being a mobile quarterback in the NFL14:56 The NFL and the media always like to oversell the next generation of quarterbacks17:16 Patriots drafting a QB in the 7th round17:55 Tom Brady is not the future of the organization (realistically)19:43 Bears draft vs Packers draft22:44 Jay Cutler vs Aaron Rodgers in the sordid history of the Bears pre-Nagy24:00 The Seahawks drafted 11 picks this year (!) - are they looking to win now?26:23 There’s a giant learning curve between the NCAA and the NFL27:38 NHL Playoffs - are the Columbus Blue Jackets for real?29:27 We’re missing a lot of major market teams in the NHL playoffs this year30:15 NBA Playoffs - Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics31:47 Kevin Durant and his 50 point game32:57 LA Clippers in the future - it looks pretty bright!33:36 Can the Rockets take out the Warriors?35:18 Can the East take the NBA championship this year?35:31 The Kawhi Leonard effect37:14 Are the Sixers folding? And/or what’s up with their identity?38:30 It feels like the Celtics are just now finding their identity as a team40:01 Kyrie just needs to not do something stupid41:18 MLB and the Cubbies are floating at .50042:48 Pepe’s Picks! (A brand new segment to help out your sports betting)43:04 NFL Picks week 1 - Bears vs Packers opening night45:18 Atlanta at Minnesota46:40 Washington at Philadelphia48:00 Buffalo at the Jets49:21 Baltimore at Miami51:09 Kansas City at Jacksonville53:42 Tennessee at Cleveland54:41 LA Rams at Carolina56:48 Cincinnati at Seattle59:15 Colts at Chargers01:00:30 San Francisco at Tampa Bay01:02:16 Detroit at Arizona01:03:43 NY Giants at Cowboys01:05:04 Pittsburgh at New England - Justin says he’ll take the Steelers??01:07:10 Houston at New Orleans01:09:29 Denver at Oakland - Flacco vs Gruden01:14:07 Raiders moving to Vegas01:14:26 Will the MLB move to Vegas?01:15:58 Lightning Round! What starter jacket would you rock in the 90s / now?01:19:20 Best baseball movie all time?01:21:00 Worst sports team theme song?01:23:14 Favorite coach of all time?01:24:49 Who’s the worst coach of all time?
Tommy and Shwaggers have their first special guest (Todd Geritz) to talk about the new era of wrestling. They go all in on WrestleMania 35 with Todd's deep knowledge of the WWE and discuss some of the issues surrounding the league - and also why it's still a whole lot of fun. They also deep-dive into the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, fighting in hockey, Tiger Woods, NFL player moves, Leonard Fournette's suspended license, Puig, the AAF folding, and the signs of trouble brewing on the Lakers. All that plus a hilarious lightning round involving very ugly wrestlers and jerseys!00:44 We’re having our first guest, Todd Geritz01:23 Tommy Says Sorry02:56 Shout out to our potential sponsors03:56 Congrats Tiger Woods!05:38 Tiger did some messed up stuff06:06 Do athletes get too much tabloid attention?07:33 In the 90s Jordan had like 12 side chicks09:02 Kucherov situation / Tampa Bay Lightning12:39 NHL Refs are getting bigger and stronger13:28 Is Russell Wilson ever going to leave the Seahawks?14:29 Justin’s take on Pete Carroll16:11 Ben McAdoo16:44 What’s up with halftime shows?17:38 Seahawks have a built-in advantage18:24 Chris Hogan to the Panthers19:15 Ty Montgomery to the Jets / are they gonna be good?21:48 Leonard Fournette arrested for driving on a suspended license24:05 This is the best time of year for sports24:23 Puig fighting all the Pirates26:42 Mariners on top of the league27:27 Play Moneyball29:37 Padres in first / Machado’s doing well in the regular season31:26 The Bucks are absolutely demolishing the Pistons33:43 The weird Lakers of the Steve Nash era34:48 The NBA is not in the era of the center anymore37:34 Do the Clippers stand a chance against the Warriors?39:09 Nets beat the 76ers in Game 1 / wow …40:41 You can’t be a regular season darling and win a championship42:10 Spurs beat Denver / look out for the Spurs in the post-season!42:54 Celtics beating Pacers / should they go to the Eastern Conference Finals?46:30 Raptors lost a game to the Magic - what gives?49:50 Todd Geritz joins us on the podcast to talk about the WWE / WrestleMania 35 !50:25 It was a very, very long event and people were stranded until 4 am52:55 John Cena’s appearance54:47 Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy / Bautista vs Triple H55:39 Kurt Angle’s retirement / maybe he deserved better57:26 McMahon’s odd match-up that was a great spectacle59:18 The McMahon’s have a really really weird family01:00:15 The different eras of the WWE / we’re now in a PG-era01:01:46 Wrestlers and health care and the lack thereof / the John Oliver piece01:02:20 The rise of the XFL yet again - will it take?01:03:39 The real-life tragedies to wrestlers that have happened due to the WWE01:05:27 The push to unionize wrestlers01:08:14 Chyna is in the WWE Hall of Fame posthumously01:10:00 McMahon tends to train wreck storylines01:10:53 Brock Lesnar’s fight vs Seth Rollins and the wild wild promo of Paul Heyman01:11:50 The extremely controversial ending of Rousey / Charlotte Flair / Becky Lynch’s ending01:14:55 Does Ronda know how to ‘turn off’?01:16:33 It looked like Ronda may have actually gotten hurt01:18:42 Roman Reigns and the bigger guys - can they get hurt more easily?01:20:04 Roman’s battle with leukemia / the problem with him being Vince McMahon’s guy01:22:40 This was some of the most money ever generated at a WrestleMania01:24:03 Do the wrestlers get paid more?01:25:10 Wrestling is just non-stop for the wrestlers01:26:35 Wrestling isn’t wrestling - or is it? / is wrestling a sport01:27:45 The suspension of disbelief while watching the storylines and/or dodgy camera wor
Tommy and Shwaggers are back with a fun one - they talk about the NCAA Final Four, NBA and NHL playoffs, Deflate-gate, the WWE, the Special Olympics, refs, rule changes from the NFL to the NBA, and more! We're excited that baseball is back. We mention the playoffs for both the NBA and the NHL, and talk a little about hockey fights. We also hit hard on the best and worst parts about stadium food, and at one point there's a bit about Dana White.00:58 Topics list01:42 Shwaggers Says Sorry04:09 Tommy Says Lolz (got the Dolphins record wrong!) / Justin yells about Tyree05:35 Baseball is back!07:10 Opening day in Japan this year / happy retirement, Ichiro!09:41 NCAA Final Four - Duke goes down! Upsets left and right!12:11 Kareem Hunt 8-game suspension / is that the right amount of games?13:29 Deflategate!!!!!!16:12 Hunt needs people around him like Gronk has people around him16:45 Big WWE Smackdown episode coming up next time / we’re having our first guest on the show!17:27 Dana White vs Vince McMahon18:51 Wrestlers have no health care19:19 Rowdy Roddy Piper / the glory days (?)21:51 Wrestlers need to be protected!23:15 Brock Lesnar / Smackdown lineup24:49 Robert Kraft and video evidence26:23 Welcome to the 1980s27:01 New MLB jerseys / they look nice!28:00 The Philly Phanatic29:33 NBA Playoffs picture / tight race in the West!31:30 LeBron and the Lakers miss the playoffs / what’s next? / Justin yells about Lonzo Ball33:46 Eastern conference in the NBA is a tight playoff race as well!35:22 NHL Playoffs picture / who’s playing who?36:25 We love the NHL Playoffs and we love hockey fights37:40 New NFL replay rules - do we like ‘em?41:34 Worried about how much more game time this will add in the NFL / where does it stop?44:15 Reminds us of the new NFL sack rule45:59 Do you want even more rules in the NFL? / what is a catch46:52 CTE issues / wrestlers vs NFL players49:29 NBA referees and the 3-point shot foul50:55 FIFA issues with players flopping / Neymar’s legendary flop53:04 The art of flopping in the NBA / Kobe, LeBron, Harden54:42 Power plays for the NBA?56:10 Football out-of-bounds rules58:00 Matt Barnes and his attitude58:51 They were about to cut $18 million for Special Olympics01:00:13 Tommy gets real heated / Betsy DeVos, leave the Special Olympics alone!01:04:53 Lightning round / Best ballpark food01:07:17 Lightning round / Worst ballpark food01:08:31 Lightning round / worst Major League stadium01:10:04 Lightning round / Best Major League stadium01:12:55 Lightning round / Smartest NFL coach of all time01:14:35 Lightning round / Best college QB of all time01:15:57 Lightning round / Strongest player in the NFL01:16:27 Lightning round / will AAF shut down before the playoffs start?01:17:25 Lightning round / Best Super Bowl halftime show all time01:17:38 Lightning round / worst Super Bowl halftime show all time01:19:10 Lightning round / MLB safety issues for fans01:21:00 Future of E-Sports
Tune in this week for a hilarious recap of NFL free agency, a new segment in which we apologize for our previous episodes, Mike Trout being super rich, a LOT about Knicks owner James Dolan kicking out a fan for life, and one of the absolute best lightning rounds we've ever had. We also pay tribute to one Robert Gronkowski.00:44 Shwaggers Says Sorry (new segment!)03:22 Gronk retires05:25 Gronk changed the tight end position09:20 Famous TE’s10:17 Gronk’ll be a pro wrestler (or a broadcaster)11:55 Residual emotions about Lovie Smith from a Bears fan13:40 Tommy doesn’t hate Cam Newton15:43 R. Kelly, for some reason17:08 Be responsible with the media / Marshawn Lynch and Bill Belichick19:20 The press often trolls athletes20:50 We’ll miss the Gronk spike21:36 The James Dolan Scenario / kicks out a Knicks fan for life24:42 The Dolan Response26:01 Conor McGregor is the most watchable ticket / kind of a dick, though29:06 It’s the ****ing Knicks30:48 Jazz fan banned permanently for being racist to Russell Westbrook32:46 Terry O’Reilly used to fight fans and it was kinda awesome34:47 Yelling at A-Rod38:41 Mike Trout, the 430 million dollar man42:00 Angels don’t want to lose Trout42:51 Paul Goldschmidt and the Cardinals44:35 Will the Dodgers leak players to the Angels?44:56 NFL free agency recap / Le’Veon Bell to the Jets46:24 Justin goes off about Big Ben48:50 OBJ to the Browns49:49 We don’t know what the NY Giants are doing52:16 Nick Foles to the Jaguars53:23 Bortles’ locker room issues54:56 NCAA tournament - Duke only wins by 1 point (!) over UCF56:19 Lightning round - best Will Ferrell sports movie58:44 Lightning round - 0-16 Lions vs 0-16 Browns59:50 Lightning round - 2002 Patriots vs 2018 Patriots01:00:52 Lightning round - Brady vs Brees for best looker01:01:29 Lightning round - Eli vs Peyton for best looker01:02:24 Lightning round - Eli vs Peyton for best Super Bowl QB01:03:13 Lightning round - 14-0 Dolphins vs 16-0 Patriots01:05:15 Lightning round - Best sports city01:06:36 Lightning round -  Worst sports city01:07:20 Lightning round - Which two QBs should fight?01:08:25 Lightning round - WWF / WWE wrestlers rematch
Tommy and Shwaggers get into it again as they break down major moves including Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, Bryce Harper to the Phillies, Machado to the Padres, and more! They also discuss the issues of being a fan in the NFL today, and get serious about the Raiders' stadium issues. Plus an unusual lightning round where they discuss chicken wire hockey, He-Man and Wayne Gretzky!00:08 Name change01:31 Topics rundown02:19 Antonio Brown to the Raiders / worst decision of Gruden's career?03:48 Highest paid receiver of all time05:02 Jon Gruden should be better at coaching Derek Carr06:28 Raiders are the opposite of the Browns07:11 Watching the dismantling of the Raiders last season07:40 Do the Raiders keep Carr?08:30 Bryce Harper to the Phillies09:46 Paying for a giant contract / is it worth it?11:24 Did the Padres overpay Machado?13:49 Padres' lack of success recently15:23 When LeBron's out, the defense folds / big fish, little pond!16:34 Getting paid vs. winning17:22 The Jay Cutler Bears years18:16 The issue with Peyton Manning21:18 Le'Veon Bell22:20 What about your teammates/ the Bell conundrum23:50 Cutler + caring = ?25:43 The Raiders' major stadium issues28:05 Seriously, what's happening with the Raiders??28:31 Bowl Cuts29:43 Raiders in Vegas30:45 Justin's brother's story about some real bad fans31:56 Unfortunately, the tuck rule was brought up32:58 NIMBY + Raiders 201935:03 Direction of a franchise ($$ vs long-term planning)37:52 Who wants to go to Inglewood on a Sunday?38:40 NFL's policy on cities paying for stadiums39:39 Seat permits at Soldier Field40:19 Is it better to watch the NFL on TV?41:15 What a fan wants, is what a fan needs42:30 Ticket prices in the NFL44:20 March Madness + Zion45:45 Can't approach playing time from a place of fear47:12 NCAA football vs basketball / putting your body on the line49:50 Tim Tebow vs Colin Kaepernick vs Jesus52:00 Air Jordans54:11 Worst franchise names / mascots56:05 Love for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers57:22 The Philadelphia Goofball01:00:15 Lightning round - NFL vs AAF and XFL, Venus vs Serena, best Olympic sports01:07:40 Lightning round cont - Shaun White and gigantic bongs01:08:41 Lightning round cont - Who has the worst fans?01:11:10 Lightning round cont - Best WR of all time?01:12:22 Lightning round cont - Best hockey player of all time? / chicken wire hockey01:13:57 Lightning round cont - Jason Witten's return to the Cowbows01:15:20 Lightning round cont - Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL?
Tommy and Justin get heavily into all things sports controversy while talking about the serious mistakes of Robert Kraft (most of them being Florida), the deeper issues behind the problem with Zion's shoe (maybe pay college players?), the difference between the NBA and NFL drafts vs the MLB and NHL drafts (some drafts matter more), what's next for Kevin Durant, trusting the process / tanking as a strategy (and is that fair to fans???), Ron Artest / Metta's drinking habits on the Bulls, the Alliance of American Football team names (uh Birmingham Iron?? rlly?), Jordan vs LeBron, as well as the college football playoffs. At no point do Tommy and Justin stoop below their usual level in this podcast.**Except there's just one brief moment - you'll know it when you hear it. It's probably the part where they talk about flat-Earthers.Thanks for listening! If you have a submission or question please email the podcast at letstalkshitsportspodcast@gmail.com01:18 Robert Kraft - A Series Of Unfortunate Events11:24 Zion Williamson's exploded shoe12:39 College players are not paid or well-protected enough15:51 Nike's job is to sell shoes - you had one job!18:51 College kids bring a lot of money to schools20:19 Maybe Zion shouldn't play another game in college basketball23:29 NBA and NFL drafts vs MLB and NHL drafts - who wins??29:11 Hack-A-Shaq as a viable defensive strategy31:36 Steph Curry vs LeBron James32:29 Draymond Green - a history of ball-busting33:53 Steve Kerr should be on Kevin Durant damage control right now34:43 Kyrie Irving36:06 Is the Earth flat? (no)37:00 Celtics played well last year w/o Kyrie in the playoffs38:21 Need somebody to coach LeBron39:34 Is it time for Kyrie to leave Boston?41:34 Eastern / Least-ern conference in the NBA43:18 Is tanking a fair strategy?46:39 Trying to find the next Pippen / Jordan49:04 You need a solid front office51:28 Is it okay to be a fan of a losing team?53:41 Ron Artest drunk on the Bulls54:40 Alliance of American Football / best team names57:31 We all miss the Supersonics57:48 Lightning round - Jordan vs LeBron01:00:25 Swap MJ for LeBron in the 90s, can you still win championships?01:02:45 Jordan vs LeBron in different eras01:04:23 Is Golden State now better than the '96 Bulls?01:05:37 Should the Celts lose Kyrie and Gordon Hayward?01:06:40 Are there too many games in baseball?01:11:45 Is the NHL boring this year?01:12:46 Are the college football playoffs working?
LTSSP 001 - The First One

LTSSP 001 - The First One


Justin and Tommy talk about the 2019 Rams-Patriots Super Bowl, dynasties, parity in the NFL, the sad state of the Texans, Los Angeles' current championship curse, the designated hitter conundrum for the National League, LeBron, Manny Machado, 1st round byes in the NFL, and more! And for some reason, Aaron Hernandez. All in one crazy comedy / sports podcast!00:21 Are the Patriots the best team in the NFL right now? / Super Bowl recap08:15 Edelman's open! (again??)12:31 QBs who last13:03 Can the Patriots repeat?14:19 Adam Levine's nipples16:18 Dynasties21:16 Aaron Hernandez (yikes!)23:57 Is there true parity in the NFL?29:00 The QB from the Bears who shall not be named30:20 Feel kinda bad for the Texans32:18 Why does LA keep losing championships?34:55 DH for the NL36:47 Splashy free agents in LA37:36 The Machado-Suh conundrum39:19 LA/LeBron42:50 8 team playoff for the NFL45:10 Super Bowl Monday off!52:12 Joe Flacco / Kareem Hunt57:06 More on Broncos/Flacco
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