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There are times where I wonder if the ADA really knows what is going on with dentists on the front lines. It’s apparent their actions often times do not reflect it. Many years ago, Tracy and I began research on bundling of procedures by dental insurance companies. We began to build the case against third-party payers with their constant tactics of preventing us from being paid fairly for the services we provide as dentists and hygienists.  Again, years ago, Tracy came across a statement from the ADA Center for Professional Success which reads, “Claims bundling is the systematic combining of distinct dental procedures by third-party payers that results in a reduced benefit for the patient/beneficiary. The ADA considers bundling of procedures to be potentially fraudulent.”If that is the case, then why is bundling verbiage found in the CDT Code Book?Support the show
Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you there are dentists that make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what the hell happened. It’s not that simple. But, could there be a fourth doc? Or is the fourth doc just a unicorn...Support the show (
The list is long and unfortunately distinguished. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time we don’t like dealing with insurance plans and their reps either. But we are the only major consulting company that teaches dentists, and their teams, to keep them, because we know how to be profitable with them. So, who teaches dentists to drop their PPO Plans? Individuals who don’t know what they don’t know. Great leaders don’t resist or fear change, they embrace it, or even initiate it. Be that dental leader, and make that call to us here at MPMB. I promise you it will be the best business decision you make in your dental career.Support the show (
Insurances, laws, office manager and front office training, Disney Institute and leadership, ending with DSOs and why you don't need them. To date, there is one DSO that is  showing some promise with how they function and treat their docs, but the jury is still out. If they come through with their promise, we will sing their praises and point you to them if running your own business just isn't in your DNA. The rest of the DSO culture is something dentists need to be careful of. Support the show (
Are we receiving what we are paying for with our dental supplies?Every time I asked my assistant for an A1 shade of my new composite, I would think she was handing me a “used” compule. The A2 compules were not much better. After several months of this happening, it dawned on me. “Could the company be having issues with the manufacturing process of their composite being placed in each compule?” Or, could it be something worse, like intentional under-loading of the most popular shades to increase their profit margins.Support the show (
"The title may sound harsh, but after working with hundreds of dental offices, we’ve discovered that nearly every office does the same things that negatively affect the practice. These actions ultimately decrease revenue, patient retention and employee satisfaction. The worst part, many of the things we will mention have been preached in dentistry for YEARS. So, we can’t really blame you, but we can help “change you” for the better!"Baylee GunnellMarketing DirectorMy Practice My BusinessSupport the show (
Never let the patient circumnavigate the front office team members Doc. You gave them a job, let them do it.Support the show (
How many times do we attend dental trainings with the hopes of that expensive training making a difference in the performance of our dental practice? It can when dental teams, and the doc, increase competency with knowledge and skills, become motivated to be paid fairly for the services you provide, and can envision opportunity and not obstacles with the training you embark on. Let the discussion begin...Support the show (
A big "thank you" to all of you listeners and clients. Just some thoughts and a big announcement on training...Support the show (
What am I getting at you might ask? It’s simple. The majority of dental teams have been brainwashed into thinking that if dental insurance won’t pay for it, heaven forbid you actually charge the patient directly for services the PPO Plan won’t cover.Dentists and their teams fear telling patients their dental plan won't cover certain procedures. We need to drop those fears and preconceived false business teachings and charge for the services we provide. It really is that simple, and patients are happy to pay for those services when they understand them. So...teach them.Support the show (
Freedom Goes Both Ways

Freedom Goes Both Ways


Hardly a week goes by that we don’t see an article published, or a diatribe written, condemning dental insurance companies. Or, more specifically, the reimbursement rates, delay tactics, and a list of other topics we all deal with on a daily basis when taking patients who are “dental insured.”When Tracy and I battled the major insurance players against bundling, down-coding, and misleading language on EOBs, we were protecting the rights of dental offices, and the services they provide to their patients. The one thing we were very careful to protect was the freedoms involved with capitalism. The freedoms that every business has a right too, courtesy of our founding fathers.Support the show (
If "A", Why Not "B"?

If "A", Why Not "B"?


I'm always amazed at how dentists and their teams are completely brainwashed when it comes to business decisions that completely lack fundamental judgement of business skills. No business and thought leaders would ever put up with what we dentists do on a daily basis, let alone make business decisions that are not grounded in profitability so that the company can grow, profit, and thrive. It's time for dentistry to wake up and reclaim forgotten profitability again...Support the show (
There are five steps in battling dental insurance plans. At MPMB, we have this down to a science, and hope all listening will engage to protect the integrity of dentistry.Support the show (
Welcome to the MPMB office manager and front office training on the Kona Coast, Big Island of Hawaii, at the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort. Our training for front office personnel at MPMB is second to none. Those are not our words, those are the words of those we train. Listen to the curriculum and experience, and then get signed up for next years event ahead of time. This is a "do not miss" event. Mahalo.Support the show (
Enough is enough. We as dentists can no longer do free dentistry on our PPO patients, yet that is precisely what third-party payers want us to do. It needs to stop right now. Look at what we did in Utah. Get involved with your state dental associations, copy Utah's House Bill 359, and show the leaders of your state dental associations why they need to get going on copying this law into your own state. It's the best thing Utah ever did for dentists and the patients they serve. And...we're just getting started to protect our dental values here in Utah.Support the show (
CAD/CAM technology simply makes dentists want to do better. And the patient experience is second to none. Cerec is leading this charge. If you're not going to DS World, you are missing out, and should just GO!Support the show (
Five components that differentiate effective dental teams versus ineffective dental teams. The first one deals with "trust" issues. Support the show (
"The Unspoken Rules"

"The Unspoken Rules"


Today's podcast dives into excerpts from a book called, "The Unspoken Rules" by Gorrick. This is a great read and can be applied to dentistry to help practices do better.Support the show (
We had a dental product rep attend one of our introductory courses, and he was blown away with what he learned. Especially when he learned how dental offices can charge for his amazing product, instead of it being a loss leader of freeness to the patient, and just another expense for the dentist. Learning how to charge for technology is a barrier breaker for dental sales reps. Maybe MPMB should be training dental sales reps as well...Support the show (
Just because a #dental #insurance company states something doesn't make it true. I know that sounds unrealistic, but we see this crap all the time. We investigate dental insurance #contracts, newsletters they email us, and state #laws that govern those lovely third-party-payers. My dental colleagues, learn to push back, and do it correctly. It will mean thousands of dollars of increased #revenue each month when you do. Support the show (
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