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The My Practice My Business Dental Podcast

Author: Robert Thorup, DDS

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Welcome to The My Practice My Business Dental Podcast. I'm Dr. Rob Thorup, Clinical Director at MPMB. In our podcast shows we help dentists profit and thrive with excerpts from The Clinical Business of Dentistry Training here at MPMB.This podcast is dedicated to helping dentists and their teams reclaim forgotten profitability in dentistry, and to learn business skills specifically designed for dental practices. We look forward to your subscription, and we hope you let your colleagues know about our podcast. For more information on our GUARANTEED training, please visit us at and surf our website pages. Our mission statement is simple: We increase the monthly net revenue of dental practices with our key methods, tools, and training utilizing every day, need-based dentistry, even with PPO plans. And we teach you how to do it ethically, legally, and morally, adhering to contracts and state laws, so you can be paid fairly for the services you provide.
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If you have increases of patients who are paying at 60% of your fee-for-service fees (PPO patients), and your overhead is 60-70%, you're simply cost-shifting your FFS patients to cover your PPO patients. How can you be profitable on those PPO patients? That's where MPMB's Clinical Business of Dentistry Training comes into play.Support the show (
All of us here at My Practice My Business have been busy working at Utah's Capitol Hill on three legislative bills that will help dentists and their patients in the State of Utah. If these bills are passed, they will be passed on to other states. Support the show (
Take your time at the end of the appointment when patients need treatment. It's not a major rush to get them out of the office at this stage of the game. Give your case presentations from the heart, not some script. Patients can tell the difference.Support the show (
For years, I have never been a fan of "in-house plans." I have recently (four months ago) signed up for one. More out of curiosity than anything, just to see if they are really worth it. There are many companies out there who are selling "in-house membership plans", or the administration of them, so you can be competitive with #insurance plans. But are they right for you? What are thy, and how do they work? Are they just a #discount plan? In this podcast we are going to discuss some of the advantages and definite disadvantages to engaging in these products. #MPMB #MyPracticeMyBusiness #FrontOfficeTraining #DentalOfficeManagers #Dentist #Dental Support the show (
Can and should you use D0140 Limited Exam with D9110 Palliative Treatment? The answer is in this podcast.Support the show (
The pro's and con's about what fee you attach to those insurance claims. Support the show (
We've all been there, sleepless nights, irritable bowel syndrome, tension at home, all because of that "one employee" who you know is aggravating you and your team, let alone your patients. But you just don't have the courage to tell them "you're fire." Doc, learn to just "let go" and trust it will get better.Support the show (
Here in Utah we are working on State Laws that will help dentists in all States when it comes to protecting our patients, and being paid fairly for the services dentists provide. Think about this, if "up-coding" of procedures is a felony, why are dental insurance companies allowed to "down-code" procedures to get gain?Support the show (
There's a certain segment of our dental training that doesn't get the attention it deserves, and that is preparing for retirement. 95% of dentists are not prepared! There are many reasons that prevent dentists from preparing, and most of the time it comes down to profit margins on the dentistry they provide. If dentists are busy in their practices, they've made payroll, and there's money left over in the checking account, they believe they are doing just fine. Dentists who are successful at having a retirement account that will maintain their current, or desired, lifestyle have profit margins that are consistent, regardless of being a PPO driven practice, fee-for-service, or a hybrid of both. It's all about profits and profitability, two terms dentists just choose to avoid. Oh where is our business training. That's exactly why our clients are successful here at My Practice My Business. We teach this stuff!Support the show (
As if being a dentist isn't stressful enough, we also get to deal with the second highest cause of stress in the workplace, that of blending together the people who work for us. In this episode we discuss reasons for dental office conflict, how job titles often times cause issues, and how to fix issues with team members before it becomes a problem. Support the show (
Direct operating costs are to be viewed on an hourly rate. Knowing this number is mission critical in setting your fee-for-service fees, and determining if a particular dental insurance is worth being a provider for. As in any business, profits and profitability are key to maintaining a thriving and successful practice.Support the show (
In this podcast you will hear about discussions I've had with colleagues on things they have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. They discussed with me things they are grateful they did, and things they wished they could have done, and things they have learned from our training that have helped them with their dental practices.Support the show (
Stop making up excuses for not offering ridge preservation on every adult extraction. It should be your patient's choice, not yours. Oral Surgeons, of all dental colleagues, should know better... I was shocked with my neighbor's story. She would have been happy to pay for the procedure had she have been given the option. Never judge a patient on whether they can pay for it or not. I made that mistake early in my career, never to do that again.Support the show (
It's time to start training your patients, if you haven't already, that dentistry isn't free.Support the show (
Not charging for the amazing dental services you provide hurts you Doc, and your dental team.Support the show (
Learning new skills, going through new trainings, purchasing new technology all requires change. Maximizing those skills, trainings, and technology requires implementation. In this podcast we go over how to make change happen!Support the show (
During this tough time for most dental practices, we wanted to give back. We have gone virtual with our training, and there are no up-front costs. We don't make money unless you make money. Dental Consulting the way it should be! Call us today and get scheduled for the most incredible dental business training you will ever see. Support the show (
After reading several publications in the dental industry with regards to increasing production within our dental practices and mastering insurance protocols, it's safe to say the status-quo with what has been taught for years is alive and well. No wonder we had so many bankruptcy's in dentistry last year. They still don't get it. MPMB has the answer. Just ask our wonderful clients.Support the show (
It's amazing how we have become, or have limited ourselves, into being "task managers". What makes a "task thinker"? Someone who is usually educated, either with lots of formal education, or on-the-job learning, not training. Task thinkers are able to problem solve, think outside of the box, and more quickly adapt and overcome problems. I believe anyone can be a task manager, but I want task thinkers. I want team members who look for opportunities, not obstacles. Support the show (
This is without a doubt one of the toughest times I've seen in our Nation. Lots of shaming and bullying going on with dental networking groups within our state, dentists just trying to hold on as they are still seeing patients that are willing to come in. Misinformation, conflicting information, and decisions trying to be made as to how best to handle what is going on in the world at this time. Our Nation reeling from the economic effects that one little bug has caused. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you're attempting to do your best to provide for your families. God bless our healthcare workers battling this bug, and those who suffer from it. We love all of you, and want you to have faith that this too shall pass. It will make us stronger, and hopefully wiser too.Support the show (
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