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Decisions are what create our life and dictate our futures. All our decisions have infinite compounding effects that shape the world. With that in mind, it is vital for us to make intelligent decisions when it matters. Chief Decision Scientist at Google and a leader in the field of Decision Intelligence, Cassie Kozyrkov, unravels the process of decision-making and what role data science and the concepts that underlie play. Cassie explains the importance of humans - the decision-makers - in the safe, reliable, effective, and responsible production of artificial intelligence. She emphasizes how we can use our innate analytical decision-making to better ourselves and society for the future.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! the show (
Did you know that you can open your mind and create a whole new perspective on life? That’s what Astronaut Colonial Ron Garan knows with certainty and can show you how to fill your mind with new ideas, connections, and creative solutions. As one of the few humans to live in space, he learned how a foundation of awe and wonder changes everything. It is the “secret sauce” that underpins our conversation about his book FLOATING IN DARKNESS. Together we deeply explore new ways to view ourselves and our societies from a different perspective that will enrich and enlighten our lives.  Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! the show (
Despite the many interesting things promised in networking, people continue to stay away from it because of its culture of manipulation. It's missing one important element: a sense of belongingness. Join this conversation with Jon Levy, a behavioral scientist, to talk about his book, You're Invited. Our discussion takes us through a step-by-step process of cultivating influence to improve work, business, and life. We delve into how people can grow and move forward by forging genuine emotional connections, even in the face of vulnerability and imperfections. Life must be treated as an infinite game, bringing people together on an endless journey of trust, honesty, and benevolence. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! the show (
Dr. Nina Shapiro is a pediatric surgeon and Professor of Head and Neck surgery at UCLA. Our conversation about her book, HYPE, delves deeply into a reassuring and scientifically backed response to many of the myths, yet firmly held beliefs, we and even doctors have about our health.Support the show (
John Izzo and Barry discuss the five thieves that can rob you of your happiness. Support the show (
Dr. David Hanscom is known worldwide for his skills as a back surgeon, so why would he want to put himself out of business? Because Dr. Hanscom is on a higher mission, and that is to eliminate chronic pain be it from the back, any part of our body, or even from our emotions. With his book, Back in Control, he gives us a surgeon's roadmap out of chronic pain.Support the show (
"We stand on the cusp of a decisive transition. One which will forever alter the way governments, businesses, and individuals progress. Foreknowledge and fore-action combine to set us on a new course... To achieve this promise we need only embrace a capability so powerful it has been reserved for humankind alone." - Rebecca Costa Support the show (
Paul Williams is one of America's most talented composers. Winning an Oscar and a Grammy and creating the popular song for The Muppets "Rainbow Connection", his influence has been felt by all. Along with his dear friend, the talented writer Tracey Jackson, they give us a guideline to improving our lives through gratitude and trust. In this conversation we delve deep into how being grateful can make all the difference in the world.Support the show (
John Bryant is the Chairman and CEO of Operation Hope. He is an inspiring man with a plan and a new way of looking at how we can solve many of the issues facing our nation. With his book, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism, John brings a fresh approach on how to rebuild the middle class and the importance it plays in revitalizing America.Support the show (
When Theo Wilson, an African American, went undercover as a member of the ultra-alt-right the lessons learned were enlightening, enriching and deeply engrossing. His Ted-Talk about the experience has over 4 million views. Theo is a man of action and inspiration. In this podcast he and Barry discuss discuss how planning, dreaming and hoping is useless unless you put those plans Into action. Support the show (
Barry Kibrick talks with Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, one of the greatest champions of all time. In this podcast they talk about life In the ring, his own personal rehabilitation, and his mission to help others with their mental and physical fitness. Support the show (
In these trying times the proper perspective can make all the difference between how you see yourself and the important role you play in it all. Laurie Polich Short and I talk about how you can see things in a different light even during difficult times. Support the show (
Patty Schemel was the drummer for Courtney Love's group Hole. But what makes this conversation even more special is the tough road that Patty faced before and after her success. In our conversation, you will see the remarkable strength of the human spirit.Support the show (
In Part 2 of our discussion about his classic work, The Art of Seduction Robert lets all know how to unleash the seductive power and how to take advantage of what it offers.Support the show (
Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power became an international sensation selling over one million copies world-wide. He now follows up with a corollary to his book on power with The Art of Seduction. In Part 1 of our conversation, Robert and I discuss what makes up the seductive character that is within us all, even if we do not notice it. Support the show (
Neil and Barry continue their discussion of the Universe from Newton to Our Current Time In part two of this special episode of Between the Lines.Support the show (
Neil and Barry discuss the Universe from the Big Bang to Newton in Part one of two of this special episode of Between the Lines.Support the show (
We The People

We The People


There is no doubt that we are all currently feeling a disconnect. A disconnect from basically every institution. From government to business, and from the media to educational systems there is a sense that things are out of our hands. However, we the people can gain back that control. On this episode, we explore the possibilities that can be ours for the taking.Support the show (
We are told that to live a fulfilled life we must follow our dreams. However, if all we do is dream and don't follow it up with hard work, persistence, and the guidance that the real world provides, that dream state alone will not do the trick, in fact it may cause harm. It's time to stop just dreaming and start seeking to fulfill the dream, and only then may it turn out into an even better reality. Support the show (
Soul Stress

Soul Stress


Stress can be a very beneficial aspect in our life when we deal with it properly. But we must be extremely aware of what I call "Soul Stress." A stress that if we do not deal with quickly can severely affect our emotional and physical well being. Support the show (
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