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What would get you kicked out of a Russian boardroom? And what would get you invited in? What are the cultural nuances associated with communicating to Russians?We invited Russian culture expert, Catriona  Kelly, from Oxford University onto our podcast to help us answer these questions. Click to link below to add this podcast to your playlist.
Jon & Harry investigate the core principles of innovation and discuss why it is so important to stay ahead of the curve. Do new ideas come from working hard and thinking big? Or are they stumbled upon by people in the right place at the right time?
In today’s episode, Jon & Harry are joined by Drift’s Partnership Director & Founder of  Sales Confidence, James Ski, to discuss the importance and the power of sales and marketing alignment.There is so much that marketing and sales can learn from one another, there is a wealth of data and insight from both teams that is not being used to paint the full picture.  How can we bring these two sides of the same coin into alignment? Why are salespeople not sitting in on marketers’ meetings? 
Is the future of events hybrid, virtual and as live as a power line? Sigfox Connect 2020 exceeded all benchmarks for success and has been awarded Silver for Best Use of Events at the B2B Marketing Awards, listen in to the podcast to get the gospel on this ground-breaking story.
What should you be including in your submissions for awards? And how can you win the recognition that great work deserves? We talk with Joel Harrison, Editor in Chief at B2B Marketing, about the upcoming B2B Marketing Awards.
How do you make your brand front of mind in a crowded marketplace? And how should your actions differ if you’re a new entrant or an established player? We hear about the strategies Stefy and her media team use to achieve this differentiation. And how recent success with AVEVA has led to a nomination for ‘Best Brand Initiative’ at the B2B Marketing Awards.
What will 2021 look like for tech marketers? What market trends are we seeing? What do you do next to ensure success? We explore the insights from our latest Strategy & Marketing Research to help you get ahead.
A second part to the session with Laura Milsted from the Financial Times, we discuss types of content that help build brand trust, the role of a content strategy and content effectiveness
We are joined by Laura Milsted, Global Advertising Director from the Financial Times, to discuss balancing short-term targets with building long-term brand value 
Kate Skinner is the Senior Global Marketing Manager at Hitachi Vantara. On today's podcast, she talks with Minaz Tejani about her journey to the role, as well as the state of the marketing landscape today. With a special focus on Global System Integrators (GSIs)
In this episode of the podcast, Jon Busby (CTO) and Alex Norbury (Commercial Director) discuss the best way to combine physical and digital marketing for maximum cut-through and ROI. 
In this insightful conversation on the channel, our CTO, Jon Busby, and our Commercial Director, Alex Norbury, talk to Karen Hartsell from Intuit. Karen is group manager of Intuit Developer Partner Programs, and, as you are about to find out, she is also a channel guru for the ages. 
In this episode of the twogether B2B marketing podcast Minaz and Sara reflect on their recent successes and the lessons they have learned using customer insight as a guiding principal in their ABM strategies 
What’s the hardest-hitting discipline in modern B2B marketing? Classic creative powers? Or the new tech that’s transforming delivery? We chat top campaigns, movie analogies and more to bring you answers.
What is a brand in 2019? Who decides what your brand means and how much control do you have over it? In this discussion our audio producer Harry Radcliffe probes our Head of Copy and Content Stuart Constable and Senior Account Director Mike Singleton for answers. After this podcast you will have plenty to think about until out return on the 3rd of July. 
We are pretty sure we know what digital marketing WAS... but not so sure we know what it IS.  In this episode, our head of Copy & Content Stuart Constable and Chief Technology Officer Jon Busby find themselves questioning the very existence of digital marketing. Hasn't everything just blurred into one mass of channels? And if that's true, how do you make them work for you? This is essential listening if you care about your audience, analytics and John Lewis adverts 
Engagement. Empowerment. Strategy. You’ve heard all the buzzwords, but what do they mean, and why are we throwing them around? In this seven-minute podcast, Uzma Ullah, our Senior account manager at, unpacks channel engagement. (which by the way is certainly NOT a dark art). 
What is Relationship Powered Marketing (RPM) and how can it accelerate your Account Based Marketing (ABM)? Client Services Director Minaz Tejani discusses his latest ABM industry findings with Account Manager and ABM Lead Sara Foxley. 
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