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Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global
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Diverse & Inclusive Leaders Podcast by DIAL Global

Author: Leila McKenzie-Delis

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Twice weekly podcast show, conversations with inspiring thought leaders of today, unearthing their unique stories of diversity, inclusion and belonging.
190 Episodes
Leila is joined by Anne Thevenet-Abitbol, Prospective & New Concepts VP at Danone GroupIN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –Anne's innovative way of working: no budget, no team to begin with, each time Anne has an idea, it is up to Anne to move people and finances to make it happen.Anne describes it as a project mode, intrapreneurial, torture-test way of working which stimulates creativity and brings efficiency.The role of women in a corporate environment. Traditionally, women don't ask, they don't raise their voice. But they need to be part of the solution and drive change. You're contagious - be positive to achieve positive.RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED -
Leila is joined by Kevin Donnelly, Managing Director at Britvic Softdrinks Ireland.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –How Britvic encourage their colleagues to be their authentic selves.Britvic want to engage hearts and minds to create a diverse and inclusive movement.Diversity & Inclusion is central to Britvic's culture, vision, values and purpose.Kevin's key lessons for companies starting out on their D&I journey.How facing the uncomfortable truths about D&I within your company is a positive step RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED -(99+) Kevin Donnelly | LinkedIn
Pete DenmanLeila is joined by Pete Denman, User Experience, Design Researcher at Intel.  IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –Pete’s day to day- thinking of himself as a creative thinker and technologist.Pete’s dyslexic journey, seeking creative ways to get around education and only just barely graduating school. His story from the age of 20 years old, how he navigated breaking his neck in a diving accident which left him paralysed and, in a wheelchair.Pete’s ability to identify with Stephen Hawking at a deeper level and to offer simple solutions based on his own personal experiences. Being an advocate for people with disabilities.   RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED
Dr Elaine KimLeila is joined by Dr Elaine Kim, Co- Founder & CEO at Trehaus. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –Dr Elaine singular purpose of wanting to make a positive difference. Dr Elaine - the doctor, a serial entrepreneur and a mother of three. On how Dr Elaine experiences inspired her to start Trehaus and provide a solution for other working parents to find work-life integration, pursuing successful careers and businesses while prioritising family and not missing out on their children’s’ precious, formative first years. The importance of instilling a positive leadership, encouraging authenticity, resilience, creativity and giving back at young ages. CRIB, a social enterprise Dr Elaine co-founded to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, co-founder and investor/start-up matching and training and equipping of female founders.  RESOURCES & INFORMATION
Dorcas BarryLeila is joined by Dorcas Barry, Associate Trainer at Henpicked.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  The 'm word' - a taboo topic.· Why Dorcas decided to retrain and work with individuals and companies around the topic of menopause.·  Statistics such as 1 in 4 women consider leaving their job due to the symptoms they experience during menopause.·  How to break down the taboo and stop women suffering in silence·  The work Dorcas and Henpicked are doing to improve the working conditions for women experiencing menopause through coaching, policies and more.RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED
Jeroen WelsLeila is joined by Jeroen Wels, Executive Vice President HR - Beauty & Personal Care, Digital & Talent at Unilever.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Jeroen believes you should unleash the potential in others, and never waste their talents.· He doesn't believe in the classic HR concept.·  He believes you should work within a range of cultural environments to develop yourself as a global citizen.·  Inclusion nudges - support and guidance to help individuals over come barriers and reach their potential.·  The concept of 'privilege' and is it solely circumstances and experiences or what you do with them?RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED
Anne DoepnerLeila is joined by Anne Doepner, Director of Inclusion & Employee Investment at Minnesota Vikings.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  How Anne started out working for the NFL in 2006 and her journey through a male orientated field.·  The Vikings pride themselves on being a leader, not a follower and how they are pushing the norms and stereotypes.·  Anne had the first diversity and inclusion role within the NFL.·  The expectations on mothers and the negative stereotypes surrounding the working parent.·  Anne's 'ask for forgiveness, not for permission' working philosophy. RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED
Kelly NagelLeila is joined by Kelly Nagel, President and GM at Jabra.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  How Kelly is campaigning and championing to empower female leaders·  How Kelly is pushing Jabra forward with new employee resource groups, such as the Women's Network Group.· Jabra are embracing and encouraging diversity with new hires·  Creating safe spaces for employees to talk. It's ok to not be ok.·  Supporting individual's to get a balance between work life and home life, to benefit their mental wellness RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONEDKelly Nagel | LinkedIn
Jo Portlock Leila is joined by Jo Portlock, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Running a successful global network of 35 employee resource groups.· Jo’s interesting career journey and why she feels it has been a mix of luck, judgement and opportunities that have come along the way.   · Understanding that not all leaders naturally gravitate towards the importance of diverse and inclusion but grasping it is about education. Culture change. ·  Inclusion? Culture? Why Jo believes strongly that diversity and inclusion goes hand in hand.RESOURCES & INFORMATION  
Patricia Chinyoka & Sara SewellLeila is joined by Patricia Chinyoka, Senior Inclusion & Diversity Consultant at Business in the Community & Sara Sewell, Global Service Line CFO, Observer & Chair of REACH at Ipsos.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Their experiences through education and employment regarding inequalities·  The impact of inequality on those around them, including family·  Their experiences and opinions about the ethnicity pay gap·  The barriers faced by black, Asian and ethnic individuals·  Black, Asian and ethnic individuals are in the minority in higher management level positions RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED(1) Patricia Chinyoka | LinkedIn(2) Sara Sewell | LinkedIn
Evan GoldbergLeila is joined by Evan Goldberg, Founder & EVP at Oracle NetSuite.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  NetSuite's forward thinking: Diverse talent, diverse thought.·  NetSuite’s vision is simple – enable our over 26,000 customers to achieve their visions by giving them access to unified information. · How in 2014 Evan started the BRCA Foundation to support research on inherited cancer syndromes. That effort has evolved into the BRCA Initiative at the V Foundation.  ·  Empathetic leadership in the “new normal”·  The benefits of empowering employees to contribute beyond their roles: There is tremendous wisdom in not allowing oneself to be consumed by the definition of their role. RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED 
Michiel KolmanLeila is joined by Michiel Kolman, Senior VP Research Networks & Academic Ambassador, Elsevier.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  How Michiel's experiences in the 80s and 90s were influential and impacted on his values and sense of community . ·  How forward thinking Elsevier are as a company, and how they support their employees. · What led to Michiel working with companies to challenge LGBTQ+ workplace practices. ·  Smashing the stigma surrounding LGBTQ+ inclusion within the workplace. ·  Driving the change for companies globally, by using influence to encourage growth and a sense of community. RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED(2) Michiel Kolman (陳克曼) 🏳️‍🌈 | LinkedIn
Leila is joined by Helen Webb, Chief People and Services Officer, Co-opIN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –- Helen’s personal connection to disability with her brother, Derek, who despite his despite his disability is a highly respected Professor of Astrophysics- How this experience has shaped her passion for diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging- Hear about the Coop’s internal colleague network, Represent – a relatively new network but making great progress for employees with disabilities as well as allies- Helen’s thoughts on hybrid working approach and its impact on colleagues with disabilities- Helen’s learnings from her Buddy and Blog she did with a store Manager – Ian Chester – blind store manager
Karen WalkerLeila is joined by Karen Walker, Former Fortune 100 Exec, Hyper-growth Tech Advisor, Board Member, Executive Coach, Speaker, Contributor Forbes and Harvard Business Review.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Karen’s “wow” and fruitful career journey to date.  ·  The importance of diversity of thought. ·  The advice that Karen gives to CEOs and senior leaders on thriving in hyper-growth.· The advice Karen would like to give to her younger self - “….Think bigger, never limit yourself and  take advantages of opportunities. There is a big world out there”. RESOURCES & INFORMATION 
Leila is joined by Dr Anino Emuwa, Founder & Director,  Avandis ConsultingIN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Dr Anino’s background and early career from working in finance, banking and her studies at Cambridge University·  Her passion for entrepreneurship, particularly after noticing the gaps in the market for financial help for female owned businesses in Nigeria. ·  You’ll hear how Dr Anino is helping to rectify the gaps in financing by helping women to develop their managerial skills to be successful in business and prepare them for funding·  How we can convert words into action when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, particularly around gender equality. RESOURCES & INFORMATION MENTIONED-
Mark TwiggLeila is joined by Mark Twigg, Executive Director, Cicero/AMO.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Marks difficult up-bringing and not feeling part of his community. ·  Having an inclusive mindset that was one of the biggest drivers to bring Cicero to life. · How his childhood unknowingly provided him with the skills to do what he does today.  ·  Smashing the stigma surrounding mental health and much more. ·  Transforming the business landscape in a positive way and delivering campaigns in 50+ countries. RESOURCES & INFORMATION 
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBELeila is joined by Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE, Author and Founder of 'The Black Farmer’. PART 2, IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –· ‘The Black Farmer’, bringing Wilfred’s dream to life and what the future holds for his business.    · Having faith and courage in your own belief system, in your own purpose. · Wilfred’s love for the human spirit, flamenco, and Morris dancing. · To inspire others, inspire positive change and living life to the fullest.  RESOURCES & INFORMATION
Edwin Booth CBE DLLeila is joined by Edwin Booth CBE DL at Chairman & CEO at E.H. Booth & Co ltd.  IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –·  Changes that the supermarket chain Booths made to reconfigure the business and be more reactive through Covid-19.   · Understanding the company’s culture and purpose - people, product, and place. ·  The importance of listening at senior level- being an ‘Owl’ that listens, look, learn, and then simulates the information.  ·  Booths diverse employee portfolio from culture, religion, and value in meeting the needs of all individuals.  RESOURCES & INFORMATION 
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBELeila is joined by Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE, Author and Founder of 'The Black Farmer’.PART 1, IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT –· Why Wilfred puts every success in his life down to guardian angels, understanding the importance and value in humanity.·  Leaving his secondary school in Birmingham with no qualifications to working at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) for 15 years. ·  Understanding Wilfred’s purpose in life as a pathfinder. ·  Learning more about his book -  "Jeopardy: The Danger of Playing It Safe on the Path to Success" that re-examines the concept of “choice”.  RESOURCES & INFORMATION
 Ambily BanerjeeLeila is joined by Ambily Banerjee, Director, Therapeutic Groups, Global Regulatory Affairs at GSK.  IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT -    · Ambily background and how her career was a happy accident. ·Gender equality should encompass all women. ·A common enemy amongst us all is  “bias” and  the solution is “allyship”.· Inclusion dialogues and initiatives leading the way.   RESOURCES & INFORMATION
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