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Everyone has a story. What's yours?All around us are people who’ve achieved success. They're changing their lives and the lives of the people around them in their own unique ways. Success InSight is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. We bring you these stories and more from the people who make things happen. Success InSight is being organized into podcast series. These include:Outdoor Adventure Coaching and Consulting InSightsMind, Body, and SoalCareer FocusMindset Monday with Adree MartinChildren's Book AuthorsBook Authors
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Hello everybody, and welcome back to another episode of the Success InSight Podcast.For many of us, we have full & part-time jobs that we go to each week.But, there are individuals who are undertaking another type of pursuit to earn money outside of their day job. Broadly speaking, this pursuit is called a “Side-Hustle”.With this in mind, today we're launching a new series on the Success InSight Podcast, that we call, Side-Hustle Saturday.In each episode of Side-Hustle Saturday, we'll introduce you to a new entrepreneur, and learn about their side-hustle.Our first guest on Side-Hustle Saturday is Career Consultant, Joyce Yoo.Joyce’s side-hustle is that she is a “Voice-Over Actor”.Company Name: Joyce Yoo Voice-OverTo learn more about Joyce and her work, visit her website at can also learn more about Joyce on the following social sites:LinkedInThe SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story Strategies.
In Maureen Bannister's, I Want to Laugh in a Kitchen, the young teach the old to "stop, look, and listen," with purpose, and embrace the bits of joy tucked into the everyday. Lida Caudle & Courtney Thomas created the illustrations.Joining Maureen on the podcast, are:From Little Star Communications - Joni Albrecht (Publisher) & Wendy Daniel (Book Designer). Little Star Communications is a resource for writing, editing, manuscript review, and public relations. Click here to visit the Little Star Communications website. Click here to learn more about Wendy Daniel's design work, on her website.From the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation - Grace Gallagher (Executive Director) & Clair Norman (Marketing). CKG’s mission is to fulfill Cameron’s dream and legacy by being a positive force that works to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety. Click here to visit the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation website, and to follow them on Facebook. Click here to find I Want to Laugh in a Kitchen on AmazonMaureen can be found on the following social sites:LinkedInFacebook
Lisa Rose is an award-winning author of children's fiction and non-fiction picture books. She writes books that help kids blossom.She is a Teacher, Presenter, and Advocate for children with special needs.Lisa is the author of the STAR POWERS chapter book series about a girl who wants to be an astronaut and also uses a wheelchair. Her titles include:Touching the SkyThree, Two, One, Blast Off!Space CampMom on the MoonGalaxy in SpaceSpace DiscoveryLisa has numerous other titles to her credit, including having her books sent to homes throughout North America by PJ Library, an organization that sends free Jewish children's books to families across the world every month.Lisa is also the host of the Missing Voice Picture Book Discussion group, where she leads discussions with award-winning, diverse authors. The picture book features a person or group that is usually not heard. This may be because of race, sex, class, religion, special need, or little known historical fact. Her guests have been Newberry award winner, Matt de la Pena, Pura Belpre winner Duncan Tonatiuh, and Sydney Taylor award winner, Debbie Levy.To learn more about Lisa and her work, she invites you to visit her website at here to learn about and join Lisa's Missing Voice Picture Book Discussion Group on Facebook. You can also find Lisa on the following social sites:Instagram Pinterest Twitter LinkedIn Click here to visit PJ LibraryClick here to visit Rourke Educational Media The SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story Strategies.
Lighthouse expert, Elinor DeWire, is an award-winning researcher, photographer, and writer about lighthousesElinor has been researching, photographing, and writing about lighthouses since 1972. She has visited more than eight hundred sentinels in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. She is the author of over twenty books and more than 250 articles on the subject of Lighthouses.Former Coast Guard historian, Dr. Robert Scheina, calls Elinor, "America's most prolific lighthouse author and a driving force behind the recent upsurge in interest in preserving lighthouses and the history and nostalgia surrounding them."Elinor has been honored for her work by- The U.S. Lighthouse Society,- The American Lighthouse Foundation- The U.S. Coast Guard, and- The National League of American Pen Women.Two of her books have won the coveted Ben Franklin Award and the Coast Guard Book Award.In 2015, the Coast Guard Thirteenth District presented DeWire with the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award.Elinor also has written three books on amateur astronomy. She writes novels under the pen name, J.J. Scott.She lived in the Puget Sound area of Washington for many years and taught at Olympic College. Today, she lives in Connecticut and is retired from teaching. She continues writing from an office that overlooks an oak and beech forest.Her desk is strewn with books and papers, where two lazy cats like to sprawl.Click here to visit Elinor's author page on AmazonTo learn more about Elinor and her work, visit her website at And you can subscribe to her blog at www.elinordewire.blogspot.comYou can learn more about Elinor's work by visiting and following her on the following social sites:Facebook: @ElinorDeWirePinterest Boards: Search for "Elinor DeWire"LinkedIn: SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story Strategies.
 Erik Segall is the author of Not Yet, a literary, psychological novel imbued with social commentary and reflects on the depressive conditions that lead to suicide.Erik has taught for several years at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. He currently serves as a contributing writer for the Pueblo Chieftain, Colorado’s oldest daily newspaper, and has volunteered as a Crisis Counselor at the Pueblo Suicide Prevention Center (Now Closed) and Pueblo Rape Crisis Services.To learn more about Erik and his work, visit his website at here to connect with Erik on LinkedIn.Click here to visit Erik’s Publisher, Harvard Square Editions.Click here to follow Erik on Twitter.Click here to find Not Yet on Amazon.The Suicide Prevention Center of Pueblo County can be contacted at  1-800-273-8255. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a national network of local crisis centers, can be found at SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story StrategiesLink to Success InSight Podcast:
 Dr. Gordon (Gordy) Curphy is Managing Partner at Curphy Leadership Solutions and the Co-Author (with Dianne Nilsen and Robert Hogan) of Ignition: A Guide to Building High-Performing Teams. Gordy attended the United States Air Force Academy, taught leadership at the Academy, and obtained a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Gordy has over 30 years of education and experience and helps C-suite, business unit, and functional leaders develop business strategies; implement major change initiatives; hire, develop, and promote leadership talent; and build high-performing teams.He has published over 21 books as well as numerous book chapters, articles, white papers, and assessments on leadership and teams.To learn more about Gordy and his work, you can visit him at here to find Ignition: A Guide to Building High-Performing Teams on Amazon.Click here to connect with Gordy on LinkedIn.The SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story StrategiesLink to Success InSight Podcast:
Diane Gillespie is an Educational Psychologist, Author, and Philanthropist. She is the author of Stories for Getting Back to Sleep. Diane is an Emerita Professor of Community Psychology from the University of Washington Bothell. She used her knowledge and understanding of stories to craft sleep scenarios designed to help people fall back to sleep in the middle of the night.Stories for Getting Back to Sleep is available in paperback, Kindle, and as an audiobook. 16 stories in all, they’re set in relaxing places conducive to sleep: cozy mountain cabins, luxurious spas, a tropical beach, an overstuffed chair in a Victorian Bed and Breakfast.In each story, the character secures their surroundings. Then through the process of attending to peaceful details in the setting, they relax their body until they’re sound asleep.Listeners are encouraged to remember the sequence of events so that in the darkness they can crawl back into bed, pull up their covers, imagine themselves in the stories, and go back to sleep.Diane is also a volunteer and advocate for the nonprofit, Tostan, whose vision and mission is to empower communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future and inspire large-scale movements leading to dignity for all. Proceeds from the sale of 'Getting Back to Sleep" are donated to Tostan. Click here to learn more about Diane on her website.Click here to find Stories for Getting Back to Sleep on Amazon.Click here to find the Stories for Getting Back to Sleep Facebook page.Click here to connect with Diane on LinkedIn.Click here to learn more about Tostan.Link to Success InSight Podcast:
Dan Pegram is the author of Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly? Dan is joined by his nephew, Mike Richardson, who is the book's Illustrator.Dan is a retired United States Air Force lieutenant colonel and command pilot. He also worked at Southwest Airlines, where he served as a Boeing 737 captain and chairman of the airline union's professional standards committee. Dan resides in Crowley, Texas, with his wife Suzanne. They are the proud parents of daughter Leslie, and sons Brian and Kevin. They have three grandchildren, Bailey, Charlotte, and Kamden/ Dan is the president of Contrail Creations, which is dedicated to children's education, literacy, and marketing. He invites you to learn more about Pop-Pop Airplane, on his website and on the Pop-Pop Airplane Facebook page.Mike Richardson is the founder of Rebel Soul Studios/Dan’s social links include:Facebook:’s social links include:Facebook: SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story Strategies.Link to Success InSight Podcast:
Karen Briscoe is the creator of the 5 Minute Success concept, and the author of the groundbreaking book, Flip Time / Love Life: A Heroine’s Journey - A 5 Minute Success Story.She regularly speaks on a national and local level on the best of 5 Minute Success. She hosts the weekly 5 Minute Success podcast, interviewing guests who achieve success at a high level in business and life. She has completed the John Maxwell Team Certification Program for Coaching, Speaking, and Training.Karen is a frequent guest on other podcasts that focus on entrepreneurial, success and motivation, as well as real estate related topics.You can get to know Karen, subscribe to her podcast and join her 5 Minute Success Community by visiting her website at can also learn more about the 80 by 80 Movement by visiting the 80x80 Movement Facebook page.The SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story Strategies.Link to Success InSight Podcast:
Diane (Mumper) Klutz is an Author, Writer, and Speaker. Diane was an Army Nurse in Vietnam and she is a retired Assistant Professor of Nursing from Texas A&M UniversityDiane's debut story, Round Eyes: An American Nurse in Vietnam was first published in 2012, and re-released in 2019 as a new Illustrated Edition. The book is a memoir about her experiences as an Army Nurse prior to and while serving in South Vietnam.Diane also authored, "You Can't Sleep Here", which is a partly factual, mostly fictional story based on her research dissertation --- Her work as a nurse practitioner to female inmates in a Texas county jail along with volunteer services within the homeless community enhances the credibility of this story.Before retiring, Diane was active in local and state Family Nurse Practitioner Organizations while teaching graduate and undergraduate nursing courses at Texas A&M University, College of Nursing in Corpus Christi. She also taught graduate nursing at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, and Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas.When not writing, Diane spends her time enjoying her family and having fun.You can find Round Eyes: An American Nurse in Vietnam and You Can’t Sleep Here on Amazon.Diane invites you to follow her on her website at, and on Facebook at of the photographs are courtesy of Virginia Deardorff Dornheggen. She can be found on Veterans History Project: The SuccessInSight Podcast is a production of Fox Coaching, Inc. and First Story Strategies.Link to Success InSight Podcast:
Dr. Adah Kennon has multiple advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in Psychology and Master’s Degrees in psychology, education and counseling.Adah has worked for 31 years as a School Psychologist and Counselor. She is also a Certified Mental Health Counselor. Adah has enjoyed traveling, gardening and helping her husband, Dr. Walter B. Hammond, with his stress management and self-hypnosis business.In the present day, Dr. Kennon has assumed an even more important role,  She is the caregiver for her husband as he fights his battle with kidney disease and dialysis.As the Author of Patient or Profit? Where is the Love? (2nd edition), Adah has a unique vantage point on which to shine a dose of reality on how we treat our veterans in the VA and Commercial Health Care Systems here in the US.Adah invites you to follow her story on her website.Click here to find Patient or Profit? Where is the Love? on Amazon.Connect with Adah on LinkedIn at Adah"s page on Facebook at Adah on Facebook at to Success InSight podcast:
Ralph B. Alexander, Ph.D. is the author of Science Under Attack. It is Dr. Alexander’s belief that Evidence and logic are lacking in many areas of public debate today on hot-button issues ranging from dietary fat to vaccination.In Science Under Attack, Dr. Alexander shows how science is being abused, sidelined or ignored, making it difficult or impossible for the public to form a reasoned opinion about important issues. Readers will learn why science is becoming more corrupt, and also how it is being abused for political and economic gain, support of activism, or the propping up of religious beliefs.Click here to connect with Ralph on LinkedIn.Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-S is on a GLOBAL MISSION to PREVENT the start of Self-injurious behaviors (NSSI) and stop needless deaths by suicide. She is a Global Authority on Self-injury and a Suicide Interventionist.Lori holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S), with over 20 yrs of Clinical experience, and she is an International Speaker.Lori has offered numerous books on the Amazon website, including:A Practitioner's Guide to the Treatment of Self-injury: Tips, Techniques, Activities, and Debates - Audiobook, and, A Caregiver's Guide to Self-injury.Lori also invites you to visit her website at to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
Tim Hicks has been a conflict resolution practitioner and teacher for 25 years. From 2006 to 2014, he was the first director of the conflict resolution Master’s degree program at the University of Oregon. His book, "Embodied Conflict: The Neural Basis of Conflict and Communication”, explores how our brain’s capacity to encode and store experiences within the neural structure, inform what we know, think, create beliefs about, and understand the world we live in. This understanding enables us to approach communication, relationships, and conflict resolution in a new light.Click here to learn more about Tim’s work at Connexus Conflict Management. And click here to connect with Tim on LinkedIn.Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
Angela James is an Educator, Story Writer & Poet. Her book, Flower Among Ash, explores how, when faced with tragedy and unprecedented circumstances, and even the opportunity to throw in the towel, it is not enough to dissuade us from pursuing our dreams.    Click here to find and connect with Angela on LinkedIn.Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
William (Bill) Funnemark is the author of "Last Lunch", his story of what it is like to lose your best friend, your wife, your lover, the mother of your children, and then pick up the pieces and go on living. It is a story of his faith in God and the love of family and friends.Bill invites you to reach out to him and learn more about his book and what he’s up to, on the Last Lunch Facebook page.Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
C. J. Jones is a true CCSU Blue Devil. "99 1/2% Won't Do" has been his mantra while earning a B.A. and M.A. at Central, and serving the university as a basketball coach, director of the Educational Opportunity Program, and director of athletics. He was inducted into the CCSU Athletics Hall of Fame in 2010. He is also the author of A Method to March Madness: An Insider's Look at the Final Four, written in collaboration with Tom Hazuka.As of the 2017-2018 academic year, more than 2,000 students have participated in the Educational Opportunity Program at Central Connecticut State University. The histories chronicled in the book, A Summer That Can Change Your Life: A History of the Educational Opportunity Program at Central Connecticut State University, by Jones & Hazuka, highlight a program that has achieved a lasting, generational impact and changed thousands of lives.Click here to learn more about the Educational Opportunity Program at CCEU. And click here to connect with CJ on LinkedIn.Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
Robena Egemonye, Ph.D is a retired teacher. Her first fiction novel, "The Fence Mender," was published in December 2016. In 2012, she wrote a children's book about Alzheimer's called "When My Grandma Sings," and years before that she wrote a teacher's classroom discussion guide.You can click here to communicate with Robena on her website. Link to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
Amor Traceski is a two-time cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and then ovarian cancer in 2016. Not only did she NOT dwell on her negative circumstances, she embraced life and found a higher purpose: a mission of life for life! She believes that she survived so that she can share her knowledge and wisdom, borne from experience with others and help them cope and continue living life, despite the disease. Thus, authoring her first book, “Been There, Done That: Practical Tips & Wisdom from Cancer Survivors for Cancer Patients.” Amor believes her strong faith in God is her foundation, which gives her the strength and focus needed to thrive every day, come what may. She hopes that her book will be just the first of many books to bring hope, enlightenment and support to all who need it.You can communicate with Amor on her Facebook Group here: to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
Adi Tantimedh is the author of a Detective Crime Trilogy, The Ravi PI Series: Her Nightly Embrace (Book 1), Her Beautiful Monster (Book 2) and Her Fugitive Heart (Book 3). Adi has written radio plays and television scripts for the BBC and screenplays for various Hollywood companies, as well as graphic novels for DC Comics and Big Head Press, and a weekly column about pop culture for He also wrote "Zinky Boys Go Underground," the first post-Cold War Russian gangster thriller, which won the BAFTA for Best Short Film in 1995.You can connect with Adi on LinkedIn here: to the SuccessInsight Podcast:
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