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What do you get when two IBM Champions record a podcast? A wealth of knowledge.Alex Walter and Craig Kokay discuss the value of participating in IBM communities and how you can participate in the evolution of Maximo. Learn about Maximo secrets and where to find them, plus gain insight into managing assets in transportation.
On this episode Alex Walter, Chief Innovation Officer of A3J Group, chats with Director and Owner of Electra Learning, Neil Summers. They will talk the importance of building a strong team, and implementing effective training and support mechanisms to help foster sustainable work environments.
Alex speaks with Jenny Wang of IBM on the team effort and pride of accomplishment of achieving their goals with Max8.  They delve into the sophisticated framework that revolutionizes the way Maximo is delivered while maintaining the surface similarities. It's a work of art. 
The Value in Zero

The Value in Zero


Maximo by the Expert

Maximo by the Expert


In this episode Alex talks to Pam Denny about her longtime experience with the evolution of Maximo and the future of where it is heading. 
Today Alex speaks with Anamitra Bhattacharyya about the road map ahead for Maximo and the new and exciting initiatives within the software.
This week Alex speaks with Cort Malone and Al Lairson about the process of building their app, Tick Tock:The Game, from concept to design and deployment. Tick Tock: The Game is now available to play. Download the app on The App Store today! 
Today Alex speaks with Chris Karlo of Mercury Works about application design, user experience and giving back in the Tampa Bay Community. 
Agile is a Mindset

Agile is a Mindset


Today Alex Speaks with Christy Erbeck of AgileThought about creating the mindset necessary for a successful project plan and how to remain agile through it all. Additional Age of Agile by Stephen DenningDare to Lead  by Brené  Brown Managing Transitions by Dr. William Bridges 
Reliable Maintenance

Reliable Maintenance


Today Alex speaks with Terry O'Hanlon on all things asset management and the fast paced changes that are happening daily to processes and technology.  
Maximo in the Cloud

Maximo in the Cloud


Alex speaks with Steve Richmond and Debbie Herbers of Projetech about Maximo as a service and the changing landscape of women in technology.
Alex speaks with Binesh Banerjee, AI sherpa, about machine learning, applying AI to EAM solutions, and the curved realities of linking deep learning computing to humanity.  
In this episode Alex speaks with Dave O'Reilly of Fluke Digital Systems where they discuss the evolution of AI within maintenance systems, how to capture and use the data from these systems in your maintenance strategies and the fast paced technology adoption that is opening up exciting changes in EAM.
In this episode, Alex speaks with Joe Lonjin of Cohesive Solutions about ‘aha’ moments that help define bold initiatives and change within your maintenance strategy, how out of the box doesn’t mean limited value anymore and that spot where Moneyball theory, college sports and Propel collide.  
Maintenance 101

Maintenance 101


In our first episode, Alex asks guest Tim Conrad, President of SAMAR - Strategic Asset Management and Reliability, about maintenance strategies, playing a game called "Name that Maintenance", and his air conditioner (living in Florida, Alex takes air conditioning very seriously).
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