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The Life-Transforming Show for Intelligent Truth-Seekers - A family-friendly, non-PC audio program with a comforting and relaxing voice, and as always, an invigorating brain workout based upon logic, rationale and facts.
12 Episodes
More On Morons - 1

More On Morons - 1


Do you know the differences between a moron, an idiot and an imbecile? If not, you might be one. If yes, you still might be one. Tune in to find out the differences, and to look at some fictitious and real life examples of children and adults pulling bone-headed stunts. 
Cell Phone Addiction

Cell Phone Addiction


Addicted to your phone? Take a scientifically researched quiz to see whether or not you suffer from cell phone addiction. A light and airy, uplifting episode filled with joy and laughter as we examine what many experts call “a 21st century addiction” - cell phones. 
Time is life. In this brief episode, we examine the common misconception about time being money, when it's actually much more than that, time is life. If you are punctual, feel free to send this episode to others who put their own needs above your time, that is, your life. If you are often late, brace yourself for a well-deserved tongue lashing. 
A tear-jerking episode that talks about parents forcing their children to fulfill their parent’s or parents’ unfulfilled dreams. As some parents are living vicariously through their own angelic children, many parents with unrealized dreams do create a living nightmare for their innocent sons and daughters as they want their children to succeed where they have failed.
The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift


This episode, usually delivered live as a lecture at university, has helped thousands of undergraduate students. You are about to experience first hand, a life transforming lesson.
Who Am I? - 1

Who Am I? - 1


Bill will tell the story of one of the greatest success stories in American history. Listeners will not be told who the story is about, until the end of the episode. 
In this broadcast, we will examine the United States 2nd Amendment and consider whether it applies to a. The military only . B. Civilians only . C. Both Military and Civilians.
In this exciting and fun-filled episode, we will learn why snowflakes are triggered because they do not like the hats or the clothing that others are wearing. Often resorting to violence and unable to control themselves, the left, throughout history, continues to show their true colors of hatred, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and violence. Showing less restraint that a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, these folks have only outgrown their terrible-twos in body only, not in mind. 
Our Friend C02 - Part 3 will examine several important questions about CO2 and to understand why the UN and NWO want so desperately to control emissions or carbon footprints. 
Our Friend C02 - Part 2  We will examine C02 and consider whether or not man-made CO2 increases cause both Global Warming and Global Cooling, i.e., Climate Change. 
Our Friend C02 - Part 1 We will briefly examine CO2 in easy-to-understand terms and is recommended listening for preparation for the two subsequent podcasts on C02.
ADS - Atheism Derangement Syndrome  - A brief explanation with questions to understand ADS.
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