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Weekly podcast that discuss current events and issues in the Cabarrus region of North Carolina
100 Episodes
Up Front Turns 100

Up Front Turns 100


It is our hundredth episode and we are taking a look back at some of the memorable moments that have happened on this podcast since February, 2019. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may even want to binge listen all our episodes to experience them again! If you would like to hear the episodes featured in this episode, here are the links below:Episode 1: PilotEpisode 7: The Once and Future Cabarrus CountyEpisode 10: Special Episode on Mental Health Awareness (Pt.1)Episode 33: A Special Halloween Radio (Half) HourEpisode 38: A Cabarrus ChristmasEpisode 52: A Word of Encouragement in Dark TimesEpisode 63: Real Conversations on Race Relations (Pt. 2)Episode 93: As the School Board Turns
Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream


The Cabarrus Dream Center, located in Concord, recently celebrated its official opening and we wanted to tell you all about this wonderful community resource. The center is a location where those who are underserved can get the help they need in several areas, all under one roof. In this episode, we speak with Pastor Gwen Stowers, of Multiply Church, as she explains how the Dream Center came to be, hoe you can utilize its resources or help, and what the vision is for the center's future! For more information, please visit!
This week we are talking with Julie Hinson with the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau about how the tourism industry has survived over the devastating past 12 months and what are some things we can look forward to as we emerge from the COVID pandemic era. For more information on the Cabarrus CVB, please visit
Spring has sprung and we don't hav the shutdown as an excuse not to venture out anymore. Unfortunately, for many of us, our bodies have suffered from not exercising. But fear not! Cole Campbell from House of Steel is on this week's program to give you some basics on how to get started both physically and nutritionally, so you can begin the journey to a healthier you! If you need more information, visit
Page Castrodale is no stranger to the Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation, but she is settling into her new role as the CEO. In this episode, Page talks about what she brings to the table as the EDC's new leader, how the organization was able to keep rolling despite a pandemic, as well as what's ahead for Cabarrus County, including a broadening of the EDC's focus to include helping small businesses. For more information, check out
It has been a long year without having live performing arts, but that is beginning to change. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra has announced some upcoming dates at Cabarrus Brewing Co. where people will be able to enjoy some culture, along with their favorite beverage. This week, we have John Clapp, VP of Artistic Operations for The CSO, as he discuses how the organization has survived the past 12 months and what we can look forward to at these upcoming events! For more information on the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, click HERE!
This week marks the one-year anniversary of the shutdown to caused this country to come to a complete stop as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode we join a panel discussion of frontline healthcare workers as they discuss what they've learned over the past year and where they think we're headed now. Joining us on this panel are: Dr. Katie Passaretti, Dr. James Hunter, Dr. Gary Little, Dr. Jasper Singh, Christian Shulz and Reverend David Carl, all of Atrium Healthcare.
If you've watched any of the Cabarrus County Board of Education meetings lately, you know they've been, well...interesting to watch. Between debating the safety protocols of returning students to schools, parent/teacher conflicts and, now, the sudden resignation of Superintendent Lowder, we had much to discuss with Board Chairwoman, Holly Grimsley. This week, we talk about all those things, plus we look at what is and is not acceptable for teachers to post online. Get your popcorn ready! This is gonna be good!
Years ago, Dave Zablotny, who was the head of Habitat Cabarrus, decided to retire and move out to the west coast. As he road towards the preverbal sunset, we waved and wished him the best on his new season in thankfulness of all he had done for those in need in our community. A few weeks ago, Habitat Cabarrus again found itself without an executive director. So, they call on our old friend to help steer the ship from afar until a permanent replacement can be found. This week, we talk to Dave from his home in Washington state, to discuss the challenges of leading this deserving non-profit from over 3,000 miles away, as well as the needs Habitat has after a rough year.For more information on Habitat Cabarrus, Click HERE!
Many people thing Charlotte Motor Speedway as the home of motorsports racing in this region, but, in light of the pandemic, they have been so much more to this community. This week, we speak with GM, Greg Walter, as he talks about what the Speedway is doing to serve this community in any way it can, including serving as a clinic for people to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations. Plus, we discuss what's in store for the speedway in 2021!
Atrium Health has introduced a unique offering to the region - a virtual hospital! Host of this program, Jason Huddle, was recently a COVID patient in this program and this week we tell you all about it! Joining us on this episode are Dr. Jonisha Brown and paramedic, Scott Calloway. They are part of a team that is helping to revolutionize the way healthcare is being administered in this COVID world.
Best of 2020 (Pt. 2)

Best of 2020 (Pt. 2)


As we review the last half of this year, we came across two themes ever several episode; the never-ending Cabarrus County School Board drama and non-profits that deserved recognition. In this final episode of 2020, we'll take a look back at these tow themes, as well as pay respects to Morgan Wetherbee and her family, as we remember their tragic story. Join as as we take a final look back at this year as we prepare for 2021. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Up Front Returns Jan. 7!
Best of 2020 (Pt. 1)

Best of 2020 (Pt. 1)


We've almost made it out of 2020, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look back as some highlights from the year. This week, we take a look back at some powerful moments from the first half of 2020 on Up Front with Cabarrus Magazine. Join us as we relive these moments and remember how much we all had to grow up very fast.Episodes featured this week:Episode 50: An Interview with Beth Troutman WhaleyEpisode 51: Cabarrus and COVID-19Episode 53: Special COVID-19 Edition: A Conversation with Rep. Richard HudsonEpsiode 63: Real Conversation on Race Relations (Pt. 2)
The Cabarrus County Board of Education has, once again, sent students back to all virtual learning in the wake of many staff having to be quarantined. The move comes as a shock to some as some of the proponents of all-virtual learning are no longer on the board. However, as Chairwoman, Holly Grimsley , explains, it is not about politics, it's about protection and logistics.This week, Mrs. Grimsley joins our broadcast to answer some tough questions after the Dec. 9 meeting that impacted so many in our county. Don't miss this episode to hear her responses and reasons for the move.
With all the information on social media and in the news regarding COVID-19, it is difficult to know what is true and what is myth. This week, we include you in our conversation with two respected doctors from Atrium Health who deal with this terrible virus everyday, Dr.'s Katie Passaretti and Mindy Sampson. They help us get through some of the misinformation regarding how you can contract the virus, what can be done to prevent it, as well as some questions regarding testing as well!
Be The Blessing

Be The Blessing


This week, we take the focus off ourselves and on to others as we talk to people making a difference in our community to help those in need. Our guests this week include Lt. Joshua Keaton, of the local branch of the Salvation Army, as well as Ed Hosack, from Cooperative Christian Ministry. Tune in to learn about what these organizations are doing to help those who need assistance and how you can help. Plus, if you're in need of help, we'll tell you how to get the assistance you need.For more information on these organizations, or to contribute, visit and
The week, we have conversations with two more newly elected officials, Keshia Sandidge and Denise Adcock, both preparing to take their seats on the Cabarrus County Board of Education. Join us as we discuss their priorities for their respective terms, why they decided to run and how they believe they were able to defeat their incumbent opponents.
Cabarrus County has elected four new people to office this year, one to the Cabarrus County Commission and the other three to the Cabarrus Board of Education. This week, we sit down with two of this people to learn more about who they are and what we can expect from their first terms in office. Our guests this week include Cabarrus County Commissioner-Elect, Barbara Strang and New Cabarrus County School Board member, Tim Furr. Plus, we have an exciting update on our Morgan Wetherbee story!
Foster Care Flashback

Foster Care Flashback


As this pandemic has gone longer than anyone expected, more children are entering the foster care system. As this is National Adoption Month, we thought it would be a good time to look back at some interviews with people doing what they can to help in this area, within our community. This week, we replay interviews with Cassandra Overcast and Staci Powell, of Overflow Ministries, as well as Shannon Wright, with Cabarrus DHS. Plus, we have an update on last week's episode about Morgan Wetherbee and how you, the listeners have come through for her family!
For Morgan

For Morgan


19 year-old Morgan Wetherbee was simply driving to her boyfriend's house when the unthinkable occurred. A oncoming car jumped the median and hit Morgan head-on. Almost six-months later, Morgan still fights for her life in a hospital bed, but the community is coming to gather to fight for Morgan. This week, we speak with Morgan's mother, Melody Wetherbee, and aunt, Melinda Hill, as they tell us Morgan's story and how people are rallying around them to help in any way they can, including an upcoming fundraiser. If you would like to contribute to Morgans' recovery fund, click HERE.
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