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As an entrepreneur I have always enjoyed working with people, solving problems and bringing solutions to those I work with. I am very active in Special Olympics and Western Dupage Special Recreation Association with my youngest child whose was blessed with Down's Syndrome! He truly is the light of our family!A Real Estate Investor and licensed Realtor in the state of Illinois, I also have a passion for creativity.Having been told that I have a soothing voice, that "guy next door" sound I like being kooky or sometimes deep and intense as well, trustworthy, melodious, soothing and reassuring.Part of my quest for creativity has also lead me to become involved in Improv! To perform is a fantastic way to express yourself and be you!I feel that if you haven't explored everything you can in life, you haven't lived a full life. We only live one life, live it to its fullest, do everything you can to enjoy it. Help others along the way!
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In this episode we are talking to the current Fire Chief of Winfield Fire Protection District, Steve Evans.Here is an overview of the situation in Winfield, Illinois and why this podcast is so important;                                                     Media Advisory Winfield Fire Protection District Referendum                CONTACT:  Chief Steve Evans,   630-653-5050,   sevans@winfieldfpd.orgJanuary 10, 2020                                                                                  The cost of providing the public safety services delivered by the Winfield Fire Protection District has seriously outgrown the resources available to support them.  Consequently, the District has initiated a Referendum seeking voter approval to increase its tax revenues to an amount that will assure a level of service in keeping with the expectation of its residents, and will yield a tax rate that will still be significantly below that of other fire districts in our area.Since the tax cap took effect in 1991, the Winfield Fire Protection District has delivered quality, state of the art fire, rescue, and emergency medical services at the lowest tax rate of any fire district in our surrounding area, and is determined to continue to keep those rates low versus our surrounding communities.  Winfield’s tax rate has, however, fallen dangerously below the level necessary to sustain quality services.  The Winfield Fire Protection District’s current maximum authorized tax rate is at 36 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value for property owners, which is less than half of other fire districts in our area.  In an effort to control costs, the District has reduced staffing to minimum levels, reduced its fleet of vehicles, and deferred major repairs and replacement of vehicles, facilities, and safety gear/equipment for the firefighters and paramedics.The Winfield Fire Protection District responds to over 2,000 emergency calls per year, an increase of over 33% from 2009, and more than double since the tax cap took effect in 1991.   The Winfield Fire Protection District is a separate taxing body from the Village of Winfield and is financed by property tax revenue and ambulance fees.  The Winfield Fire protection District has also negotiated for significant grant funding from Northwestern Medicine, but receives no revenue from sales tax, or other similar sources.This referendum seeks voter approval for the funding to bolster firefighter/paramedic staffing levels, along with the tools, equipment, and resources necessary to respond to the growing number of emergency calls the Winfield Fire Protection District responds to annually; and to restore those issues which have been deferred including vehicle repairs, facility repairs, and safety gear and equipment for the firefighters and paramedics.    The Referendum will be submitted to the voters of the District at the General Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, and only applies to the portion of the voter’s tax bill that is designated for the Winfield Fire Protection District.   
Leslie Gray Robbins is a mom of two, certified health coach, motivational speaker, voiceover actor, published author, and a Cancer Thriver. She is hopeful that her story can help inspire others on the cancer journey to consider all options and stand in their truth.She penned her first book with her daughter Addison Baily Robbins, then 8 years old. What Makes A Family? is a children's picture book that focuses on the many ways that families are created, and can be found at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.Are you living your healthiest and happiest life? Leslie can guide you in making subtle changes in your everyday life, helping you reach your personal goals, and be your BEST self. To learn more about this side of Leslie, please visit http://balancedlifehealthyyou.comIn addition to being a health coach and helping people improve their lives, Leslie is also a professional voiceover artist. She has had the pleasure of working with esteemed clients such as Sargento, Ghirardelli Chocolates, Capri Sun, Travelocity, Enbrel, Hampton Inn, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, among others - view her acting website atwww.LeslieGrayRobbins.comLeslie continues to sing whenever she gets the chance and is very grateful for her partner in crime, Carrie Marcotte, who helped created the group TAKE TWO Singers. www.TakeTwoSingers.comLeslie also created the a cappella group, Route 66 in 1994, and continues to make music with these amazing ladies whenever possible! Check out the tight harmonies here: world stops when you hear those 3 words, "You have cancer". From the moment you are given that diagnosis, you have a choice: Will you allow fear to lead you, or will you take a deep breath and find your inner strength?This is the detailed story of my personal journey of healing from triple negative breast cancer, a rare and aggressive type of cancer. I quickly decided that I wanted to avoid the harmful conventional approaches of chemotherapy and radiation, and instead focus on the many holistic options available.My goal is to empower other Cancer Thrivers by sharing what I've learned along the way, and in the process, inspire them to lead the charge back to health!
Episode #18 Gratitude

Episode #18 Gratitude


As we quickly approach this season of Thanksgiving and Appreciation, we mustn't forget Gratitude.I talk a little bit about Gratitude, the science of Gratitude and ways which we could show our Gratitude. Not only in these approaching days of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, but every day of our lives.Come listen.Ty
An interview with friend and neighbor, Mark Schanowski Sportscaster currently with NBC Sports Chicago talks about his beginnings in the industry, where he played the game he loves so much, family and what is in store for he and his family in the near future.A true gentleman, soft spoken and very knowledgeable in the world of sports.At some point in all of our lives we decide that we have done all we can do in the profession we chose, Mark is still involved with NBC Sports, but at a far less time demanding level.Sit back and listen!Here is an article that Mark wrote in July of 2019 about the Bulls in the NBA summer league in Las Vegas, by the way, I'm never too busy for your referrals!ty@tyeden.comwww.tyeden.com630-980-0100 
In this episode we are talking with Pat Byrne who is one of a group of good hearted samaritans that are providing help to those families who have suffered an unfortunate life event which has caused undue trauma to the remaining family members. In some cases there may be a handicap person in the family, a family member with special needs or simply a spouse who has lost their partner and is left to support their family and doesn't know how to move forward in life.Mulliganeer's is a group of folks whom have experienced loss in their own lives but have persevered with both the financial assistance and camaraderie of the other members of Mulliganeer's!Here is a link their website, you wish to seek help, get involved or simply contribute in your own way. Reach out!! They are there to 
Our guest this week is Susan Neustrom, an author, teacher and coach for those who are seeking change in their lives or are confronted with having to deal with change in their life due to something that may have caused that change.Susan had kept a personal secret for many years and decided one day that she was going to pursue a life that she wanted which required change from her comfortable day to day life. Uncertainty, fear are only a couple of feelings she found herself dealing with!Once Susan had accomplished one of her goals, she then began telling her story which lead into the writing of her book, "The Comfort Zone Illusion".For information on how to contact Susan, email her @ or for more information on her book go to,
CASA of DuPage County, Inc. is a non-profit organization that recruits, trains and supports volunteer citizen advocates to effectively speak to the best interests of abused, neglected, dependent and vulnerable children in the DuPage County Court system. Every child has the right to a safe, permanent and nurturing home.You can contact Casa of Dupage at,(630) 221-0889To reach Beth Stremel, Ext.
In this episode we are talking to Susan Waters with CUSD Community Unified School District 200 which includes the villages of Wheaton, Winfield and Warrenville in Illinois.Susan talks about the programs for the special needs students that can take the students into the working community for hands on job experience. No cost to the business community, but a huge service to the community and the businesses that participate!If you are a small business in the CUSD 200 district or have a business that is close to CUSD 200, here is how you can obtain more information, email Sue Waters @ susan.waters@cusd200.orgShould you not receive a reply, simply email me at or call, 630-980-0100
If you are buying or selling a property and don't know or understand costs outside of the Realtors cost, or who pays for the Realtor/Broker, then listen to this episode and you will learn.If you have any questions about this content.Or you're looking to buy, sell or invest in Real Estate, then hit me up at;Phone: (630) 980-0100Email:
Marty talks about a very important service that HomeLand Security claims can keep citizens safe when either a natural disaster or Act of terrorism would happen to hit!CERT, Community Emergency Response Team. This is a form of training of civilians that can lend assistance in the event of an unfortunate disaster were to hit.Listen in.
Do you know what your credit score is?Have you seen a recent report of your credit? From each of the three bureaus? Equifax, Experian and TransUnion!There are generally errors on your report which is causing your score to be lower than it should be!That's costing you money and opportunity (Job, a place to live)!There are more decisions made about you that effect you simply from a 3 digit score that you may or may not know of.Listen to Lisa talk about the 18 years she has been in the business of Credit Repair, her personal experience and how easy it can be to educate yourself and be in control of your life.Credit Profile Consultants(630)
In this episode we are talking with Bill Pankonin, regional owner for the upper midwest with EXIT Realty.Bill has been in the Real Estate Industry for many years.a lot of knowledge and experience that he enjoys sharing and helping franchisees learn so they become better business owners!
In this episode we are talking to a Co-Founder of All The Leads, Chad Corbett.Chad is a long time Realtor who has dealt in many areas of the Real Estate industry. Through those dealings he developed a system and service whereby Realtors can better understand and know how to approach Executors/Personal Representatives in Probate cases. A business owner, an outdoorsman (being from West Virginia who won't be?), a philanthropist. An awesome person who is looking to give back in any way he can!If you are interested in his probate services, Follow this link;
In this episode we are with Sandy Gbur with WDSRA.Sandy gets into her background, how WDSRA came about, who WDSRA benefits and why.They have sporting programs, social programs, events, trips. Just about anything you would come to expect an association to hold, WDSRA does.Check them out! 630-681-0962info@wdsra.comTy EdenBroker AssociateEXIT Realty
In this episode, we were able to talk to Jeff Ash, owner/operator of Westside Improv, located at 123 W Front St #100, Wheaton, IL 60187, phone # (630) 984-5839. always thought Improv was for entertainment only, Jeff has taken Improv and is applying it to business, small or large, even the Federal Government has him hired to train military.Listen and learn!!
Are you a homeowner looking to sell your home in the near future?Staging your home when you have open houses can bring more potential buyers, help you sell the home faster and maybe for more money! No guarantees, but it will give you a better chance.1. Why do you want to Stage your home?2. Declutter, get rid of the clutter!!3. Make the inside of your home bright, natural light, better lighting. whatever you have to do, make the home light and bright!4. What rooms do you stage and which one not?5. Remove old furniture, buy or rent newer furniture so the house looks newer!!6. Rearrange what furniture you have, rented or not. Maximize each room, make them look bigger than they are!7. Curb appeal, you want your potential buyers to get out of their car when they pull up to your home, what good is it to do all this work inside if the outside is ugly? Clean up outside too!8. Finishing touches, cookies, flowers in the kitchen, cinnamon in a boiling pot, get that good smell going!!This and more can be done to help make your home more appealing to buyers.Give me a call, 639-980-0100.I'm happy to give you my 8 step process, FREE!!
In this episode we are speaking with Mike Gresk, current Mayor of Wheaton Illinois. Mike has been the Mayor for about 12 years, or as long as I have known him.We talk about his life, his family and his time as not only Mayor but the many years in public service through Lion's Club, Rotary and I'm sure more organizations than what we talk about in this episode!
When you are looking to buy, sell or invest in Real Estate, it is always good to have a Real Estate Agent or Broker representing you.Here are some questions you can use as a guide in that process;How long have you been selling Real Estate?What is your average number of clients?What is your ratio of buyer to seller clients?What area do you cover?Are you part of a Team?Are you equipped to handle my unique situation?What type of communication should I expect from you?Do you have a recommended vendors list?Can I have the contact information for three references of professionals I will need?What questions do you have for me?When interviewing a Realtor, make sure you can communicate with them, that you feel they will listen to your needs and how often will you hear from them after you engage their services?
Kerry O'Brien is the Executive Director with the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce. She has been with the Chamber for about 10 years.We will talk about Kerry and where she came from, where she went to school, how long she has been with the Chamber.During the visit, Kerry tells us of a World renowned art exhibit that will be in Dupage County in the spring and summer of 2020. The exhibit's name is Frida Kahlo from Mexico City. Dupage Visitors and Tourists Bureau anticipates the exhibit to generate $8mm dollars in the time period it is in Dupage County. 
Episode 1 Introduction

Episode 1 Introduction


This is our introduction show. Maiden voyage of podcasts!Our show will be about our local community's here in Dupage County, and the villages within Dupage county. We are a County just outside of Chicago Illinois. Our guests will range from community leaders, to business owners, to Local government and school officials to hopefully some famous and maybe not so famous natives of the area.Being a Realtor, I will feature guests that are professional's in the Real Estate world who can give some insight into why and what they do, how their services play a role in Real Estate. This is to be our educational segment of our podcast! Not every episode will be of interest to our listeners, but stay, listen to a couple of episodes and see if this is a podcast that you would like to listen to on a regular basis!
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