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Please Pass the Bacon

Author: Jason Peetz & Chad Webster

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Your hosts, Jason and Chad, draw on almost 40 years of police experience to connect you with officers that don't fit perpetuated stereotypes. Interviews, humor, crime prevention tips, and freshly cooked bacon reviews will bring you a fresh look at the people behind the uniform.
16 Episodes
You guessed it...time to READ TO SUCCEED with Officer Jason & Officer Chad.  Grab your reading buddy because "A Fly Went By" and "Little Blue Truck" is coming you way!
Grab your reading's time to READ TO SUCCEED Officer Jason & Officer Chad!  Today it's "Harry the Dirty Dog" and "The Not-So-Perfect Penguin". 
Get your reading buddies ready as Officer Jason and Officer Chad read bedtime stories Llama Llama Red Pajama and Seven Scary Monsters in this episode of Bears Behind the Badge! Read to succeed!!
We're bringing our reading program, Bears Behind the Badge, to YOU.  Cops reading kids!  Through Bears Behind the Badge, we've reached almost 4,000 K-3rd graders with "reading buddies" and classroom books all donated by the community in an effort to get children excited about reading so they stay on track to read at grade level by 3rd grade.  Since remote learning is the only interaction we have available right now, we'd love to be a resource for you every day via our podcast and YouTube channels.  Today we're reading "Yertle the Turtle" and "Don't Be Silly Mrs. Millie" grab a reading buddy because it's time to READ TO SUCCEED!
PPtB ep10 - This Is Us

PPtB ep10 - This Is Us


It’s been a bit but the boys are back! No guest this episode so you get the pleasure of hearing Jason and Chad—which is just enough. The discussion centers around how folks “take to Twitter” when outraged and how this maybe isn’t the best measure of real-life. Social media has placed a big burden on law enforcement and often presents a skewed perspective. Of course, there are the usual segments and bacon for your enjoyment!
PPtB ep9 - Dirty Money

PPtB ep9 - Dirty Money


Lieutenant Fischbach sits down with Jason and Chad to discuss the incident that led him to law enforcement, a “dirty money” memory, and hiking to make a difference. There’s a new studio in-progress, a bacon tasting/rating surprise, bad jokes, and some good news!!
It’s back to school! What better time to have a discussion about bullying and social media safety? And who better to talk to than 3-time Survivor competitor Jeff Varner? Jason, Chad, and Jeff attempt to have an intelligent conversation about the bully, the bullied, and understanding. Unfortunately, we couldn’t share bacon with Jeff over Skype. Have to work on that!
Jason and Chad are welcomed back to Pat McCrory’s radio show on WBT in Charlotte for the CPI crime prevention segment. Jason’s son makes his radio debut, as well!!
Jason and Chad sit down with Lieutenant Gil Narvaez to hear his journey from the Bronx to the Marine Corp, to law enforcement. Gil’s human side includes eye-opening life experiences, Fortitude Consulting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more. He even bring a delicious treat to go along with dad-cop jokes, bacon rating, a weird law in Oklahoma, crime prevention tips, good news, and of course some laughs!
Jason and Chad are back for a hard-hitting look at some of the most vital topics in modern policing...facial hair and tattoos.  Are they professional, inappropriate, offensive, humanizing?? We also discuss bodycams: pros and cons. Elaine Jones with Atrium Health joins them for an extended Good News segment as she explains the Kids Eat Free program. Rate the Bacon, find the pig, and more! Weigh in on this episode by emailing or in the comments section of our YouTube channel.
Jason and Chad welcome themselves on this episode to discuss how society can impact the news and social media, the harm making snap/emotional judgements can have and a hero at UNC Charlotte. A first in the joke segment, bacon, good news, find the pig, Please Pass the Bacon t-shirt, and more!
Jason & Chad sit down with Rob Tufano.  Rob is a former 10 year veteran of the NYPD and an award winning television news reporter.  He's currently the public safety communications director for the city of Charlotte and also owns Tufano Media Group which consults police agencies around the world on their communications strategies.  Jason Jean with Tattered Beans Coffee also stops in for an extended good news segment about his veteran owned business venture that gives back directly to veterans in a unique way.  And yeah...we eat some bacon.
The former NC governor has Jason and Chad on live radio to discuss cops, Please Pass the Bacon, and what thus podcast is all about!
Jason and Chad sit down with Caleb Costner and talk about his dream of driving on the NASCAR circuit and his path into law enforcement at a young age.  They also get to know a little bit more about how Caleb's on the job interaction with a family involved in a violent incident has turned into a life changing event for them both...and the world of social media has taken notice too.  Today's bacon review - Neese's Southern Style Hickory Smoked...oh yeah:)
Jason and Chad sit down with Mike Melendez, a sexual assault detective and 19 year police veteran.  Mike's interest in film making and acting ultimately led him to an unexpected career in law enforcement.  He continues to write scripts, make films and even talked two cops into starting a podcast.  Today's bacon review...Smithfield Cherrywood Smoked Thick Cut.
Meet Jason and Chad...police officers with almost 40 years of combined work experience.  After experiencing unrest in their city after an officer involved shooting, they felt the need to connect with the community and shed a different light on the police to counter the media narrative.  Get to know them as they share their off duty lives, why they wanted to start their podcast and rate their first ever brand of bacon - Hormel Black Label Double Smoked...yes:)  Everyone loves bacon!
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