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Powerful Ladies founder and podcast host, Kara Duffy sits down with the awesome and the up-to-something - entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, chefs, authors, scientists, adventurers, and more - to share their story. Your goal is to live your best life. Reality is it's hard to figure out what that even means, how to start and once you do start what next?
Powerful Ladies is to help you figure that out by sharing the stories of people, mostly women, who have been there and are in action right now on making & living their awesome life.
Learn how creative director Elizabeth McGarry went from suburban Oregon to queen of sportswear design or how speaker Ali Owens survived domestic abuse to become an empowerment strategist and author. Inspiring stories from real people hustling and growing every day, plus practical tips on how to start your journey and be the creator of your dream life. Be inspired. Be motivated. Be awesome & up-to-something you love.

Production, Audio Engineering, & Editing by Jordan Duffy. Music by Joakim Karud @joakimkarudmusic
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I am obsessed with documentaries about food, organic agriculture, poly farming, soil, etc.  Streaming services cannot make enough documentaries on those topic to keep up with how quickly I devour them.  That’s why for ages I’ve been following Soul Fire Farm on Instagram. Created by a fellow Clark University alumnus, Soul Fire Farm is a women owned, Afro-Indigenous Educational Farm that is feeding, educating, immersing and changing their community.  In this episode I am honored to have Cheryl Whilby, the Administrative Program Manager at Soul Fire Farm and the Market Manager for the Schenectady Farmers Market so we can talk all things food and farming and how fruit, veg and property ownership are critical to transforming equality in America.   
Allison Norton Rolfes is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at ANR Creative Group, a marketing and social media agency based in Costa Mesa, CA.  She’s one of the best in the industry having launched successful celebrity instagrams, such as and helping businesses to double in size thanks to her oversight of their social channels.  On this episode we discuss the power of social media for your business and why it’s more than a pretty Instagram feed, how you can actually take maternity leave and vacations as a business owner, and how Allison created a successful business that’s 100% built around her dream life. 
Upon the passing of the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg I spent a lot of time reflecting on what it means to take Powerful Ladies to the next level - to be supporting women to fill the shoes of amazing and influential such as RBG as well as being the new trailblazers to make the world a better place.  I kept asking “How can we be more like RBG?” so I figured, let’s ask that question on the podcast. Who better to have this discussion with than our favorite female lawyer team, Lauren Butler and Ashley Telleen of Butler Telleen. On this episode we’ll discuss ways we can each be more like Ruth, how Covid is affecting the legal system, how lack of understanding the system is adding to our country’s divide and how we can all join together to make the change we wish to see in the world. 
Lanie is the creator of Life Of Lanie a YouTube channel and blog, as well as her clothing brand Cosier.  On this episode we talk about her journey from high school youtube star to the multi-dimensional creator she is today, how her brand Life Of Lanie has grown up with her and why it’s important to keep trying new things that allow you to express your creativity as you never know what will be your next business opportunity. 
Lauren Wilson is the founder of Dora Maar, a luxury fashion e-commerce platform that’s taking over the consignment and resale market.  Focusing on storytelling, featuring muses and their closets, and giving you the full experience you’d expect from a luxury fashion retailer, Dora Maar is changing how we buy and the stories behind what we wear. In this episode Lauren discusses how the fashion industry is changing, what it means to be a startup in New York in 2020 and how this year has changed how she views herself, her business and the impact she can make. 
Elizabeth Haislip is the founder of Pebby Forevee, an apparel empire based in Ohio.  She’s self-made, building her business slowly and thoughtfully which has resulted in consistent growth over the past 9 years. In this episode we talk about why it matters that designers are creating fashion that makes women feel confident, why it’s important to make the path easier for those rising up behind you, how you can start a business empire with $40 and few of her business pro-tips, too! 
Sharifah Hardie is a POWER HOUSE. She’s a mom, an entrepreneur, a talk show host of not 1, but 3 talk shows, a consultant and she’s a community activist.  Across all the areas that Sharifah is committed to what’s consistent is her passion for being of service to making REAL change.  She’s not hear for fluff. She’s not her to let herself or others coast. She’s here to make your business work, to make your community work and to make our world work.  Actually work for everyone.  Why - because she sees a way to make it happen. On this episode we talk about how she started her businesses, how you can level up your business and why it all matters. 
This is the live, unedited recording from the first half of our roundtable, A Powerful Conversation About America: Racism Episode 3.  It’s been a month since Episode 1, so we’re asking our panelists “Has Anything Changed”.  This conversation took place on October 2nd, 2020 featuring Sharifah Hardie, Mikelle Drew, Chandra Gore, Kristen Fenrick and Lauren Wilson. We encourage and invite you to share this episode with everyone who needs to hear it. 
Chisa Pennix-Brown is the founder of the business education and business consulting group Lady Bizness, The Black Biz Group and the Executive Director of Real Glow Getters.  On this episode we discuss the common business mistakes people are making and how to stop and fix them, how she started her business, and why it matters for your success to show up and show out.
Jen Berson is the founder and president of Jeneration PR - a leading LA based PR agency focusing on Baby, Beauty, Health & Wellness.  After 15 years of growing and building one of the top PR agencies in the world, she recently launched Profitable PR Pros - an online community, coaching and courses to help others launch their own profitable PR agency. On this episode we discuss how she made the leap from law to PR, what it’s been like building her PR agency while becoming a mom & wife, and how she’s found her zone of genius allowing her to thrive, build her team and now start teaching others. 
Keren Moynihan is the co-founder of Boss Insights, a financial tech service company that provides back office systems that bridge the gap between banks and small businesses.  Essentially making it easier to bank and get loans as a small business.  Yes, please! In this episode we discuss why finances and banking can be so frustrating for a small business, how it can be improved and why it’s actually in the best interest of the banks to do so. Plus why relationships are the most important part of any business. 
Chandra Gore is a lifelong serial entrepreneur with businesses in a wide variety of industries.  She’s all real talk. She hustles. She’s equally committed to your businesses as a consultant, her own businesses,  her family and to being there for her community.  She’s on the ground being the change she wants to see - from helping people register to vote, to school board meetings, she knows that what happens in our neighborhoods is as important as what happens in the capital. On this episode get ready to hear some business truths, what business consultants really think and how you can step into your own magical power. 
Elana Carroll is a musician, artist, music educator and on stage is known as Party Nails.  You can find her indie pop music on Spotify - Solo is a favorite song of mine.  On this episode we discuss how being a musician means being an entrepreneur, when she realized music was her calling and how she got the name Party Nails. 
Ronda Brunson, Ms. B Credit Queen, is a force of nature.  She is a powerful lady.  She’s a multipreneur who by day help clients build their credit profile, is on the board of the National Association of Credit Counselors, and spends her night and weekends running her other businesses including a travel business.  This woman is on fire and I can’t wait for you to hear all the knowledge she drops on this episode. Get ready and get your pens out. You’re going to want to take notes. 
You’ve seen today’s guests, Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider co-hosts of the podcast Bitch Sesh: a Real Housewives Breakdown and as actresses on screen in many of your favorite TV shows and Movies, including starring most recently in Black Mondays playing Tiff and Deb.  You’ve also seen their incredible work as writers, producers, directors and show runners.  Literally all of your favorite tv shows and movies have a credit given to them: Bride Wars, Saturday Night Live, The League, Marry Me, Black-ish, How I Met Your Mother, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and of course the Hotwives.  Forget Kevin Bacon, everyone in Hollywood is 1 degree away from Casey & Danielle. Get ready to laugh out loud as we discuss the power of having a creative partner (they each have 2!), why Real HouseWives cures everything, and how Powerful Ladies support each other to the grave. 
Sierra Katow is a stand up comic, writer, podcast producer, and host of her own podcast Stay Podsitive.  She started in comedy at 16, then went on to Harvard to study computer science, before returning to LA where she started in comedy writing. On this episode we talk how she started in comedy at 16, about who she admires - her parents and Whoopi Goldberg being on that list, how she manages the random comments she gets as a female asian comic, and her process to being brave and confident. 
Amy Rosoff Davis is a rainmaker.  She’s mastered manifesting the life she desires and going with the flow as new opportunities appear.  She’s an actor, celebrity fitness trainer, nutritionist & wellness coach, blogger, mother and all around how-to-live-your-best-life guru. In this episode we talk about how being Selena Gomez’ on tour fitness trainer changed her career plan, why her sister wives are everything, and how as part of a modern dual multi-preneur couple she’s learning how to navigate our new normal all while continuing to expand her empire. Plus - don't forget to check out her website for workout videos, recipes and more!  
This is the live, unedited recording from our roundtable, A Powerful Conversation About America: Racism Episode 2.  It’s been a month since Episode 1, so we’re asking our panelists “Has Anything Changed”.  This conversation took place on July 24th, 2020 featuring Sharifah Hardie, Mikelle Drew, Chandra Gore, Kristen Fenrick and Lauren Wilson. We encourage and invite you to share this episode with everyone who needs to hear it. 
Mikelle Drew-Pellum is a fashion designer, fashion educator and adjunct professor at F.I.T. in New York.  She’s also been a panelist on our a Powerful Conversation About America: Racism series. On this episode we nerd out on what it’s really like to work in the fashion industry, where fashion is going and how technology is changing all of our lives including what we wear - plus her journey from freelance designer to professor at one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world and how she built her own fashion education business. 
Raize Licea is an improv comedian, actor, podcastor, creator, host, activist and BOSS at creating spaces for latinx voices to be heard in comedy. We recorded this episode during Covid19 quarantine via zoom, pre black lives matter protests, and at the time didn’t realize how foreshadowing this conversation would be. In this episode we talk about how she created Spanish Aqui Presents, her perspective of the world as a Cuban-American from Miami, and why it matters to her that she paves the way for people coming up behind her and voices that aren’t heard. Plus why she loves basketball and cats. All that and so much more!
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