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Fear is a Motherfer Podcast

Author: Rebecca Wiener McGregor

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A bold, evocative podcast for spiritual women that reveals all the sneaky ways fear infiltrates our lives and how to get back to operating from love, acceptance, confidence, and more.
8 Episodes
Perfectionists are looking for things and people in their life to be PERFECT and JUST RIGHT, which in turn creates an illusion of worthiness and entitlement. Rebecca shares how the constant push and pull of perfectionism pulls you out of the present moment and causes you to not appreciate what is, and what you do have right now. The lesson continues in Asking for a Friend where a listener asks a questions about her relationship and whether or not it is sustainable because of their differences. Tune in NOW!
Scarcity and Loneliness

Scarcity and Loneliness


Do you struggle with feeling lack in your life? Lack of money, relationship, or even self-worth? When we tie our value to the number of commas in our bank account or the presence or lack of a relationship in our lives we put ourselves in a state of scarcity. Rebecca shares how these fears are holding us back and the importance of shifting our mindset to gratitude. The lesson continues in Asking For a Friend where a listener asks, "How do I know that I am healing and whole?" Tune in now!  
Do other people in your life try to shift your truth? Rebecca encourages listeners to own their truth and speak it all the way and deliver it imperfectly. It's time to heal the past and step into the present and your truth. Set aside the fear and raise your vibration to attract what you desire. The lesson continues in Asking For a Friend where a listener asks about how to ask for what you want/need without feelings selfish or guilty.  
Jerks and Boundaries

Jerks and Boundaries


Are there certain people in your life that are total JERKS? No matter how kind you are, no matter how much you support them, they are never happy. Rebecca talks about these special folks in our lives and helps us understand what lies beneath their rough exterior, and how to set boundaries and healthy ways to interact. The lesson continues in Asking For a Friend where a listener needs help with a family memory that thinks boundaries are selfish. 
Do you have a habit of carrying negative labels around and in turn allowing them to become a part of your identity? In this episode Rebecca encourages us to release this habit and learn how to live authentically in our truth by walking us through a powerful visualization. Also, In Asking for a Friend Rebecca answers a tough question from a listener in regard to how to approach a friend that may be making choices that you may not agree with... and how to love them through it.  
Rebecca helps us understand how ALL language and communication is a form of self talk, and that we need to be careful to not speak our fears into reality. Our brain never stops listening... it takes everything we say as a truth... and then it starts to look for experiences to make it true. In this episode we learn how to shift our language to give our brain an opportunity to look for solutions and positive thoughts. In "Asking for a Friend" we learn how honesty is the best policy.  Be sure to subscribe! 
Rebecca explores several relationship types that we see modeled in others that may contribute to our behavior and expectations in our own relationships. Fear plays a role, but it doesn't have to control anymore. In the "Asking for a Friend" segment we learn if jealousy in relationships is really love and something to be envied. Be sure to subscribe to the show!
In this episode Rebecca shines a light on fear and explains how to move to operating from love instead of fear. Also, in her popular "Asking for a Friend" segment, Rebecca answers a listeners question in regard to anxiety and how to overcome being in her head. Be sure to subscribe to the show!
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