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We are an interview-based podcast that gives leaders and organizations an opportunity to tell their stories & share information.
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Marigolds Cannabis Founder & entrepreneur Christina Michael joined me to talk all things cannabis retail!  Launching 3 stores in the GVA & 1 in the GTA, Christina should have a huge year ahead of her.  Christina talks about what makes a great shop, how COVID is effecting business & tells a bit of her cannabis story as well. Check them out:
Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer of SorSe Technology talks about the good, bad & ugly truths of CBD/THC edible production!   Scott talks about & explains why misleading buzzwords & misleading packaging are bad for consumers!  He talks about why bioavailability should be a primary focus & why it's tricky to create consistent edibles with homogeneity, shelf stability & near perfect dosing.   Great insights, I hope you enjoy!
You ever meet someone for the first time but it feels like you've known them for a long time? That's what it was like talking to Ngaio for this interview. He's just a cool guy with great insights who loves to communicate. Oh.. He's also really passionate about cannabis too! Ngaio talks about his life, his work & how he's felt about the cannabis space over the years. Video version of this interview (which includes comedy clips) can be found on our YouTube Page as well. Follow Ngaio on Insta & Twitter @ngaio420 #176 Weed Comedy & Activism, Int w Ngaio Bealum
Self described "Cannabis Queens", OBGYN Dr Leslie Apgar & entrepreneur/investor Gina Dubbe talk candidly about their struggles getting into the cannabis industry.  Together, they've opened up a legal dispensary called Greenhouse Wellness, they have a growing CBD product line & have coauthored a book about being women & business people in the cannabis space called High Heals. These guys are quite remarkable & tell a great story.  To find out more about Gina & Leslie, check out
Jorge Rubio joined us once again to talk about what's happening in the the world of cannabis legalization in Mexico.  With COVID-19 having an effect on the Mexican Parliament, the bill to legalize cannabis has been delayed.  Jorge also talks about some of the regulations within that bill that will have an effect consumers, patients & business as well. To watch the video version of the interview, check out our YouTube page:
David Hyde & Barry Davidson are two well know & respected security & over all business advisors in the Canadian Cannabis Space.  Now they're on a mission to teach the rest of the world all of the lessons they've learned while being deeply involved in cannabis legalization in Canada.   David & Barry talk about the countries that they're focusing on, some of the lessons they've learned & even have a few laughs too. Don't forget to check out the video version of this interview as well @
Darryl is an American cannabis activist who contracted COVID-19 while sharing a joint with friends.  He talks at length about what the early symptoms felt like & how the sickness because the focus of his life for 3 weeks.  While Darryl's story is fascinating, it also serves as a warning to others to be safe.  COVID-19 may change cannabis culture in the future if passing a joint becomes a custom that consumers begin shying away from.   Follow Darryl on Twitter @hemp4victory
Ask any cannabis OG what books inspired them & they'll very likely say "The Emporer Wears No Clothes".  Written by the late & legendary Jack Herer, the book has been read by millions & is just as relevant today as when it was first published in 1995.   Jack's son Dan & his business partner Bruce Dietzen joined me to talk about taking this book from paper to digital for the e-book release.  Originally scheduled for 420, the release has been pushed ahead due to circumstances & is already available on Dan not only talks about why the book still matters but also opens the door to his past, telling stories about his father as well. Classic conversation about a classic  book.  I hope you enjoy.
Trying something a little different!  Nic Nedin, host of The Flower Hour Podcast joined me via Zoom to drop some industry gossip, insights & humour.  We were also joined live from Ryan Roch inside his shop to get the latest on how retailers are staying afloat during the COVID outbreak.  We'd love to get your feedback on this style of podcast too.  Hit myself and/or Nic up & let us know what you thought! @cannupdatepod & @IAMNedin
Normally, when I speak to anyone at Materia Ventures, we talk cannabis & CBD, especially now that they're making a big push into Europe.  For this interview, I spoke with Managing Director Nick Pateras about the COVID-19 situation in the UK & surrounding countries.  Nick graciously spoke to me from his living room, right in downtown London.  We talk COVID, Cannabis & even managed to squeeze a little business chat into the interview. Follow Nick on Twitter @Nick_Pateras 
Kiely Beaudry is a well respected advocate & entrepreneur in the Canadian cannabis space.  She flew to Spain for Spannabis & ICBC knowing that it might be a bad decision but when she left, nothing was canceled.  When she arrived in Spain, everything changed.  Kiely tells her story of being stuck in a foreign country & trying to get home. Follow Kiely on Twitter @kieleybeaudry
Yup, these are unprecedented times.  I'm pretty sure that none of us have ever gone through something quite like this pandemic & hopefully it will be the only time in our lives.  While I didn't want to add to the info overload out there, I didn't want to coast along & act like it's not on our minds either.  So I reached out to renowned doctor & medical cannabis advocate Dr. Mike Hart to ask a few questions about self care & what cannabis consumers should consider as this virus slowly reaches our borders. To follow Dr Mike Hart online, find him @drmikehart on social & at his website
Jodi Mcdonald, President of Keystone Labs joins me to talk about cannabis testing & analytics.  Because Keystone Labs works with small/recreational growers & large licensed producers, Jodi's able to address the things that they're most interested in & why.  We don't cover any COVID-19 topics in this chat & hope that you'll find this refreshing! More interviews will be published this week..  Stay safe.
Leafreport recently published a report called the CBD Market Consumer Research Study that was co-authored by Dr. Degrandpre.  She joined me to talk about the report, which covers over 3500+ products trying to make sense of what is legit & what products are pure marketing mayhem!   If you're new to CBD & curious, this is a perfect way to get some perspective on the massive number of products hitting the market place. Be safe & be smart..  This is a crazy time & the research is just starting to get underway. To read the full report, click here:
Long-time Calgary activist & educator Keith Fagin joined me to talk about his life & the role cannabis has played in it.  Keith knew at a very young age, the healing potential of cannabis & that if consumed responsibly the benefit that it could have on society.  Keith believes in a sensible approach to his work in the cannabis space & his work over years has earned the respect of many OG's in the Canadian activist scene.   Recently in the hospital, Keith finally had the time to sit down with me to tell his story.  I hope you enjoy. Follow Keith on Twitter @KF420
Strainprint is a well known & respected ancillary business in the legal cannabis space.  The Strainprint community loyally shares user experiences & information so that patients, consumers & industry players are better able to make sense of products in the marketplace.  Now, Strainprint has partnered up with TruTrace, which is a company that is able to scientifically analyze & verify cultivar & product information on a molecular level, facilitating Strainprint with better focused & more accurate information. CEO Andrew Muroff joined me to talk about the joint venture & to talk about the direction that his company is taking in this unpredictable world of legal cannabis.   Follow Andrew on Twitter @rockstar_inc or check out
Paul Pedersen, CEO & Co-Founder of extraction company Nextleaf Solutions talks about his business & why extraction technology is only in it's infancy in Canada & beyond.  As someone who doesn't know a lot of the extraction business model, I asked a lot of basic questions about how it works, so if you're curious but don't know a lot about this area, this interview's for you!  With "Cannabis 2.0" here in Canada, there's no better time to talk about extractions & why they may be the future of cannabis consumption. To follow Paul on social @paul_oils
One of my favourite interviews from 2019, Dr. David L Nathan is an outspoken drug policy reform advocate & psychiatrist.  Dr. Nathan talks at length about the philosophy of drug policy in the US & some of the ways in which the cannabis plant, in particular CBD, may be used (or not used) to treat patients with a wide variety of mental health issues. Make sure you follow Dr. Nathan on Twitter @DavidNathanMD, or just Google him!  Dr. Nathan has amazing content all over the internet!
Revered Lawyer, activist & entrepreneur, Kirk Tousaw talks about his former life as a "Pot Lawyer" & where he's headed today.  Kirk has defended many of Canada's leading cannabis activists for many years & has many stories to share about his experiences.  Kirk was kind enough to talk about some of his cases & do it in a way that is quite revealing & authentic.  It was an honour to produce this conversation & I'm hopeful that Kirk will join me again to tell more of his amazing & often crazy stories!   Follow Kirk on Twitter @kirktousaw or check out his company
Dianna Donnelly is a respected home grower, teacher, blogger & leader when it comes to growing cannabis inside the home & on a small, personal scale.  A natural green thumb, Dianna decided to begin growing her own cannabis when she became a medical user & wasn't happy with the prices or selections offered by large-scale producers.  Dianna tells her story, talks about growing 25 plants in a small apartment & gives some solid perspective on growing & why it is so therapeutic. To find out more about Dianna, check out @finallyinsprired on Twitter, her blogs on the Boveda website or just Google her, she's everywhere! Enjoy!
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