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Each week syndicated radio host Cutter along with his sometimes co-host Kaytie, pick a topic from the world of rock music, radio, or something else that's on their mind and dissect it. Plus Cutter and Kaytie give you full uncut conversations with rock's biggest stars.
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Sure the pandemic hit everyone hard, especially those within the entertainment industry. Can you imagine though putting out an album that spawns 3 major hit songs right at the beginning of shutdown and then never being able to promote it? That's what happened to Asking Alexandria. Instead of touring behind 'Like a House on Fire' they ended up writing more songs. In the process they switched labels and for the first time since their amazing 'Stand up and Scream' album all five guys went to the same place and wrote and recorded together. New album will be out in October and the heavy new single "Alone Again" is out now. Joining from his home where his kids are set up in their living room bounce house, it's the guitarist for Asking Alexandria, Ben Bruce.
The always entertaining and one of the coolest dudes I've ever met, Art Alexakis of Everclear joined us on my morning show, The Rick and Cutter Show. It's ahead of their Summerland tour stop in Wisconsin. This was a fun conversation.
The band DED burst onto the scene in 2016 with a heavy yet catchy debut album. Since they have toured and toured and toured some more. A few years later they switched gears and started working with famed producer Kevin Churko and the results so far have been fantastic. After putting out a couple of stand-alone songs they are now ready to unleash their second album. That means we need to know more! Plus you can catch them on tour this fall with In This Moment and Black Veil Brides.
A new era has begun for Papa Roach, well like a third life kinda. With the release of last years 'Greatest Hits, Volume 2: The Better Noise Years' their contract ended with their longtime label home. Instead of re-upping they decided to do this on their own. There is also the always changing evolution of Papa Roach which we once again hear on their newly released song "Swerve" which features Jason Aalon Butler of Fever 333. As always there's a lot to cover as Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach is back on the Rockcast.
Dustin Kensrue is back! Dustin is the lead singer and guitarist for the band Thrice. Thrice just released not one, but two new songs and announced their new album 'Horizons East' due out digitally in September and physically in October. This will be Thrice's 11th studio album, plus this time around they did it all themselves in a studio they built during the pandemic.
Lilith Czar is the persona that the artist formerly known as Juliet Simms. She has found her voice in the world of her first love, hard rock music. After being in a band, to a contestant on The Voice, to being a pop singer, she's where she belongs. A fact that is proven on the new album 'Created From Filth and Dust.' As her song "Anarchy" rises up the rock radio charts we go into the past for the Lilith Czar origin story. Then we work our way to her future for the music and imagery that goes with it. On top of that, we'll see her on tour this fall and winter opening up for Evanescence and Halestorm.
This conversation took place in 2013 for my previous show Hangar 19 and my afternoon show on Razor Wisconsin. Rest in Peace Joey Jordison
Elias Soriano is of course the lead singer of Nonpoint. For our money one of the most underrated bands that exist in hard rock. You know, sort of like Sevendust. Nonpoint just returned to where they are their best, the live stage. On top of that, they put out a new song called "Ruthless" that has taken off quicker than any other Nonpoint song in history. The band also decided to go the independent route and have multiple EP's on the way with music videos to go with each and every song. Oh and there's a new guitar player. Yeah, we have a lot to catch up on with our old friend Elias of Nonpoint.
Amy Lee is the lead singer and songwriter for Evanescence, but you already know that. After it taking a decade for them to put out a new album, 'The Bitter Truth' is available everywhere. In the meantime, she became a mom, a movie composer, among other things. Now that the band is back though and touring is here, they are all about girl power. Evanescence is doing a co-headline tour with Halestorm this fall and winter. Plus the bands Plush and Lilith Czar will be opening. We have a lot to talk about as Amy joins us from her home studio.
The legendary Alice Cooper just released his 28th studio album 'Detroit Stories.' Yes, I said 28th studio album. The album was recorded back in his hometown of Detroit with almost exclusively Detroit musicians. The stories are in abundance in this conversation with one of the original rock stars.
With the release of Beartooth's 4th album 'Below' it's once again time to catch up with Caleb Shomo. Caleb is of course the lead singer/songwriter/producer and everything else for Beartooth.
Yes, the legendary Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. Dee actually joined me on my morning show that I do with Rick McNeal, live. Dee Snider isn’t just the voice of Twisted Sister and the guy with the most recognizable hair in rock history. He’s the host of the long-running radio show House of Hair, he’s been all over TV and even recently was on Celebrity Jeopardy, and is about to release his new solo album Leave a Scar. Produced by hard-core metal legend Jamey Jasta Leave a Scar will be out on July 30th.
A studio project created by three musicians who just wanted to write cool rock music for syncs. Syncs mean for video games, movies, TV, Sports or other types of entertainment. After a few years of toiling away in the studio they turned themselves into a real life rock and roll band. With a new album on the way this fall, a tour with P.O.D. happening this summer and a now top ten rock single with the song "For The Glory." All Good Things are poised to truly be the next big thing. So let's find out who the hell they are.
Yes they were inspired by the movie of the same name. There that question has been answered. Now let's have a real conversation with lead singer of the new(er) band Dead Poet Society, Jack Underkofler. This is an introduction to a band that are posed to break out sooner than later.
It's here!!! Atreyu's new album 'Baptize' is now out. You may remember singer Brandon Saller joined Kaytie and I awhile back to go through the process of Brandon becoming the lead singer instead of drummer/singer for Atreyu. The results of that move is now upon us with their latest album. Featuring a genuine hit song with "Warrior" and guests like Travis Barker and Matt Heafy it's a pretty fantastic record. Oh and they are surprising us with an acoustic performance.
Marc LaBelle is the lead singer of the LA band Dirty Honey, who blasted onto the scene two years ago and scored a number one hit with the song "When I'm Gone." That made them the first ever independent rock band to have a number one mainstream rock song. No label, it didn't matter. Now with their full length debut album out and their latest single "California Dreamin'" climbing those same charts, its high time we get an introduction to this band.
He's the lead singer for Slash's band and he's the lead singer of Alter Bridge. Singing for two of the best guitarists in the world. Myles Kennedy though is a hell of a guitarist/musician himself and he's proving it on his new solo album 'The Ides of March' which is now available everywhere. With a new album plus some live shows on the horizon Myles joins us via Zoom from his home in Spokane, Washington.
A lot has happened in the world of Badflower since we last hung out with Josh Katz backstage on a pile of pillows. Their critically acclaimed record 'Ok, I'm Sick' ended up spawning three top 10 singles. They moved to Nashville, Josh bought a farm, they built their own studio out of a barn and finished a new record. Now after over a year of no shows Badflower are back on the road, albeit in a limited capacity. There is a lot to talk about and a lot of catching up to do, so sit back and enjoy a long form conversation with one of rock's biggest up and comers Josh Katz of Badflower.
Devil Daddy or more commonly he's known as Jeremy Spencer. Jeremy was a founding member of the arena headlining, platinum selling hard rock band Five Finger Death Punch. He played drums for the band and toured the world over and over again, that is until a couple of years ago. Jeremy was having some back problems and decided to step away from his drum kit and the band he formed with his friends Zoltan Bathory and Ivan Moody. Now he's back, but this time as the character Devil Daddy who fronts the band Psychosocial. Their debut song is out called "Devil From Hell" and are set to release a full album this spring. Let's dig in to the world Jeremy Spencer has created.
Escape the Fate's new album 'Chemical Warfare' is out now and it really continues the sound of their last album. The album though features a couple collaborations with one of them being with Lindsey Stirling. Yes the incredible violinist is featured on their new hit song "Invincible." Plus did you know that Thrasher worked on the latest Machine Gun Kelly album? Well let's dig in with Kevin Thrasher on the Rockcast.
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