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Essential failure?

Essential failure?


Bo, Nick, Rob and Paul discuss 2021 resolutions and other topics.Support the show
Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen


Rob White and Jeff Allen discuss upcoming comedy tour coming to Living Proof Church in Paola, Ks on Dec 16th 2022 at 7pm.Support the show
May 2022

May 2022


Bo, Rob and Paul have 4 guests in to talk about stuff that didn't fit into church. Support the show
Faith or Hope

Faith or Hope


Bo, Rob and Paul discuss several topics.Support the show
November Talents

November Talents


We discuss where the fruit is of our God given talents.Support the show
Bo, Rob, Paul and Nick discuss topics of interest that didn't fit into Living Proofs church service.Support the show
Listener Dan Schantz sent in 5 topics for discussion1. Equality of all Sin 2. Spreading Faith in unlikely places3. Not Dwelling on Sin but focusing on our Saviour4. Angels among us5. Steak & PotatoesSupport the show
Bo, Rob, Paul and Caleb discuss Top 5 kid friendly activities and where is our Faith at during Covid.Support the show
What can we take from this virus? As a Christian, a parent, a spouse what are you going to change?Support the show
Rob, Bo and Paul discuss the runner up topic suggested last winter.Support the show
#16 Prayer

#16 Prayer


Bo, Rob and Paul discuss important topics such as Y2K and What is the importance of prayer, miracles we have seen from prayer, why we pray and how the Bible teaches us to pray.Support the show
Bo, Rob and Paul discuss what is their expectation and being intentional with our time. Support the show
Bo, Paul and Rob discuss different bible topics.Support the show
#13 Agree to Disagree

#13 Agree to Disagree


Bo Gerken, Rob White and Brandon Church discuss whether its biblical to agree to disagree and a few other topics that didn't fit into Living Proof Church service. Support the show
Bo Gerken, Rob White and Brandon Church discuss why we struggle admitting fault and what their favorite animal is cat, dog or cow.Support the show
We discuss the top 10 things Bo has seen over his years in church. Support the show
LP Leftovers has made it to 10 episodes, and still growing and improving. Today we sit down and discuss The Ten Commandments and revelance of today. Thank you for listening and sharing ideas. Keep it up and send us your comments and new topics.Support the show
#9 Are you a Pharisee?

#9 Are you a Pharisee?


How is your Christian life? What if everyone was just like you in church? Send us your responses to or private message us on our LP Leftovers Facebook page.Support the show
We discuss location of the Garden of Eden, Noahs ark, and the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden.Support the show
TJ, Travis, Bo, Rob and Paul discuss questions asked by our listeners, and travels across the water. Support the show
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