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Author: Emma Barfield

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Join us for weekly deep dives with incredible healers, spiritual teachers + guides. This channel is for the seekers, the spiritual growth junkies + all of those expanding in their light, activating their gifts, and here to RISE. Beautiful music accompanying this podcast episode is from my amazing friend Josie Danielle and her beautiful Light Language album, A New Earth.
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Join us in the epic episode with the powerhouse channel that is Tereza Wolf for tools to tap into abundance and pleasure to access true soul aligned flow.Tereza is an incredible Spiritual Abundance Mentor and Business Guide and is one TAPPED IN human, as I'm sure you will connect with on this episode - just pure flow state with all that she channels and offers.All of her links to connect are below:FacebookWebsiteSupport the show (
Join me in this gorgeous episode with the amazing Josie Danielle, incredible healer, channel and dear friend, as we chat on all things light language, energy healing, awakening to our innate powers and divine channeled messages for the collective right now.You can find Josies incredible offerings via the links below, inclusive of her Light Language Album:Website: @josiedaniellehealingAlbum: Chris Bookless, The Conscious Cook the show (
LOVELY FOLK, this is the very first in a series of short SOLO casts that I am going to start uploading weekly to hopefully offer a little inspiration and activation into your current processes.Lots of love, Emma xoxoSupport the show (
Join me here as I connect with the incredible Lili, founder of the amazing Natures Antidote as she shares her passion for medicinal mushrooms and her favourite ways to naturally boost yourself, your health and most importantly for right now, your immunity, for the ultimate inner and outer glow.Get 15% off of any of Lilli's amazing products with the code below:ALCHEMISETHISYou can find Lili and all of her offerings via the links below:Instagram: @natures.antidoteWebsite: the show (
Join me for this dive into awakening our body connection, sensuality and pleasure with the amazing Grace Hazel. I was a little over excited in this Podcast to be speaking with someone that speaks the language of my soul, and I hope you can pull out some pearls of wisdom and resonance from this journey with us through topics such as communication + voice activation, the connection with our womb space, the whispers of our ancestors and our deep body wisdom.You can connect with Grace via the followingWebsite: www.grace-hazel.comInstagram: @grace___hazelPodcast: Conversations with PussyEmail: hello@gracehazel.comAnd also stay updated with her latest offerings that will be launching shortly.I hope you enjoy wonderful soul, thank you for being here!Love Emma xoSupport the show (
Join me as I dive in with my epic friend and all round amazing human, Natalie Martin, a bestselling author, coach, yoga teacher and menstrual cycle educator as we explore her journey of reclaiming her worth, power and literal Authorship of her life with her take on stepping into flow, alignment and purpose.You can find Nat via the links below for deep dive coaching, classes, her amazing books and more.Website:: @natalie.kmartinAmazon Books:: search Natalie K MartinBeautiful music accompanying this podcast episode is from my amazing friend Josie Danielle and her beautiful Light Language album, A New Earth. the show (
Hello beautiful humans, welcome to my first ever Podcast.I’ve been meaning to start one for years, but have allowed so many ridiculous factors to stop me - waiting for people to interview / not having the ‘right software’ / wondering whether it was too indulgent to just go ahead and speak into the recorder on my own.So this is a little 15 minute rambling on discomfort, feeling your feelings, and taking action with where you are right now, with what you’ve got. I’d so love to hear your thoughts. Love Emma xoxohttp://www.emmabarfield.comSupport the show (
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