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THE RON KING SHOW, on ,showcases Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music by independent Christian singers, songwriters and bands from the tri-state area of Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia. The show also contains interviews and stories from these artists. Original and informative! Enjoy!
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Christian musician and singer and previous Coal Queen, Miss Rain Day and Mrs.Pennsylvania Globe; from Greene County, PA, Jonella Williamson,  is our guest on this edition of the Ron King Show. Jonella talks about how interesting and  fun it was to hold those  pageant titles back when and also discusses her music ministry through the years. In addition, Jonella chats about putting together a couple of community choirs that lasted several years, most notably the Daughters Of Grace, also know quite fondly in the Greene County area as the "DOGS " which stayed together for over 15 years. On this edition of the Ron King show you also get to hear how wonderful Jonella's voice is as she sings a lovely Christian song called "Grace." Jonella has a great personality and we were able to produce a fun and very informative podcast about Jonella's journey through life and the unfolding of her music ministry. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did producing it. Blessings! Ron King.
As folks who know me are aware, I love Country Gospel Music.  And I'm always thrilled when I find a new artist who is deserving of some recognition. One of those artists I had the pleasure of meeting recently. Her name is Robyn Wells, she lives in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania with her family and fronts a country/gospel group called Heart & Soul. Robyn was born in West Virginia and lives on a farm with some horses, a donkey, a bunch of dogs and some cats; she is genuine country through and through and loves the Lord and her family with all her heart. The members of Heart & Soul include Robyn's daughter Rachel ,who plays bass and sings harmony vocals; Robyn's husband Allen, who plays lead guitar; Robyn's cute little grand-daughter Savannah, who provides percussion and sometimes Robyn's son, Shane, who can play a multitude of instruments--and all of them quite well! On this episode of the Ron King Show Robyn talks about her early days on the road with her daughter Rachel singing her original gospel songs and making and selling her own CD's; and, of course, she talks about her family and her faith. We also manage to work in some of Robyn's music on the show so you can hear just how good a singer she really is. I really enjoyed the interview with Robyn Wells and I hope you will too!  Blessings, Ron King  .
Justin Hartzell,  a hip-hop Christian music artist and ordained minister from Washington, PA is our guest on this edition of the Ron King Show. This conversation is particularly interesting to Christian, and even secular, music artists because it offers a behind- the- scenes look at a Christian music genre that that is rarely talked about and is often misunderstood; especially by the Church. On this show, Justin answers some tough questions such as: How does the Church view Christian hip-hop music? Is there any difference between hip-hop and rap music? How do you reconcile being a hip-hop artist with being an ordained minister and what do you think will be the future of Christian, and even secular, music after the Covid 19 pandemic is over?  So, join us for this very interesting interview. Christian hip-hop may not be your particular cup of tea as far as Christian music goes but you will see that, for the type of music Justin does, he does it extremely well; Justin is a very talented artist! I hope you like it! Blessings!  Ron King  .
Ron King plays the songs of some top Christian artists from the tri state area of western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Today's show features J.D Davenport and THREE THIRTY THREE;  Tammy Watson,  Melissa Morris,  Rebecca Bowlin,  Ron and Arlene Bock (Free Spirit) and Melonie VanRiper. I pray that these great songs will bring you a lot of spiritual inspiration!  Ron King  .
Tammy Watson,singer/songwriter and Country/Gospel music artist from Moundsville,West Virginia is our guest on this edition of the Ron King Show talking about her brand new solo CD, "House of the Lord." And as far as Country/Gospel artists go,Tammy Watson is as authentic and as true a County/Gospel artist as you will find anywhere. Tammy was raised on a farm in the mountains of West Virginia and today can still be found up in those hills making music and referring to herself as "Ridgerunner."  Through the years, Tammy has played with many different bands and has also had the privilege of performing on the famous WWVA Wheeling Jamboree and opening up for many nationally known Nashville country music stars. Tammy currently performs with a Country/Gospel band called BEACON ROAD as well as doing some solo work. If you like original, authentic Country/Gospel music born in the hills of West Virginia, then you are going to love Tammy Watson!  Check out her life story and her music on this edition of the Ron King Show. Tammy is a real gem!!
Dennis Tucker of the southern gospel music group Ambassadors For Christ is our guest for this episode of the Ron King Show. The Ambassadors hail primarily from Washington and Greene Counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Present members of the group include: Gary Weaver, Gary Weaver ll, Matt Weaver, Jeff Weaver, Buck Buchanan, Dave Dague and Dennis Tucker. Dennis talks about the group’s 45th anniversary coming up and what it has been like staying together all those years. You’ll also get to hear some of the Ambassadors music on the show  Enjoy!  Ron King. 
Jesse DaVilla of the Finley, Ohio southern gospel group JERICHO ROAD is the guest on the Ron King Show. Jesse talks about the ups and downs of ministering in music and being on the road on weekends for over 20 years. Check it out; it’s a very interesting interview with some great music thrown in!
Original songs and music from some of the most talented gospel artists in Western Pennsylvania .
Well hello and welcome to another edition of the Ron King Show which features Gospel groups and singers from the tri-state area of Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. On this episode of the Ron King Show our guest is Michael Roach who is the baritone singer of the southern gospel group West Virginia Gospel Quartet and is also the pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship in Washington, PA  On today's program Michael answers the burning question:" Is the West Virginia Gospel Quartet really from West Virginia?" Stay tuned as you find out the answer to that question and many more on this fun, fast-paced edition of the Ron King Show. If you like southern gospel music than you're going to love our show! R. K.
On this edition of the RON KING SHOW our guest is Contemporary Christian musician and singer/songwriter MARSHALL FIKE. The interview is fast paced and funny as Marshall relates how, over a long period of time, Marshall went from being a young secular rock and roller to becoming a Christian and then starting to play Contemporary Christian Music and finally becoming worship leader of his church. Today, Marshall is happily married with children and is in full time music ministry. Marshall is also a nationally distributed recording artist and his latest single from his current CD is entitled "FREE."  You'll have the pleasure of getting to listen to "FREE on this edition of the RON KING SHOW. So, If you're into Contemporary Christian Music we think you'll enjoy this humorous interview with MARSHALL FIKE from Uniontown in Fayette County, PA on this new edition of THE RON KING SHOW.  Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe. Blessings!  R. K.
Welcome to another episode of the RON KING SHOW with long-time gospel singer and recording artist MR.JASON WOODS from Greene County, PA. You'll enjoy the fun and fast paced conversation as Jason talks about the joys, work, travel and yes, the disappointments too, of being a traveling Southern Gospel singer and preacher. Jason holds no punches as he discusses, in a very humorous fashion, the practicalities of holding down a day job, as so many gospel singers do, then getting on the road on the weekend and driving three or more hours to get the opportunity to sing in a church in another state for just 30 minutes or sometimes less. Jason also talks about, in a very humorous manner, being a preacher's kid and the challenges and responsibilities that came with that role as he was growing up as a teenager and just wanted to play basketball while his dad had very different ideas about how Jason should be spending his time. Also,on this episode you'll get to hear Jason's fine voice as he sings a great Southern Gospel song he wrote. So, give this podcast a listen. I think you're really going to like it!  R. K.
If you like oldies music from the 50's and 60's you may like this nostalgic musical trip back in time. Recorded in the summer of 2014 at the WJPA Radio studios in downtown Washington, PA,while simultaneously doing the show live on the air, Washington,PA native Ron King is interviewed by radio personality "Gee Whiz George." During the show, several of Ron's original songs that he recorded while with THE WINDSORS, RONNIE KING AND THE PASSIONS and as a solo artist are featured on the show. This edition of RON KINGS PODCAST is truly a look back in time, when music groups seemed to be popping up on the street corners, in front of candy stores and malt shops all over America. If you like 50's and 60's music and nostalgia, you're probably going to love this show!  R. K.
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