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Author: Casey Campbell and Zane Shaw

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Every Tuesday at 6 A.M. EST, Casey Campbell and Zane Shaw welcome you to "Raimi Time", the one-stop shop podcast for all things that are specifically about Spider-Man films! Confirmed the best the Spider-Man films ever made, and arguably the best films ever made. What do you mean we got completely off-topic? Oh, oof, sorry. We'll try and stay on-topic next week.
12 Episodes
David Spade and Rob Schneider may try and battle it out to get a one-liner role in every single Adam Sandler movie, but neither is amazing enough to land the role of "Scrappily Puppeteer".
A discovery is made about who the real villain in the new Spiderman film will be, and we deep dive into the history of the American hero: Joey King.
Today is your crammed session on the life of one Raimi's human version of a goldmine: Michael Papajohn. The baseball player, the cash register thief, the family man.
EP. 9 - Sonic Is A Murderer

EP. 9 - Sonic Is A Murderer


Today, let us fill you in on how Sonic the Hedgehog is actually a murderer, Mary Jane might be a teenage witch, and a happy belated birthday to Raimi's Spider-Man franchise! A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM PAPA JOHNS AT THE END OF THE SHOW!!
My name is Cypher Raige, and you should tell the truth.
EP. 7 - Dr. Twelve Arms

EP. 7 - Dr. Twelve Arms


What if Peter Parker ended up gaining the other qualities of a spider? What if Norman Osborne did just go “back to formula”?
The entire first half of this episode is dedicated to The Phantom. No shame. Entirely well-deserved. Jump to about 26:28 if you only want the Spider-Man universe, but The Phantom is a glorious ride of a lifetime.
What would happen to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man universe if, in Spider-Man 2, Tobey "Michaelangelo Peter" Park delivered that gosh darn pizza ON TIME! You, I kid you not, would NEVER guess how much of the timeline is about to change.3:08 - The Pizza Time Universe Begins
RELEASE THE RAIMI CUT OF SPIDER-MAN 3! All of the beauties, blemishes, and what-ifs of what almost was feat. Chad Kroeger and PitBill
Under the costume for Michaelangelo in the live-action Ninja Turtle movies lies your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Quite the master of disguise is Tobey. That is, of course, unless you're comparing him to the mastery level of Dana Carvey in Master of Disguise.
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